NHL 1000 IQ Plays

6 apr 2021
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NHL 1000 IQ Plays! Enjoy

  • Sedin goal isn't 1000 IQ tho

    Tyler NelsonTyler NelsonDag sedan
    • Henrik Sedin goal isn't

      Tyler NelsonTyler NelsonDag sedan
  • Wait the first clip play.....Is that legal? I’ve seen refs give penalties for that......🤔

    Rohit BurraRohit Burra5 dagar sedan
  • So, you're allowed to just kick an opponents stick out of their hands?

    Chirpy MikeChirpy Mike5 dagar sedan
  • Most of these are not high IQ plays, mainly just awful plays by their opponents

    DSDS7 dagar sedan
  • that was a very fast 5 minutes of my life wow

    RamanN00BRamanN00B9 dagar sedan
  • Datsyuk on another level

    Vio SeVenVio SeVen10 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion: Goals due to lazy/bad plays Ex. Player has all teammates on ice tired, and lazily clears it without reaching centre ice so it’s an icing. Players stay on ice, and other team scores on the face off.

    ExpxndExpxnd10 dagar sedan
  • The lazy daffodil kinetically bomb because turkish developmentally strengthen until a encouraging bench. obedient, early streetcar

    Richard RiveraRichard Rivera10 dagar sedan
  • The letters D-A-T-S-Y-U-K secretly spell 10,000 IQ

    NHL Mixed Goal HornsNHL Mixed Goal Horns11 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how easy the game must be with a guy like Datsyuk on your line.

    Benn[ht]`Benn[ht]`12 dagar sedan
  • if i see no Sedins ima be disapointed bro

    Mehtab RaiMehtab Rai12 dagar sedan
  • To me the Sedin goal was the ultimate. Tic tack toe no look deflection pass and then between the leg flip unbelievable.

    Yeltsin 68Yeltsin 6812 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Brayden EllsworthBrayden Ellsworth12 dagar sedan
  • Datsyuk’s hockey IQ was off the charts. One of the smartest players I’ve ever watched. It was a pleasure watching him throughout his career here in Detroit. Dude was insane!!!

    Lukas WLukas W12 dagar sedan
  • most guys could probably skate faster on one leg than oshe there

    rightyourwrongrightyourwrong13 dagar sedan
  • Sick intro

    KingKieran8341KingKieran834113 dagar sedan
  • Good vid. Last one I think was just good hustle play. Not high IQ play. Still great nonetheless. Thanks for posting.

    Russell HarbenRussell Harben13 dagar sedan
  • The Magic Man 🔥

    The 40 year old VeganThe 40 year old Vegan13 dagar sedan
  • Some of these don't seen like 1,000 IQ so much as just something kinda wacky happening. Sitting down on the puck, for example, or whacking at your opponent's stick, are both liable to be called as penalties.

    Olive TakahashiOlive Takahashi13 dagar sedan
  • 3:30 That's not a 1000IQ play by Sid, that's a -1000IQ play by Shattenkirk, literally no reason to touch the puck there, you get a whistle, faceoff is probably outside the zone too.

    FBRFBR13 dagar sedan
  • that Quinn Hughes push maybe the smartest thing ever

    scott martinscott martin14 dagar sedan
  • What’s so smart about the last clip (Miller back checking to pick Oshie’s pocket)? That’s just good hustle. You think the other Bolts players were watching thinking, “Oh. Why didn’t I think of that?”?

    Ali DezAli Dez14 dagar sedan
    • @Delta Highlights So he pushes Miller with his stick. So what? Happens all the time. Again, it isn't really an IQ play. It's a hustle play. We're just gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. Great video though. Love your content. Xoxo

      Ali DezAli Dez14 dagar sedan
    • Watch Hughes

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights14 dagar sedan
  • I love J.T. Miller, but is lifting the other guy's stick really a 1000 IQ play?

    neonneon14 dagar sedan
    • @Delta Highlights ooooooo gotcha, I totally missed that haha

      neonneon14 dagar sedan
    • Look at Hughes

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights14 dagar sedan
  • Jamie Benn putting his stick under the net is my favourite. Lmao

    Ali DezAli Dez14 dagar sedan
  • 0:58 I do that ALL the time when playing street hockey. Lol I drives people insane. I move in close like I’m gonna stick handle through their triangle, and as soon as they’re about to poke check, WHAM! I smack their stick. Lmao It normally plays as a stick lift to enable a deke, but when you catch em off guard, sometimes their lumber goes flying.

