Rhett Sings "Link Is Awesome" (ANIMATED)

27 jan 2018
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Rhett makes up a song about why Link is awesome. And I animated it.
Original video: seworld.info/will/e7LcyrPYjXuiymA/video
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  • 0:56 Link is like, *”say that again, and i will slice your neck open”*

    dead_fishyydead_fishyy3 månader sedan
  • I love dis

    dead_fishyydead_fishyy3 månader sedan
  • Lol gateemmmmmmmm

    No OneNo One4 månader sedan
  • Caption author ᴎ

    gamergamer4 månader sedan
  • Link is awesome don't get it twisted 👌

    ReneRoberto FloresReneRoberto Flores5 månader sedan
  • Tis a really awesome vid!

    valencia pandavillvalencia pandavill6 månader sedan
  • Link had shaggy hair when Rhett sang it

    That one dude who sucksThat one dude who sucks8 månader sedan
  • And the only one on the couch...

    Rocket CatJ24Rocket CatJ248 månader sedan
  • I remember watching this video just before you blew up, and loving it just as much as I do now

    •*baby baka*••*baby baka*•11 månader sedan
  • I don't know why it got recommended. But I've watched it about 20 times already

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  • this is the cutest thing i've ever seen

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  • True beauty

    MerpKatMerpKatÅr sedan
  • Omg so cute i am melting

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  • I see you were a man of culture as well

    Babyccino AuBabyccino AuÅr sedan
  • Adorable. OwO

    Jung HoseokJung HoseokÅr sedan
  • Key word: Catharsis

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  • Little links my favorite part

    That guy:59 Just guyThat guy:59 Just guyÅr sedan
  • I loved it

    The MeThe MeÅr sedan
  • Omg!!!! The last videos that you made of them is amazing!!! Please keep doing small scenes of them, it makes my day!! Lol 😂

    Vania San CristobalVania San CristobalÅr sedan
  • Andrei you are so awesome

    xydoitxydoitÅr sedan
  • I love these

    Hannah YokoyamaHannah YokoyamaÅr sedan
  • Andrei You’re so great You’re the coolest guy on the internet Whose name is Andrei Terbea

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  • Why would Rhett agree to do this

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  • How did they get Rhett to do this omg I can’t stop watching this right now is like my 5th time boi

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  • Omg this is amazinggg ahhhhhh soooo cutteeeeee

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  • That’s sooo cutee

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  • keep- *LINK*

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  • Do more plz. Like for him to see.

    Anonymous Diamond painter!Anonymous Diamond painter!År sedan
  • *puts knife to neck* keep. Singing.

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  • Thats gay bro

    MCA StudiosMCA StudiosÅr sedan
  • no idea who you are or where you came from but i just sae this and subscribed

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  • I thought it was gonna be like link from legend of zelda

    Dad BodDad BodÅr sedan

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  • Reminds me of an adventure Time song 😂😂

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  • I love this

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  • Super!

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  • I love this so much. So cute

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  • 0:0 to 1:41 is soo cute and my favorite part

    #girl squadd#girl squadd2 år sedan
  • 0:16 Soo cutee

    #girl squadd#girl squadd2 år sedan
  • I like how it looks like it’s on lined paper

    Olivia DiandaOlivia Dianda2 år sedan
  • so beautiful

    J B TamangJ B Tamang2 år sedan
    • ya

      J B TamangJ B Tamang2 år sedan
  • I loooove Rhett and Link.. especially the old songs. Perfect Bathroom Trip is the BEST!!😍

    Epic BunnyEpic Bunny2 år sedan
  • I found your channel because of your video about Shane Dawson changing the collab formula. And I've fallen down a rabbit hole of scrolling through your videos! I really appreciated your video about "exposure" being BULLSHIT. Love your content happy new subscriber :)

    briana busebriana buse2 år sedan
  • I love!

