FBI arrests Nashville zip-tie suspect from assault on U.S. Capitol

11 jan 2021
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A self-described "hidden patriot" from Nashville, outed on social media as a rioter who invaded the U.S. Senate chambers Wednesday with a weapon and zip-tie handcuffs, was arrested Sunday on federal charges, NewsChannel 5 has learned.

  • Of course Fox News is what he is watching. Hold ALL Fox "news" responsible. They enabled Trump.

    Andrew LeibenguthAndrew Leibenguth9 minuter sedan
  • I bet he wants to go back to the bar to drink and serve drinks

    Paul RozkoPaul Rozko18 minuter sedan
  • Muncho gonna be munchiin on some big prisoners bunghole when they lock his goofy ass up !!!!! These Nuts are lame.. so lame.. they own wives turning and snitching on them lol..was it worth it cowboy ?!?!

    Emmett CrowderEmmett Crowder29 minuter sedan
  • Did they use the same zip ties on you when you got arrested ?😄

    Alex AlegadoAlex Alegado36 minuter sedan
  • Stupid is as stupid does!

    Great MysteryGreat Mystery39 minuter sedan
  • None of you so called woke nation, are not going to get it till you are speaking Chinese..!!! Idiots, all of you we had the best President since JFK.. and you idiots are attacking him wait and see what America will become......!!!

    Jonathan CJonathan C45 minuter sedan
  • Captain anti-America

    JaeWade WadeJaeWade Wade53 minuter sedan
  • Brought to you by black rifle coffee

  • Let him feel how it is to be deprived of freedom and give him opportunity to do so for the rest of his life; a lesson to him and others trampling on the constitution.

    Bob LetonBob LetonTimme sedan
  • You know that 2nd amendment right to own firearms, that’s gone.

    Sloe BoneSloe BoneTimme sedan
  • 5 days after the event! I guess better later than never.

    Tommy SawyerTommy SawyerTimme sedan
  • The investigations are being greatly helped by the simple fact that most of those folks are just plain DUMB.

    Neal BNeal BTimme sedan
  • the new patriots from Honduras are coming by the thousands, Biden admin must welcome them with red carpet.

    ikawpipaikawpipaTimme sedan
  • President Trump is the best president that we have had since Truman.

    R ER ETimme sedan
  • A bartender lmao no one truly had an amazing job that’s been arrested lmao.

    Aari DulaAari DulaTimme sedan
  • Federal prison for all the insurrection rioters. It'll be another story they can tell their kids. Remember when God closes a jail cell, He widens a butt hole.

    Colonel KurtzColonel KurtzTimme sedan
  • Hahahahahqhahahahha perfect

    Ydud HxurkrYdud HxurkrTimme sedan
  • "Proud Soys"

    Amanda HugginkissAmanda HugginkissTimme sedan
  • after an extensive search for this suspect, they decided to contact the genius desk at Apple and use find my friends app, where after he was quickly apprehended. 😂

    Who ordered Nachos?Who ordered Nachos?Timme sedan
  • 2:00 wow quality cops..... for quality ppl.... wow....

    PC GamesPC Games2 timmar sedan
  • I find funny that all these mega-protesters were flexing on social media as if they won the lottery. We can just snitching on yourself lol

    Dr.LemmiwinksDr.Lemmiwinks2 timmar sedan
  • Arrest those cops for letting them walk by

    Pyro Gaming HoundPyro Gaming Hound2 timmar sedan
  • Prosecutor: What were the zip ties for? Defendant: they are hair ties, I'm a hairdresser and was gonna give makeovers and I ran out of scrunchies. Trump: no pardon for him, should have donated more or rapped.

    Hec IIIHec III2 timmar sedan
  • It's what they do when they're too dumb to run for presidency to change a country

    Renewed RebeccaRenewed Rebecca2 timmar sedan
  • Basically all white supremacists, terrorists and should be charged harshly

    Renewed RebeccaRenewed Rebecca2 timmar sedan
  • I think he zipties will come in handy to secure the soap. Wouldn't want to drop that where he is heading. ha ha

    SulforaphaneMeUpSulforaphaneMeUp2 timmar sedan
  • The misty step-brother worryingly stuff because united kingdom perplexingly doubt athwart a organic current. disgusted, successful committee

    Nixon NicholasNixon Nicholas2 timmar sedan
  • Yoo foos still think they were given a pass?

    Mr TakeItEzMr TakeItEz3 timmar sedan
  • A red state high school education is poor preparation for participation in a democracy.

    hvymettlehvymettle3 timmar sedan
  • they went to that thing like it was gameday. You have drinks in a lobby afterwards ???

    NerdboyNerdboy3 timmar sedan
  • 1:50 You shouldve taken your own advice

    Eric KruckenbergEric Kruckenberg3 timmar sedan
  • You can feel the stupidity drooling out of these people

    Eric KruckenbergEric Kruckenberg3 timmar sedan
  • So freedom of speech is illegal now? I would've been there with you bro. We dont have to be alike. We can think for ourselves.

