Line Without a Hook

12 aug 2020
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Line Without a Hook · Ricky Montgomery
Montgomery Ricky
℗ 2016 Ricky Montgomery Records
Released on: 2016-04-08
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  • Gonna try play this at 11:56:33pm on new years eve, so the part thats at 3:27 plays at midnight

    MidgeMidge19 dagar sedan
  • Reads these comments in straight 👁👄👁

    Tokoy keyTokoy key22 dagar sedan
  • I listen to this song 5 times a week

    Tokoy keyTokoy key22 dagar sedan
  • Metal pill 💊

    Aastha AdhikariAastha Adhikari23 dagar sedan
  • Cries in singleness***

    Not MeNot MeMånad sedan
  • I love this song so much

    ROaa POTATOROaa POTATOMånad sedan
  • Tip: never draw while listening to this song i did and now my paper is completely wet

    m0thm0thMånad sedan
  • is this song about his girlfriend killing herself?

    Bridget HerndonBridget HerndonMånad sedan
  • 2:55

    Janela Erika CruzJanela Erika CruzMånad sedan
  • who else is a potterhead here?

    Vanessa JimenezVanessa JimenezMånad sedan
  • I can hear this song playing in a very emotional scene

    Saunterblugget HampterfuppinshireSaunterblugget HampterfuppinshireMånad sedan
  • this makes my brain go burr burr

    Angelica BocanegraAngelica BocanegraMånad sedan
  • yo, watch me crying over fictional couples at 1 am for 4 minutes (not since im not, the couples are also not LMAO) straight

    wolfsstarswolfsstarsMånad sedan
  • For people from tiktok - 2:56 For people that are normal - 0:00

    ldyillcldyillcMånad sedan
  • Can someone please recommend music with the same vibe as this?

    Hannah MohammedHannah MohammedMånad sedan
  • I'm Cry

    солнце !!! ???солнце !!! ???Månad sedan

    jeronimo quintero cardonajeronimo quintero cardonaMånad sedan
  • 3:08 she is a lady :)

    Brandt Osorio Juliana AlejandraBrandt Osorio Juliana AlejandraMånad sedan

    Daniela LaraDaniela LaraMånad sedan
  • 3:13 best moment

    C XANC XANMånad sedan
  • I love how my favorite songs are usually filled with comments saying something abt LGBTQ+😼 I’m not sure if that sounded offensive but either way I support and love you for who you are.🤗

    Cadyyy yuhhhCadyyy yuhhhMånad sedan
  • Zukka nation wya

    Missy BennetMissy BennetMånad sedan
  • 3:08

    Z AZ AMånad sedan
  • this comment section made me watch banana fish :, )

    Gr8test 111Gr8test 111Månad sedan
  • crying in lesbian who has a crush on her best friend that has never been intersted in love and is literally perfect while im here having not one interest in life and wanting to ⚰️🤪🤪✌️✌️✌️✌️😂😂😂😍😍🥰🥰😘😘

    SnowflakeSnowflakeMånad sedan
  • Is it only me or do you find denki (mha) singing Rickys songs and is in a band with the squad cuz like that’s all I see 😪🤌🏼

    a_nime1307 Mhaa_nime1307 MhaMånad sedan
  • Me when my daughter comes out as trans: 3:12

    Keras SelyrianKeras SelyrianMånad sedan
  • I didn't come here from anything, Ricky Montgomery's songs are just the best. That is all.

    MaasNelson HaileyMaasNelson HaileyMånad sedan
  • *everyone else in the comments:* omg im gay im sad my crush don't like me *me:* hehe his nose look like a penis

  • i can't stop listening this song hELP

    aaMånad sedan
  • Everyone here : crying in LGBTQ+ Me : crying in 3...2...1...

    Haks02Haks02Månad sedan
  • Oof failed. Imma try and restart after Christmas :'(

    ꧁Hannah Quaintrelle꧂꧁Hannah Quaintrelle꧂Månad sedan
  • No matter how much I listen to this song, it never gets old.

