8 feb 2019
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Unfortunately Mr. Beast couldn't get Pewdiepie a Superbowl ad, but what would one look like if a big brand sponsored paid for it?
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Background track: Hand Trolley by Kevin MacLeod
Outro song: Joakim Karud - Loudness & Clarity

Animation help:
Partial lipsync and clean-up by Stefan Popa:

  • I thought it was a moose was born

    Tim Tam TomTim Tam Tom7 dagar sedan
  • T series no. 1 PewDiePie lost

    Wealth GyanWealth Gyan9 dagar sedan
  • late opg

    teololteolol10 dagar sedan
  • He can just snap instead he did third degree murder

    John Mar CervantesJohn Mar Cervantes14 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if the death scenes were danganronpa themed

    yourkawaiibestfriend heheyourkawaiibestfriend hehe16 dagar sedan
  • #GFuel 3:25

    Brayden HabetsBrayden Habets17 dagar sedan
  • The first 45 seconds voodoo just ignored and said f*ck you

    Victoria the green cheek conureVictoria the green cheek conure18 dagar sedan
  • That commercial 👌👌🔥🔥🔥🤯🤯

    Braneded YTBraneded YT18 dagar sedan

    Miguel Flores AguirreMiguel Flores Aguirre19 dagar sedan
  • I'm a little bit baffled by SEworld. There's funny content like this video and i do visit the website, however somethings are taken very seriously like "Subscribe to pewdiepie" and usually i ignore it, however many people think it's important to subscribe to pewdiepie. What i found out is that pewdiepie is a clown that is famous *only on SEworld* and subscribing to him won't save lives or build hospitals... you know... *THINGS THAT ACTAULLY MATTER* And when people talk about this like "Subscribe to PewDiePie because it's super duper important,.... BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT FOR HIM" and i'm like... "Many things are important for some regular joe... but nobody is giving them to him, right?" I MEAN... W A K E U P HE IS JUST A CLOWN

    Mister Phresh OnyoMister Phresh Onyo21 dag sedan
  • Wanna sprite cranberry

    Roasted CarrotsRoasted Carrots21 dag sedan
  • PewDiePie - promotes g fuel T-Series - promotes jio

    spiderbeetle studiosspiderbeetle studios24 dagar sedan
  • Petition to slap that anime thingy to crunchyroll

    Recycled GdevRecycled Gdev26 dagar sedan
  • top ten anime fights, number 1

    jakeythebrojakeythebro27 dagar sedan
  • 4:55 its a great day to get killed and dissapered

    YTHFH2O marioYTHFH2O mario29 dagar sedan
  • 4:46 4:47

    Qosain ALIQosain ALIMånad sedan
  • The rainy nic affectively decay because trout enthrallingly place modulo a curvy radar. scientific, chief bread

    Vo Tuan TuVo Tuan TuMånad sedan
  • bro , why didn't the blood dusted away

    Daniel GamingDaniel GamingMånad sedan
  • U thought pewds will spend 5 million in an AD!!!!, 😂😂😂

    Anirudh SinghAnirudh SinghMånad sedan
  • I'm just gonna say that the Japanese in here is actually correct!

    Matryoshka-ChanMatryoshka-ChanMånad sedan
  • Ther is gona be one more oprtunaty piwds cocelon

    3 mushketers but in minecraft3 mushketers but in minecraftMånad sedan
  • Exactly

    ArchArchMånad sedan
  • Imma right this down

    Joshua BraedenJoshua BraedenMånad sedan

    RandomTalkAnimationsRandomTalkAnimationsMånad sedan
  • What brands should say: WRITE THAT DOWN What they do say: Haha lol look at the poor lil memers

    Specimen 42Specimen 42Månad sedan
  • they actually made a banner that said sub to pewdiepie

    Jessica PerezJessica PerezMånad sedan
  • 2:47 the camartial

    Rachel B.official. artsRachel B.official. artsMånad sedan
  • One of the coolest ads was the jontron crossover for flextape. im not a flextape fan but the fact that they understood internet culture and did it with jontron was progressive

    Parham DavoodiParham DavoodiMånad sedan
  • But what happened or what they did t series won . This is the truth

    Black LaundaBlack LaundaMånad sedan
  • P

    unhappy_lenoxunhappy_lenoxMånad sedan
  • the commercial was amazing but da deaths were a bit disturbing

    mohammad bin sultanmohammad bin sultanMånad sedan
  • When PewDiePie pulled the gfuel out of his robe I thought it was a fleshlight

    Caleb SmithCaleb SmithMånad sedan
  • that was gorry

    Andy KeshishyanAndy KeshishyanMånad sedan
  • This Is Live: !Important!