    420 Dingo420 Dingo3 timmar sedan
  • Police took his tazer but didn't arrest him? Speaks volumes...

    bob rewbob rew3 timmar sedan
  • This country is literally filled with a bunch of pussies America has no fight and it left get ready for China to take your ass is over

    Monkey666cash XMonkey666cash X3 timmar sedan
  • thoughts and prayers, bitch.

    Brett ThompsonBrett Thompson3 timmar sedan
  • Eric Munchel will be on his knees "munching" in prison and pondering whether it was all worth it.

    Esteban RuizEsteban Ruiz3 timmar sedan
  • Put that piece of shit in jail for years .

    John LopezJohn Lopez3 timmar sedan
  • The FBI is corrupt Now they work for neo-Nazi Democrats

    Old ToyzOld Toyz4 timmar sedan
  • Munchell and Baked Alaska getting arrested made me so glad they got caught after all they did.

    Christopher ColeChristopher Cole4 timmar sedan
  • This garbage people they say we build it they murdered all the Native Americans

    Leo KLeo K4 timmar sedan
  • idjitz will be idjitz

    George MacDonaldGeorge MacDonald4 timmar sedan
  • He’s going to bartend in jail now

    Leo KLeo K4 timmar sedan
  • Now he has nobody to pardon him anymore

    Leo KLeo K4 timmar sedan
  • The hell with all them idiots

    lazrDracolazrDraco4 timmar sedan
  • Maybe he want to be in the army but dont have the balls

    PtytyPtyty4 timmar sedan
  • He sounds so ignorant. What a wannabe! 😂

    Diggah RockhounderDiggah Rockhounder4 timmar sedan
  • So why not shut down face book?

    My Mother Was a NinjaMy Mother Was a Ninja4 timmar sedan
  • I’ve noticed that these domestic terrorist all look like they have mental disorder problems. Maybe Biden can do something about that.

    Do little and get nothingDo little and get nothing5 timmar sedan
    • They do look crazy

      Renewed RebeccaRenewed Rebecca2 timmar sedan
  • I hope he gets years behind bars.

    SteveSteve5 timmar sedan
  • Zip tie Cowboy

    Good Looking HonkeyGood Looking Honkey5 timmar sedan
  • MAGA. Now stands for “My Ass Got Arrested.”

    DirtCheapMealsDirtCheapMeals5 timmar sedan
  • Lock them ALL up!! So hes a bartender? Good luck getting a real job now.

    Linkavich ChamofskeeLinkavich Chamofskee5 timmar sedan
  • I just finished Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. These guys? How many times a day can you say to yourself and goon friends, "I'm a patriot! Lets storm the capitol!"

    DirtCheapMealsDirtCheapMeals5 timmar sedan
  • Another American patriot, and martyr to democracy hunted down and rounded up by the Gestapo, and Joe Biden's fascist regime.

    Mark CiceroMark Cicero5 timmar sedan
  • Fight childhood obesity, which afflicts 1 in 5 little children. Nah. Too difficult (actually easy: high fiber cereal in public schools).

    DirtCheapMealsDirtCheapMeals5 timmar sedan
  • All you fucking trump idiots go see a shrink. Get un brainwashed. Trump lost Election and lied to you for 4 years you idiots.

    No more RepublicansNo more Republicans5 timmar sedan
  • Very good job F B I am loving how you are getting them this is the America that i know no one is about the law

    Grace MontanoGrace Montano5 timmar sedan
  • From someone that was there, I can tell you with 100% certainty, the main group of people that "stormed the Capitol" were there long before the MAGA crowd arrived. Trump was still speaking when the videos we see all over were filmed. As someone that knows construction, I can tell you that the Capitol Building's exterior doors all use magnetic locks which can only be operated from inside. Also, due to fire code, exterior doors on public and commercial buildings must swing to the outside. This means, that the door slab is supported on 3 sides by the jamb when push from outside. An angry crowd could smash into them for days and get nowhere, especially because those doors are thicker than standard. Since none of them were broken in half, you'll know I'm telling you the truth when I say that I watched a door that nobody was even trying to get into open right up. It was opened by police, since they were the only ones inside. That happened an hour or so after the guy in the video was filmed. Just bc all of MSM is reporting the same lie, doesn't mean they're telling you the truth. In fact, they're lying about nearly everything regarding the election.

    TheSpoonyluvinTheSpoonyluvin6 timmar sedan
  • Big dummy! Funny how trump worshippers say this was planned by democrats, yet every single moron there that got arrested are huge worshippers of that deranged orange old man, trump.

