Police and Insurance Couldn't Find This Stolen SUV...So They Called Us (Cliffside Recovery)

28 apr 2021
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    HeavyDSparksHeavyDSparks18 dagar sedan
    • so far everything u endorse that could have helped was garbage. don't be dumb enough to fall for this crap like me people. Especially the credit company they endorse. been fighting random charges on my account because of it!!!!

      David CothernDavid Cothern5 dagar sedan
    • The mirrors on the fire truck are the exact same mounting pattern that are used on motor homes. They make really nice power folding mirrors for motor homes so they would be perfect for the fire truck tow tuck. Is that bed different on the tow truck from when it was built on the show? I thought it had your old bed from your previous truck with a flat platform in front of the bed with the knuckle boom crane for picking engines.

      Longliner 205ALongliner 205A7 dagar sedan
    • Shes gonna drag it right up... no problem

      Travis WeldmasterTravis Weldmaster8 dagar sedan
    • .

      funwithdaboyzzz Andrewanddanielfunwithdaboyzzz Andrewanddaniel12 dagar sedan
    • 48 degrees is gnarly

      funwithdaboyzzz Andrewanddanielfunwithdaboyzzz Andrewanddaniel12 dagar sedan
  • Nothing but respect for you guys. You guys are always doing what best for the environment. I feel the same way you guys do that trash should not be left behind.

    johnathan kelleyjohnathan kelley3 timmar sedan
  • the ginger mullet is killer!

    Justin GraffJustin Graff12 timmar sedan
  • First pull will bring it home.

    Random ActsRandom Acts19 timmar sedan
  • I dont think someone went down that slope in that vehicle, I think they sent it.

    Random ActsRandom Acts19 timmar sedan
  • Good job guys!!

    Guillermo NavaGuillermo NavaDag sedan
  • 🇬🇧

    Jonny WilsonJonny WilsonDag sedan
  • im so confused why people would dislike this video. This was a great one. Mr Beast is cool and all but this that mvp sh*t.

    Dan Can DoDan Can DoDag sedan
  • It's awesome to see somebody cares and have fun too

    Kevin SaltalamacchiaKevin SaltalamacchiaDag sedan
  • Hi my name is Patrick I have been watching your show for some time now and I like the way you guys bBuild your trucks

    Patrick PuttPatrick Putt2 dagar sedan
  • All you really needed was a yellow Cherokee and a Yankum rope...

    depot DANdepot DAN2 dagar sedan
  • I think a cables gonna snap

    Yuri_INSNNE YuriYuri_INSNNE Yuri2 dagar sedan
  • halfway through and you're still not hooked on - all we see is your face - you left out the 2nd half of the pull - thanks

    Jay JohnsJay Johns3 dagar sedan
  • Good job !!

    Joseph PiloskyJoseph Pilosky3 dagar sedan
  • @17:45 Whoever is top of frame is fucking crazy to get that close to the line.

    Adam MartinAdam Martin3 dagar sedan
  • Awesome recovery

    penghian chuapenghian chua3 dagar sedan
  • Shoat out to Braxton

    dirtbike 65dirtbike 653 dagar sedan
  • That was bad ass heavy D, great content, and well spoken

    Bobbycue’s RoadhouseBobbycue’s Roadhouse4 dagar sedan
  • I had off-road trucks like yours so nice to old army still working👍

    Roger DecostaRoger Decosta4 dagar sedan
  • out first time

    colin lythallcolin lythall4 dagar sedan
  • I think you will get it because heavy d is unbreakable

    Shane CulShane Cul4 dagar sedan
  • that was kool of you guys to do awesome job i have never won ANYTHING from you i sure hope to get a chance to win like a utv/atv or something like that i have never been that lucky but thank you guys your the best keep it up !!!!

    Billy sBilly s4 dagar sedan
  • I have been in wrecker business since 1977 , started driving wreckers since I don't driving wreckers since 1969. Is have been in swamps ,rivers ditches , deep , steep places with , Holmes 500 s, 600 s , 750

    Deno HallDeno Hall4 dagar sedan
    • And 850, had a 5 ton like yours , missed the weight 49000 soaking ass wet ,farm fields ,off road had to recover it with 750 & track how .got rid of it would sink in its own shadow . went back to the old mechanical Holmes have 2 ,750 s ,one 12 ton Century , 14 ton Vulcan , 10 ton Jerr Dan , 12000 pound Jerr Dan rollback .now you have me looking for old fire trucks to replace all of my Ford fleet , because my roll back has been in the shop 237 times Ford filed bank rupt on all comerical warranty's from all 6.0 and 4.5 v 6 junk no more fords in my stable will buy old fire equipment Detroit diesels and Cummins proven . when I was in the corps we had all Dodge trucks they rode like a hay wagon but the name says it all damned old dodge goes everywhere it will get you home every time

      Deno HallDeno Hall4 dagar sedan
  • The mirror fix is fold the arms forward so you can get through your gate.

