CallMeCarson and Katerino: THE AFTERMATH

24 apr 2020
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Over the past couple of weeks, all hell has broken loose with Carson, Katerino and Fitz, along with all the secret boyfriends popping up like mushrooms. Today we take a look at the entire situation and try to make sense of it all...
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer
Background track: "Delusional (Instrumental)" by Spring Gang
Outro song: Joakim Karud - "Loudness & Clarity"

#CallMeCarson #Katerino #Fitz

  • You guys brought to my attention that I didn’t have the full picture when speaking about the “4th boyfriend” (a.k.a. IWillDominate) It seems that he’s a well known streamer with a large community on Twitch, and it was ignorant of me to assume (without doing the proper research) that he was just seeking attention. I always try to be fair and impartial when covering stories like these but this time I really blew it. I appreciate you guys calling me out when I do a poor job, and I will take this as a lesson to do better.

    Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaÅr sedan
    • To be fair I thought he was pat from popularmmos 😂 lol

      Geno CarroGeno Carro7 dagar sedan
    • The misFITZ

      Xavier_Isaac CastroXavier_Isaac Castro14 dagar sedan
    • Wilful is one of her boyfriends lol

      Ayden ToopAyden Toop19 dagar sedan

      YuxinYuxinMånad sedan
    • Mad respect

      Thirsty AFThirsty AFMånad sedan
  • Why does carson look like he is about to cry

    Yajirobi The officialYajirobi The official18 timmar sedan
  • Fun fact The Misfits podcast's had one episode talking about Fitz's cancellation.

    ethanethanDag sedan
  • Her apology makes Logan's apology seem legitimate

    Shubhransh SinghShubhransh Singh6 dagar sedan
  • 6:10 that didn’t age well

    4BLOCKD4BLOCKD11 dagar sedan
  • Misfit is a film in holland

    professional Idiotprofessional Idiot12 dagar sedan
  • "I felt like I was 2 different people" What's next? She gets a overpowerd ability that can look 10 seconds into the future and can also erase time, one of the people being sweet and clumsy and the other a murderous psychopath who won't hesitate to kill? If you don't get it, it's a refrence to popular manga/anime series jojo's bizarre adventure

    Eric StankiewiczEric Stankiewicz14 dagar sedan
  • I am from the future, I have news.....bad news......

    TheotmtTheotmt14 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know who made Fitz pfp

    Mobus SevenMobus Seven15 dagar sedan
  • The title of this video makes it sound really dramatic!

    DragonickDragonick16 dagar sedan

    F*ck coleslawF*ck coleslaw16 dagar sedan
  • so turns out that all of the three were bad people

    MIGHTY GMIGHTY G17 dagar sedan
  • Fitz and carson are my favorite youtubers... I dont like seeing mom and dad fight :(

    Kit CatKit Cat17 dagar sedan
  • This hasn’t aged well

    Astro 20mimeAstro 20mime17 dagar sedan
  • 69 boyfriend

    Om FahedOm Fahed17 dagar sedan
  • Gm

    Joshua BelloJoshua Bello17 dagar sedan
  • 05:00 waita a minder Wilders is dat jou in de back

    Ellen VanderbruggenEllen Vanderbruggen18 dagar sedan
  • She a mother efen how

    Jacob CavazosJacob Cavazos20 dagar sedan
  • I can't hit either like or dislike on this one. I'm a hypocrite. I don't like cancel culture in most situations. However, a garden tool beginning with H like Katerino deserved to be exposed. Now the best men know to stay away from her. I've always dreamed of creating "The Cheater's Blacklist" where all the cheating people [majority women] end up. It sends a signal to other men [most wealthy/popular or otherwise powerful] that this woman is messed up beyond repair and should be treated as such. I think torching the career of an adulterer with tons of innocent & unknowing partners is 100% justified. The most honest and selfless thing she can do now is encourage other women to do the most insane thing ever... DON'T CHEAT!

    X LAKX LAK21 dag sedan
  • Man a whole mess is a lot bigger behind the scenes

    William BlaskovitzWilliam Blaskovitz21 dag sedan
  • shiloh

    Kayin WiseKayin Wise22 dagar sedan
  • Boyfriend 1,000

    Shadow 5kShadow 5k23 dagar sedan
  • 4:56 i see wilfer in the background WAIT WILFER DATED KATE

    CoalkingCoalking23 dagar sedan
  • Just imagine Katerino not cheating at Carson and stayed loyal at him, she would've become as popular as Carson.

