Debunking Can you make ICE in a microwave? Debunking Fake Videos Ann Reardon 2021

12 feb 2021
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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. In this episode I am testing viral hacks and recipes from tiktok, facebook and youtube to see if they are real or fake. Debunking and exposing the truth to entertain and educate a generation about checking if your source of information is trustworthy. This week we look at ratat, taste made and 5 minute crafts. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.
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  • I reversed the polarity of my phone screen, and now the hacks are debunking me

    Katherine DobbsKatherine Dobbs12 dagar sedan
    • L

      Kenzie StewartKenzie Stewart2 timmar sedan
    • @How To Cook That hi

      Eric ChenEric Chen6 timmar sedan
    • @How To Cook That eater

      Janeisha WootenJaneisha Wooten23 timmar sedan
    • @Kaitou SpAidom yes and no family friendly but on adult side of SEworld

      worst gamer everworst gamer everDag sedan
    • But is your channel made for kids ???? 😮😮😮 I'm just asking but I'm not a hater and I'm only 12

      Kaitou SpAidomKaitou SpAidomDag sedan
  • Petition for Ann to make a series on baking for intolerances (gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free, etc.)🙋🏻‍♀️ It’s definitely a whole other art form in of itself 🤪

    soiung toiuesoiung toiue33 minuter sedan
    • The Bundt cake one wasn’t bad, just use less frosting (cause the drips from first attempt looked good). Also, who uses that much icing anyways?

      soiung toiuesoiung toiue32 minuter sedan
  • 85% of cost for video = waffle iron skittles and m&m’s Other 15% = premium on Dave’s dental plan.

    ZombieNationLTDZombieNationLTD57 minuter sedan
  • When the video was half over and we hadn’t seen Dave yet I’d thought that the debunking food videos had finally sent him off the island.

    ZombieNationLTDZombieNationLTDTimme sedan
  • girl you legit got me with that slime in the cup thing for half a second, I can't believe HTCT lied to me

    Flying BoomboxFlying BoomboxTimme sedan
  • Dave is such a good sport! Happy Wedding Anniversary ☺️

    Katie BKatie BTimme sedan
  • Some of them are tricksters. Thank you for this. Some of these channels should stop spreading wrong hacks

  • With the drip cake I just wonder why anyone would want to do it your doing more work for yourself you can of course use the chocolate syrup or if you really want to make it you can just make a chocolate ganache very easily (I assume)

    Kayliegh's KornerKayliegh's KornerTimme sedan
  • Those channels are prank channels. The audience tries the prank, and suffers a loss. This encourages the victim to victimize others by sharing & recommending the prank video. Truly YT should require disclaimers, or else be legally & financially responsible? These videos should have been demonetized from the start & the channels banned?

    KonFessKonFess2 timmar sedan
  • Lol Thank for this. 5 minutes Crap I mean craft is a click bait. It doesn't even work

  • This was really fun. Thanks!

    Star1412Star14122 timmar sedan
  • I love your debunking videos can you do more...............

    Khamaria NoreigaKhamaria Noreiga2 timmar sedan
  • Congratulations on 25 years of marriage you two are such a cute couple and thanks Dave for being such a trooper tasting all the weird concoctions!!

    daichitenskidaichitenski2 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for showing us these things... And dave is a great person like you..

    Marlon CollomMarlon Collom2 timmar sedan
  • Happy late anniversary and thank you for debunking bc when I was 6 tried some of these and got disappointed and now I'm four years later I see the truth

    Arielle AtkinsonArielle Atkinson2 timmar sedan
  • the frozen one i was wrong

    Ap TelaAp Tela2 timmar sedan
  • Honestly it would be more entertaining if 5 minute craft showed us the backstage vi3w of how they make their videos

    kaay dankaay dan3 timmar sedan
  • Maybe they used cheap icecream? I bought some once and oddly I thought, why didn't this melt over night, it was still foamy, looked normal but it was warm... Worst icecream I'd ever had

    PhonoticalPhonotical3 timmar sedan
  • The Bundt cake one wasn’t bad, just use less frosting (cause the drips from first attempt looked good). Also, who uses that much icing anyways?

