deadly hunter floridian predator thirst for blood HD 4k nat geo raw [[EXPLICIT]]]

12 apr 2018
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upgraded my computer and decided to make a quick video

  • What type of bts is it

    XL OrnareXL Ornare10 timmar sedan
  • What type of lizard is it?

    Joshua SantosJoshua Santos15 timmar sedan
  • Show this to vegetarians who think we disturb the natural order by eating other animals

    PeterPeterDag sedan
  • A snake with arms

    Uptalk1Uptalk1Dag sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂y'all are funny, nice edits

    William AtkinsonWilliam Atkinson2 dagar sedan
  • He was disrepected when the worm took a 💩 in front of him.. He needed to be thought a lesson befor death!!!

    Kirk CallenderKirk Callender2 dagar sedan
  • If I was this worm, put in this box, see this giant whatever, I'd been taking a shit too!

    tennisbumtennisbum3 dagar sedan
  • Bruh

    Justin Y.Justin Y.3 dagar sedan
  • A blue tounge lizard cool I didn't even know you could get them in the US are they expensive?

    Sean HylandSean Hyland4 dagar sedan
  • I laughed way too fucking hard at this video

    MackenzieMackenzie5 dagar sedan
  • i think it's pooping

    Fang SenseiFang Sensei5 dagar sedan
  • Can y’all please make more videos like this!!

    A Michael NordenA Michael Norden5 dagar sedan
  • Part of the ship part of the crew

    Alpha Kenny bodyAlpha Kenny body5 dagar sedan
  • “Is it dead yet you fucking idiot”😂🔫

    Noe GonzalezNoe Gonzalez5 dagar sedan
  • wormkind: stop this or you'll pay for it...

    Soumya MukherjeeSoumya Mukherjee5 dagar sedan
  • What kind of lizard is this?

    Anthony YannottaAnthony Yannotta5 dagar sedan
  • "shut up he is trying to kill it man" BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

    CellLeMagnifiqueCellLeMagnifique5 dagar sedan
  • "I think he's taking a shit" YOU SQUEEZED HIM TOO MUCH BYE 😭✋

    Kusso CanKusso Can5 dagar sedan
  • Is that an Australian blue tongue lizard

    Peter SaxbyPeter Saxby5 dagar sedan
  • Well this is weird bob ross episode

    Emily ThomsonEmily Thomson6 dagar sedan
  • "Shut up its really dramatic" Anime music plays*

    W A T E RW A T E R6 dagar sedan

    Carrian LeungCarrian Leung6 dagar sedan
  • Thats what you get for pooping in front of the predator, you worm. You humiliated it. You hurt its pride and honor

    kirizaki nobukirizaki nobu6 dagar sedan
  • is he a blue tun lizerd 🦎

    Dorito.Dorito.6 dagar sedan
  • This was much funnier than i expected

    TyroneNddTyroneNdd7 dagar sedan
  • From the thumbnail it looked as if an alligator is eating a toddler and his legs are out

    Sanjeet SahaySanjeet Sahay7 dagar sedan
  • It tries to eat your hand faster than it tries to eat the worm!

    AndrewAndrew8 dagar sedan
  • I think he's a little lazy

    NighthawkNighthawk8 dagar sedan

    Kinzoku BattoKinzoku Batto8 dagar sedan
  • Final 😂😂😂

    M ShoukathM Shoukath8 dagar sedan
  • É assim que se transmite os vírus tipo covide 19 não compre animais selvagens deixem na natureza.

    Ricardo TebonRicardo Tebon8 dagar sedan
  • Ive seen this video constantly, is this the original?

    Pip TartsPip Tarts8 dagar sedan
  • this is more torture than it is a feeding

    1025killer151025killer158 dagar sedan
  • I get confused with nature once in a while, life is so hard in the wild and this animal seems to be really picky.

    Eder MEder M8 dagar sedan
  • Hm isn’t that an alligator lizard

    Andrew JimenezAndrew Jimenez9 dagar sedan
    • Na this is a BT skink

      Some random personSome random person9 dagar sedan
  • It's an australian blue tounge lizard

    Richard MillerRichard Miller9 dagar sedan
  • A salamander ? Where did you find that ?

    Moise ZigoMoise Zigo9 dagar sedan
  • discord server please

    PheseantNetsukePheseantNetsuke9 dagar sedan
  • That was the funniest thing ever!!!!!!!

    Rossa MooneyRossa Mooney9 dagar sedan
  • your laugh makes the video annoying

    Deadly Snake YTDeadly Snake YT9 dagar sedan
  • I need this guy in my tomato garden. Hate those horn worms.

    JoJoZep ofthejungleJoJoZep ofthejungle9 dagar sedan
  • Lost chance of being a elegant cyan moth

    Janni NüssleinJanni Nüsslein9 dagar sedan
  • Panana blue tongue skink

    isma14isma149 dagar sedan
  • this is my favorite video on all of youtube :D has been for 2 years

    TrinsCabbageTrinsCabbage9 dagar sedan
  • Look at that killer instinct!

    Critical OptimistCritical Optimist10 dagar sedan
  • that lizard is really cute!