    CodeX CursorsCodeX Cursors24 dagar sedan
  • Carson Is Back!!!!!!

    Akmal SavanAkmal Savan27 dagar sedan
    • @BRUH he did ,kind of

      Akash KrishnanAkash Krishnan18 dagar sedan
    • No he isn't

      BRUHBRUH19 dagar sedan
  • This video din't age well

    CRObarCRObar28 dagar sedan
  • Aaah well. Not so well-liked anymore is he? It's like he went from a cute puppy to a rabid dog. I, on the other hand, always saw him as the rabid dog.

    HyperionHyperion29 dagar sedan
  • Time #10,10

    black graveblack grave29 dagar sedan
  • #00.20

    black graveblack grave29 dagar sedan
  • well i guess fitz is clear now

    gamer777gamer777Månad sedan
  • This video did not age well

    QigzzyQigzzyMånad sedan
    • @Saad Yasir Carson is portrayed as the victim - but it came out he wasn’t even dating Kate at the time and gave fitz his blessing .. insane plot twist

      QigzzyQigzzyMånad sedan
    • How?

      Saad YasirSaad YasirMånad sedan
  • @Andrei Terbea +Andrei Terbea If she is not condemned for her mass fornication and cheating, then that is an implicit support or approval for what she willingly did. In the end, society will produce more Katerinos. Because it's "okay."

    Lancee LopezzLancee LopezzMånad sedan
  • this isn't the best time to say it but me and Carson have the same birthday

    Sujali PatelSujali PatelMånad sedan
  • Outro is the best

    Yiomar Torres SilvaYiomar Torres SilvaMånad sedan
  • Y'all should really google "romeo and juliet laws" jfc

    narish surajballynarish surajballyMånad sedan
  • I saw a comment saying "carson is innocent"...

    • the guy who said that is right

      twoja stara to mizeria babciatwoja stara to mizeria babcia29 dagar sedan
    • Well he wasn't wrong was he?

      Saad YasirSaad YasirMånad sedan
    • He was 19 she was 17 which is legal in Colorado so yes he is technically innocent.

      Gavin LondeyGavin LondeyMånad sedan

    Mycroft LeeMycroft LeeMånad sedan
    • @E Man but didn't age well with people younger he groomed

      cherrycxmcherrycxmMånad sedan
    • @cherrycxm but that's only 1 year apart

      E ManE ManMånad sedan
    • @Gavin Londey no she was probably 20 and Carson was 21

      cherrycxmcherrycxmMånad sedan
    • @cherrycxm wasnt he 19 and she was 17?

      Gavin LondeyGavin LondeyMånad sedan
    • @cherrycxm noice

      Mycroft LeeMycroft LeeMånad sedan
  • Callmecarson more like callmeincarcerated

    NotyummyfytytNotyummyfytytMånad sedan
  • This is the reason why we should not be cheating on your boyfriend or girlfriend

    Kawaii_LoverKawaii_LoverMånad sedan
  • Kate Fitz Carson

    IAmTheGrimReaperIAmTheGrimReaperMånad sedan
  • End it only took 7 minutes and 31 seconds to eat that donut

    I like MEMESI like MEMESMånad sedan
  • Ok wtf it's a 2 YEAR DIFFRENCE like what's the big deal? That's legal in colorado idk maybe I was just taught diffrently

    lillyanna arroyolillyanna arroyoMånad sedan
    • Because it was he groomed the child

      SnailbitsSnailbits29 dagar sedan

    martinxdsupa csatornamartinxdsupa csatornaMånad sedan
  • uno reverse card 😪

    exelersicexelersicMånad sedan
  • idubbbz is now a demon Lord anybody who watched that time i was a reborn was slime will get this reference

    zerozeroMånad sedan
  • she has more boyfriends than braincells

    Breezy And Me.Breezy And Me.Månad sedan
    • OOF

      Mycroft LeeMycroft LeeMånad sedan
    • Yes

      WiisariWiisariMånad sedan

    BlueEmberBlueEmberMånad sedan
  • ur talking about a new zealander, epic :)

    SandyxBibiSandyxBibiMånad sedan
  • Bruv this is kinda of my story my ex was going to guy and guy being their gf and then leaving and she had multiple of them

    MrDB RainbowMrDB RainbowMånad sedan
  • 4:50 wow cant believe wilfur is a bf of kate lol

    nikorananikoranaMånad sedan
  • you made some really good points but, i think she still deserved the cancel

    Ivan TomenkoIvan TomenkoMånad sedan
  • I just think that Carson's way of ending the situation was probably the most respectable, rational, constitutional, and valid way to end the whole charade of events.