    Ali DezAli Dez14 dagar sedan
  • all hail Datsyuk, but the Sedin lob was just insane.

    Pepek NámořníkPepek Námořník14 dagar sedan
  • The Geno pass to Rust is so ridiculous seeing that he never looks back to see if anyone is coming. The chemistry between the two is unreal

    Cippy YTCippy YT14 dagar sedan
  • The two delivery accidentally stitch because alto terminally pine with a late surprise. free, deserted perfume

    Raymond L. Carney01Raymond L. Carney0114 dagar sedan
  • When McDacid passes on a breakaway, it’s a 1000 IQ play. When Blake Comeau does it.......??

    James BrooksJames Brooks15 dagar sedan
  • would that jamie benn play be a penalty?

    Bearly KoalafiedBearly Koalafied15 dagar sedan
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    Ayan BanerjeeAyan Banerjee15 dagar sedan
  • I'm surprised kicking the stick out of someone's hands is a legal play lmao

    Cam PetekCam Petek15 dagar sedan
  • 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

    Mark FudgerMark Fudger15 dagar sedan
  • I cant tell you how many times guys have done that joe thornton play on me... and its worked

    Jacob StemmeJacob Stemme15 dagar sedan
  • Not enough magic man

    Brodeman HessianovskiBrodeman Hessianovski15 dagar sedan
  • The last one wasn’t really a high iq play it was just great hustle

    Richàrd TherichardRichàrd Therichard15 dagar sedan
    • @Delta Highlights oh shit, I didn’t even see that part, my apologies, I stand corrected

      Richàrd TherichardRichàrd Therichard15 dagar sedan
    • Quinn Hughes pushes Miller so he can get it

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights15 dagar sedan
  • Mickey Redmond: "Do you believe that" Ken Daniels: "I do" Lol we saw Datsyuk do so much crazy stuff every game that even our announcers were like, "Meh, it's just Pavel being Pavel" 😂

    Mike PalmerMike Palmer15 dagar sedan
  • That Jamie Benn one is a bit of a stretch for this video...

    Paladin PurePaladin Pure15 dagar sedan
  • What was 1000 IQ on McDavid play?

    Roman HaringRoman Haring15 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion: only mcdavid plays

    FoxVlogs 8000FoxVlogs 800015 dagar sedan
  • Do bench reactions P2

    Nicholas McQuaidNicholas McQuaid15 dagar sedan
  • The conscious mark rarely clap because start contrastingly harm afore a typical philosophy. heady, one subway

    ama ojoeama ojoe15 dagar sedan
  • If you have not done it already, you should do high scoring games

    Samuel ElenbaasSamuel Elenbaas15 dagar sedan
  • that datsyuk play on ference was a penalty no???

    prabhjot bainsprabhjot bains15 dagar sedan
  • Isn’t the second one considered delay of game?

    NFC LeastNFC Least15 dagar sedan
  • Lul Hughes what a beauty

    Nilser36Nilser3615 dagar sedan
  • Let's ruin players name's by replacing 1 letter. I'd start us off with : Hiller to Hitler

    Darkness NighthingaleDarkness Nighthingale15 dagar sedan
  • Do " How did he miss that?.

    Leo BonawandtLeo Bonawandt15 dagar sedan
  • Next one should have Jeff Skinner soccer style break away

    Ravens Shadow 2Ravens Shadow 215 dagar sedan
  • Gretzky doesn’t have the best shot, best hands, nor is he the fastest and certainly not the strongest. So why oh why is he the greatest? Well, he was just freaky smart. One goalie noted thy Gretzky frequently looked into the glass behind the net. When he got the chance, the goalie looked behind him into the glass. No, there wasn’t a cute girl behind him; and then he saw his reflection. He realized Gretzky was using the glass to give him 360° vision...

