I hate my voice (but I sing anyway)

18 feb 2021
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Let's talk about why no one can make me quit.
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  • i actually like your voice i just think your writing can be a little on the mass appeal side sometimes lol

    Nina EllerNina Eller32 minuter sedan
  • I really like your voice. Sometimes the videos where you explain things put me to sleep.

    AJv3AJv3Timme sedan
  • I have to say, the Neumann's have so much greater clarity and tone than the Sure... They make it sound like I'm in the room, whereas the Sure sounds very much like a recording, in comparison.

    Tyler KraghTyler KraghTimme sedan
  • 15000 likes now ❤️😉

    Wilson SerranoWilson SerranoTimme sedan
  • Such an interesting video, you're very conscious and aware about quite a fragile topic for a musician and singer. I find it funny how I agree with you a bit, I don't naturally like the sound of your voice at all, but then you hit us with those falsettos in the mic test. FANTASTIC that sounded, really!

    Gustavo LembreGustavo Lembre2 timmar sedan
  • With much respect for you, I can't say I enjoy your singing, but that doesn't give me or anyone right to tell you what to do, on your channel and in your life. We learn sooo damn much from you for years now, and it's disgusting and totally disrespectful for anyone to tell you to stop singing cause THEY don't like it. This internet warrior/opinion "culture" goes way to far. You just do what YOU want to do and feel good about. Anything else from anyone is just noise, including this comment from me. I have huge respect and gratitude for everything you taught and discovered to all of us, at least as far as I'm concerned. Greets from Croatia, Andrew!

    Indy SlideIndy Slide2 timmar sedan
  • I will say i think you nailed this song tonally. How much for a feature?!

    WIGBWIGB2 timmar sedan
  • My stupid ass trying to listen to the differences between the microphones off my phone speaker 🤔👈⁉️🧐👉❔👉😆👈

    Spooky AliensSpooky Aliens3 timmar sedan
  • Awesome vid. Awesome song. Awesome awesome.

    ScottDWScottDW3 timmar sedan
  • the sm7b isnt even that bad now that i heard the shoot out a few times. nothing you cant fix with some processing

    enferenfer3 timmar sedan
  • Well I think your voice suits accoustic guitar very well and I am not saying that to be kind.

    TheRealPicardTheRealPicard4 timmar sedan
  • Rad. I think we had access to a U87 in college, but I don't think I ever used it. Also that was AGES ago. The SM7b (radio mic, durable, Metallica, yadda, yadda, yadda, great mic) wound up sounding like there was a clothespin on your nose and the 103 over accentuated and harshed out some of the sibilance I think. The U87 was just like "YEAH GIVE ME MORE BRO!" and didn't seem to clip/distort/"harsh" the sound at all. Very cool to hear them all side by side. I'm usually a "Just put an SM57 on it" kind of guy. "What you're too good for a '57? The President uses a 57!". But the U87 sounded damn good.

    Tony HoffmanTony Hoffman5 timmar sedan
  • If you don't hate yourself are you even an artist?

    Ray SloneRay Slone6 timmar sedan
  • maple trees

    Kevin SintKevin Sint6 timmar sedan
  • I can't believe people think you have a bad voice... Sounds great!

    Samuel BoxoldSamuel Boxold7 timmar sedan
  • I have been a fan since the olden days of fishes driving tanks and robot pirates. I have watched your music grow and you along with it. You have produced and performed some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard, and I am completely enamored with every part of you, including your voice. Especially your voice. Both literally and figuratively. The world of music, and the world in general, is a better place for your existence in it.

    Alexis AndersenAlexis Andersen8 timmar sedan
  • Better than jacob collier 😭

    Bennett TurnerBennett Turner8 timmar sedan
  • The TLM 103 really stood out on the guitar imo the midrange scoop cut out some boxiness and added a richness and crispness to the highs. Great singing btw kinda dug the vibe of the sm7 on the vocals although i agree your voice sounded "better" through the 103 and u 87.

    Phil ConinePhil Conine9 timmar sedan
  • I really don't think your singing voice sounds much different from many others you hear in popular acoustic music.

    Joseph McConnellJoseph McConnell9 timmar sedan
  • uhhhh..Your voice sounds pretty decent to good....Far from bad. I'm not really into vocal centric music but keep singing man. Whatever makes you happy.

    Ryan PerraultRyan Perrault9 timmar sedan
  • Real question is why does Instagram still run adverts? Who doesn’t know about Instagram?