    Bekaloo SpeakzyBekaloo Speakzy4 timmar sedan
  • Honestly who are they even fooling with the M&Ms? They don't just suddenly become waffle batter lmao

    MiddayDrawsMiddayDraws4 timmar sedan
  • @HTCT how can I prevent chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom of my cake? I tried mixing them in flour, but it didn’t work. Please help!!

    RoaaBáRoaaBá5 timmar sedan
  • Where is My *"Favorite people"* list . I love her so much 🤣💙💙💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💗💗💗

  • who else wonders what she does with all the extra cake

    SweetPeachplayz #peachforeverSweetPeachplayz #peachforever6 timmar sedan
  • First time I've seen your channel. Love your calming voice and you debunking is making me happy! Thank you to your hubby, the hero for actually eating that stuff lol

    Give It A Go Baking with AmyGive It A Go Baking with Amy6 timmar sedan
  • Ann: "oh dear, I'll just try to cover that with a little bit of chocolate" Me: I do that too! Me: welcome to my channel

    Give It A Go Baking with AmyGive It A Go Baking with Amy6 timmar sedan
  • SEworld is only concerned with money nothing else. If your video has 10 million views they would let you eat children.

    D.E. WatersD.E. Waters6 timmar sedan
  • Making ice in he microwave by reversing the polarity is the kind of stupidity that guys do in tabletop sessions of dungeons and dragons

    AmalviplsAmalvipls7 timmar sedan
  • lol, poor Dave.

    CWWRavenbbCWWRavenbb8 timmar sedan
  • I really thought something happened at 9:13 😂

    Mia MMia M8 timmar sedan
  • Losing my faith in SEworld contents right now

    Piotr John GapacanPiotr John Gapacan8 timmar sedan
  • 9:20 putting things in a microwave and it turns slimy, hmmm where have i seen that before? Wish i have a time machine so i can find out where ive seen that idea

    Benjamin LeeBenjamin Lee9 timmar sedan
  • I once made 2 types of ice in microwave. I just left one in the microwave in someplace cold like the freezer, snow, cold winter or places with below freezing point. It works well. Then I tried the other one. I don't have meth or cocaine and am no meth head or coke head. So I don't know.

    Vui VuiVui Vui9 timmar sedan
  • Those fake life hack channels are annoying af I have my 2 little brothers running around the house doing these pointless “life hacks” then being disappointed

    Guard your HeartGuard your Heart9 timmar sedan
  • This is what you call entertainment!

    Noob SquadNoob Squad10 timmar sedan
  • The shoe hack is just teaching you how to waste shoes

    BrightStarBrightStar10 timmar sedan
  • I like that term, RUBBISH

    Josh ArtzzJosh Artzz11 timmar sedan
  • 👀

    Zethra KageZethra Kage11 timmar sedan
  • Why such channels are allowed to exist in a era where the so called fake news is said to be needed to be fighted?

    L SilvaL Silva11 timmar sedan
  • Not gonna lie, I would devour that M&M-chocolate monstrosity with only a little bit of shame

    Elice RebeccahElice Rebeccah12 timmar sedan
  • For the first one my mom melted some chocolate in a bowl and poured it on the cake. It looked pretty good though

    Luckycia KharlongLuckycia Kharlong12 timmar sedan
  • When you make millions being the 5 minute craft buster.

    Black SnowBlack Snow12 timmar sedan
  • If people understood how microwaves worked, or how freezing happens, or what goes on when you burn a candle, they wouldn’t fall for these “hacks” at all. The science required to understand all of these is covered in most high school physics or chemistry classes.

    Catherine ChangCatherine Chang13 timmar sedan
  • oh.. yes, 5 minute messes. I myself personally think any misleading video that poses a danger should have a warning and not be monetized.

    HurricaneliveHurricanelive13 timmar sedan
  • Happy 25 years!

    Joe MommaJoe Momma13 timmar sedan
  • *pulls out a chunk of burned sugar “Let’s get Dave to taste this!”

    Crunchy WaterCrunchy Water14 timmar sedan
  • Why would anyone believe that you can make ice in a microwave it makes stuff hotter not freeze

    Meme LordMeme Lord14 timmar sedan
  • this woman ruined her new waffle maker multiple times for us

    browniescloudbrowniescloud15 timmar sedan
  • Jesus bless you! HE IS LORD! ❤️

    Katie PotaskyKatie Potasky15 timmar sedan
  • It's not just Hacks! Troom show videos about "Pregnancy problems" and in one, a pregnant woman eats RAW Bacon. That's bad.. and a healthrisk.