    Jesse AmburgeyJesse Amburgey4 dagar sedan
  • Is the thief still in the vehicle?

    J WatJ Wat4 dagar sedan
  • Nice hobby..

    dave footedave foote4 dagar sedan
  • You guys made that look way too easy.

    Jeremy CJeremy C4 dagar sedan
  • Good job Broski!

    Scott LoefflerScott Loeffler4 dagar sedan
  • Going with issues with the trees

    Blaine BocanegeraBlaine Bocanegera5 dagar sedan
  • You should remove those mirrors and replace them with cameras and place the monitors inside the cab at positions of where the mirrors would be visible. Then just keep a set of removable mirrors on hand as backup in case of camera failure. Also a properly placed fisheye crossview mirror on the right hand side, (think ones on front of school buses), angled correctly can stay mostly out of the side line of the cabin but still be able to see down the side of the truck itself.

    I Am The CheeseI Am The Cheese5 dagar sedan
  • Speechless

    Bill CarrollBill Carroll5 dagar sedan
  • great job

    julio camposjulio campos5 dagar sedan
  • When me and my family came and saw you guys we got to sit in the tow truck.

    bearick sparksbearick sparks5 dagar sedan
  • 10:25 you build vehicles for a living? yet you have a "home depot" light? get a goddamn power invertor, kinda sad to see this from a company that's supposed to build shit for a living.

    David CothernDavid Cothern5 dagar sedan
  • You guys are awesome! So glad recovery worked out great for you. You have an amazing team.

  • First try

    Randy FullerRandy Fuller5 dagar sedan
  • About the mirrers on the towtruck. Why don^t you put overhang busmirrers on it. They stick out mote forwhered then out. Sorry for my english. I am from Sweden. Love your vlog.

    Jack WheelerJack Wheeler5 dagar sedan
  • I think it will be close but while serving in the Gulf War I have seen those 5 ton wreckers do some incredible things. I say first attempt 😁

    Anthony SewardAnthony Seward5 dagar sedan
  • It's going to have to be reposition

    Trenton LangfordTrenton Langford5 dagar sedan
  • Try

    Calvin garageCalvin garage5 dagar sedan
  • First

    Calvin garageCalvin garage5 dagar sedan
  • You are a legend heavy D! You rock brother and anyone's first take at this video would assume you been doing this for 20 years!! Well done my man🤙

    Tito PachecoTito Pacheco5 dagar sedan
  • First pole

    Matthew McCurdyMatthew McCurdy5 dagar sedan
  • Good job

    Gary DistephanoGary Distephano5 dagar sedan
  • Not all hero’s wear capes

    shaun feldmanshaun feldman5 dagar sedan
  • 15 minutes of useless talk and bragging about a simple straight forward job! and that snatch bloc is a kids toy!

    kululvkululv5 dagar sedan
  • Great show great builds saving up to get something build u guys

    Belty PaganBelty Pagan5 dagar sedan
  • first pull

    bitchray69stylebitchray69style5 dagar sedan
  • Just would like to say thank you for volunteering your time...2nd. mostly for caring that there is pollution of the natural creak going through Gods country......again thank you boys

    Janet YoungJanet Young5 dagar sedan
  • Great job just amazing to seeing

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez5 dagar sedan
  • um cable breaks it has too

    Boaty mcboat faceBoaty mcboat face5 dagar sedan
  • How you guys found it’s just way out of the road is funny

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez5 dagar sedan
  • I need the rear bumper let me know we’re is going to rest so I my go and pickitup and the rims to I have the same colors is just perfect for my sequoia iam on Los angiies

    Jose HernandezJose Hernandez5 dagar sedan
  • All will be good straight up with it

    Jay JonesJay Jones5 dagar sedan
  • you'll have to reset the pull about 1/3 way up

    havin fun with skunkhavin fun with skunk5 dagar sedan
  • Hey Heavy D I really love that sweater you wore in this video wanted to know if you still have it in stock so I can get it. If you don’t have it I’ll take the one you wore in the video I don’t mind 😂

    Alvaro ReynaAlvaro Reyna5 dagar sedan

    Jim CooneyJim Cooney5 dagar sedan
  • when he said 8 dudes in a truck 👁👄👁

    Not _YoungjusticeNot _Youngjustice5 dagar sedan
  • Keep up the good videos great job guys!!

    tito maldonadotito maldonado6 dagar sedan
  • First pull for sure!

    tito maldonadotito maldonado6 dagar sedan
  • Did the good thing

    csw cswcsw csw6 dagar sedan
  • The use of a logger "A" frame rigging over looking that bluff directly above that 4x4, but attached to that toe truck would have cut that toe time and all that bull in half. If the 2" rope is up to scratch there is no way in hell the thing would have broken.

