Has LOGAN PAUL Found Redemption?

1 aug 2019
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Today we take a deep dive back into the Paul Universe, a realm we haven't explored in a while. How much has changed in the meantime? Well, for one, Logan has a beard. He's also doing a lot of charity work, most recently with the Challenger Games. He also has his podcast, Impaulsive, where he talks a lot more candidly about his journey towards redemption. After the KSI V Logan fight last year on August 25th it seems like he's become a lot more introspective, and with the help of a much better team, it looks like he's on the right track.
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  • If logan paul has found redemption, then im a cow Edit: Meow, meow, im a cow

    I hate CocomelonI hate Cocomelon11 timmar sedan
  • 2:32 is that ryantrayan?

    Ben MaBen MaDag sedan
  • Forgive me god for I have sinned... I genuinely found that Rafi qazi parody funny

    Islam AceIslam AceDag sedan
  • Logan trash nah polished trash yeah that’s better

    Cooper FoxCooper Fox2 dagar sedan
  • That track suit looked Photoshop

    Ocy BocyOcy Bocy2 dagar sedan
  • He is close to redemptions.

    Gavin ParsonsGavin Parsons3 dagar sedan

    CC GamingCC Gaming3 dagar sedan
  • All I know logans opened pokemon cards so he's good

    Raagav AnandRaagav Anand3 dagar sedan
  • Logan paul is a changed man but jake is at the point where hes gonna want to change but it will be too late,i doont want ksi to fight jake i want the more powerful undefeated undisputted wottah conservation unit the one and only Babatunde.

    Francolin MunikaFrancolin Munika4 dagar sedan
  • It's funny how the Challenger games looks like there are less people there than at my school's sports day event

    Hoshi Moshi YTHoshi Moshi YT4 dagar sedan
  • And that is why, he’s the better brother Matured and respectable And jake Uh... he’s the same

    Mr. Jackson :PMr. Jackson :P4 dagar sedan
  • Short answer no

    segaman 42segaman 424 dagar sedan
  • Andrei Terbea i love your vid's i just love how you talk about stuff that i havent heard about and thank you dude cya when you make a new vid

    fnaf fanfnaf fan6 dagar sedan
  • 4:36 *licks lips because Drake

    One With The ConsoleOne With The Console6 dagar sedan
  • i think logan has grown tremendously over the past 3 yrs. ofc i will never justify his past actions, but i respect the fact that he’s been actively trying to change. he’s pretty okay nowadays. good for him and i hope he continues to grow

    nukeynukey8 dagar sedan
  • this is japan logan this is the new logan

    Floriana KrasniqiFloriana Krasniqi9 dagar sedan
  • Yeah when Logan said I’m the fastest youtuber and I said “yeah the fastest youtuber to regret gotem”

    Keith AngKeith Ang9 dagar sedan
  • Logan: and its called, Ad: RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

    FraggerFragger10 dagar sedan
  • This is totally unrelated, but what was the song at 4:11?

    Catherine CampbellCatherine Campbell11 dagar sedan
  • Sad jake couldn’t follow in Logan’s presence

    Dat Irish KnoxDat Irish Knox11 dagar sedan
  • Surprisingly he didn’t participate in any shenanigans this year Cannot say the same about your brother

    santiago Velazquezsantiago Velazquez11 dagar sedan
  • Logan tore his hamstring

    RizzvlogsRizzvlogs13 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Fret NFret N17 dagar sedan
  • Logan Paul redeemed himself. Jake Paul, eh, nah

    Sebastian JinSebastian Jin17 dagar sedan
  • I’m pretty sure those were the Marrel twins

    DemryxDemryx17 dagar sedan

    CreartCreart17 dagar sedan
  • That Beard is a gift from got to Logan I mean,IT REALLY IS

    Arc HittlerArc Hittler20 dagar sedan
  • Have you ever met logan paul and jake paule what are they attitude probably bad specially to fans that make them rich.

    Matthew TvMatthew Tv20 dagar sedan
  • nope.

    Ries Rol gamingRies Rol gaming20 dagar sedan
  • Lmoa no same as ever

    Joe RohdeJoe Rohde21 dag sedan
  • I’m just glad atleast he matured from the insane him but I think he’s going on the right path, he can fall down but he is going up. On the other hand, Jake Paul has been on a large fall since 2017.