    Zaihao LightsbaneZaihao Lightsbane15 timmar sedan
  • .

    talkingpurplecameratalkingpurplecamera16 timmar sedan
  • ann ur insane for going through this for every one of these videos and i love it

    lauralaura16 timmar sedan
  • 123 go

    Liz S.Liz S.16 timmar sedan
  • 10:00 That ice cream scoop, left in the freezer & half buried inside the ice cream, gives me anxiety.

    Eddie GEddie G16 timmar sedan
  • I just had a thought: 🕯🧊 Would floating tea lights last longer in ice water vs room temp? That way, it stays cold as long as the water is cold (and you can always add ice and salt). I actually think that might work as the shells are usually metal and that might keep the wax from liquefying too fast (ex TKOR 1000 candles test).

    Emily FogertyEmily Fogerty16 timmar sedan
  • I mean you can take creases out of leather with oil... Neats foot oil.... ON Veg-tan leather... But not on Chrome-tan Leather (which is what most sneakers are made from)

    DarkeklawDarkeklaw16 timmar sedan
  • Happy anniversary to you and Dave!!

    Lucinda KLucinda K17 timmar sedan
  • Im really glad I found your channel, saved me $$ by not trying bs food hacks. Your channel is great.

    Allen HookAllen Hook17 timmar sedan
  • I like her food better....yea

    Dayanna GrimaldoDayanna Grimaldo17 timmar sedan
  • The butter one said 24 hours not two it wouldn’t have worked anyway but I just wanted to tell you idk why

    Lucy And friends and izzyLucy And friends and izzy17 timmar sedan
  • I reversed the polarity on my microwave and put the waffle iron with skittles in it. All it made was my mom angry. But the fire department apeared like magic.

    YogurtSpikesYogurtSpikes17 timmar sedan
  • When she said she was married for 25 years, I was shook. She doesn't look a day over 25 herself. Welp, I'm glad for her. I also wish to make "magic" waffles, so bye.

    Flaming Star SoraFlaming Star Sora17 timmar sedan
  • How did you meet Dave? Love you guys😍

    Transformations ClothingCoTransformations ClothingCo17 timmar sedan
  • My kids watch this fake stuff all the time and me thinking it's good and happy they are getting smarter meanwhile there not and even in some cases putting there health in danger!!

    Transformations ClothingCoTransformations ClothingCo18 timmar sedan
  • They actually put waffle mix in the m&ms...that would work more so

    R DuddlyR Duddly18 timmar sedan
  • I cant believe how much fame stuff is out there, I'm so thankful that's you are taking your time to educate the public you are a blessing from God!🙏❤

    Transformations ClothingCoTransformations ClothingCo18 timmar sedan
  • Dang brand new waffle maker

    Breanna FountainBreanna Fountain18 timmar sedan
  • 7:21 what more could you want from a lifehack?

    ChazaqielChazaqiel18 timmar sedan
  • I always enjoy your debunking videos, Anne. 😊

    Katie Alice GamerKatie Alice Gamer18 timmar sedan
  • E

    carmencarmen18 timmar sedan
  • 11:42 watch in 0.25x or 0.5x speed notice that the right hand is closed. throughout the magic trick, he is transferring each fishbowl hand-to-hand and not via air. Edit: I can't type type all of them coz a lot things happening.

    Typhoon NamikazeTyphoon Namikaze18 timmar sedan
  • At this point this is just confusing

    YeetchengYeetcheng19 timmar sedan
  • 12:32 cmon. Even if it rises sugar burns

    YeetchengYeetcheng19 timmar sedan
  • You can’t make freezer microwave. Microwaves heat up things by exiting water molecules. There’s no way to un-exite water. It’s like you can boil an egg but you can’t unboil it

    YeetchengYeetcheng19 timmar sedan
  • the m&MS you did wrong they put waffle batter and m&ms in and you just did m&ms and it didn't work. I wonder why?

