Playing Call of Duty with a Guitar Hero Controller

31 jan 2021
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playing COD with a Guitar Hero Controller in 2021...
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Today we're revisiting one of my first viral videos, playing Call of Duty with a Guitar Hero Controller. This was super funny and I had way too much fun playing with this controller. I tried to do this on the new Call of Duty but couldn't get it set up, so I decided to play the classic game of Black Ops 2 for this one. Let me know what game I could play next with this controller!
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  • i love this video, hope u guys enjoy :)

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    • I love rhis person says the person he was saying it to

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    • Do you really live in Texas because I live in Austin

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    • Am I correct to assume ur from the east coast? :v

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    • LoL

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  • 5:50 Imma save this math homework

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  • I think a sniper class would have been a wiser choice

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  • Call of guitar

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  • 5:50 COVER YOUR EYES!!!

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  • Friend: “what controller do you use to play the game?” Me: “ just a controller, but not any controller”

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  • 5:49 yo, crispy a little SUS

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  • Nintendo 64 controller on call of duty

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  • Thedooo fell off

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  • 5:50 oh step crispy, what are you doing

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  • blaza.

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  • next title: i hit a trick shot with a Guitar Hero Controller!

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  • I low-key remember that guitar.

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  • 9:42 hes one shot

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  • Read is reload

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  • If you try this again use hacks ther rly east to get

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  • At 0:36 is that macintosh plus and if it is what is the version

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  • Just gonna say this mw2 was much better the bo2

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  • Bo1 is the best wydm bo1 has way more people

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  • He should play zombies with lol

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  • call of duty black ops 2 thats the first call of duty i played and its still my favriote

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  • 16:22 fuck you man I wanted to believe it

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  • I feel bad for the guy who died to crispy

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  • The tapes iconic dotn cut it plz

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  • Black ops 2 is da best bro

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  • play doom eternal with this I dear u

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  • Great content, I actually love the fact that 2 kills and an assist turned into this amazing video! Good job, keep up the amazing content crispy! Hmu to play cold war

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  • The moan tho, holy fuuuck

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  • Pp

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  • What COD is this?

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  • You should play call of duty with it again but while your high lol.

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  • 5:55

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  • Plot twist: Crispy is actually using a controller, he just recorded himself using a guitar hero controller to cover up his Controller gameplay

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  • Diary Of A Crispy Kid The Call Of Duty Gutair Written By C. Concords

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  • Hey, I’m assuming you were hoping for this video to do better and I hope it does. I tried watching it before but almost instantly clicked off because of the intro. I came bac of course due to boredom but honestly Idk what it is about it but it didn’t seem like crispy at all. Just thought I would share. Much love

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