"Hey, Adam Driver! You killed Han Solo! Not cool, bro." | 2019 Tony Awards

8 jan 2021
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Adam Driver on Beetlejuice Medley Performance at the Tony Awards, 2019.
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  • Well I smiled thanks

    ÜÜ4 dagar sedan
  • me: knows him from Helluva Boss also me: huh I've heard that voice before

    Yamazaki MichioYamazaki Michio4 dagar sedan
  • Cringe

    RestinpussyRestinpussy6 dagar sedan
  • This tone deaf pandering is what keeps people away from musical theater.

    SashMcFlashSashMcFlash6 dagar sedan
  • imagine if Adam got up with his kylo saber and said YOUR NEXT

    Damon MolesDamon Moles6 dagar sedan
  • This is gold!

    Zack JonesZack Jones7 dagar sedan
  • White mario Judah

    no bodyno body8 dagar sedan
  • Wow that was cringy

    d00mboyd00mboy9 dagar sedan
  • Han Solo? Lol remember when I embarrassed him in front of my daughter by just straight up catching his blaster bolts 😂😂😂😂

    Darth VaderDarth Vader10 dagar sedan
  • Why is everyone getting pissed about Beetlejuice giving a humourous nod to Adam Driver's performance in Star Wars?

    • MrMoolahoola •• MrMoolahoola •10 dagar sedan
  • Ok beetlejuice who was also played by batman Michael Keaton

    Guillermo AvilaGuillermo Avila11 dagar sedan
  • What even is this?

    Jerry HarkinsJerry Harkins11 dagar sedan
  • Feel sad for this dude, he’ll never be able to escape his past role.

    глаша aaaглаша aaa11 dagar sedan
  • Is that supposed to be Beetlejuice?

    Angie BAngie B11 dagar sedan
  • I feel bad for him

    Choi ManChoi Man11 dagar sedan
  • This is cringe

    Jaek255Jaek25511 dagar sedan
  • What is this creepy cringe? Lol

    My Old CatMy Old Cat11 dagar sedan
  • He sounds like mister krabs

    CaptainBuggyCaptainBuggy11 dagar sedan
  • He said yolo and I gagged

    CaptainBuggyCaptainBuggy11 dagar sedan
  • Why is darth vader sitting there?

    Rafastan 3301Rafastan 330112 dagar sedan
  • Didn’t know he attended these kind of things

    Emo NerdEmo Nerd12 dagar sedan
  • I hate it.

    tonetone12 dagar sedan
  • Kilo ren bad ass bitch that's what the rebels say

    Jacob ScottJacob Scott12 dagar sedan
  • That's gotta be the best adlibing ever in the middle of Beetlejuice the musical no less this is just epic I'm a big fan of Adam's work he a very talented and funny actor and this is a great random shout out

    Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown12 dagar sedan
  • That was the most cringe stage performance ever. "Just be more YOLO".... bruh ??? Stfu. Who wrote this hot garbage.

    Dominic VegaDominic Vega12 dagar sedan
  • Catchy

    Whiteflag WhiteWhiteflag White12 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    KeepinItKarliKeepinItKarli12 dagar sedan
  • he killed star wars too

    ChipHazardChipHazard12 dagar sedan
  • Why would they make some ribald rave up of beetlejuice?! This is almost, almost as bad as the fucking sponge bob musical

    casual crab warfarecasual crab warfare13 dagar sedan
  • Everyone else: Adam Driver is basically Typecast Me: not really but.... is this a beetlejuice musical?

    Way2DylagentWay2Dylagent13 dagar sedan
    • Except it ended up not making enough money so the show closed in about a year.

      Kimberly HainesKimberly Haines11 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, and it's actually pretty good!

      Luthien TinuvielLuthien Tinuviel12 dagar sedan
  • Adam didn't kill Han Solo, Disney killed Star Wars. Not cool bro.

    420Effect420Effect13 dagar sedan
  • ✨ *Adam’s smileee* ✨

    Justice4 JohnnyDeppJustice4 JohnnyDepp13 dagar sedan
  • This is so damn lame..

    Stu StuStu Stu13 dagar sedan
  • 98% of this comment section is the real cringe. Wooooosshh

    PiercePierce13 dagar sedan
  • The guys voice is so annoying...I guess he supposed to be beetle juice?

    Roller GirlRoller Girl13 dagar sedan
  • Everything is wonderful in Loo Loo Land

    Goose McHonkGoose McHonk13 dagar sedan
  • Ben stabbed first lol 😂

    Matthew AveryMatthew Avery13 dagar sedan
  • Oof

    NightWolf / Brew 888NightWolf / Brew 88813 dagar sedan
  • I love it he killed han in the last jedi

    Nicolai ThorsenNicolai Thorsen13 dagar sedan
  • how can he sing like that, without ruining his voice?

    Daniel MartinezDaniel Martinez13 dagar sedan
  • "Be more YOLO"

    DA HAMM HAMMDA HAMM HAMM13 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, not cool.

    PumpkinQueen1393PumpkinQueen139313 dagar sedan
  • Thats the most bootleg Beetlejuice I’ve ever seen

    Dixon YerfaceDixon Yerface13 dagar sedan
  • You really gonna do my boy dirty like that

    KillerKinkstarKillerKinkstar13 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is this Beetlejuice ripoff

    Leila TumblestonLeila Tumbleston13 dagar sedan
  • That one dude that didn’t know Han solo died

    Sangwoos eye bagsSangwoos eye bags13 dagar sedan
  • That moment when you roast your audience ha ha ha

    Alex HetheringtonAlex Hetherington13 dagar sedan
  • God I love him so much

    Sleepy PodcastSleepy Podcast13 dagar sedan
  • i remember watching this live and immediately texting my gf (we’re both huge fans of AD)

    NursiteNursite14 dagar sedan
  • Y’all realize that they most likely asked him if he was okay with them saying that before going through with it. If he didn’t know it was gonna happen, I feel like he would’ve been more surprised.

