When You Accidentally Betray Your Teammate

8 jan 2021
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I swore to protect you, stranger, but alas... I was your downfall....
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  • FIRST! HAHA get "owned" losers! That's right, I win agai-wait there's already 70 comments wait stop stop please oh christ Edit: I'm told by friends and viewers this isn't showing up in the sub box, notifications. or my channel page... wtf?

    CircleToonsHDCircleToonsHD12 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, your channel is on kids mode apparently

      Dominick DoggoDominick DoggoDag sedan
    • Wait but the pin wasn... oh

      Blair AndersonBlair Anderson2 dagar sedan
    • Make a vid on genshin impact

      KaneKane5 dagar sedan
    • I only just now got the notification

      Random Video GeneratorRandom Video Generator5 dagar sedan
    • Se la robaste a los reapers y killers, como el de lol y actualmente fort nite.

      Al ToAl To7 dagar sedan
  • 0:31 Song is Absent Morning - Many Moons Ago

    KygiesKygiesTimme sedan
  • This is why you turn Friendly Fire off

    Gabriel The Magolor MainGabriel The Magolor Main11 timmar sedan
  • Me wondering there is friendly fire in a game... My team mate: "Did you just shoot me with your SMG?"

    Boostergold22Boostergold2214 timmar sedan
  • Once again, poor communications kills.

    Paul CookePaul Cooke16 timmar sedan
  • F

    michaelflash123's stuffmichaelflash123's stuff17 timmar sedan
  • silvers in cs:go be like :)

    Alpha101Alpha101Dag sedan
  • I am very prone to misclicking and often accidently kill my friend while we are bored and playing Die.io for fun He gets incredibly mad and tries to make me let him kill me He often causes way worse problems and doesn't even apologies while I'm over here saying sorry and even warning him even though he does not listen Help

    ProKatanaNinjaGuyProKatanaNinjaGuyDag sedan
  • The detail on the explosion was amazing

    grammer checkergrammer checkerDag sedan
  • You forgot to pull the pin though....

    Ty GalyonTy GalyonDag sedan
  • plot twist: the pin wasn't pulled so the floor decided to spontaneously combust and kill his teammate

    ɦǟɦǟ ռǟʍɛ ɢօ ɮRʀʀʀɦǟɦǟ ռǟʍɛ ɢօ ɮRʀʀʀDag sedan
  • Rainbow six in a nutshell

    S LS LDag sedan
  • Wait he never pulled the pin

    The Doom KingThe Doom KingDag sedan
  • Halo MP flashbacks intenseify.

    xDark_unknown xxDark_unknown xDag sedan
  • Alternate vid: When you super jump expose in Splatoon

    Indya wilsonIndya wilsonDag sedan
  • Rainbow six circle : Teammate's betrayal play it now!

    Datguy HenzDatguy HenzDag sedan
  • Wait he didn’t pull the pin

    Merio 460Merio 4602 dagar sedan
  • I swear to God the hidden joke in this is "MENENDEZZZ" woods throws grenade in slow motion

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 dagar sedan
  • Nah it’s usually like: -Oh shit sorry man -Nah it’s all good bro

    Blank NuggetsBlank Nuggets2 dagar sedan
    • Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi2 dagar sedan
  • Uhhhh the pin was still in the grenade why it explode

    H4L0 MA57ER77H4L0 MA57ER772 dagar sedan
  • Buddy didn’t pull the safety pin and yet it still blows

    Owen MillerOwen Miller2 dagar sedan
  • 0:40 but the safety pin was in

    sunnier fishsunnier fish2 dagar sedan
  • You sound like adam from somethingelseyt but more funny

    xXDolphinXx6014xXDolphinXx60142 dagar sedan
  • Did y’all see he left the pin in?

    Sir BlackySir Blacky2 dagar sedan
  • 0:10 Pyro telling circletoons that the payload is moving

    Hongy HypsilophodonHongy Hypsilophodon3 dagar sedan
  • It remembers me when i played minecraft yesterday and we fought the dragon and i exploded my teammate with fiamond armor because i placed a bed

    Dark Kirby GodDark Kirby God3 dagar sedan
  • The pin wasnt pulled

    Magic Yellow UnicornMagic Yellow Unicorn3 dagar sedan
  • The R6 energy is real

    Kit CatKit Cat3 dagar sedan
  • 0:38 That face looking at the grenade... lol.