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker21 dag sedan
  • He literally bragged about his confidence

    spoike dainja leslayspoike dainja leslay22 dagar sedan
  • Me in 2021: he's already won

    AaronaterAaronater23 dagar sedan
  • I think Logan is doing his best to redeem himself but it’ll take a while for him to be fully redeemed

    Tinie PaniniTinie Panini25 dagar sedan
  • Their lives are an cringe

    Da GamerDa Gamer25 dagar sedan
  • Logan Paul: i drawed with that asshole and i am gonna beat his ass this year 2020: Are u sure about that

    Ron IslamiRon Islami25 dagar sedan
  • Never trust anyone with 2 first names

    542leah542leah26 dagar sedan
  • Aaaaalllllrrrrreeeeeaaaaadddddyyyyycompletealreadycompletealready

    khaled aldoraeekhaled aldoraee27 dagar sedan
  • The charismatic dude was that one guy from love live serve

    FieryKaiFieryKai28 dagar sedan
  • Logan Paul: I AM THE FASTEST MAN ON THE EARTH Usain Bolt: *Am i a joke to you?*

    Princess KaelynPrincess Kaelyn28 dagar sedan
  • 7:18 Mr beast has entered the chat

    WolveyplaysgamesWolveyplaysgames29 dagar sedan
  • LMAO the challenger was a TRUE COMEDY!!😂😂

    Hi, it’s VeeHi, it’s VeeMånad sedan
  • i blame logan for useing horses for stupid stuff and yanking on their face

    Petra StormstarPetra StormstarMånad sedan
  • The “pretty boy” is Ryan trahan

    TheCuteLaptaloTheCuteLaptaloMånad sedan
  • I wonder how many billions of miss universes are out there

    James Bennett-McnultyJames Bennett-McnultyMånad sedan
  • Every person deserves redemption and forgiveness, even if they made fun of suicidal people.

    Jason doing random thing on YoutubeJason doing random thing on YoutubeMånad sedan
    • Unless if they have committed really heinous crimes.

      Zak1999Zak1999Månad sedan
  • Ah yes, the world of black haired males bouncing balls on their heads

    Pastel MoonsterPastel MoonsterMånad sedan
  • Logan Paul without beard is just fortnite Jonesy IRL

    Shoetaro KushoeShoetaro KushoeMånad sedan
  • wait what? how come i cant hear deji's speech but i can hear logans just fine

    fairy scoutfairy scoutMånad sedan
  • logan paul: im an kid friendly chnnel Me: thats why your teling kids that you hate japan and you showed them the worst of japan

    Bleep ManBleep ManMånad sedan
    • Lmao you are still crying over a thing that happened 2 years ago? Yep you are a classic weeb with your classic " JaPaN iS ThE BeSt tHiNg tHat hApPeNeD To tHE WoRLd" .

      Stop BruhStop Bruh7 dagar sedan
    • Huh?

      Illumi ZoldyckIllumi Zoldyck19 dagar sedan
  • The fastest man alive:*hears about challenger games* Also him: *makes a yt channels*

    roblox guestroblox guestMånad sedan
  • Logan Paul: im the fastest SEworldr on the planet usain bolt: HONEY GET ME THE COMPUTER

    MythicalFrogMythicalFrogMånad sedan
  • To be fair he seemed like he was injured

    Ryan ReedRyan ReedMånad sedan
  • The Ronald McDonald was a person from raka raka

    Clumsycode1Clumsycode1Månad sedan
  • Logan:haters am I a joke to you? Haters:yes now go

    Allyson MoranteAllyson MoranteMånad sedan
  • The def reason Logan said he was fast was because he wanted to bait people into doing the event

    Blake 48Blake 48Månad sedan
  • sorry jaiden....you've been replaced i still love you tho jaiden....

    Marija LesutyteMarija LesutyteMånad sedan
    • @RMS Titanic me too

      TomTomMånad sedan
    • I like andrei and jaiden’s channels equal

      RMS TitanicRMS TitanicMånad sedan
  • Lol I agree with the beard thing

    morah gmorah gMånad sedan
  • Bruh if Wilfur can fly he doesnt need to climb it but our goose boi always sticks with us

    lim tinloklim tinlokMånad sedan
  • well at least i now one day logan paul will play star wars obi wan kenobi

    antivenom FAN123antivenom FAN123Månad sedan
  • Logan paul : became better Jake paul : became worster

    Rasydan DanialRasydan DanialMånad sedan
    • Worse*

      RMS TitanicRMS TitanicMånad sedan
  • Andrei Terbea into the Paul verse

    E.K.gamingE.K.gamingMånad sedan
  • Your sins will not be forgiven

    Jordan BustleJordan BustleMånad sedan
  • lol me looking at old vid about logan paul AND THIS IS WHAT I SEE... me see hates comments that say F-** you me be like ANDREI IS TELLING SOMETHING TO YOU....

    rose bobarose bobaMånad sedan
    • jake and logan paul be having the mac n cheese hair though..XD

      rose bobarose bobaMånad sedan
  • Appreciate the tracksuit, I got one.