    Logan GravesLogan Graves14 dagar sedan
  • This may be a dumb question but what is this from?

    Connor ConwayConnor Conway14 dagar sedan
  • Another stupid Broadway waste of Time... At least it wasn't that rediculous Hamilton peice of garbage.

    Michael CooneyMichael Cooney14 dagar sedan
  • Spoiler Warning amirite

    IndigoFox13IndigoFox1314 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Theresa IblerTheresa Ibler14 dagar sedan
  • Correction....Disney did that shit, bro.

    Michael de’ MediciMichael de’ Medici14 dagar sedan
  • The way he runs away like a little toddler is funny

    CheeseCheese14 dagar sedan
  • What is this from?

    CMNDRGreyFoxCMNDRGreyFox14 dagar sedan
  • Sucks being the only non shitty new Star Wars character xD being apart of The worse trilogy stings, for a while you could ask ewan and Hayden how it felt, it anymore though

    SoddenFaTaL1tySoddenFaTaL1ty14 dagar sedan
  • :)

    waltzedwaltzed14 dagar sedan
  • Yeah, one clip is all I need not to watch it. That is a horrible Beetlejuice

    Scott DanielsonScott Danielson14 dagar sedan
  • Im cringing

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki14 dagar sedan
  • Damn this guy is rapping

    enrico.enrico.14 dagar sedan
  • The killing of Solo is a clear tactic by the losers at disney to destroy the ALPHA MALE. And Han was definitely in the top 1%!

    Marcus DeleoMarcus Deleo14 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha

    Vid3k08Vid3k0814 dagar sedan
  • Sounded like ICP to start

    EndeavrEndeavr14 dagar sedan
  • What is this? Broadway Beetlejuice?

    WagstasticWagstastic14 dagar sedan
  • Noooooo spoilers

    Lo LoLo Lo14 dagar sedan
  • That was pretty funny but saying yolo in any context is cringey.

    Faulty Is TiredFaulty Is Tired14 dagar sedan
  • Guy: I be zooming on mill, Old guy: zoomers

    Noob101Noob10114 dagar sedan
  • Seems kinda stupid. Why was this recommended to me?

    Michael PopupMichael Popup14 dagar sedan
  • Adam Driver is an excellent actor in all of his roles. I do not think Star Wars will define his future in the industry. He also seems like a genuinely nice person, and super funny. I wish him the best.

    SkillLevel:ZeroSkillLevel:Zero14 dagar sedan
  • Dear God....

    Joey VeresJoey Veres14 dagar sedan
  • Gay

    Benjamin TalleyBenjamin Talley14 dagar sedan
  • He looked so giddy about knowing a guys name n a movie he was in

    Cruss TeasockCruss Teasock14 dagar sedan
  • A saw beetle juice on Broadway, probably one of the best experiences of my life.

    Cloudy_skys !Cloudy_skys !14 dagar sedan
  • DA FCK?????

    Michael ChillakMichael Chillak14 dagar sedan
  • Is that supposed to be beetle juice?

    Chris YehChris Yeh14 dagar sedan
  • I loved Han Solo

    Walter69Walter6914 dagar sedan
  • He said yolo aww shit someone is behind

    ItzaMario_.ItzaMario_.14 dagar sedan
  • Cringe lol

    Just AbbeyJust Abbey14 dagar sedan
  • Play's are for old losers, and harry Potter dweebz. Sorry but the truth hurts.

    AwokiaAwokia14 dagar sedan
  • Damn the cringe hurt that time

    NxTLfe NeiNxTLfe Nei14 dagar sedan
  • Cringe

    Giovanni CerriGiovanni Cerri14 dagar sedan
  • Omg I love beetle juice I never thought I would see something like this on SEworld

    Ingrid HoffbauerIngrid Hoffbauer14 dagar sedan
  • Hd8ndo dre canmemw

    Omkar WankhedeOmkar Wankhede14 dagar sedan
  • Was that beatle juice

    bowshock galaxybowshock galaxy14 dagar sedan
  • Hek my name his charlie (han) (Elizabeth) in like fnaf then worden

    Charlotte le animatronicCharlotte le animatronic15 dagar sedan
  • More proof why broadway and theatre just sux ass

    YacNobodyYacNobody15 dagar sedan
  • "be more yolo"

    David SljivicDavid Sljivic15 dagar sedan
  • Damn you Adam, just damn you!

    Gareth ReesGareth Rees15 dagar sedan
  • This whack

    William BolcsfoldyWilliam Bolcsfoldy15 dagar sedan
  • Is that Beatle juice?

    Nevaeh SandovalNevaeh Sandoval15 dagar sedan
  • Not only is this the worst beetlegiest impression ive ever seen but he attempted to sing and people are there actually watching?? Why??

    Count2PotatoCount2Potato15 dagar sedan
  • Is this one of those free shows at the flamingo in vegas?

    Count2PotatoCount2Potato15 dagar sedan
  • Adam driver is hiding his true power here.

    EyenimateEyenimate15 dagar sedan
  • What’s this???

    Mike MoretzMike Moretz15 dagar sedan
  • What cringe is this

    Brett DowneyBrett Downey15 dagar sedan
  • Is this supposed to be Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice singing the song?

    JABE R WOCKJABE R WOCK15 dagar sedan
  • Beetlejuice is a mood And Alex Brightman plays him so well

    Mao TGPMao TGP15 dagar sedan
  • Pov: carti performs WLR on stage

    Tedo KhachidzeTedo Khachidze15 dagar sedan