Quarantinewhile... Is Your Dog Acting Jealous?

21 apr 2021
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Quarantinewhile... Scientists say that your dog may be acting out because he's green with envy imagining you petting another pup. #Colbert #Meanwhile #Quarantinewhile
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  • Jon Batiste’s words were so poignant, and so correct, and his musical expression of his feelings was just sublime...you could hear both the hope and grief, and the bittersweetness of the day...what a wonderful human being he is...🎼💜 🎶

    NameliaNamelia6 dagar sedan
  • The music guy is the worst part of this show. He's just a man, not a big deal. We gotta stop putting celebrities above us. They are just people that had better lives than most. Think about it....he must have had time ,and money, to BURN in order to learn how to play. Same with actors,models,and sports idiots. So....why does everyone care so highly for them?

    Beast OuncelifeianBeast Ouncelifeian8 dagar sedan
  • Steven missed a chance to say Q a Gnome

    Bruce Got the juiceBruce Got the juice9 dagar sedan
  • Don't bait me with dogs then make me listen to 2 minutes of race baiting. Dogs at 3:00

    Bar BarynBar Baryn10 dagar sedan
  • GNOME CHOMSKY!!! 😂😂😂😅🤣

    Sheri RobinsonSheri Robinson11 dagar sedan
  • The descriptions for quarantinewhile are getting out of hand 😂😂😂😂

    Maegan BatsonMaegan Batson12 dagar sedan
  • Oh Jesus. Amazon is going to throw all that money away milking Tolkien's creation for cash while trashing his legacy. It wasn't enough to kill and desecrate the corpses of Star Wars and Star Trek. You had to go there. You had to try to ruin Tolkien. Hope I'm wrong.

    Lauren AndersonLauren Anderson12 dagar sedan
  • Didn't they practically already make a Rock'em sock'em robot movie like no s*** it was a movie where people were boxing using robots

    Davey JonesDavey Jones13 dagar sedan
  • Well said and pretty music Jon....

    Matthew LindsayMatthew Lindsay14 dagar sedan
  • We already had a Rock Em Sock Em Robot movie. It was absolute carp.

    Raspberry Jam - seagull, esq.Raspberry Jam - seagull, esq.15 dagar sedan
  • There already is a "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots" movie, it is called "Real Steel".

    AzureinkVIAzureinkVI15 dagar sedan
  • Ha, I have actually done the lab work Stephen is describing there (well, no primates involved; the DNA was from cats). The actual ligation procedure is so straightforward it's hard to believe you have to get a Biology degree to get hired to perform it (and earn $11/hr). Seriously if you can bake a cake from a book recipe you could do this, and because my boss was Chinese with very limited English skills, she didn't even tell me WHAT I was doing, just handed me the kit instructions and gestured to the equipment. I had been doing it for a good 2-3 weeks before I realized, "Holy sh, this LIGATION, like I barely passed the exam for in Microbiology!" --because in the textbook it is explained and shown with little cartoon graphics of DNA, with the enzymes represented as purple triangles and what-not. LOL!!

    Audrey MuzingoAudrey Muzingo15 dagar sedan
  • In the same sense let’s pray for Chauvins family. That his kids don’t have to pay for the sins of their father.

    Joe De la CruzJoe De la Cruz16 dagar sedan
  • Real Steel WASN'T a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots movie?

    mandarinduckmandarinduck16 dagar sedan
  • I think the 'quarantinewhile' pun has lost its edge. Time to retire.

    Glenn ClarkGlenn Clark16 dagar sedan
  • The definition of conservative = a person who is averse to change and holds traditional values. It sounds to me like old people old ideas fuck the let's bring the new ones the one's that are no longer tied up with the old ideology this side is just scared of changing and changing makes new things and new things make the future batter tradition have only help us to stay on the past otherwise we would be so advanced in everything that's why we are still using fuel like idiots embarrassed the chage out with the old bring the new #outwith the old

    Ivan MartinezIvan Martinez16 dagar sedan
  • Anyone catch the Busta Rhymes sample in the first few seconds?