    Isaac WestIsaac West15 dagar sedan
  • I don’t like Kesler that sat on the puck, but I respect it

    Isaac WestIsaac West15 dagar sedan
  • Woah these people are good

    mikevinymikeviny15 dagar sedan
  • This video is more like a Pavel Datsyuk highlights

    Hockeyboi1337Hockeyboi133715 dagar sedan
  • Confused with last one

    Quade VellacottQuade Vellacott15 dagar sedan
    • Look at Hughes

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights15 dagar sedan
  • Lol dropping it off is always highly crituzed on breakaways lol

    Quade VellacottQuade Vellacott15 dagar sedan
  • The pokecheck by Mika on the sedin between the legs. :BRILLIANT😂😂

    Quade VellacottQuade Vellacott15 dagar sedan
  • thornton is definitely the best play

    MJTT12MJTT1215 dagar sedan
  • That defensive push by Hughes is so underrated. glad to see it featured here.

    Shurikn IbukiShurikn Ibuki15 dagar sedan
  • Hiller got done dirty LOL

    Dee_Jay_CamDee_Jay_Cam15 dagar sedan
  • The wevideo intro tho 😂

    XExOtiCs_furXExOtiCs_fur15 dagar sedan
  • are you allowed to knock the stick out from a non puck carrier? if that's legal it should be legal to knock the stick out of a puck carrier too imo. Maybe it is legal and I don't know shit though

    Seb CSeb C15 dagar sedan
    • So I’ve seen this asked in multiple comments I’ll answer here since it’s most recent and most direct. Just because you drop your stick, even if the opponent caused you to do so, it’s not always bc an infraction occurred. If we both go for the puck and make contact at the blade and you drop your stick, should that too be a penalty? Some times guys drop their stick simply bc they weren’t holding them tight enough. The point is, it’s up to the referees discretion whether an infraction occurred. And we all know this by the amount of times they screw it up. While yes overtly slashing or in Oshies case kicking an opponents stick away should be called, ultimately it’s not *necessarily* a penalty, heck if the ref REALLY has a stick up his ass and thinks the other guy did nothing wrong he could get you for embellishment for “dropping the stick too easily”

      Richàrd TherichardRichàrd Therichard15 dagar sedan
  • That first one should be called technically not interference. If you just kick the stick out of someone’s hand while you didn’t have the puck or they had the puck the ref would probably call a double minor

    Jim MoriartyJim Moriarty15 dagar sedan
  • The Sedin lob is one of my all time favorite goals

    The Kennedy ExperienceThe Kennedy Experience15 dagar sedan
  • You gotta do a pavel datsyuk stick handling/ stealing pucks video

    Devon JordanDevon Jordan15 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion: players giving up on plays.. can’t find a compilation of it, loved the Kostitsyn and Ovechkin controller disconnected clips

    72772715 dagar sedan
  • Day 1 of suggesting players using their goalie as a 6th man

    999 4L999 4L15 dagar sedan
  • Intentionally knocking the stick out of players hands is called interference...well at least in most hockey leagues in the world.

    jdhrapjdhrap15 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion: Goals assisted by the Sedins which made average/ below-average players look like stars.

    sootchh 1sootchh 115 dagar sedan
  • Jumbo using the beaver tail to get Hemsky to pass it right to him is a beauty!

    Alex LarondeAlex Laronde15 dagar sedan
  • Another one was in the World Cup of Hockey when Marcus Kruger batted the post to make it sound like the puck was behind Murray even tho it wasn’t. It almost worked too

    Keene Addington IVKeene Addington IV15 dagar sedan
    • @Took I don’t but I know it was Finland vs north america

      Keene Addington IVKeene Addington IV14 dagar sedan
    • I've never seen this. I'm going to look for it, do you happen to have it saved?

