CGA Graphics - Not as bad as you thought!

26 mar 2016
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In this episode I cover the IBM CGA graphics system from 1981.

  • I love this channel so much. I'm 27 but learning so much!

    Michael John OneillMichael John OneillDag sedan
  • You teach me something with the 16-color CGA in reduced resolution. I remember the few CGA games I had, I managed to display them in monochrome, they looked better in shades of gray. I don't remember very well how I operate but I think for some I was selecting the Hercules display just in the game and for others I was hacking in DOS to force the monochrome display. For some EGA games (which didn't support VGA), I did the same.

    Linux & DosLinux & Dos6 dagar sedan
  • Hey look! It's Commander Keen! For those of you who don't know that is BJ Blazkowicz's (from Wolfenstein) grandson and Doomguy's father!

    Dougie FuocoDougie Fuoco7 dagar sedan
  • when he calls the magenta and cyan graphics yucky but you think they look pretty

    evieevie15 dagar sedan
  • As a ZZT kid, I'm happy this game got representation. :D

    Robert ButlerRobert Butler16 dagar sedan
  • Strongly Disagree! (Love 8-Bit Guy, but disagree on this). The C64 S- video out put, (Chroma / Luma on RCA Jacks). Looked better in my opinion. All the Amiga and Atari ST modes were vastly superior.. The Tandy 16 color that you elude to.. was touted as the best ever in that day, but still was pale compared to the Amiga. The Shitty CGA/EGA Ports to the Amiga were criminal, (Looking at you Sierra Software...). Yes You have tought me that CGA could be tricked into better than it looked.. but I believe other standards did the same.. (I believe the Atari 8 bits could redefine the color palattes line by line to create 128 colors on screen at once. The Amiga had its HAM mode for 4096 at once and also used the Atari trick to do 4096 in Sliced HAM mode. The C128 had some dramatic tricks to display Very Hi Rez screens too. In general, The VASTE!! majority of the programmers used 4 crappy colors to define the games one IBMs. The C64 and others were actually better for gaming and CGA had a good 2 color Hi ReZ Mode.

    sluggotgsluggotg17 dagar sedan
  • Our hercules graphics card was connected to an old color TV and we had an early form of dual monitor with text displaying on the mono monitor and graphics sent to the TV and switched with a mode statement.

    Orlando KaraokeOrlando Karaoke20 dagar sedan
  • Reasons Given: Bankrupt Idiots Can't Give A fuck

    All GamingAll Gaming24 dagar sedan
  • ooooo! garbage! *looks at game boy* THIS IS AMAZING

    YobamaYobama26 dagar sedan
  • One laugh I had about the fractal generator "Fractint".... It had a list of nearly all kinds of graphics hardware we had in the last stage of the DOS era, including CGA. Where all cards were described with the resolutions and amount of colors, the description of CGA was just "UCH-YUCK-BLER!" -- I guess their vision on CGA was clear. Now when I began in DOS PCs I had to do with an amber screen and as such the lack of colors didn't really get me. The first computer I had after that already had SVGA. Now I can't find the link anymore, but I did once see a kind of challenge in which coded tried to make a completely rendered 3D landscape out of CGA, and yes the white-magenta-cyan variant, and I was surprised with how realistic they could still make it look... Back in the day I was actually happy to have something that could do graphics...

    TheRealTrickyTheRealTricky27 dagar sedan
  • Tem br

    tiago silvatiago silva29 dagar sedan
  • Can't Have Crap In 4:00

    MCS InsideMCS Inside29 dagar sedan
  • CGA Grafik not Bad ???? Für Spiele wie Ports Of Call ist es in Ordnung ...aber für Commandere Keen ...never

    Oliver aka Dj Runners PointOliver aka Dj Runners PointMånad sedan
  • someone please make an rtx 3000 card only support cga and then give it to someone

    TinCanTapTinCanTapMånad sedan
  • A Tandy 1400 LT! This was my first PC, I had it for far longer than anyone would have though, I think I kept using it while my friends had 486 SXs and DX. Everyone had hard drives and HD floppies and I only had regular floppies. Typing an essay on it was marginally better than using a typewriter if only because I would correct my mistakes without retyping the whole damn page, but getting the dot matrix printer to print was quite the experience. I remember spending way too much time playing Megaman and Prince of Persia on this machine. Ah, seeing it took me back for a while...