    Richard WilliamsRichard Williams6 dagar sedan
  • If you add a blanket or jacket on top of the line it helps to stop it from springing back if it breaks

    STYX NicksSTYX Nicks6 dagar sedan
  • First try

    Michael SumpterMichael Sumpter6 dagar sedan
  • Brake cable

    Chris LongChris Long6 dagar sedan
  • Nice recovery

    Derangd 333Derangd 3336 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why "the following Thursday" made me laugh way too hard

    Warren HuffWarren Huff6 dagar sedan
  • 1) reposition winch trck; 2) first pull after reposition.

    Edward OttoEdward Otto6 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: Ranger guy: “ I bet my Ford ranger could do that”

    Noah Johns OutdoorsNoah Johns Outdoors6 dagar sedan
  • This is just amazing... *_Police are calling SEworldrs to help!?_*

    JaybruhhJaybruhh6 dagar sedan
  • That was awesome

    pachavez83pachavez836 dagar sedan
  • Hell with trees

    Shane McMillionShane McMillion6 dagar sedan
  • Hello! When are you going to work the helicopter on one of these?

    Yes OdeYes Ode6 dagar sedan
  • Imagine that clickbait I wouldn't expect anything more from Heavy D

    Nate JensonNate Jenson6 dagar sedan
  • Heavy D getting into the recovery game....I can dig it!!

    S DS D7 dagar sedan
  • Man, all your guys walking around between the Toyota and the 5 ton were stressing me the hell out! 😳 That could have gone awful, I'm glad it didn't!

    Cm pCm p7 dagar sedan
  • Hey guys… though of perfect solution to the mirror problem on the converted fire truck… why not do a camera conversion so instead of having a mirror on the sides you have a camera each side projecting to a small screen on the A pillars kind of like the Audi etron or some of the other modern funky high tech cars/electric cars have.. enjoying your content bro.. some stunning scenery in the areas you get to, need to get myself over there sometime from here in the U.K. do me some sightseeing and have an adventurous vacation 👌😎👍

    John SmithJohn Smith7 dagar sedan
  • Love the Video! Great work and thanks for helping out some one in your free time!

    Glen CoxGlen Cox7 dagar sedan
  • Good video Heavy D I love your flatbed great recovery good thing you have the right equipment I loved your TV show

    John OksysJohn Oksys7 dagar sedan
  • Drag the shit out of it first try..

    justin ekkerjustin ekker7 dagar sedan
  • So stoked ! Great protection Utah wonderful scenery . I used haul new furniture from NC to Salt Lake city . Utah pick up produce back . Love your state .

    Robert ChapmanRobert Chapman7 dagar sedan
  • Yack, yack,yack boring

    Sue EllenSue Ellen7 dagar sedan
  • Always bet on a 5 ton

    cayden martinycayden martiny7 dagar sedan
  • Another amazing video, and a great job well done

    Grainger-Lazo Family TeamGrainger-Lazo Family Team7 dagar sedan
  • Couldve use any key to push in the gear lock hole to put it in gear

  • I know auto thieves keep the keys as trophies which is like an early serial killer almost

    Amanda KayAmanda Kay7 dagar sedan
  • The tree's gonna give issues

    GEAR HEADGEAR HEAD7 dagar sedan
  • Epic!

    Mike LeRoyMike LeRoy7 dagar sedan
  • It’s gonna pull it first try no problem

    Wyatt TingleWyatt Tingle7 dagar sedan
  • So we gotta call.....

    Dave SmithDave Smith8 dagar sedan
  • 10 respostions on the truck

    Will DillingWill Dilling8 dagar sedan
  • Yo heavy d you should have it so the wreckers you build come with drones for far sighted recoveries

    Samantha WomerSamantha Womer8 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • i love you guys where can i buy Heavyds awesome black cap?

    CC8 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • Remove those mirrors and install cameras and monitors inside.

    roman dudyakroman dudyak8 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • I know a place with three wrecked four-wheelers in utah county that may never be moved that would be fun to go get out

    Fisher RobisonFisher Robison8 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • Second pull

    Jonathon WintersJonathon Winters8 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • Yes cables can be dangerous so I guess that is why you let your guys walk behind/below the recovered car,, BRIGHT!!!

    Cliff CollinsCliff Collins8 dagar sedan
    • @HeavyD Spark T/h/a/t/'/s o/k, A/n/y t/i/m/e

      Cliff CollinsCliff Collins7 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • Man why you keep telling the story over and over and over everybody gets it the first time man

    Benny OgdenBenny Ogden8 dagar sedan
    • Th/a/n/k/s f/o/r w/a/t/c/h/i/n/g W/H/A/T/S/A/P/P +/1/4/2/3/5/6/7/5/3/9/8

      HeavyD SparkHeavyD Spark8 dagar sedan
  • Man do you ever shut the f****** and do what you're out there to do or you just talk talk talk talk talk

    Benny OgdenBenny Ogden8 dagar sedan
  • I suggest you go back and get a regular job oh that's right y'all try to make all them four-wheel drive and get them away a regular job man is to quit begging off of SEworld

    Benny OgdenBenny Ogden8 dagar sedan