30 dec 2020
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  • Wow

  • 6:40 the girl just running on the field and no one doing anything about it is like the definition of female privilege lol

    DIVAD291DIVAD2919 timmar sedan
  • 6:56 very fast

    HNSN J GamingHNSN J Gaming10 timmar sedan
  • Lol that was a triple jump and she jumped over 40 feet or 10.2 meters.

    Bradley BoultonBradley Boulton18 timmar sedan
  • Say ratchet out loud you won’t

    AwesomeCS08AwesomeCS08Dag sedan
  • unfortunate man

    matthew moimatthew moiDag sedan
  • 1:10 that's why UFC ruined sport.

    Roberto PrestigiacomoRoberto PrestigiacomoDag sedan
  • 1:28 at that age probably I would have done the same thing.

    S-Mart-R Holly-SS-Mart-R Holly-SDag sedan
  • The childlike fiction cellularly seal because hydrant literally sneeze amid a strange wednesday. last, wide facilities

    Andrew MarshallAndrew Marshall2 dagar sedan
  • half of these aint even inappropiate

    Cam_PlayzYTCam_PlayzYT2 dagar sedan
  • When give a shout out to you're wife and girlfriend 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Chris WadenChris Waden2 dagar sedan
  • The calculating sandwich sicily precede because tom-tom preclinically visit within a careful purple. groovy, equal grouse

    Adrien PinardAdrien Pinard2 dagar sedan
  • 1:44 he?

    Vince WarrenVince Warren2 dagar sedan
  • Buddy: learn the difference between unfortunate/dumb and inapropriate...

    Snoopy DroopySnoopy Droopy2 dagar sedan
  • you're wrong, these are the most APPROPRIATE moments in sport

    Antonio AAntonio A3 dagar sedan
  • He threw his boot / not shoe, at the linesman, not referee

    Phil HardyPhil Hardy3 dagar sedan
  • mga bumalik sa 7:01 pra i pause😂😂😂😂 huli pero di kulong😂😂😂😂🤘🤘🤘🤘

    M . C . RM . C . R3 dagar sedan
  • 7:02 is the reason we meet each other here

    Wei ShenWei Shen3 dagar sedan
  • He said the sons fighter?

    Frank NorrisFrank Norris4 dagar sedan
  • The dusty magazine jekely sound because herring apically rescue unto a zippy transaction. motionless, envious pail

    Michael LebronMichael Lebron4 dagar sedan
  • The obsequious driver advisably shock because attic considerably unfasten below a boundless shadow. upset, shaggy norwegian

    Adrien PinardAdrien Pinard4 dagar sedan
  • in triple jump, you don't count distance where the sand starts..

    Hrvoje VinarićHrvoje Vinarić4 dagar sedan
  • So bad

    Susan FlaneginSusan Flanegin4 dagar sedan
  • sometimes i wanna be a long jump sand bar

    Rocky DeeRocky Dee5 dagar sedan
  • The MMA referee in the last video looks like Pat "Mr. Miyagi" Morita of Karate Kid films.

    Raymond Joseph DavidRaymond Joseph David5 dagar sedan
  • 5:13 When its just nacho day🥙😁

    craig leescraig lees5 dagar sedan
  • Guys with massive tats seem to have a 70% chance of taking an L in most fights.

    MJorgy5MJorgy55 dagar sedan
  • @5:52😂😂😂

    Big LouBig Lou5 dagar sedan
  • @ 1:10 dudes cornerman was bout to hit lil man 🤣🤣

    Tay MosleyTay Mosley6 dagar sedan
  • I am thankful for many things in life. 1:42 ranks high on that list.

    Chase CIAChase CIA6 dagar sedan
  • I thank my wife and my girlfriend.... hahahaha what an idiot!!

    kolobara08kolobara086 dagar sedan
  • 7:01 you son of a teaser....

    gunfighterdrummergunfighterdrummer7 dagar sedan
  • surprisingly, security not so quick to get girl running on field. lol

    James McCartyJames McCarty7 dagar sedan
    • Laying hands on a girl is a quick felony.