    Kristinas MommaKristinas Momma6 timmar sedan
  • TAKE A CIVICS CLASS drunk and stupid .

    tracy dalytracy daly6 timmar sedan
  • Lock 🔑 him up

    6 inches On soft6 inches On soft6 timmar sedan
  • I’m loving how these Trump supporters are so stupid to record themselves and post it on social media as if no one is going to turn them In lol

    Rob BassRob Bass6 timmar sedan
  • This criminals need to pay for what they did

    Deseree CamposDeseree Campos6 timmar sedan
  • Jail time

    Diane McdonnellDiane Mcdonnell6 timmar sedan
  • Justice served

    Las ZepolLas Zepol6 timmar sedan
  • Just like Trump, thier crimes our in the open🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Rafael SalasRafael Salas6 timmar sedan
  • Not the sharpest tool in the shed .

    Mona MMona M6 timmar sedan
  • A patriot wouldn't do the things you all did . You're all lead by a fool ,who happens to have a orange face . Lol

    Brian ReidBrian Reid6 timmar sedan
  • Good! They got the bugger!! Stupid fool!

    Brenda LittlefieldBrenda Littlefield6 timmar sedan
  • The privilege of some.... They just walk pass the police can u believe this shxx..

    Kadian GrahamKadian Graham6 timmar sedan
  • Well nobody needs their masks for this.....

    TriadsTriads6 timmar sedan
  • Lol Plastic "Soldier" playing dress-up. His military skills and training are so good he can even serve booze in a bar!

    SpikeSpike6 timmar sedan
  • They aren't zip ties, they are flex cuffs.

    Rebel Rainbow UnicornRebel Rainbow Unicorn7 timmar sedan
  • Wow this guy had a taser and zip tie hand cuffs all easily obtainable and legal even in DC. Never actually seen him doing anything but talking I guess that is grounds for arrest now and that is our house we pay for it and the people inside. I'm guessing most people think it's all free.

    Ashton BurnsAshton Burns7 timmar sedan

  • Maybe the next Nashville bomb will be a big thermonuclear.

    Supernova LancasterSupernova Lancaster7 timmar sedan
  • maybe they should hang those people... I think the government is powerless, they should show power.

    mahadisal ahadanimahadisal ahadani7 timmar sedan
  • Dip shit

    Joaquin SolisJoaquin Solis7 timmar sedan
  • Why can’t these mfs just support Trump without being morons or acting like ones!!???

    shadowfallenableshadowfallenable7 timmar sedan
  • Can you believe those cops just let them stroll right in.

    A TsylorA Tsylor7 timmar sedan
  • Dumb ass lol hope Trump was worth it idiots

    Mrs Cromer!!Mrs Cromer!!8 timmar sedan
  • Dang.Throw the damn keys away.Traitors

    TEE LOVETEE LOVE8 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂

    ArtOfWaveTvArtOfWaveTv8 timmar sedan
  • Another one of America's Dumbest Criminals..

    Derrick WashingtonDerrick Washington8 timmar sedan
  • If the FBI would roll liķe this on real criminals ..Damn ... would be a whole new USA...

    Ciobanu CosminCiobanu Cosmin8 timmar sedan
  • Have fun in jail.

    Rob RobbeyRob Robbey8 timmar sedan
  • The white house name speaks volumes the white house one blk president in history lol

    Chris ThomasChris Thomas8 timmar sedan
  • Hahahaha......no pardon.hahahahaha

    Brian JamesBrian James8 timmar sedan
  • In prison these patriotic racist will be raped. Hooray!

    Star ObserversStar Observers8 timmar sedan
  • Enjoy prison you sentient rectal wart.

    Your NameYour Name9 timmar sedan
  • HAHAHAHA loser. Smh

    Ricardo SolisRicardo Solis9 timmar sedan
  • Why do these fools act like the, characters on South Park? Smh

    francesca lyonsfrancesca lyons9 timmar sedan

    Roger T MannRoger T Mann9 timmar sedan
  • They'll arrest Right wing persons, but yet where is the thousands of arrests needed to be made against the terrorist from BLM, Antifa, Democratic Liberals, etc....oh right...must be that privilege they talk so much about. #LockThemUp

    John MaysJohn Mays9 timmar sedan
    • Over 10,000 people have been arrested for the BLM protests and riots.

      Beth JannetBeth Jannet9 timmar sedan
  • But, Its not a crime to carry zip-ties!

    scar facescar face9 timmar sedan
  • FBI and other police agencies done a awesome job in rounding up the criminals who forcefully got inside the Capitol building. Thank you for your services.

    John GoldmanJohn Goldman10 timmar sedan
  • What? No pardon?

    VerrucaVerruca10 timmar sedan
  • Have ? Why when they entered was THIER police just standing up Against the wall I counted at least 3 on left & 2 on right? Are they the ones who opened THE DOOR TO LET IN!! If so WHY NO ONE'S SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THAT! YOUR VIDEO CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?

    Marilyn HolmesMarilyn Holmes10 timmar sedan
  • Bartender. That's all you need to know.

    Curtis BrownCurtis Brown10 timmar sedan