    Brad SmithyBrad Smithy3 dagar sedan
  • I swear to God the hidden joke in this is "MENENDEZZZ" woods throws grenade in slow motion

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy3 dagar sedan
  • i thought it was going to be one of those games when you attack your teammate it does no damage lol

    Pixel PepperoniPixel Pepperoni3 dagar sedan
    • Me when playing r6s. Team mate runs in front of me randomly. I blow their brains out. Get screamed at over the mic by rest of the team.

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoy3 dagar sedan
  • reminds me of wen soviet womble was playing arma 3 and his friend realized someone called an air strike on thier location.

    Shades Insert last nameShades Insert last name3 dagar sedan
  • When I laughed from this video, I sounded like Mickey Mouse. Legit, I did.

    Angela WilliamsonAngela Williamson3 dagar sedan
  • He didn’t pull the pin tho...

    domin plush E4domin plush E43 dagar sedan
  • I like the fact that he doesn’t change the expressions that much but they look like they change based of position on the guys head

    The_Amazing_ImptiniThe_Amazing_Imptini3 dagar sedan
  • Hehe Fuze go boom boom boom boom.

    Anonymous LeeAnonymous Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Siege do be like that tho

    r6 is goodr6 is good3 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: The game physics sucked because he didn’t pull the pin out of the grenade and it still exploded.

    - MewYEEYEE -- MewYEEYEE -3 dagar sedan
  • What is song. Must know

    Jazz BJazz B4 dagar sedan
  • Now this is what exactly happend 1. the pin in the grenade wasint pulled so it didint explode there was actually a mine near the guy and he stepped on it the mine exploded exploding the grenade so there was metal mini pieces flying thats the real story

    Girdenis ValiūnasGirdenis Valiūnas4 dagar sedan
  • when the pin is still on the grenade 👁👄👁

    pockiez 1pockiez 14 dagar sedan
  • siege go brrrrr

    BrainwaveBrainwave4 dagar sedan
  • When you talk at the same time as your teammate

    LyricalLyrical4 dagar sedan
  • But the pin was still in the grenade, how did it explode?

    The kat kingThe kat king4 dagar sedan
  • Just put the pin back in the grenade

    Stupidwith2ccs LolStupidwith2ccs Lol4 dagar sedan
  • Am am 8

    Hunter Stop Motion 12Hunter Stop Motion 124 dagar sedan
  • Me when playing r6s. Team mate runs in front of me randomly. I blow their brains out. Get screamed at over the mic by rest of the team.

    That Crazy Guy Everyone LikesThat Crazy Guy Everyone Likes4 dagar sedan
  • Give this man an Oscar

    CosmicAsadCosmicAsad4 dagar sedan
  • lmao

    rockystomprockystomp4 dagar sedan
  • Litterly tarkov with friends

    Ilikepie1234Ilikepie12344 dagar sedan
  • I just want to point out the fact that the pin was still in so it would not have exploded

    GreenPersonGreenPerson4 dagar sedan
  • General Shepard VIBES

    GameSmashGameSmash4 dagar sedan
  • rainbow six siege in a nutshell

    VamPlayzVamPlayz4 dagar sedan
  • B-but the pin was still on...

    mingpomaimingpomai4 dagar sedan
  • "I swear it was an accident!" - Every fuze ever on hostage

    The Thunder StoneThe Thunder Stone4 dagar sedan
    • Shit memories are coming back

      André RibeiroAndré Ribeiro4 dagar sedan
  • It will be like that though I'm not going to lie I will be crying too cuz I did that before on someone and I regret it ever since he was a good man

    Jessie SmithJessie Smith5 dagar sedan
  • The pin wasn’t pulled tho

    Mr.flipersMr.flipers5 dagar sedan
  • saddest anime deaths

    Carter BoiCarter Boi5 dagar sedan
  • Friendly fire is always the best way to betray your teammates and friends in multiplayer gun games.

    Daryl Liam ToyocanDaryl Liam Toyocan5 dagar sedan
  • the Matrix

    Username Not foundUsername Not found5 dagar sedan
  • On with Platform do you make this animations

    Konstantin NeuserKonstantin Neuser5 dagar sedan
  • Song name at the sad scene? :O

    Wohin genauWohin genau5 dagar sedan
  • he’s amazing

    bouytt guytbouytt guyt5 dagar sedan
  • That grenade pin wasn't even off so the dude would be fine

    Red Moon SquadRed Moon Squad5 dagar sedan
    • That was great!

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt5 dagar sedan
  • I honestly thought the punchline was gonna be that friendly fire was on...