    Amor ReyesAmor ReyesMånad sedan
  • Anybody got 5Million to put on tv No...

    Schwark GamingSchwark GamingMånad sedan
  • 25,000+ people wanted to get owned by Wilfurtality.

    Dona NasolDona NasolMånad sedan
  • wow. that ending was disturbing . nice video tho

    gopal thirugopal thiru2 månader sedan
  • The way he said JJs last name though. If you know you know

    Nicholas TomlinsonNicholas Tomlinson2 månader sedan
  • WTF!!! The snap was a nintendo switch snap!!!!

    Dope gamingDope gaming2 månader sedan
  • Wilber: a small price to pay for salvation Also Wilber: fricken murders them and snaps them away

  • Except pewdiepie didn't defeat T series so factually incorrect. Idk why everyone's against T series so much truth is its an Indian youtube and India has one of the highest populations globally. T series is very renowned in India.

    Prerna KapoorPrerna Kapoor2 månader sedan
  • steve in smash amirite

    Travis YangTravis Yang2 månader sedan
  • i think your imaginary pewdepie ad should start of with instead of a clap u here: my name is jeff. when it is black lol i just think its funny

    Djmini YtDjmini Yt2 månader sedan
  • Stfu

    Edward NygmaEdward Nygma2 månader sedan
  • Thought this would be about the Spongebob Sweet Victory disappointment.

    Domin8or02Domin8or022 månader sedan

    ItsFouadItsFouad2 månader sedan
  • Never again a miss chance PewDiePie vs cocomelons add???

  • 1:28 Like Steve from Minecraft in Super Smash Bros.

    Bryce LivingstonBryce Livingston2 månader sedan
  • What about the Mr. peanut crossover with Kool-Aid man

    A_BOY’S VideosA_BOY’S Videos2 månader sedan
  • you should be a marketing expert.

    Arturo RougeArturo Rouge2 månader sedan

    Phantom StrikerPhantom Striker2 månader sedan
  • Damn man. It took 5 million dollars and I still didn't give a shit.

    Nic NacNic Nac2 månader sedan
  • Never heard or seen that advertisement not once but just this time from that animation.

    12 Ri12 Ri3 månader sedan
  • Or just get me beast and pewds

    Sharkboy 9231Sharkboy 92313 månader sedan
  • until pewdiepie hit 200 million

    Satsang PatelSatsang Patel3 månader sedan
  • 2:48 whats the music from?

    cantsolvesudokuscantsolvesudokus3 månader sedan
  • Where’s the wilfurtality

    Nightmare KingNightmare King3 månader sedan
  • I rewatched this.. and thought, "Hey, Andrei should be a businessman."

    Hyun XPHyun XP3 månader sedan
  • I rewatched this.. and thought, "Hey, Andre should be a businessman."

    Hyun XPHyun XP3 månader sedan
  • gamer supps are better

    iplayterraria 21iplayterraria 213 månader sedan
  • everyone vs cocomelon and t series

    skitsophreniaskitsophrenia3 månader sedan
  • "T-Series are defeated" 2020:T-Series has more subs

    MattTheAdventurerMattTheAdventurer3 månader sedan
  • Hulking T-Series vs. G-Fuel powered Pewdiepie Who would win

    Lotadex mobileLotadex mobile3 månader sedan
  • It’s a master peacekeeping

    RedSpider7RedSpider73 månader sedan
  • ejem ejem, cocomelon

    Andrés CuadraAndrés Cuadra3 månader sedan
  • I still have not subbed to pewDiePie

    herpsrusherpsrus3 månader sedan
  • I am compelled to buy g fuel

    Dog car The musicalDog car The musical3 månader sedan
  • Andrei create merch

    Nuutti SandgrenNuutti Sandgren3 månader sedan
  • Nah

    Mohammed jawad play’sMohammed jawad play’s3 månader sedan
  • GFuel lead intensifies

    ItsATurtleItsATurtle3 månader sedan
  • We are gonna destroy T series

    Juan GutierrezJuan Gutierrez3 månader sedan
    • And we still are

      Juan GutierrezJuan Gutierrez3 månader sedan
  • Fun fact they actually made the commercial

    lizz gachatuberlizz gachatuber3 månader sedan

    liad morleviliad morlevi3 månader sedan
  • Plot twist Wilfer was a hitman the whole time

    Lisa TappLisa Tapp3 månader sedan
  • Honestly, it’s pretty good that Pewdiepie didn’t do that ad because his lost would be that much harsher

    Scottish but AmericanScottish but American3 månader sedan
  • I kid you not I got a Pepsi ad for this video.