    Mike RuchingtonMike Ruchington10 timmar sedan
  • Love this Andrew!! Thank you for putting this message out brother👍

    TH4DDEUS iVTH4DDEUS iV11 timmar sedan
  • What a super sweet person

    Jay JonesJay Jones12 timmar sedan
  • You have a great voice Andrew. Very moving.

    Roger ClerRoger Cler13 timmar sedan
  • I was expecting ur voice to suck after hearing u talk abt it, bro ur fine

    Bruno RodriguezBruno Rodriguez13 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE your voice! When I first found out about your work it was one of the first things that struck me. You've got great range and I really enjoy the tone as well. I still remember seeing you perform at Nerdcon Nerdfighteria in Boston and being blown away. I've along for the ride ever since!

    David WolfeDavid Wolfe14 timmar sedan
  • Wait, so you don't like this beautiful, soft, marvelous voice???

    Lis ArgolloLis Argollo14 timmar sedan
  • Definitely don't stop singing! Or talking for that matter. I hope that the consumption of art moves in a direction that favors good people like you

    CJ NCJ N15 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for this

    Draugh | Original MusicDraugh | Original Music15 timmar sedan
  • I feel exactly the same thing about my own voice, which is why my album is like 90% my own vocals :) Great video Andrew!

    Miles AwayMiles Away15 timmar sedan
  • I mean he can actually sing tho it's about tone and soul for me and you nailed both on this one bro thanks Andrew for all your inspiration man.

    Evan HenkelEvan Henkel15 timmar sedan
  • "Yeah I hate my voice." *proceeds to flex on everyone with his voice*

    ShwanShwan16 timmar sedan
  • The Flame is my personal favorite song of your amongst all your amazing music, so I for one am quite glad you sing. Also thank you for speaking honestly about your fears and encouraging us!

    Daniel DavidDaniel David16 timmar sedan
  • I find your voice weirdly calming.

    DaniocDanioc17 timmar sedan
  • You're an inspiration, Andrew. And you're abso-effing-lutely right. This talk reminded me of Ze Frank's "Don't yuck my yum" to be found here: seworld.info/will/oabW1JXNaH16mWQ/video

    Tommy VaskeTommy Vaske17 timmar sedan
  • Nice way to take it on the chin and make it a positive, Andrew. Keep singing.

    alexwestconsultingalexwestconsulting17 timmar sedan
  • I really like your voice, it has a special timber, thats sure but it's great. Plus the fact that you do know how to modulate it, hit the notes. But haters will be hatin :/

    Ircam16Ircam1618 timmar sedan
  • I don't even want to imagine the world without your singing tracks ❤ Beautiful, well said message in this video, you are amazing as always!

    Sofia SnickersSofia Snickers19 timmar sedan
  • TLM 103, no doubt, it worked WAAAAY better for the arrangement.

    Andrew CarrAndrew Carr20 timmar sedan
  • Man I love your voice, if you just could hear mine :v

    Jorjhan CastroJorjhan Castro20 timmar sedan
  • I never thought your voice was bad, it never stood out to me in a negative way.

    Blackwater RoseBlackwater Rose22 timmar sedan
  • this song hit so diferent it made me cry so much. I love you Andrew

    MelonanasMelonanas22 timmar sedan
  • Thank you. I needed to hear this today. :)

    Sumeet SharmaSumeet SharmaDag sedan
  • Honestly a lot of people want you to sound like what is out until you are vouched for. You want to sound different. That’s what makes you you. Just work on taking out the nasal part and you got it. There are some seriously good warm ups and exercise on SEworld and online that has helped me a lot. Also try to pronounce all of your syllables and almost talk out the notes and you will have control with out losing power from your lowest note to your highest falsetto.

    DRUM87 OfficialDRUM87 OfficialDag sedan
  • It’s just nasal. Learn to raise your soft palette. A good exercise is to do vocal warm ups by pinching your nose and trying to talk normal. That should help the feeling you are looking for.

    DRUM87 OfficialDRUM87 OfficialDag sedan
  • You probably won't read this Andrew but I personally think your voice is awesome. Songs like Never show how much power you have in your vocals, whereas songs like Teenage Heaven show how you express emotion in delivery. Though I understand not liking your own voice. I think there may be something inherent about finding "flaws" with the voice you're sort of stuck with. I hate my voice at times too. Billie Eillish even said she doesn't like her voice. BUT, at the same time, I think an amazing thing about the human voice is how much variety there really is. I love a unique voice. Jeff Magnum was pitchy at times, but extremely emotional and engaging in his performances. Bob Dylan is nasally, but his voice is also instantly recognizable. Tiny Tim is so out there it makes some uncomfortable, but I think his music is fun and campy in a way that is uniquely his. If everyone's voice sounded the same, I think we'd lose a lot in the way of variety and interesting music.