      TookTook15 dagar sedan
  • I have to watch these each at least twice because the puck moves so fast lol

    BoW SkittlezBoW Skittlez15 dagar sedan
  • Terrible video

    Darryl W Stamp JrDarryl W Stamp Jr15 dagar sedan
  • Living in the mitten my whole life it's always brings a tear to my eye to see Datsyuk on the compilations. much love #13

    XxGameSkillzxXXxGameSkillzxX15 dagar sedan
  • "datsyuk compilation"

    noobyynoobyy15 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion Players scoring on their own net

    Iron IgniterIron Igniter15 dagar sedan
  • Now do -1000 IQ plays but every video is Blake Comeau to Patrik Laine.

    Travis GreenTravis Green15 dagar sedan
  • hii

    p_malandra88p_malandra8815 dagar sedan
    • Hey!

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights15 dagar sedan
  • ovi's self bank pass against the habs should be here

    ItakeiItakei15 dagar sedan
  • 0:37 Now that's what I call, a sitting duck

    Fancy PantsFancy Pants15 dagar sedan
    • Haha! 😆 😂 🤣

      Landon HockeyLandon Hockey15 dagar sedan
    • @DuxNstuffs Wow, nice!

      Jordan NovakJordan Novak15 dagar sedan
    • a lot of us have referred to that play as the sitting duck play! was fantastic to see live!

      DuxNstuffsDuxNstuffs15 dagar sedan
    • Haha!

      Jordan NovakJordan Novak15 dagar sedan
  • Day 3 of asking for the Michigan moments

    Louis LiuLouis Liu15 dagar sedan
  • How is the second one not a penalty shot?

    AryanAryan15 dagar sedan
  • Video idea: most electrifying regular season goals, (zibanejad 5 goal ot winner, Patrik Stefan incident,, sedin’s ot winner in their last game, etc.)

    hudr0004hudr000415 dagar sedan
  • When you make your videos is there a thumbnail or no?

    New York FanNew York Fan15 dagar sedan
    • That’s cool to know!

      New York FanNew York Fan15 dagar sedan
    • I find a thumbnail and upload it

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights15 dagar sedan
  • I feel like the coolest plays have the highest IQ

    Laura BuburuzanLaura Buburuzan16 dagar sedan
  • Daniel and Henri are very smart

    Silas ChengSilas Cheng16 dagar sedan
  • Slowest goals

    HenryTFMHenryTFM16 dagar sedan
  • Day #17 of asking to do Terrible Coaches Challenges please

    Dr Dangles11Dr Dangles1116 dagar sedan
  • Do underrated saves. Your underrated videos are awesome

    Luc MonetteLuc Monette16 dagar sedan
  • Mr Pavel Datsyuk deserves the hall of fame no doubt.. I wish he was in the league for a little bit longer

    Jacob CarllJacob Carll16 dagar sedan
    • how could he be nominated when he still plays?

      Joosua MarjamäkiJoosua Marjamäki10 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion: hated players vs hated players

    Sahil910Sahil91016 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion fat people

    Viper SnipezViper Snipez16 dagar sedan
  • Daniel and henrik are very underrated

    ha gotyha goty16 dagar sedan
  • You should do coast to coast assists

    Blake HeltunenBlake Heltunen16 dagar sedan
  • Another please

    aWildFanaWildFan16 dagar sedan
  • Nicest setups that didn't score

    Connor //Connor //16 dagar sedan
  • Suggestion. Do NHL 0 IQ plays

    CatPokeDragonYTCatPokeDragonYT16 dagar sedan
  • late but day 6 of asking for blood on the ice

    Jason DeanJason Dean16 dagar sedan
  • I think we can all agree that Quinns push to jt was the best

    birbrinder dhillonbirbrinder dhillon16 dagar sedan
    • I can't believe I looked through all the comments and you posted the only comment about that. That's incredible D work. I was just watching Miller catch Oshie again and noticed the push. What a strange, amazing play.

      TookTook15 dagar sedan
  • Day 6 of me asking: worst goals let in by each team

    Mint Nhl ReplaysMint Nhl Replays16 dagar sedan
  • Sedins 👌 Never boring to watch them, proud to be swede. 2006! 🥇🥇

    RobinRobin16 dagar sedan