    Thomas AcklandThomas Ackland16 dagar sedan
  • wake up nerds, there is a Hermans hermit song called "museum" that talks specifically about meeting under the whale. come on!!

    dmlevittdmlevitt16 dagar sedan
  • Quarantinewhile intro is getting out of hand

    Ayọ̀túndé GíwáAyọ̀túndé Gíwá17 dagar sedan
  • We're not worthy of Jon

    johnnygimjohnnygim17 dagar sedan
  • Jon is such a gentle soul. A true artist.

    Eva PEva P17 dagar sedan
  • I saw a minute or two of the Floyd arrest video a couple yrs ago but I just can't bring myself to really watch it! It's just too horrible and brings up feelings I would rather not sit with.

    Mike OxmallMike Oxmall17 dagar sedan
  • Thanks John. Thanks Stephen 😊

    DaveDave17 dagar sedan
  • XO Jon. You're right.

    sealyonesssealyoness17 dagar sedan
  • Cowards saw the work one time. 😉..look I included it.

    Ed 865Ed 86517 dagar sedan
  • So not that it won't be fun, but Real Steel was pretty much already the Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots movie.

    RainyDayGamingRainyDayGaming17 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for the AP bio review session, Stephen

    The Unvlog ChannelThe Unvlog Channel17 dagar sedan
  • John looking nice and clean in that suit.... 👌🏾

    Shani SmithShani Smith18 dagar sedan
  • to the writer(s) of the intro to quarantinewhile: I bow to you. And Stephen: how many times before it came out without stumbles and mistakes? Great job you all.

    Iet mIet m18 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful words and music by Jon Batiste.

    Themavran D'brickashawThemavran D'brickashaw18 dagar sedan
  • Gnoam Chompsky :''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''). I need to steal this and turn it into a dnd character

    Tine PutzeysTine Putzeys18 dagar sedan
  • I really really want to see the garden gnome version of LOTR!

    Nick-E NicoleNick-E Nicole18 dagar sedan
  • My cat absolutely gets jealous if I even smell like another cat or dog. She does own me, and she knows it.

    Ruth HarperRuth Harper18 dagar sedan
  • Thank you from my heart ❤️ your words are salve for a tired heart🙏

    Janet HeckmannJanet Heckmann18 dagar sedan
  • A perfect DNA joke 🧬🧬🧬

    Aneth DavidAneth David18 dagar sedan
  • Cats get jealous

    jjcrazijjcrazi18 dagar sedan
  • Love the dna reference

    Sara ShawSara Shaw18 dagar sedan
  • There are two families hurting, and missing their loved one.

    ldbagwellldbagwell18 dagar sedan
  • Next intro suggestion: "I have a lot of writers writing my sequence: "Quarantinwhile".

    Mikael BiilmannMikael Biilmann18 dagar sedan
  • I've known about dog jealousy for a long time. My dog physically shoves my daughter and cat to the side for pets

    cannibalbananascannibalbananas18 dagar sedan
    • @cannibalbananas Phew! Big hug to Doggy 😍

      Eric JourdainEric Jourdain16 dagar sedan
    • @Eric Jourdain 😂😂 no, not usually. But if I give her hugs or she sits by me, he nudges in

      cannibalbananascannibalbananas17 dagar sedan
    • Do you really pet your daughter? 😳

      Eric JourdainEric Jourdain17 dagar sedan
  • I am not sure which are the bigger jag-offs. Vin Diesel himself or the dinks who see his movies.

    Bartlett MkBartlett Mk19 dagar sedan
  • A shortage of garden gnomes - thank God.

    Janyce ParksJanyce Parks19 dagar sedan
  • A rock-em-sock-em movie? What the heck was then "Real Steel"????

    Ugly German TruthsUgly German Truths19 dagar sedan
    • Certainly not a world-building franchise 😜

      Eric JourdainEric Jourdain17 dagar sedan
  • It won’t be as good as Real Steel.

    sean hsean h19 dagar sedan
  • Noam Chomsky..... YES. Oh yes.....😉👍🥳

    Lo PrestiLo Presti19 dagar sedan
  • Batiste keeping it classy. “So much more I could say”.