    WillbearWillbear5 dagar sedan
  • Ummmmm.... your supposed to remove the pin...

    It’s Ya BoiIt’s Ya Boi5 dagar sedan
  • That grenade had its pin in so it wasn’t live

    MedicMedic5 dagar sedan
  • Can you make more plushies please

    CreepyHouse EntertainmentCreepyHouse Entertainment5 dagar sedan
  • hold on u didint pull the pin

    killaghost 101killaghost 1015 dagar sedan
  • Lol this is literlly me

    Lucas MartinLucas Martin5 dagar sedan
  • A 7 day ban? who did the kill a discord moderator?

    01100110 00100000 0111010101100110 00100000 011101015 dagar sedan
  • 😔✊️

    Łëñå ČräżÿŁëñå Čräżÿ5 dagar sedan
  • www.twitch.tv/darkshadows____

    ShadowShadow5 dagar sedan
  • The real sad thing here is that he was kicked for team killing even though he was actually capable of doing instead of it doing nothing

    Roguewalker72Roguewalker725 dagar sedan
  • ƒ

    Arstotzkan Plague DoctorArstotzkan Plague Doctor5 dagar sedan
  • Playing Mordhau, basically. "Oh no, my teamate is getting ganked by like half the enemy team! Better use my crossbow to help him!" *team kill, -100 points*

    CrazyDolphinCrazyDolphin5 dagar sedan
  • Name of the song?

    Daniel BravoDaniel Bravo5 dagar sedan
  • The reason you couldn't understand the walkie talkie is cause it was Pyro on the other side.

    EikRandver7EikRandver76 dagar sedan
  • ...but he didn’t pull the pin

    CryothiaCryothia6 dagar sedan
  • I swear to God the hidden joke in this is "MENENDEZZZ" *woods throws grenade in slow motion*

    Tristaniz3rTristaniz3r6 dagar sedan
  • When he threw thhe grenade he forgot to Un attach the ring it won't explode

    GhostShadowGamingYTGhostShadowGamingYT6 dagar sedan
  • 0:09 Is that Pyro from TF2?

    GSS // Goofy Stuff StudiosGSS // Goofy Stuff Studios6 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oG3Flc-4mWyFlmA/video Did you the guys who made this animation? Damn dude that sick!!!

    Omawaru CHOmawaru CH6 dagar sedan
  • Jokes on you! I don’t have any friends! I’m so lonely...

    AdwinnerAdwinner6 dagar sedan
    • Vous êtes incroyables les gars ! Cette vidéo était énorme, un gros bravo !

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui6 dagar sedan
  • Hostage/bomb scenario - time to use my grenade 🤔

    Trevor KTrevor K6 dagar sedan
    • This is like red dead redemption when.... I don't want to ruin the ending

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyui6 dagar sedan
  • How did that grenade blow up with the pin still in it?

    Mr. E.Mr. E.6 dagar sedan
  • the pin was still in that grenade 😳 also i recommend you do a CS:GO version of this, there's tons of shit to make fun of

    SCP 939SCP 9396 dagar sedan
  • Music name?

    Arthur WagnerArthur Wagner6 dagar sedan
  • The pin on the grenade wasnt pulled...

    Theo2020 ROTheo2020 RO6 dagar sedan
  • wait the pin was still in the grenade ok

    okok6 dagar sedan
  • You should make a video on titanfall 2 circle

    Anders SebardtAnders Sebardt6 dagar sedan
  • It's actually a game bug since the grenade wasn't supposed to explode because the pin wasn't off so it was the fault of the developers.

    KingsuperbobboyKingsuperbobboy6 dagar sedan
  • He didn't even pull the pin

    Kendylle WhiteKendylle White6 dagar sedan
  • me testing friendly fire in a game:

  • Accidently? I think you have a spellcheck error in your title. You mean intentional right? C:

    Paragon NightParagon Night6 dagar sedan
  • He didn’t take the pin out

    Christian 914Christian 9146 dagar sedan
  • The good old Rainbow Six Siege Team Killing Offence Ban Screen :D We don't see that much these days since Reverse Friendly Fire mostly prevents such things from happening...

    Gruphius NGruphius N6 dagar sedan
  • He left the pin in!

    Frank BlankenshipFrank Blankenship6 dagar sedan
  • But... the ring was still on the grenade?

    LoafLoaf6 dagar sedan
  • This is like red dead redemption when.... I don't want to ruin the ending

    I like turtles And iam not jokingI like turtles And iam not joking6 dagar sedan