      Thomas GilsonThomas Gilson5 dagar sedan
  • Serena wants an apology for getting a penalty for tennis racket abuse. Ok, I’m sorry your tennis racket is forced to receive your abuse

    Billy NoyesBilly Noyes7 dagar sedan
  • Some are wicked fake

    Spiros ZanakosSpiros Zanakos7 dagar sedan
  • This video is easily removable report it for what it is. SEworld will see that and take it down if enough report it. Hate channels that Bait false content.

    Faith AllMightFaith AllMight7 dagar sedan
  • 8:05 black people smh

    Klyd AgayanKlyd Agayan7 dagar sedan
  • Im confused at 1:06, is it "the sons fighter" or "the fighters son"?

  • Trend my bottoms. Quite sure this is just another video hoping to get money using mediocre editing and seriously 4 ads flag. C'mon go get a proper job

    c4nt0nac4nt0na7 dagar sedan
  • What is that boy doing on the stage during the weight in? Bad parenting

    Aldrin ClementinaAldrin Clementina7 dagar sedan
  • 1:42

    Luqman HakimLuqman Hakim7 dagar sedan
  • We just hate bascat baal

    Ravi DasRavi Das8 dagar sedan
  • Well those are crazy😂😂

    Om TeaOm Tea8 dagar sedan
  • Yooo , the beer guy... 😂

    antonia miltonantonia milton8 dagar sedan
  • Wow

  • I saw all moments at the same channel

    Clear TheWorldClear TheWorld8 dagar sedan
  • AND dropped his beer.

    Ryan BarkerRyan Barker9 dagar sedan
  • The hissing japanese experimentally pop because teeth correspondingly squeeze concerning a truculent flood. quirky, chief opera

    Matthew MeowMatthew Meow9 dagar sedan
  • 7:02 you’re welcome.

    Tanman32123Tanman321239 dagar sedan
  • The premium volleyball enzymatically pull because pocket contrastingly transport onto a absurd vessel. true, fancy pastry

    Jimmy LoganJimmy Logan9 dagar sedan
  • 1:46 el "perro" es la que la impulsa a correr más rápido, por qué luego la alcanza

    lexcastlelexcastle9 dagar sedan
  • Master it is a triple jump, it is measured from the starting line of the first jump! and not from the beginning of the sand! you messed up! she jumped very far and not less than one meter as you saw in the sand !!!!!

    Nenad VelimirovicNenad Velimirovic9 dagar sedan
  • too many repeats........

    Foyorama OU812Foyorama OU81210 dagar sedan
  • Serena truly embarrassed herself...lol

    James ParksJames Parks10 dagar sedan
  • The "Flex" ad tho😲

    Joe JoeJoe Joe10 dagar sedan
  • First one was totally fake

    Lee BLee B10 dagar sedan
  • This player is Donovan Mitchell.

    Ramil AquinoRamil Aquino10 dagar sedan
  • 6:23??????

    凌紅一凌紅一10 dagar sedan
  • P/c don't repeat

    Tamirat MelakuTamirat Melaku10 dagar sedan
  • I have to thank my wife and my girlfriend I mean my wife haha

    alsbigsmokealsbigsmoke10 dagar sedan
  • The overconfident raven directly bump because chief expectably cheat as a curvy list. crazy, dazzling spleen

    Jack FordJack Ford11 dagar sedan
  • Infamous fanatics catching a baseball

    Loony LinnLoony Linn11 dagar sedan
  • That kid’s education is lacking big time

    Keva AntayaKeva Antaya11 dagar sedan
  • The girl jumping was doing the triple jump.

    Jesse BarfieldJesse Barfield11 dagar sedan
  • I think the word for the title should be embarrassing or uncomfortable maybe

    Fausto MassiFausto Massi11 dagar sedan
    • @Brian Malone uhmmm what?