    LarzLarz19 dagar sedan
  • Does anybody else enjoy the "Meanwhile" intros so much that you get excited from the moment he says "Folks, I spend most of my time..."

    Sara MurraySara Murray19 dagar sedan
  • Gnome Chomsky....some great lines...

    E K DaufinE K Daufin19 dagar sedan
  • Soooooo I couldn’t help but notice that Jean Baptiste isn’t wearing a ring on that gorgeous, soulful and talented left hand... *fluttering ze lashes away*

    Sophie Marc-aurèleSophie Marc-aurèle19 dagar sedan
  • Is my dog jealous of me well I still have my balls so yes yes he is

    Kevin ParsonsKevin Parsons19 dagar sedan
  • We already had a robot boxing movie. Real Steel in 2001 with Hugh Jackman... ok here we go.. rebooting

    Fearsome WarriorFearsome Warrior19 dagar sedan
    • Reboxing.

      Eric JourdainEric Jourdain17 dagar sedan
  • Does no one remember the rock em sock em movie that was made a few years ago? I guess not.

    Andrea JuneauAndrea Juneau19 dagar sedan
  • The intro team deserves a raise....again. Just for that first bit alone.

    Kaiser WilhelmKaiser Wilhelm19 dagar sedan
  • Stephen is gonna be awesome when he gets dementia . Both ramblings will be the same ! Lol

    Lindalee LawLindalee Law19 dagar sedan

    LandonStevensLandonStevens19 dagar sedan
  • "80% of the worlds supply of garden gnomes moves through the suez canal" I'd actually say that's not unlikely. Most are probably made in China, and most are then sold in Europe and in the US

    sternis1sternis119 dagar sedan
  • I'm so over Vin Diesel.... who still watches his movies?

    EkidEkid19 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/Y42rrNTNomWq2Wg/video

    Liam WilliamsLiam Williams19 dagar sedan
  • Oh so their making Real Steel again

    Ryan GrayRyan Gray19 dagar sedan
  • 狗:你在外面有了别的狗???

    Arion661Arion66119 dagar sedan
  • I love Stephen’s word artistry when he introduces Quarantine-while. .

    Phoenix FasolaPhoenix Fasola19 dagar sedan
  • I’ve had a garden gnome for years. His name is Reginald. My dog gets jealous of him.

    TheMightyBubbsTheMightyBubbs20 dagar sedan
    • Did you pet your gnome? Asking for a friend.

      Eric JourdainEric Jourdain17 dagar sedan
  • That Busta Rhymes/Galt MacDermot intro music was 🔥

    SS MSS M20 dagar sedan
  • Start putting smurfs in your garden

    bigravioleesbigraviolees20 dagar sedan
  • 5th anniversary of Princes death.

    Mel DMel D20 dagar sedan
  • Lord of the Rings sucks. The world would be a much better place if everyone would just accept it and read something that doesn't scream "I'm a 40 year old virgin who only leaves my parent's basement to attend Comic-Con.

    SarahSarah20 dagar sedan
  • Really moving and true, what John said

    AllisonAllison20 dagar sedan
  • Video starts at 2:04 (sorry I was late this time)

    Something Seems OffSomething Seems Off20 dagar sedan
  • 2:54 start

    ::::20 dagar sedan
  • HEARING YOU AND JOHN PRAYING IS TOP TIER I'll be praying as well!

    Kalina DesseauxKalina Desseaux20 dagar sedan
  • Ill watch 2 Rocked 2 Socked

    Olufemi AgbatoOlufemi Agbato20 dagar sedan
  • Um... is anyone gonna tell Vin that they already made an emotional, human, Rock'em Sock'um, ... but with Hugh Jackman, and it was called Real Steel? *Crickets* No? Oh, okay. Guess maybe Ryan Reynolds will tweet it to him.