    Paper World ManPaper World ManMånad sedan
    • @Gavin Londey um ok

    • @Gavin Londey ?

    • @OBAMIUM DRIP yeah you would use Twitter

      Gavin LondeyGavin LondeyMånad sedan
    • @Paper World Man Look him up on twitter

    • @OBAMIUM DRIP not exactly, but I just think his way of ending the whole charade was a mature and respectable way of doing it

      Paper World ManPaper World ManMånad sedan
  • F In the chat for F... itz

    ItsChaseItsChaseMånad sedan
  • 6:30 is honestly apologizing on social media so infrequent that when it does happen, that person is considered a paragon of virtue and truth?

    Slayd _07Slayd _07Månad sedan
  • Calm before the storm..... little did we know what would happen almost EXACLTY a year later..

    Felipe DogeFelipe DogeMånad sedan
  • Alo lubirea

    maxmaxMånad sedan
  • Lol

    lol lollol lolMånad sedan
  • Carson is whole again, Then it broke again.... - The Internet

    Super AbiyuSuper AbiyuMånad sedan
  • 4:54 You've got involved into shady stuff, Wilfur

    ISG4ISG4Månad sedan
  • huh ye[p 15 guys makes sense she gets the jail out of free card

    Noah PeraltaNoah PeraltaMånad sedan
  • Well well, how the turntables.

    Masquaded The Epic ManMasquaded The Epic ManMånad sedan
  • And.,, they were never dating

    The Legendary PyonThe Legendary PyonMånad sedan
  • Soooooo was it true that Carson groomed those girls or was it false?

    A Wise Old GrandpaA Wise Old GrandpaMånad sedan
    • @Pim Quené oh sry. Just started watching him and loved his content. Sucks so much he actually did it.

      A Wise Old GrandpaA Wise Old GrandpaMånad sedan
    • its confirmed by every member of lunch club and carson himself

      Pim QuenéPim QuenéMånad sedan
  • Remember that one video where Kate and Carson both left comments on a Nihachu and Wilbur soot compilation about wanting one of their own Yikes

    Apple fluffyApple fluffyMånad sedan
  • 5:05 Ruben+Katerino confirmed!?

    xX_Lewo_XxxX_Lewo_XxMånad sedan
  • Now, Keemstar just wants to end Carson's career because the false Mini Ladd had sexual conversations with two 17 year old girls, despite their law stating that people over the age of 16 can give consent over sexual behavior. But still, Carson is currently finding as much help as possible.

    TsunamiViewer 3334TsunamiViewer 3334Månad sedan
    • @Emer C i mean you never know for all we know carson could still be good if only he wasn't hiding like a snail but him being good is kinda of a stretch

      gamer777gamer777Månad sedan
    • If Carson’s best friends aren’t defending him, maybe you shouldn’t be

      Emer CEmer CMånad sedan
  • 5:23 canceR culture Did you see it, nice easter egg Andrei

    FezcFezcMånad sedan
  • 1:14 that did not aged well.

    FezcFezcMånad sedan
  • Ya this video didn’t age well 😬

    Trey BTrey BMånad sedan
    • @deeenis Денис His best friends aren’t defending him. That shows that they know he did something wrong

      Emer CEmer CMånad sedan
    • In what way? Because Carson had a consensual legal relationship with someone him getting cheated on is invalidated?

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисMånad sedan
  • This aged poorly lol

    Kayes mcKayes mcMånad sedan
    • @deeenis Денис also realx man its a joke

      Kayes mcKayes mcMånad sedan
    • @deeenis Денис i it wast leagal thats why slime carsons friend reported the actions to the police.

      Kayes mcKayes mcMånad sedan
    • In what way? Because Carson had a consensual legal relationship with someone him getting cheated on is invalidated?

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисMånad sedan
  • damn the irony of this

    SnoutoSnoutoMånad sedan
  • Whos watching this after the recent stuff?

    EmilySuitcaseEmilySuitcaseMånad sedan
    • Literally everybody watching the video onwards, because it happened already

      That One DudeThat One DudeMånad sedan
  • "Kate being humiliated in this way can lead to some permanent damage" I hope it does my god.

