Twitch Jeopardy ft. Trihex, Alpharad, Jschlatt, Connoreatspants

30 jul 2019
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  • put me on your show

    CallMeCarsonCallMeCarsonÅr sedan
    • Carson, why’d you do it🤧

      Stevie AnthonyStevie Anthony5 dagar sedan
    • No fuck you

      MickeyMickey6 dagar sedan
    • why carson

      abe Dagoatabe Dagoat10 dagar sedan
    • @Ae7 DUDE

      Tim SouleTim Soule10 dagar sedan
    • Hummeth

      Ae7Ae717 dagar sedan
  • 26:28 Steve Harvey Moan Echoing XD

    Brandon CruteBrandon Crute8 dagar sedan
  • 15:00 who is God lol POG

    Brandon CruteBrandon Crute8 dagar sedan
  • He needs to recycle this

    Grant FellowsGrant Fellows11 dagar sedan
  • I like how at 24:57 schlatt asks the same question connor does in one od the later videos, and ludwig lies to both of em

    OinksterOinkster13 dagar sedan
  • 27:28

    sarradinessarradines20 dagar sedan
  • 13:50

    sarradinessarradines20 dagar sedan
  • 13:35

    sarradinessarradines20 dagar sedan
  • 8:05

    sarradinessarradines20 dagar sedan
  • 22:04 "might be the worst guess" did he forget "cream cheese" was guessed for lasagna???????????????????????????

    Madison HolmanMadison HolmanMånad sedan
  • Imagine the timeline where Alpha and TriHex don’t throw for content, and we don’t get the Twitch jeopardy with Carson, Charlie, Schlatt and Connor

    Hunter FreemanHunter FreemanMånad sedan
  • This looks amazing

    Cobalt AceCobalt AceMånad sedan
  • Dude everyone who does Lud's jeopardy challenges are so uneducated

    Y KahlilY KahlilMånad sedan
  • RIP Alex Trebek

    GarryLessGarryLessMånad sedan
  • ludwig should replace alex now that he's dead.

    AhYesDankMemeAhYesDankMeme2 månader sedan
  • I didn't know who Trihex was, so I googled his name, but Google autofilled it as trihexyphenidyl

    A BA B3 månader sedan
  • ok this video just ends

    ِِ3 månader sedan
  • They guessed wine when the question mentioned vinegar....

    The Smug OneThe Smug One4 månader sedan
  • bru your chats meano dumb

    Dire CosplayDire Cosplay4 månader sedan
  • o7

    Random_UserRandom_User4 månader sedan
  • how tf can they recognize pokemon silhouettes but don't know that the pyramids are in Giza

    DrowningPoodleDrowningPoodle4 månader sedan
  • Why are they so fucking stupid in the second half

    lil big llil big l4 månader sedan
  • I love how he does the fast money thing at the end when it's not even on Jeopardy, it's on Family Feud.

    CorpseBloodCorpseBlood4 månader sedan
  • rds Against Humanity

    copperpunchcopperpunch5 månader sedan
  • 16:40 what is lil wayne

    Justin NowaczynskiJustin Nowaczynski5 månader sedan
  • fuck?

    Henry UHenry U6 månader sedan
  • Cottage cheese is in lasagna more than riccota

    miniwy01 wyattminiwy01 wyatt6 månader sedan
  • Oh no.

    MellowMargheMellowMarghe6 månader sedan
  • “imagine calling alex trebek a bitch”

    tea veetea vee6 månader sedan
  • Gayschlatt pog

    Tommy ChussTommy Chuss6 månader sedan
  • The popular cities of French fries and wine

    TTateTTate6 månader sedan
  • jean iko

    dj is heredj is here7 månader sedan
  • and chess got its revenge

    Delayed CrabDelayed Crab7 månader sedan
  • Shouldn’t the answer of the final jeopardy have been a city name?

    AlcorAlcor7 månader sedan
  • I felt the raw emotion choking his voice at 13:54

    Keith ChristensenKeith Christensen7 månader sedan
  • haha SHORT

    karlispaghettikarlispaghetti8 månader sedan
  • Who is God?