    *iTs STill ME* V-i-P*iTs STill ME* V-i-P19 timmar sedan
  • Can you do the old recipes again

    Its_Dubstep_Couch_PotatoIts_Dubstep_Couch_Potato19 timmar sedan
  • as fun as they are wasteful

    hi therehi there19 timmar sedan
  • 14:21 very brave using the front teeth, that made me cringe

    GozerayeGozeraye19 timmar sedan
  • As far as putting something wet in the freezer...freeze drying IS a thing, but it doesn't work the way they show, and it takes quite a bit longer than 2 hours.

    StormsparkStormspark19 timmar sedan
  • When using alternating current, as all microwave ovens do, there is no reversing the polarity. Drying the notebook in a freezer does work, but it's definitely not something that works on a practical time scale. What we commonly call "freezer burn" is actually our food dehydrating while frozen. Cody'sLab demonstrates doing this with a whole orange, using a household freezer.

    Kaiser SoseKaiser Sose19 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for these videos! You should start a channel on rumble.

    DIY everythingDIY everything19 timmar sedan
  • OK, you CAN make ice in a microwave, as long as you have a freezer big enough for the microwave to fit into. Place microwave, unplugged into freezer. Place water into microwave. Close doors and come back next day. ICE!

    azzir325azzir32519 timmar sedan
  • I thought all waffle makers had to be spun

    RyannRyann20 timmar sedan
  • I love your vids

    Emy DíazEmy Díaz20 timmar sedan
  • I’m glad that SEworld recommended me two weeks ago and now I’m subscribing for this channel

    mobin rahmanmobin rahman20 timmar sedan
  • Somebody explain to me why people would believe you can make ICE IN THE MICROWAVE?🤦🏽‍♀️

    Iniyah —Iniyah —20 timmar sedan
  • Can you try out Tasty’s food recipes? Supposedly those actually work

    Ahstia SummersAhstia Summers20 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Michael MurphyMichael Murphy20 timmar sedan
  • obviously the shoe and butter one didn’t work for you because you’re supposed to use lighter butter.

    theory 、theory 、20 timmar sedan
  • Anne should really teach some baking classes or lessons for us

    Kezuki ValentineKezuki Valentine21 timme sedan
  • I congratulate you on your wedding anniversary. Your videos are just amasing. I don't even like to cook, but I like to watch them. If you put a wet notebook under a press and dry it there, it will be much better.

    Ivan IvanovIvan Ivanov21 timme sedan
  • These people really just wanna lie about making “perfect” food creations that cut corners, but just remember, they buy double the ingredients, the dud they try to “cheat” and the real one that they use after the first one they do doesn’t work. I feel great satisfaction that they wasted money on hacks that no one believes in :3

    Mike RotchMike Rotch21 timme sedan
  • Why does she look different in every debunking video?

    Lil 002Lil 00221 timme sedan
  • 22:35 😢

    Anonymes AnonymesAnonymes Anonymes21 timme sedan
  • You can *easily* turn a few spoonfuls of dirt into the most delicious fried shrimp balls, thanks to a little secret with microwaves! Just press 1, 2, until 0. Then, scream the food you want, and press the "on" button. In only a few seconds, you'll see that you now have a plate full of fried shrimp balls! Thank me later! (This is a joke, please don't try this!)

    『Komachi』『Komachi』21 timme sedan
  • I love how she just basically says in the calmest voice "your content is fake and it completely sucks, just stop"

    ClawsOverGamesClawsOverGames21 timme sedan
  • The 1st one doesn't look like Lindor balls to me, they seem more like the Thornton caramel balls, which are less creamy and probably would melt more like this. But neither look like that if you cut them in half, so I have no idea.

    jakerockznoodlesjakerockznoodles22 timmar sedan
  • The dislikes are 5minute crafts, So Yummy, troom troom and everyone

    CucumberMarbleSødaCucumberMarbleSøda22 timmar sedan
  • 20:52 even though it is messy I see some good potential to make some good Halloween or Christmas decoration you should take full advantage of this. and see what you can do with it, I would surely love to see it.

    WhiteShadow13ytWhiteShadow13yt22 timmar sedan
  • The poor waffle Maker 😢

    MellainiaMellainia22 timmar sedan
  • Nice Video

    MellainiaMellainia22 timmar sedan