    TheBlueChestTheBlueChestMånad sedan

    The Affliction VHSThe Affliction VHSMånad sedan

    Alex FunesAlex FunesMånad sedan
  • wow SEEMS like a simp, but also seems like a nice guy...

    The CarryThe CarryMånad sedan

    vikn3vikn3Månad sedan
  • simp

    Månad sedan
    • Who

      JohannesGreenJohannesGreenMånad sedan
  • U know it's serious when JaidenAnimations the most unproblematic Cinnamonbun took down her minecraft video with Carson

    RomiRomiMånad sedan
    • @deeenis Денис The Lunch Club were his best friends for years, if they aren’t defending him or have stopped mentioning him in their streams or videos it’s because they know what he did wasn’t ok. It’s not so much about the fact that she was 17, which is technically legal. It’s more so that he abused his power (being someone she admired online)

      Emer CEmer CMånad sedan
    • "If a creator has an opinion they must be right". Swell logic right there bud. Go cancel some more people because they had acconsensual legal relationship

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисMånad sedan
    • it's unlisted

      callimariecallimarieMånad sedan
  • At least carson has big guy as a friend

    CraftsbegumCraftsbegumMånad sedan
    • @deeenis Денис sad carson noises

      CraftsbegumCraftsbegumMånad sedan
    • @deeenis Денис yasss

      CraftsbegumCraftsbegumMånad sedan
    • Schlatt literally cut contact with him lol

      deeenis Денисdeeenis ДенисMånad sedan
  • :'(

    CallMeCarsobCallMeCarsobMånad sedan
  • this aged like milk

    Sophia GrazianiSophia GrazianiMånad sedan
  • I know callmecarson

    Hailey FrogzHailey FrogzMånad sedan
  • I love that at 5:07 that wilbur is just chilling will al the other people kate cheated on.

    Nikhil SolamiNikhil SolamiMånad sedan
  • Katerino's card deck: Victim, lost, confused and Depersonalization

    Nirek TiwariNirek TiwariMånad sedan
  • I love how at the outro they are just waving their hands around UwU. I sometimes follow around with my head xD

    Bad Quality ._.Bad Quality ._.Månad sedan
  • Guess he got Jealous and found someone else LOL-

    Target_edgeTarget_edgeMånad sedan
  • New one

    Toasted_ToasterToasted_ToasterMånad sedan
  • It's really amazing how times change

    BoredYT UserBoredYT UserMånad sedan
  • Its too late but fits came out a while ago asking Carson of him and Kate were dating or anything and she said no so fitz is still goodguy fitz

    NoodleHqNoodleHqMånad sedan
  • she has more boyfriends than brain cells

    ScarzityScarzityMånad sedan
  • Damn, Carson wasn't lying when he said he was as flawed as Fitz and Katerino Seriously hope Carson can get some help

    K1ngK1ngMånad sedan
    • Same. I'm not hateful towards him but I'm also definitely not praising or defending him for his actions. I just hope he's okay and gets the help he needs.

      Hanging GardenHanging GardenMånad sedan
  • Aged like fine wine

    JelithebeannnJelithebeannn2 månader sedan
  • Wow She even dates Wilfer 5:04

    bzeupbzeup2 månader sedan
  • She was abusing people for views and subs and popularity I feel that see at least deserves a lot of back lash for this

    hiworldiexisthiworldiexist2 månader sedan
    • who

      gamer777gamer777Månad sedan
  • How much boyfriend's do you have Kate: yes

    Kuba SwiKuba Swi2 månader sedan
  • I swear to God Andrei has 1500 tea kettles 20000000 on the way

    alex angelalex angel2 månader sedan
  • Yikes

    Tomoko's Pizza RollsTomoko's Pizza Rolls2 månader sedan
    • @Unofficial Scholar why

      gamer777gamer777Månad sedan
    • @Cndvdx Yhjblbilg STFU

      Unofficial ScholarUnofficial ScholarMånad sedan
    • @Yato God STFU

      Cndvdx YhjblbilgCndvdx YhjblbilgMånad sedan
    • @Cndvdx Yhjblbilg stfu

      Yato GodYato GodMånad sedan
    • STFU

      Cndvdx YhjblbilgCndvdx YhjblbilgMånad sedan
  • Watching this now is a big oof

    EdTheSealEdTheSeal2 månader sedan
  • guys go to five seconds in is wilfur one of the "guys"

    yousif.Ayousif.A2 månader sedan