    Mackenzie PMackenzie P8 månader sedan
  • never thought i'd see the God of minecraft mondays and the king of smash content in the same room

    Barnacle ScumBarnacle Scum8 månader sedan
  • this episode actually kills me i know so many of the answers

    weewooweewoo8 månader sedan
  • real ricotta moment

    Dylan CarlsonDylan Carlson8 månader sedan
  • Anemia is not iron deficiency, anemia relates to the red blood cell count themselves. iron deficiency can cause anemia, but they are not the same thing. weirdchamp

    BzkillBzkill8 månader sedan
    • this is like comparing "broken leg" with "skateboarding"

      BzkillBzkill8 månader sedan
  • 28:17 XD

    SuperSkellyFTWSuperSkellyFTW8 månader sedan
  • JEAN AIKO???????

    katuwukatuwu8 månader sedan
  • This video introduced me to Lud...

    Mr SimpletonMr Simpleton8 månader sedan
  • This is a power squad

    An_Annoying_CatAn_Annoying_Cat8 månader sedan
  • How y'all gonna forget about Candyland?

    NagitolettuceNagitolettuce9 månader sedan
  • They call him Mr Daily Double

    Diamond_Dude HMSDiamond_Dude HMS9 månader sedan
  • The fact they don't know ricotta made me die a bit inside

    Imanuel KImanuel K9 månader sedan
  • Ludwig: if you’re watching twitch on the shitter, just wait Me, watching VODs on the toilet: oh..

    Hannah AhnHannah Ahn9 månader sedan
  • Ludwig feels like he knows every SEworldr ever, he's put CallMeCarson and Alpharad on the same channel which should be scientifically impossible.

    Smurfadoodle The WiseSmurfadoodle The Wise9 månader sedan
  • i never thought alpharad and jschlatt would cross paths...

    elooeloo9 månader sedan
  • 1:01 alinity bash oof

    180hp180hp9 månader sedan
  • How the fuck is Anemic a word in minecraft??? And Iron Defficiency is calle Anemia, someone who has anemia is calle an Anemic, what the fuck was wrong with that 1000 points question

    Um Cara Normal num Planeta normalUm Cara Normal num Planeta normal9 månader sedan
  • Schlatt and Conner may have won but remember, as a wise man once said: “It’s not about the money. It’s about *sending a message.* “

    The Hyrule MobianThe Hyrule Mobian9 månader sedan
  • is his shirt backwards?

    VeryClamyManVeryClamyMan9 månader sedan
  • 6:20 English major btw

    DooDoo FartDooDoo Fart10 månader sedan
  • i had to go back and make sure he said chess lmao

    BelleBelle10 månader sedan
  • Wathing again after the TriHex story. Mogul move.

    Jacob FishingJacob Fishing10 månader sedan
  • *WHAT IS GOD?*

    Foxy 47Foxy 4710 månader sedan
  • i’m high on life

    quanquan10 månader sedan
  • 15:18 w h o i s g o d

    MrPuppetFloyd202MrPuppetFloyd20210 månader sedan
  • 13:43 I had to

    C3_KiLEC3_KiLE11 månader sedan
  • i now know what my dad meant by the farm

    realnickrealnick11 månader sedan
  • Lasagna for 1000, if you put one lasagna on top of another lasagna, do you have 1 lasagna, or 2 lasagna?

    pinny0101pinny010111 månader sedan
  • I’m at my moms right after school 🏫 was my day and a couple days I was like yeah you know you have to do that thing for your kids but I just don’t want them going on and a little. I’m doin was your first birthday 🎁 I love ❤️ this was my life for my mum I got it all in one ☝️ is a new song I love 💕 a lot and you are amazing 😉 I love the gam but it has to have us to get the gam game to get the money and the money will not play the way it has to play it on my iPhone 📱 was a new update but the update was so much

    Gamerlink LULWGamerlink LULW11 månader sedan
  • although he adjusted the seat he remained the same height simple answer he's standing up

    vassilis bakopoulosvassilis bakopoulos11 månader sedan
  • That lasagna category doesn’t hold up well anymore

    SickMyTortoiseSickMyTortoise11 månader sedan
  • the lasagna category really holds a different meaning now

    Isabella MarquezIsabella Marquez11 månader sedan
  • Where do you buy these "pillows"

    Eternal SpaghettiEternal Spaghetti11 månader sedan
  • Never thought id see the day...