    Evan KauffmanEvan Kauffman3 månader sedan
  • Man that ad was greit fir serius

    endino gamingendino gaming3 månader sedan
  • I am a indian but i laughed ao hard at tha PewDiePie commercial

    Girija JakkulaGirija Jakkula3 månader sedan
  • It's not the advertising companies looking down on us It's just that they r literally two different demographics Even people who use the internet frequently don't know PewDiePie It would never get popular let alone spend ridiculous amount of money for an ad in a sports not watched worldwide (to a large extent) compared to football, basketball, or cricket

    Dhakshith R.TDhakshith R.T3 månader sedan
  • Ah yes,more marketing and ads

    Tarik HatićTarik Hatić3 månader sedan
  • Just like Phil Swift’s “THAT’S A LOT OF DAMAGE”

    BoomerMan69BoomerMan693 månader sedan
  • I don't think guts come out of people's faces,idk,just a GUT feeling

    ivan Philipivan Philip3 månader sedan
  • They should’ve let wilfur do the snap

    melissanfariesmelissanfaries3 månader sedan
  • 1:04 I am gonna sound a bit peti but everyone expected an avengers film

    super vegitosuper vegito3 månader sedan
  • What if i marketed and didnt know that i marketed well

    AaronyAarony3 månader sedan
  • You need to pay over 5 million dollars just to get 10 seconds in a Super Bowl commercial. Even if you pay that much, you still probably won’t get approved to even have the commercial. And you can’t be offending T Series in a public commercial. Plus, most people that watch the super bowl aren’t just going to subscribe to him because they saw the commercial. They are older people. It’s just not worth it. It’s way too much for way too little.

    Hunter SporHunter Spor3 månader sedan
  • The commercials were better than the superbowl last year. SB54 was a great game with lackluster commercials though

    EGA 1022EGA 10223 månader sedan
  • 2:26 Pewdiepie is chad confirmed???

    Actual TrashActual Trash3 månader sedan
  • lets do it whis cocomelon instead 2:44 and also put sive as a stand lets see if it works

    Pas FayPas Fay3 månader sedan
  • Like sans joining smash

    Julian OomensJulian Oomens4 månader sedan
  • Actually the sound track in 2:50 is copy righted to Egyptian tv it's a theme from an 80th movie.

    Ramy BohairyRamy Bohairy4 månader sedan
  • 1:16 Aerosmith Ya mean Lil'Bomber JK, it's Aerosmith

    NGUYENBROS6NGUYENBROS64 månader sedan
  • That is the ad I wouldn't skip if its on youtube

    Icez gameZIcez gameZ4 månader sedan
  • I think PewDiePie would not have been able to go viral as well as the fact PewDiePie was over shadowed a while a go

    Death rush DragonDeath rush Dragon4 månader sedan
  • The main stream companies could not possibly do that, because they will immediately hurt their chances in Indian market which if you see would have hurt them a lot more.

    Weird ThoughtsWeird Thoughts4 månader sedan
  • mrbeast in 2021 buys all the superbowl ads to promote pewdiepie

    yeah boiyeah boi4 månader sedan
  • THEY DID IT. GFUEL MADE THAT AD. SEARCH IT UP "GFUEL PEWDIEPIE AD" But they didn't make it in time for the super bowl.

    Kai AnguloKai Angulo4 månader sedan
    • apparently they had an advertising deal with him as of January 2019

      EGA 1022EGA 10224 månader sedan
  • No brain: using influencers for ads Small brain: using mucisians for ads Big brain: using Keeanu Reeves for ads Gigantic brain: using Pewdiepie for ads But they go for the people that post pictures of themselves on instagram anyway even though noone cares about them.

    Eh Meh SmehEh Meh Smeh4 månader sedan
  • Andrei: marketing is about crossovers Doom crossing eternal horizons: unholy laughs*

    Master ChiefMaster Chief4 månader sedan
  • the brands probably didn't do that because ot would show that they thought of t series as a villian and would drive their sales down in India. India has a population of over a billion

    DC ComicsDC Comics4 månader sedan