    Lucas KurmisLucas KurmisDag sedan
  • This was a really good one. Love ya, bud

    Whit MorlissWhit MorlissDag sedan
  • Great Job, I don't hear anything wrong with your voice, and great song!

    66skoon66skoonDag sedan
  • Nice singing ! Keep doing your own thing ! Please don't stop. Your videos are very entertaining.

    Kurt StofferKurt StofferDag sedan
  • i never thought anyone else felt the same way. andrew is my inspiration to keep going in my music.

    EclipseEclipseDag sedan
  • I Got to say I agree with you huang, as a writter myself I have definitely come to realise its like your songs are your story and no one tells your story like you do no matter how so called: "magical" there voice may be. So keep up the good work Agent Huang!!!!!!!

    Sunshine BrissettSunshine BrissettDag sedan
  • Baby on the way? Andrew isn't gay..??

    GawillamonGawillamonDag sedan
  • Great video and inspiration 🥺. Heck! Great song and singing too!

    DavyyyyGDavyyyyGDag sedan
  • I’m the same lol. The exact same u just love to create not here to blow up as the next drake lol, def check my page sometime :)

  • my favourite hate comment out of all of them is "Are you gay ? because i really hate your voice"

    ARandomProducerARandomProducerDag sedan
  • Thank you for sharing, Andrew. It was quite moving to hear you express your fears. As a small independent musician myself, I struggle immensely with sharing my music with a wider audience because I am terrified of what people would think of my voice. So to hear a talented producer/vocalist as yourself having the same fears, actively overcoming them and continue making his dreams a reality, is so inspiring. Keep on making what you desire Andrew and you'll be remembered for your vision. I hope I can one day be there as well, but I am working on it slowly. All the best!

    Luna HarleyLuna HarleyDag sedan
  • I hope I never have to meet the people who disliked this video

    ONI MusicONI MusicDag sedan
  • This could be released as is. Amazing.

    AstroBearTVAstroBearTVDag sedan
  • This is some TED stuff. Thank you so much.

    w84me12w84me12Dag sedan
  • Man the light in your room is absolutely outstanding. Looks like a major skylight in the roof

    Fábio StamatoFábio StamatoDag sedan
  • You’ve got a nice voice 😉

    Carlitox bCarlitox bDag sedan
  • Is that song actually published somewhere? (On an album/what have you) I remember a demo on your second (or third) channel something like 8-9 years ago and really loved it, but I don't remember seeing it elsewhere. ^_^

    Adam MielkeAdam MielkeDag sedan
  • dude, you can sing. don't worry. Everyone can. It's just about working on your voice and finding where your voice belongs.

    Jeff IndigoJeff IndigoDag sedan
  • I especially LOVE your voice on Sparkle Mountain!

    L. G.L. G.Dag sedan
  • I've been a fan of yours since I was about 14 and I'm now 25. I have literally never thought your speaking or singing voice to be weird. You've been a musical inspiration to me for what feels like forever. But I appreciate your honesty here. Keep doing you, Andrew!

    Sarah SmithSarah SmithDag sedan
  • Ngl i came here to hate but whatchu said got me rethinking my whole attitude on life

    KreauxKreauxDag sedan
  • Liked the mics the same way as their priced. TLM 103 has way more high-end than U 87 AI

    IljaIljaDag sedan
  • Everybody hates their own voice. If only people who loved their voice would sing, we would only have

    rasmichaelrasmichaelDag sedan
  • Hope he doesn't throw his baby through the room...

    IljaIljaDag sedan
  • I think that the U87 sound like a mic that can sound amazing on any persons vocal while the 103 would be too hars on the top end actually it kind of bothered my ears on the vocals. on the guitar it sounded really nice but for some reason it just doesn't have that warm fullness that the u87 has I feel like if you have the u87 you can add that top end to it if needed but the warmth it has is really hard to replicate if even possible by eq-ing

    Barna VerbaBarna VerbaDag sedan
  • Stop being so self conscious, totally normal but your voice is unique which is never a bad thing

    Omar ShihabOmar ShihabDag sedan
  • while you're singing I can't tell which mic is better (they all sound the same to me). But with the guitar the SM7B was best.

    faithfuljohnfaithfuljohnDag sedan
  • thank you for this, i'm in the same boat.