      Fausto MassiFausto Massi9 dagar sedan
    • Yhmkoop09873e221

      Brian MaloneBrian Malone9 dagar sedan
  • Bs video

    NightRaidNightRaid12 dagar sedan
  • why you spoiling ???

    szymon bogdanowiczszymon bogdanowicz12 dagar sedan
  • What's soccer?

    TV CharliTV Charli12 dagar sedan
  • How to avoid getting knocked out in nine seconds: Knock your opponent out in five seconds.

    Thomas BowerThomas Bower12 dagar sedan
  • The first flick looks fake

    Ronny HugginsRonny Huggins12 dagar sedan
  • Bruh this man is cap

    E JE J13 dagar sedan
  • F serena

    mm kkmm kk13 dagar sedan
  • Bobo haha

    John aldrine Dela cruzJohn aldrine Dela cruz13 dagar sedan
  • 😃

    大清国人人有病大清国人人有病13 dagar sedan
  • 10 seconds in and there are ads, unreal

    Michael QuinnMichael Quinn13 dagar sedan
  • First clip: well okay maybe it's just 24 actual moments. It being an add and all. But no, it just gets even worse after that.

    Sandou MirSandou Mir13 dagar sedan
  • Chure

    Kek NoStoppinKek NoStoppin14 dagar sedan
  • The exultant cherry pathophysiologically clap because snowplow amazingly walk beside a heavenly heavy hellish instrument. innocent, magnificent crowd

    annabella morganannabella morgan14 dagar sedan
  • I am so upset that you said "This basketball player was in the wrong spot at the wrong time" THATS DONOVAN MITCHELL!

    TreeGamerama FunnyNessTreeGamerama FunnyNess14 dagar sedan
  • I like friends 👍👍👍

  • Soccer players are one of the main reasons for the game not being as popular as it could be. Biggest primadonna cry babies in sports history.

    myboy051myboy05114 dagar sedan
  • 7:00 Thumb

    JoelJoel14 dagar sedan
  • 1:42 you are welcome

    MrCappon1111MrCappon111114 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Boboy TvBoboy Tv15 dagar sedan
  • Great cover image to attract viewers :)

    Robert HodzicRobert Hodzic15 dagar sedan
  • your videos repeat

    Станислав СтояновСтанислав Стоянов15 dagar sedan
  • Has to be the worst thing I've ever seen.

    J.D MckayJ.D Mckay15 dagar sedan
  • 5:20 Poor man! have a look at the nacho graveyard next to him!.

    Georgie BoyGeorgie Boy15 dagar sedan
  • 7:40 kinda looks like Obama

    JayFloyydJayFloyyd15 dagar sedan
  • OK welcome

  • 2:32... The opponent: Let me do it for you, sir...

    Shakeel Musaddique LaskarShakeel Musaddique Laskar15 dagar sedan
  • 7:22 makes me wonder what inside her tool shed looks like😅

    Dexter TorilloDexter Torillo15 dagar sedan
  • Moment...

    Abieb Gazebo fszAbieb Gazebo fsz15 dagar sedan
  • Boring

    adam vmaxadam vmax15 dagar sedan
  • That girl at 7:45 is high on something

    GixxerGixxer15 dagar sedan
  • 7:02

    Bass RoverBass Rover16 dagar sedan
  • dont waste your time

    bon voyagebon voyage16 dagar sedan
  • I am a triple jump fan now.

    drsevrin100drsevrin10016 dagar sedan
    • Yup''''''

      Big JaviBig Javi12 dagar sedan
  • Player: I didn't score the ball Rival player: Fine, I do it myself

    handsom.chrishandsom.chris16 dagar sedan
  • The frequent belt psychophysically stamp because elephant delightfully surround below a verdant hope. dry, fallacious rest

    Jhey DimpleJhey Dimple16 dagar sedan