    Kamaria MooreKamaria MooreMånad sedan
  • She she is a lady and im not a boy :(

    Daniela Colina CarrionDaniela Colina CarrionMånad sedan
  • The ossified brown reciprocally inject because hand coincidentally plan towards a trashy hope. acceptable, rural shorts

    Jennesa DarlingJennesa DarlingMånad sedan
  • why don't y'all just say HELLO EVERYONE :] do not read more though Leave I like this song :]

    Copi CattCopi CattMånad sedan
  • Anybody else just waiting for that part from tik tok?

    Misty candyMisty candyMånad sedan
  • Hello LGBTQ community

    bugbugMånad sedan
  • this song gives me CHILLS everytime i listen to it, thank you for this masterpiece which is going in my 3am playlist now

    chicken wingchicken wingMånad sedan
  • im a gay. hello lgbtq+ community

    • @MaasNelson Hailey hi dad, im gay.

    • @Juror #8 ftm or mtf? anyways, congrats!

    • hi a gay, I'm dad.

      MaasNelson HaileyMaasNelson HaileyMånad sedan
    • I'm trans

      Juror #8Juror #8Månad sedan
  • This song reminds me of historia and ymir..

    07. Audrey Humaira Firdaus07. Audrey Humaira FirdausMånad sedan
  • 3:10

    jade surridgejade surridgeMånad sedan
  • 2:55 *best part*

    shxmai 焼売shxmai 焼売Månad sedan
  • this song makes me want to scream at the top of my lungs

    elliotelliotMånad sedan
  • --cries in bisexual/pansexual/lesbian confusion--

    Hailey WrightHailey WrightMånad sedan
  • this hits different when you're a girl and yet you're in love with a gay man.

    kenma kozumekenma kozumeMånad sedan
  • _I suppose you are in an emotional crisis and no one is by your side, so you are listening to this song for support._

    a nsa nsMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one confused on why the comments are about being gay if the song is about a straight relationship? Can someone explain?

    Smolbean#1Smolbean#1Månad sedan
  • I feel like he is making songs for banana fish fandom, the anime fans and gay tiktok-

    Madison BedoMadison BedoMånad sedan
  • who is here fom tik tok ?

    EyabossEyabossMånad sedan
  • I like someone that's gay, and I don't think he'll want to be around be anymore if I tell him, but it kills me to just sit there while he talks about other guys the way I wish he'd talk about me... I don't know what to do anymore.

    Yashiro NeneYashiro NeneMånad sedan
  • i was here before a million views and now it’s almost at 10 mil. glad he’s getting the attention he deserves ❤️

    REURIIREURIIMånad sedan

    Athena SAthena SMånad sedan
  • hello people with mommy issues

    rameanrameanMånad sedan
    • 👀👀👀

      jasjasMånad sedan
  • 3:10

    Shem Ashley MalolotShem Ashley MalolotMånad sedan
  • I’m here bcs of someone =()

    XxJorgexXXxJorgexXMånad sedan
  • Anime fan here 🤧 i love this song

    Eleisha ItsukiEleisha ItsukiMånad sedan
  • I've never had sexual abuse, but my best friend certainly did "touch" me in that way This has helped me cope after every time she "touched" me She's moved to a different city, and I can't ever be more thankful

    s l e e p d e p r i v e ds l e e p d e p r i v e dMånad sedan
  • Not me crying for the 1938382th time 😭🦈🍌

    reereeMånad sedan
  • does no one else notice his beautiful voice specifically at the end when he says "tiny dancer" LIKE IT"S SO CUTE TO MEE

    JackyJackyMånad sedan
  • Oh what I would give for Wilbur Soot to cover this song

    Michael28 WithABeeMichael28 WithABeeMånad sedan
  • She’s a she’s a lady and I’m not a body he’s singing she’s a she’s a lady and I’m am just a line without a hook

    depressed sharkdepressed sharkMånad sedan
  • Es como la voz de blane y kurt conbinadas

    Madeline MacíasMadeline MacíasMånad sedan
  • *get your "lgbtq person fallen in love with friend who isn't attracted to their gender identity" ticket here.*

    Hajime HinataHajime HinataMånad sedan
  • The different canada strikingly discover because preface curiosly x-ray at a unarmed cream. living, ruddy geranium

    Gxjd NzgxGxjd NzgxMånad sedan
  • This song makes me happy idk why 🖤

    beautifulxbruisesbeautifulxbruisesMånad sedan
  • Hey I am here from Chris's stream and your music is amazing holy cow!!

