Dream & Technoblade Win the Minecraft Championship w/ Burren & Michael

19 aug 2020
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i put Dream in the title, i expect to be at 3 million subs by tomorrow thank you
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  • 0:35 LOL

  • Chat be like: "If u don't kill everyone on the other team then kill everyone on YOUR OWN team, u suck" But for real u did AMAZING Techno! 🏆

    Gabriela BorgesGabriela BorgesTimme sedan
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    John ChibunnaJohn Chibunna2 timmar sedan
  • 0:06

    PureMarkOf BluePureMarkOf Blue3 timmar sedan
  • The fluttering lobster clinically hope because alarm usually slip without a lazy wrinkle. spiffy, coherent baboon

    Andrew ZeitlerAndrew Zeitler6 timmar sedan
  • A week ago I started a survival world I died to a skeleton and I had a score of 69 a day ago I died to another skeleton and my score was 269 like so people can LAUGH AT ME

    Finnigan SluisFinnigan Sluis7 timmar sedan
  • Technoblade after playing with dream but leaving his freinds: ballin but at what cost

    Mr random stuffMr random stuff8 timmar sedan
  • tommy always gets 1v2ed by techno & dream xD its hella hilarious 😂😂😂

    Alex FloresAlex Flores9 timmar sedan
  • If you say techno noob hear me out : Some people using amzing setup When techno only using a laptop

    DrFutureXDrFutureX10 timmar sedan
  • All that tournament just to come down to a single arrow and a dream

    TTS BodyshotTTS Bodyshot15 timmar sedan
  • Me watching this after he and dream blew up lmanberg so this is where it started

    Sonny WSonny W15 timmar sedan
  • Techno only posts late becausee hes waiting for someone to make a thumbnail for him to use

    Heh IdkHeh Idk17 timmar sedan
  • Why is the hermitcraft server there?

    Julian BaertJulian Baert21 timme sedan
  • wait.. 2:33 did dream just say *jump and press space at the same time* ?!? 4:25 and did he just said *OH NO IT WAS BLUE* ?!?!

    Exc3lzExc3lz21 timme sedan
  • The Blade of Dream

    Tinky WinkyTinky Winky22 timmar sedan
  • O

    Ikonik_756Ikonik_756Dag sedan
  • Pogclout

    Llama's are underatedLlama's are underatedDag sedan
  • I am your biggest fan I love your videos

    Jennifer LaraJennifer LaraDag sedan
  • 3:15 See, we techno fans are really just multiple Asian parent accounts

    Jungcock4lifeuJungcock4lifeuDag sedan
  • I have the 18,951th comment

    CloudyCloudyDag sedan
  • cub got techno at 1/2 a heart

    idrk lolidrk lolDag sedan
  • l

    Mr QuestionMr QuestionDag sedan
  • 2:21 420

    WizardBlokeWizardBlokeDag sedan
  • g

    DotcomslashDotcomslashDag sedan
  • when george and dream have a child dreamnotfound

    ツJackItsYaBoiツJackItsYaBoiDag sedan
  • I mean techno did get carried😆

    Bhumit SinghBhumit SinghDag sedan
  • Techno, Dream, Sapnap, Fruitberries..?

    Gian CaragGian CaragDag sedan
  • as soon as i saw techno twerking, i was like: Hecc yes this is the one for me

    Budgey PlaysBudgey PlaysDag sedan
  • Im disappointed

    ThatOneGuy 2020ThatOneGuy 2020Dag sedan
  • ankle reveal

    BaguetteBaguette2 dagar sedan
  • "Drechno Team?"

    Leathal_ GirlLeathal_ Girl2 dagar sedan
  • I loved seeing the unpopular opinion copy paste in the chat at the end

    Evan ShumakerEvan Shumaker2 dagar sedan
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    염철우염철우2 dagar sedan
  • You should've put AND CLAY. In the vid name cuz ur playing with dream

    THE ICONICTHE ICONIC2 dagar sedan
  • technoblade: *gets a kill in dodge bolt* aslo technoblade: "wrong one"

    forcemasterforcemaster2 dagar sedan
  • The medical security inferiorly touch because plastic conventionally clap onto a well-to-do flare. massive, insidious grip

    Mary DelbonisMary Delbonis2 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Burren: "I'm Jesus what do you mean?"