    Leesil MorganLeesil Morgan20 dagar sedan
  • Instead of a Rock'Em Sock'em Robots movie with quote"FAMILY"quote end quote Vinn Diesel washed up ass. The world doesn't need anymore crap movies from Vin Diesel. How about we get a second Real Steel movie with Hugh Jackman instead. I actually liked the movie. How about Real Steel - Defending the Belt Or a Real Steel - King of the Ring Anything besides a Vin Diesel movie.

    phillbucsphillbucs20 dagar sedan
  • Stephen, 2009 called, Left 4 Dead 2 wants its Gnome Chompsky joke back.

    Lord HaberdasherLord Haberdasher20 dagar sedan
  • You had me at dog

    Dallas TaylorDallas Taylor20 dagar sedan
  • Why does this show feel like "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" for adults in the 2020's?

    Phillip LongPhillip Long20 dagar sedan
  • "Krill me," the only appropriate response to puns of that magnitude.

    Joshua LittleJoshua Little20 dagar sedan
  • Come thru Jon with the Kirk Franklin intro ❤️

    Mary Ann KimbleMary Ann Kimble20 dagar sedan
  • Thank you, Jon Baptiste, for your bravery and vulnerability and honesty in this segment, and in all your time signatures. 🙏🎼👬👫👭

    LaOrlystreetLaOrlystreet20 dagar sedan
  • Love the band playing busta rhymes in the beginning

    Knee NoodleKnee Noodle20 dagar sedan
  • Repent Jesus is coming soon

    JesusiskingJesusisking20 dagar sedan
  • No one in San Francisco is staying inside. There are countless cars out and too manny people everywhere. Very crowded 7n public here

    THOR KILLTHOR KILL20 dagar sedan
  • Jon Batiste is such an absolutely beautiful human being. 🙏

    Miss Faithfully FadedMiss Faithfully Faded20 dagar sedan
  • Why does Stephen want to genocide autistic people?

    DorothyDorothy20 dagar sedan
  • Okay, here’s a popular one: re the George Floyd situation. Thankfully, the verdict went the right way. However, intelligent people like Stephen and Piano John blathering on about ‘prayers’ ... Think about it. What has our constant application of ignorance-based superstition achieved throughout the past many thousands of years? About time to abandon invisible friends of all flavours and move on to the assumption of responsibility. Good luck amerikkka

    ian fenwickian fenwick20 dagar sedan
  • They took your idea on doing a knock off of Lord of the Rings and applied it to a Reel Steel remake, lol.

    DHxJarsylDHxJarsyl20 dagar sedan
  • Yup that’s NYC’s mayor

    Alethea BAlethea B20 dagar sedan
  • 2:58

    imarkimark20 dagar sedan
  • Why is this show not funny at all? Is it that writer John?

    cedar apffelcedar apffel20 dagar sedan
  • John is so Great 👍

    Kung Fu BillKung Fu Bill20 dagar sedan
  • Amen Brother 🙏

    Kung Fu BillKung Fu Bill20 dagar sedan
  • How come your not to funny ?

    Kung Fu BillKung Fu Bill20 dagar sedan
  • 'Krill me!' Bang! Always hilarious, and really enjoyed the lead to the monologue.

    Guy NorthGuy North20 dagar sedan
  • Didn't they already make a roc n soc them movie called real steel?

    Alexis DavisAlexis Davis20 dagar sedan
  • "Dwarf Squad" is the Asylum version of LOTR.

    3 Slices Senpai3 Slices Senpai20 dagar sedan
  • so funny dog 🤣

    Guille SuililGuille Suilil20 dagar sedan
  • Didn't they already make a movie about Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots? It was Real Steel. Am I right?

    Mandi MateerMandi Mateer20 dagar sedan
  • I always love it when Jon speaks as well as his music does.

    Mark VerschellMark Verschell20 dagar sedan
  • Although I know it makes "good" humor to assume that cats are heartless, I disagree with the cat comment. We've had our two kitties for the better part of the past two decades, and I work with animals, volunteering at the shelter and pet sitting. Whenever I come home smelling like other cats, our oldest kitty shuns me and gives me the stink eye, and our youngest kitty, who is very insecure, aggressively replaces the scent with her own.

    WreavynWreavyn20 dagar sedan
  • no joke though, my garden has lost a lot of whimsy during this dire gnome crisis

    Alice YoungAlice Young20 dagar sedan