    Abstract FriendsAbstract FriendsMånad sedan
  • This is addicting :3

    Cartman MeehhmmmCartman MeehhmmmMånad sedan
    • DRACO !!!!!

      relixer 48relixer 48Månad sedan
  • fine 🌱

    ElChicoTaquitoElChicoTaquitoMånad sedan
  • I’m not gay guys

    IncendiaryVIIncendiaryVIMånad sedan
  • cries in person who is dating a lesbian but they are confuse about their gender identity and scared that they will break up with me and on top of that my family is extremely homophobic and transphobic

    pocket Bugpocket BugMånad sedan
    • kdghjlpscsdk GIRL SAMEE

      eli iieli iiMånad sedan
  • This song is a masterpice

    Rebeca CastilloRebeca CastilloMånad sedan
  • so good so good so good

    AngelineAngelineMånad sedan
  • el comentario en español que buscabas

    S A M I :3S A M I :3Månad sedan
  • Someone told me this song reminded them of me and i think that was the best compliment that ive gotten in a while

    kj lokj loMånad sedan
  • 0:32

    ms. yukinems. yukineMånad sedan
  • cries in happy relationship T-T i just love my partner so much and i thought i would be alone forever but they’ve been the support that i’ve needed all along

    nocturmnskiesnocturmnskiesMånad sedan
  • 'i am a wreck without you' when kaya. char. AHAHAHA kalat ko pero i love this song very much

    G11-Mary Rose LinganG11-Mary Rose LinganMånad sedan
    • Sameeee

      Jonathan FloresJonathan FloresMånad sedan
  • La parte de tiktok es en el minuto 3:10 uwu

    Cʜᴀɴɢɢɢ ꕥCʜᴀɴɢɢɢ ꕥMånad sedan
  • 2:56 for everyone coming here from tik tok

    •Cherry_Blossom••Cherry_Blossom•Månad sedan
  • She is a lady and i am not a boy

    Ruth OliveiraRuth OliveiraMånad sedan
  • If you are here you have great taste in music

    SunflowerSunflowerMånad sedan
  • Even after listening to all of them, I think this one is still me favorite. Theres somthing so magical about this song? It makes me feel butterflies and It just gets me..

    Dawniblis sDawniblis sMånad sedan
  • everyone thinking about ash and eiji, me thinking of kou and mitsuba (jk I think of them too :,)

    Kyoko KirigiriKyoko KirigiriMånad sedan
  • There i clicked on it now leave me TF alone

    Gman224Gman224Månad sedan
  • Singing this song on the top of my lungs 💗

    WaifuWaifuMånad sedan
  • currently having a breakdown 😝🙌

    Natalie CNatalie CMånad sedan
  • am i the only straight one here-

    Yıldız YılmazYıldız YılmazMånad sedan
  • I finally found this song and it makes me so happy! Thank you SEworld reccomendations!

    taehyung-felixtaehyung-felixMånad sedan
  • hello people who has great music taste, have a good day.

    DuoTwinsDuoTwinsMånad sedan
  • smh. yall crying about ur unrequited love while im pretending to be a pretty girl with a guy singing about me

    Dawniblis sDawniblis sMånad sedan
  • this song makes me so happy

    insoulz iginsoulz igMånad sedan

    TracyeLia sempliceTracyeLia sempliceMånad sedan
  • Извините но я плачу..

    卩ㄖㄥPolina Hunter卩ㄖㄥPolina HunterMånad sedan
  • 2:55 :)

    Niha AfnanNiha AfnanMånad sedan
  • tik tok moment: 3:20

    Justyna ŁyzińskaJustyna ŁyzińskaMånad sedan
  • im crying over wilbur soot

    sasha kozaksasha kozakMånad sedan
  • Everyone shut up. I'm in my feels

    Joyce ZhengJoyce ZhengMånad sedan
  • Everyone has that one song that will bring you to tears... this is mine

  • When I'm sad, I blast Ricky Montgomery and Mother Mother while riding my bike

    Carb GirlCarb GirlMånad sedan

      jasjasMånad sedan

      lukelukeMånad sedan