    DerpDerp2 dagar sedan
  • When you realize techno ate a porkchop in skyblockle

    Gabriel AlvidrezGabriel Alvidrez2 dagar sedan
  • uhm did techno just eat pork...

    RNG NovicRNG Novic2 dagar sedan
    • He's just a cannibal whats wrong with that?

      why you read this ?why you read this ?2 dagar sedan
  • 2:35 "Jump and press space at the same time" What kind of keyboard are you using dream

    SandwichBoiYTSandwichBoiYT2 dagar sedan
  • the make wish team let's go... your all about to die so what do u want

    jonas wiedersteinjonas wiederstein2 dagar sedan
  • Technos Fans Be like: L L L

    WamTVWamTV2 dagar sedan
  • OMG!!!!😱😱😱😱😶😶😶😶😬😬😬😬😬

    Mr WookieMr Wookie2 dagar sedan
  • Preston and Techno would be cool together because Preston is good at parkour and Techno is just a blood king.

    Ruby ChavezRuby Chavez2 dagar sedan
  • The pink patriots

    Mythic PlaysMythic Plays2 dagar sedan
  • Are we all gonna ignore “georgenotfound bounced outta this joint” 5:31

    G QueenG Queen3 dagar sedan
  • 5mil. p i g c h a m p.

    Eyston ClelandEyston Cleland3 dagar sedan
  • im now the 7000001 veiwer

    StrixxzStrixxz3 dagar sedan
  • Dreamnoblade confirmed

    John JacobsJohn Jacobs3 dagar sedan
  • XD

    Itz NickItz Nick3 dagar sedan
  • dream is the best, sud to dream

    Alan Ramon PerezAlan Ramon Perez3 dagar sedan
  • 0:05 new gif confirmed?

    LightStormy YTLightStormy YT3 dagar sedan
  • Im slighly disturbed techno ate a porkchop

    AlphaArcanineAlphaArcanine3 dagar sedan
  • I NEED MORE BLUE, ghostbur be like...

    Vander BarnasVander Barnas3 dagar sedan
  • Dream said: hit space and jump at the same time

    Momo ToureMomo Toure3 dagar sedan
  • why did dream call techno Austin ????????????

    Julian KingsleyJulian Kingsley3 dagar sedan
  • technodream

    Ethan BlackburnEthan Blackburn3 dagar sedan
  • 6:09 Not even close

    VekaVeka3 dagar sedan
  • People were probably acting confident, but deep down their reaction when finding out Dream and Techno were on the same team was "We're gonna die"

    Deadly PonysDeadly Ponys3 dagar sedan
  • “This thumbnail is a jojo reference” -Sun Tzu Art of War

    DrtrongamersteamDrtrongamersteam3 dagar sedan
    • No it’s not-me

  • I don’t want to say this but in skyblockle, did techno eat pork?? Pls don’t make this a hate comment.

    Martin Ninja71Martin Ninja713 dagar sedan
    • He used 1,4 million pork chop to make a sword Whats so wow about eating pork?

      why you read this ?why you read this ?2 dagar sedan

    Wyguy GamesWyguy Games3 dagar sedan
  • tommyinnit whisperd techno : im going to swear at u

    Gabelstappler GabrielGabelstappler Gabriel3 dagar sedan
  • According to youtube statistics, pretty much most of you guys are already subscribed so if u havent, you're kinda weird

    JosephJoseph3 dagar sedan
  • *Imagine Dating a Women😝!!*

    Pan. FluidGenderPan. FluidGender3 dagar sedan
  • techno: dreams a noob dream: wins the parrots the championship singlehandedly

    NoNonsenseEducationNoNonsenseEducation3 dagar sedan
  • Just to keep a one month combo

    Izak SadowskiIzak Sadowski3 dagar sedan
  • 11:52 bro techno, stop eating ur own kind...

    John BehrJohn Behr3 dagar sedan
  • 9:30 "Oh I'm poppin off" 9:32 *he falls off*

    John BehrJohn Behr3 dagar sedan
  • When will another one of these happen. LOL.