    Tate NakashimaTate NakashimaMånad sedan
  • Smh Logan really thought he could beat Ronald McDonald?thats a rookie move,

    Josuke HigashikataJosuke HigashikataMånad sedan
  • That’s a reference to a little face that US troops put wherever they went in wwii called “Kilroy” and the message below said “Kilroy was here”

    Conrail FanConrail FanMånad sedan
  • I seen what you did, So near the end you made us want you to follow in return of voting you but it isn’t much worth because millions of people will be doing this same thing

    SupertinymikeSupertinymikeMånad sedan
  • He is an asshole we newer forget him

    President of TurkeyPresident of TurkeyMånad sedan
  • Logan Paul: am the fastest man on the planet Usain bolt: what did he just say

    Rei KesisRei KesisMånad sedan
  • 7:00 kilroy was here refrence

    mangomangoMånad sedan

    CengalineCengalineMånad sedan
  • Logan paul redeemed himself for sure. Actually I enjoy his pokemon stuff now.

    StandoEraStandoEraMånad sedan
  • Hater

    Lsg KkLsg KkMånad sedan
    • Wdym

      rex1supersaur23rex1supersaur23Månad sedan
  • logan is slow super slow

    VisualTunic 05VisualTunic 05Månad sedan
  • logan is secret mogz teel morz and logan

    VisualTunic 05VisualTunic 05Månad sedan
  • Such an underrated SEworldr

    Jasper JonesJasper JonesMånad sedan
  • Does he actualy have a goose

    Fionn RawlinsonFionn RawlinsonMånad sedan
    • yes his name is wilfur

      Kelly O’DeaKelly O’DeaMånad sedan
  • Why does Like gan look like Tfue??

    Angela SharpAngela SharpMånad sedan
    • Don't be mean I know that I sound stupid

      Angela SharpAngela SharpMånad sedan
    • Lazy idk

      Angela SharpAngela SharpMånad sedan
    • Forgive me I'm tired

      Angela SharpAngela SharpMånad sedan
  • Didn't jake finished third

    Shaun PierreShaun PierreMånad sedan
  • That beard makes him look pretty grown up tho

    Peachy ManPeachy ManMånad sedan
  • If Logan was a dog :good boy

    dav g123dav g123Månad sedan
  • I have a question about challenger games. Does Usain bolt have a youtube account?

    Adi CAdi CMånad sedan
  • Lol

    point foxpoint foxMånad sedan
  • Not Usain Bolt making a youtube channel ever so quietly

    sarine scribblez :Dsarine scribblez :DMånad sedan
  • Andeira: their is this pretty boy Me: ITS RYAN TRAYHAN HE HAS 2.7 mill

    Best-of -YTBest-of -YTMånad sedan
  • logan: im the fastest youtuber usain bolt: No

    Stop it get some helpStop it get some helpMånad sedan
  • maybe

    NoName ForMeNoName ForMeMånad sedan
  • Short answer: Well yes but actually no

    Aliyna Sophia RoseAliyna Sophia RoseMånad sedan
  • Hi

    SyNixxSyNixxMånad sedan
  • Logan Paul: I’m the fastest man on the planet. Me: what about Isaiah bolt and fastest athlete’s.

    TheIMPGamesTheIMPGames2 månader sedan
  • I used to be a loyang and stopped watching him after all the drama happened. But a few days ago, logan spoke about toxic masculinity on his podcast through the thing with Harry styles wearing a dress on the gouge magazine. And can I just say my respect for logan grew again. Seems like he has changed.

    mariiimariii2 månader sedan
  • 1:48 no you’re not tyreek hill is a SEworldr

    Marc AlfaroMarc Alfaro2 månader sedan
  • Alright mates you heard the good man: you can only once take a video of a corps and upload it for millions of kiddies to see. And if you say sorry enough and try to do a lot of charity afterwards well this sounds almost like we are due for the 2nd video of logan in the woods.

    A RA R2 månader sedan
  • Top 10 anime redemption arcs.

    Superstar5Superstar52 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Papa PoodsPapa Poods2 månader sedan
  • That event was at my school, and only the track team was invited :/ needless to say i was not on the track team

    kaitlyn mendozakaitlyn mendoza2 månader sedan
  • i feel like he still deserves karmic retribution for that stuff he did in the forest and the way he acts i dont think saying sorry should ever be able to bring his career back from that

    Tyler TownsendTyler Townsend2 månader sedan
  • he is not fast who is he

    Anastasia LukyanovaAnastasia Lukyanova2 månader sedan
  • Ksi didn't know that his win did more good to logan that it did to him

    كمال ابن القاضي منصوركمال ابن القاضي منصور2 månader sedan