Why You Can't Handstand | 3 Big Mistakes

3 okt 2017
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The handstand is an impressive skill that demonstrates a high level of strength, balance, and control…
But, as you may know, this skill can be a difficult to master!
You’ve tried kicking up into it…
Going against the wall…
And you still can’t get a solid handstand.
This can get pretty discouraging… I know the feeling.
Over the years, we picked up some incredible handstand shortcuts and little known mistakes from professional acrobats & gymnasts.
Odds are if you haven’t mastered your handstand than you are making at least one of these 3 mistakes…
Start to fix these handstand mistakes and you will see some serious progress with your handstand.
Also know that this skill is one that takes time and dedication. Aim to practice your handstand 10-15 minutes 5 days a week.
Patience & consistent training is key for mastery of this skill.
To your handstand success,
Tapp Brothers

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  • ... I did hold the handsand for 14sec by luck and I can't do it again most 1-5 secs only dang it... Help meeeee and been practising 1 month and half

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