    SantaCruz RecordingSantaCruz RecordingDag sedan
  • David UhlinDavid UhlinDag sedan
  • Not sure if this applies to you Andrew but my voice sounds better when I sing one octave higher, even if it more difficult to do, the comfortable thing for some guys to do is go low and often too low. Go one higher and it can cut out the nasal / chestiness if that’s what we’re going for. I learnt this from a vocal coach I was watching online. This song you sung is a perfect demo of this theory, sounded great.

    AdamAdamDag sedan
  • No one can say anything. This man has an incredible voice. Period.

    Levi SnowLevi SnowDag sedan
    • no you missed the entire point. he has a bad voice but he's an amazing singer and songwriter.

      Shell SmashedShell Smashed16 timmar sedan
  • For the mics, the guitar is where you hear the difference. Definitely more clarity with the Neumann's.

    TheOneVictorTheOneVictorDag sedan
  • Andrew is the wholesomeness we all need.

    TheOneVictorTheOneVictorDag sedan
  • hey man your voice is good here hi five noise

    greyreynyngreyreynynDag sedan
    • and i feel you 1000% but i just ran away cause my voice was too shit haha

      greyreynyngreyreynynDag sedan
  • I'd give this vid 100 likes if I could.

    Jack RubinJack RubinDag sedan
  • This is the first video of you that i've watched. By the way you were talking about your voice - i thought you were gonna be terrible, but you’re good. With autotune and vocal processing, you'd sound even better.

  • So many internet trolls

    PuudingPuudingDag sedan
  • This is the most inspirational stuff ever! Also, how dare some people.. like really?

    Kidigital !Kidigital !Dag sedan
  • Screw the haters sing away bro!

    After 2amAfter 2amDag sedan
  • ironically this is one of the best vocal performances i've ever seen you give - i could see some of the complaints you have with your vocal quality but i fully believe you're capable of changing in directions you want given enough trial and error. this one was quite different though, idk if you're experimenting but it's *working.*

    moodymoodyDag sedan
  • Your voice is fine, Andrew. Most of the time when people attack others it's out of their own hurt/insecurity. Some people believe that beating down others will make themselves feel better, or they learn that pattern of behavior from their friends or family and they do it out of habit. Don't let them discourage you. You have been incredibly productive, and I applaud you for that. Trust your musical instincts and you'll go a long way.

    Jackson KerrJackson KerrDag sedan
  • I think everyone probably hates their own voice except Bono

    tom rabbanitom rabbaniDag sedan
  • Thank you Andrew - you came with this video right in the time of my struggle with this topic

    jakubszulcjakubszulcDag sedan
  • I feel this on a molecular level. I love hearing your voice as another instrument in your music, though, and I'm glad you've got no intention of stopping any time soon 💜

    Pin HassanPin HassanDag sedan
  • tu é foda!!!!

    Lucas CostaLucas CostaDag sedan

    Sahil yesSahil yesDag sedan
  • Ya just love what you can do. But its must come from the bottom of your heart. But if you want to make improvements into it. I think its more better. And its possible to. ✌

    tom cruisetom cruiseDag sedan
  • Dude! you and your voice are awesome! but i can very much relate to this.

    MattematrixMattematrixDag sedan
  • well if breaking benjamin is still putting out songs with the same vocals, why can you sing your songs

    ZaBiMaRuSzZaBiMaRuSzDag sedan
  • You sound like Andrew Huang and isn’t that what matters?

    Musthegreat 94Musthegreat 94Dag sedan
  • Your speaking and singing voices are lovely. But well done for speaking up for anyone who wants to sing!

    chimleypotchimleypotDag sedan
  • I think from those three, i feel like the TLM 103 suits your voice the best, loving its crisp and rich highs, reminds me of the brightness of my Lewitt LCT440, the poor 7B in this comparison sounds almost retro/boxy next to those...next up Lewitt comparison? would be interested to see how something like the 440 would sound compared to these mics and with your voice :D keep up the good work :)

    Aaron ThorpAaron ThorpDag sedan
  • I thought I'm gonna relate to you but heck, your voice is so good. Now idk where i belong now lol

    i probably have a pointi probably have a pointDag sedan
  • You have a good mindset, regarding that you are becoming a father (❣️)and you’re voice has improved honestly if I compare it to every night I dream of dancing wich is still one of my favourites of you, the video everything. You are just always trying out and never stopping your learning process which is really a big motivation and something I aspire to do. So please keep trying and evolving and keep your mindset!!! Have a nice day 🌞🌞🌞

    JuneJuneDag sedan
  • Very inspiring message. Couldn't have said it better myself!

    Ecks CaliburEcks CaliburDag sedan