    Xxx_ _xxXXxx_ _xxX11 månader sedan
  • Eat pant conar

    CaprisuhnCaprisuhn11 månader sedan
  • Imagine calling Alex Trebek a boomer.

    LoreOnGamesLoreOnGames11 månader sedan
  • the entire time schlatt was fumbling for a board game i was almost screaming CLUE SAY CLUE FUCKING CLUE

    Ivy - the - DemonIvy - the - Demon11 månader sedan
  • Y'all niggas couldn't say chess or checkers?

    Aihsato BackwardsAihsato Backwards11 månader sedan
  • He said pass

    Flamerunner451Flamerunner45111 månader sedan
  • jeprady, haha lmao short

    Umm can I order a double cheeseburger Oh ok sureUmm can I order a double cheeseburger Oh ok sureÅr sedan
  • How do you make wine without grapes you degenerates

    Dale HermanDale HermanÅr sedan

    Matthew WilsonMatthew WilsonÅr sedan
  • When you realize he mixes Jeaprody with Family Fued. D:

    Gregory LambGregory LambÅr sedan
  • CREAN CHEESE Pepega Clap

    Derek Conway [GD]Derek Conway [GD]År sedan
  • None of Lugworm’s viewers know how to add... Jesus

    Vt_StampedeVt_StampedeÅr sedan
  • Name a more iconic duo: Jschlatt and ConnorEatPants

    Used TeaUsed TeaÅr sedan
  • "What is Shigeru Miyamoto?" - Trihex

    NEO!NEO!År sedan
  • Anemic is not iron deficiency ....

    AlexanderB.AlexanderB.År sedan
    • iron deficiency is a type of red blood cell deficiency and it is the most common type of anemia to the point where the two are pretty much correlated. But even regular anemia can be partially, if not fully, from the lack of iron making you have a deficiency of healthy blood cells.

      LuciemattonLuciematton10 månader sedan
  • wait the "anemic question" should have been: a person with an iron deficiency. if you just said iron deficiency it should be anemia.

    LuciemattonLuciemattonÅr sedan

    prussianmapleprussianmapleÅr sedan
  • "It's not about winning, it's about sending a message."

    Matthew ReynoldsMatthew ReynoldsÅr sedan
  • Hold the fuck up, what the FUCK was that shakespeare question??? ive been reading and rereading it and i cant fucking understand WHAT THE FUCK he is trying to say? am i going fucking nuts? am i an idiot? it literally doesnt. make sense.

    cosmic browniecosmic brownieÅr sedan

    AnnmaeriAnnmaeriÅr sedan
  • bruh I never took geography... we call them the G r e a t P y r a m i d s o f G i z a

    PayPalPayPalÅr sedan
  • I swear to god Alpharad is Swaggersouls, save this comment for when the truth comes out

    Klynx22Klynx22År sedan
  • well shit, high school did me good for one thing in life @9:35

    ryan katcharyan katchaÅr sedan
  • GOD

    Shmod413 •Shmod413 •År sedan
  • Why is Connor so good at this?

    Shmod413 •Shmod413 •År sedan

    Ericka KnappEricka KnappÅr sedan
  • Italian lasagne does not have ricotto in it, it is a substitute for bechamel for those too lazy to do it properly.

    hmmmhmmmÅr sedan
  • Back when uh oh stinky didnt exist

    Amado SalazarAmado SalazarÅr sedan

    AshtifAshtifÅr sedan
  • He said chess

    Wolfcub05Wolfcub05År sedan
  • when are groceries?

    Max The Random LepurchaunMax The Random LepurchaunÅr sedan