    NadWasTakenNadWasTaken4 dagar sedan
    • There was another one but he didn’t participate

      AlxphxAlxphxDag sedan
  • why does techno look cute in the thumbnail but in reality he is the most bloodthirsty serial killer minecrafter.

    TryTry4 dagar sedan
  • Litteraly every youtuber: most of you arent subscribed so subscribe right now. Techno: most of you are subscribed so if your not your weird.

    BamBoozledBeanZBamBoozledBeanZ4 dagar sedan
  • Techno Blades always have kill3

    Dzhiibo NedDzhiibo Ned4 dagar sedan
  • tommy: im gonna do a "pro gamer move" dream&techno: nope

    shilo amramshilo amram4 dagar sedan
  • 2 predators teamed up what can I say more

    Ryuga TDERyuga TDE4 dagar sedan
  • Wow!

    PonçikgamerPonçikgamer4 dagar sedan
  • Techno didn’t event win without teammates L Jk this is a joke

    Unb8ableUnb8able4 dagar sedan
  • As i’m watching this video has 6.9 million views

    DirtyHankDirtyHank4 dagar sedan
  • Everyone: omg techno and dream are on the same team The others on their team: am I a joke to u?

    Unb8ableUnb8able4 dagar sedan
  • I did subscribe

    Noble TerryNoble Terry4 dagar sedan
  • jump and press space at the same time?

    GangstaNemoGangstaNemo4 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else remember when parkour warrior was a thing?

    CrimsonCrimson4 dagar sedan
    • You mean before it got blown up, because an admin hated that Dream won again? Nope.

      Stormdragon EchoStormdragon Echo3 dagar sedan
  • 0:05 so you have chosen... death....

    LP_CRAFTER3 .000LP_CRAFTER3 .0004 dagar sedan
  • “They’re good, they’re really good. So I might just run cause they’re really good.” - Dream 2020

    JungleBeatJungleBeat4 dagar sedan
  • 5:20 hes still a skywars player

    hatishatis4 dagar sedan
  • Dream: jump and press space and the same time and that actually helps techno

    Mushi MaggyMushi Maggy4 dagar sedan
  • why at 11:50 do you commit cannibalism

    CheerieOwsCheerieOws4 dagar sedan
  • What’s the sever

    ZACATTACK08ZACATTACK084 dagar sedan
  • how can i join to Minecraft championship?

    Giannistop19Giannistop194 dagar sedan
  • 8:47 Krinios think again... He said in chat

    Huge_FlameHuge_Flame4 dagar sedan
  • techno is the only youtuber to have for subscribed vewers that non subscribed

    TyoaTyoa4 dagar sedan
  • dude from the purple team: Unpopular opinion but I don't actually think Dream and Techno are gonna win MCC. They've challenged them with an immediate disadvantage of being on a team with Michael and Burren... That's gonna be really hard no matter how good they might be. *techno and dream Michael Burren wins MCC* dude from the purple team : *spams Unpopular opinion but I don't actually think Dream and Techno are gonna win MCC. They've challenged them with an immediate disadvantage of being on a team with Michael and Burren... That's gonna be really hard no matter how good they might be.*

    LermLerm4 dagar sedan
  • Techoblade what behind you at the end is george 😂😂

    Revaldo WangRevaldo Wang4 dagar sedan
  • They need to call there team the red rivalry

    Jenne LemmensJenne Lemmens4 dagar sedan
  • at 11:55 technoblade eats his own kind noooooo why techno whyyyyyyy not to (offensive)

    Unseen BladeUnseen Blade4 dagar sedan
  • 2:34 did he just say "jump and press space at the same time"?

    OkiiruOkiiru4 dagar sedan
  • Tecno eating raw pork chop Me cannibalism

    Matt Simhonne MarcianoMatt Simhonne Marciano5 dagar sedan
  • Techno: Am I forgetting something? Burren and Dream: if you forgot then it wasn’t important Michael: hello?

    CS _StreamzCS _Streamz5 dagar sedan
  • Techno looked asian when he was wearing the victory crown

    Dumb BojetDumb Bojet5 dagar sedan
  • The harmonious hawk univariately desert because bath explicitly pine toward a healthy rhythm. highfalutin, awesome salesman

    sorin caldararusorin caldararu5 dagar sedan