    Helen Betty AnnHelen Betty Ann2 år sedan
  • I love the art style

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  • I actually love these animations they are so cuteeeee And they look so professional like and animation u would see on tv like everyday 😂❤️

    Keisha xKeisha x2 år sedan
  • im dead oml XD

    Stuart BaaskeStuart Baaske2 år sedan
  • This is gr8

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  • wow

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  • Please more of this! Love Rhett & Link!!!

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  • Wow pewds youve got some talent.

    Adam AlaksharAdam Alakshar2 år sedan
  • This is how I discoverd this channel and it’s amazing

    Liams ClanLiams Clan2 år sedan
  • Is his guitar a ukulele because there is only 4 strings duh

    DoomsDayDoomsDay2 år sedan
  • Can’t believe you’re the same guy. Knew I recognized you when I saw ur vid about KSI and Logan

    ali sali s2 år sedan
  • how did I end up here 😂😂😂😂

    Marwa RamadanMarwa Ramadan2 år sedan
  • ok that's the cutest thing. I really hope R&L see it

    Anna Does ThingsAnna Does Things2 år sedan
  • 0:15 is so cute it is a tiny link

    Isabella Connors (STUDENT)Isabella Connors (STUDENT)2 år sedan
  • I love how cute this is

    Tony nguyenTony nguyen2 år sedan
  • i dont know why but this animation just warms my heart hatsoff to andrei

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  • Kawaii. I thought it was Thomas Rhett at first 🤗

    sucrésucré2 år sedan
  • Oh my gosh I love this. It’s just adorable.

    WolfMoon 5123WolfMoon 51232 år sedan
  • I love GMM , haha, that was awesome!

    MirelaMirela2 år sedan
  • That's why you never give Link a knife

    jEnNiEjEnNiE2 år sedan
  • That spider man shirt tho 😹

    GooseGoose2 år sedan
  • In the video he has long hair not his short hair

    random person on the Internetrandom person on the Internet2 år sedan
  • Who ever is singing that.is an angel

    x XAnimeMemezKingzX xx XAnimeMemezKingzX x2 år sedan
  • The Link from Zelda is much better.

    Conding Mohammad Jamzin R.Conding Mohammad Jamzin R.2 år sedan
  • The small link in the big shirt got me

    Filthymudhole %Filthymudhole %2 år sedan
  • Holy crap Link you try to kill Rhett!

    Gold Loving Pirate LeoGold Loving Pirate Leo2 år sedan
  • This animation is simply MYTHICAL!

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  • do u like comments?

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  • Love this!!!

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  • This was so cute

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  • Sent this to GMM !

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  • * casually looks for Gmm’s comment *

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  • Sooooo... guessing your a GMM fan...

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  • Link the smol bean XDDD

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  • This might be the best video on youtube.

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  • no link just no

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  • So adorable 🙂

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  • Good vid! Keep up the good work

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  • 0:16 That is amazing.

    woahwoah2 år sedan
  • 0:58 So Freaking Kawaii!~

    David NealDavid Neal2 år sedan
  • they look so cute XD

    Misty StarzVAMisty StarzVA2 år sedan
  • The harmonising makes this song for me.

    yaicob.comyaicob.com2 år sedan
  • Link without beard on this animated video looks like a 7 years old kid. Haha!

    Johan RayamajhiJohan Rayamajhi2 år sedan
  • Omg link is animated so cutely \(^-^)/

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  • Yayyy my favorite youtuber

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  • Just great animation

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  • your videos are so worth bags under my eyes it’s 4am :(:

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  • Rhett looks frustrated lol

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  • Is this an animated series, if not it should be...

    Jonathan MunizJonathan Muniz2 år sedan
  • hilarious XD

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  • I love Rhett and Link so much, and this video makes me love them more!

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  • More views than the original

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  • I lovee rhett and link

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  • But they are both great. Right

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  • When he put the knife to his neck I laughed so hard

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  • So cute

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