    Dameon OdleDameon Odle10 dagar sedan
  • That was fucking intense

    Andrew KeetonAndrew Keeton10 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 ass

    f o x c a t animationsf o x c a t animations10 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    Taño Y.Taño Y.10 dagar sedan
  • There should be more laughing emojis in this comments section, because this video was freaking hilarious I almost peed my pants laughing! 😆😂😆😂😆

    Valarie's RisingSunValarie's RisingSun10 dagar sedan
  • wasting all the juice from the worm

    whitebird77whitebird7710 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...That music made this shit funny as fucc!!!!!!

    Arkansas BoArkansas Bo10 dagar sedan
  • It was just wiping its butt before he eats it

    future jojofuture jojo11 dagar sedan
  • I need 1

    Pierre GreenPierre Green11 dagar sedan
  • Had to torture it first for shitting on its floor

    Ripper The Thunder GodRipper The Thunder God11 dagar sedan
  • When's part two coming out? 🤘😆

    Roach KilljoyRoach Killjoy11 dagar sedan
  • he is banging his head to the music beat

    ericeric11 dagar sedan
  • After the snail that plays with a carrot, comes the lizard that plays with the caterpillar.

    Darly SouzaDarly Souza11 dagar sedan
  • The worm was so scared that it pooped

    rodan_ytrodan_yt11 dagar sedan
  • 0:21 wut anime?

    ismail_ismail_12 dagar sedan
  • He scary the shit out of him

    Traun BrownTraun Brown12 dagar sedan
  • I’m 9

    NONameAGirlHas 7NONameAGirlHas 712 dagar sedan
  • I was like when he

    NONameAGirlHas 7NONameAGirlHas 712 dagar sedan
  • Worm takes massive shit. Lizard: so you have chosen death.

    Vergolia ElcompaVergolia Elcompa12 dagar sedan
  • You got a good laugh when you did that that was good good idiot thumbs up man

    yongyut nuengjarkjoiyongyut nuengjarkjoi12 dagar sedan
  • Very deadly 😂😂😂

  • this had me dead lmao

    GhustGhust12 dagar sedan
  • Why are you feeding sour crawlies to your argonian?

  • 🤣🤣 like a boss!

    The TaropistThe Taropist12 dagar sedan
  • Why does he bitw him and move him around waist of energy

    xxxrapper2.0xxxrapper2.012 dagar sedan
    • Probably trying to thrash it to death before swallowing

      st huist hui12 dagar sedan
  • Those horn worms look delicious

    Z BowzerZ Bowzer13 dagar sedan
  • my recommendations did not disapoint me

    nope . avinope . avi13 dagar sedan
  • Sound:pipo pipo

    James OngJames Ong13 dagar sedan
  • He got some nice art

    Wuts A bagelWuts A bagel13 dagar sedan
  • Good job. You did your best.

    Artist KalethegodArtist Kalethegod13 dagar sedan
  • For those looking for song --Serani Poji: Pipo Pipo

    AllBanAllBan13 dagar sedan
  • I continue to come back to this after seeing it months ago...and I still die laughing every time

    Night OwlNight Owl13 dagar sedan
  • November, still my fav. video.

    carlo downcarlo down13 dagar sedan
  • "Barty's first poop worm" Me: trust me it tastes good

    MeiBreydenMeiBreyden13 dagar sedan
  • I didn't think this video would be this fun

    Flicker R.Flicker R.13 dagar sedan
  • 0:37 my eyes D:

    XxYorWrstNigtmreXxYorWrstNigtmre13 dagar sedan
  • Kinda reminds me of that one time I murdered this dude in cold blood. Then proceeded to paint picasos with his blood

    XxYorWrstNigtmreXxYorWrstNigtmre13 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else see this video EVERYWHERE and EVERYTIME with no escape from it?

    Jack CanadaJack Canada14 dagar sedan
  • I am 2 years late but Ilove how he just beats the flip out of it and uses it as a paintbrush before deciding it is not a paintbrush or toy

    laura cooperlaura cooper14 dagar sedan
  • This was so scary 😢

    Debbie KO like a GDebbie KO like a G14 dagar sedan
  • maybe he'll make friends with it 10 seconds later Lizard: now I know what friendship tastes like

    Banana BananaBanana Banana14 dagar sedan
  • “Deadly hunter” lmao that’s a blue tongue skink and they’re so chill.

    RariRari14 dagar sedan
  • He looks like he is having fun

    The Demon King corner Dr . MidNightThe Demon King corner Dr . MidNight14 dagar sedan
  • Song ?

    ঌ🇫ঌ🇫14 dagar sedan
  • 0:58 when I see fried chicken and get it for free

    DahDaniel Dude HQDahDaniel Dude HQ14 dagar sedan
  • Why u taking shit in my swarm

    FreetearFreetear15 dagar sedan
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we found the ass

    For The Love of Crab KindFor The Love of Crab Kind15 dagar sedan
  • The camera shake is nauseating.

    AnonymousAnonymous15 dagar sedan
  • Panana

    yg pin dia gayyg pin dia gay15 dagar sedan
  • So cute

    Little Cutie DevilLittle Cutie Devil15 dagar sedan
  • Why are you weebs using chopsticks?

    Haha MouseHaha Mouse15 dagar sedan
    • They don't have tongs, i guess

      st huist hui13 dagar sedan

    Green aka GodGreen aka God15 dagar sedan

    Sean ClorSean Clor15 dagar sedan
  • Ok next time dip the worm in ketchup and see what kinda mess he makes

    Higher Image StatusHigher Image Status15 dagar sedan
  • The worm got so scared it pooped on itself

    the real noobthe real noob15 dagar sedan