    Bruno IlaveBruno IlaveMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: The game ZZT (shown at 2:41) is by Tim Sweeney, and it was his first commercial release. You'll notice the clip shows that the company he founded to release the game was called “Epic MegaGames”. The name has since been shortened to “Epic Games”, and they're probably best known for Fortnite. ZZT had a built-in level editor with its own DSL (domain specific [programming] language) called ZZT-OOP. I made a game world in it as a kid (“Invaders”) and sent him a copy on disk, for a contest I'm pretty certain I was way too late for. He sent me back the full-version of the game (the free version was “shareware”, look it up), which included a couple of games in the series/engine, and a paper map of the main game! It was pretty special to me as a kid-ZZT was the most powerful outlet for creativity I'd had on a computer till then.

    atimholtatimholtMånad sedan
  • I never said they were bad

    AlumlovescakeAlumlovescakeMånad sedan
  • Man, that screen tearing during "Maniac Mansion" is abysmal! 6:34

    Joshua Wayne YorkJoshua Wayne YorkMånad sedan
  • Commander Keen!!!

    Christian LeinhauserChristian LeinhauserMånad sedan
  • We can imagine the desperate challenges of back then engineers - nice video!

    meathrowmeathrowMånad sedan
  • I like how he had arranged cables on the wall.

    Marko CvetkovicMarko CvetkovicMånad sedan
  • Many old Sierra Online games used 160x200 mode.

    Peter SwinkelsPeter SwinkelsMånad sedan
  • So that's why the Sim City map editor is black and white.

    TonkarzOfSolSystemTonkarzOfSolSystemMånad sedan
  • I always found it strange that Lemmings CGA used the cyan/magenta palette even though the green/yellow/red palette would have made more sense for the graphics trying to be displayed. Even the cards that supported more palettes/customisable palettes didn't make Lemmings look too much better.

    GammaBoost GamingGammaBoost GamingMånad sedan
  • Gyerekkori nagy kedvencek. Jó, azért sok játéknál azért a VGA ha opció volt, azért jobb volt, de néhány CGA grafikás játék is nagyon tetszett.

    Ivanyi AttilaIvanyi AttilaMånad sedan
  • I have a neo geo mvs with a wg k7000. It's cga and looks amazing unlike the displays in this video. A little confused now.

    Keil MillerKeil MillerMånad sedan
  • Nintendo proved that you could make great games using just four shades of grey. That would have been so much better than the ugly CGA colour schemes.

    Bernhard WallBernhard WallMånad sedan
  • I used to dress exactly like him in the late 90's and to late 2000's.

    Adr SngpAdr SngpMånad sedan
  • i think CGA Is suck

    로쿠냥로쿠냥Månad sedan
  • What I want to know is how Commander Keen is working in CGA given that (per what I have read online) when Carmack developed his smooth scrolling trick, the people he was producing games for at the time "didn't like it because it didn't work in CGA" or something like that.

    Jonathan WilsonJonathan WilsonMånad sedan
  • Is there a modern day version of that lawn mower game?

    dangerdoctorsmithdangerdoctorsmithMånad sedan
  • Best:Let me connect laptop to TV:)

    Tony ValdezTony ValdezMånad sedan
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  • 1:44 not entirely correct and not entirely wrong. Most north american televisions have composite video inputs, European televisions don't - it was never used here except in a few very rare cases for certain video cameras. Only a few of the latest 21st century LED televisions have composite in Europe alongside the HDMI, but that is so the manufacturers more easily can ship the same TV models worldwide. It's not actually used for anything. It's the same with component video (the 3-part RGB cables) which became a thing with North American HD plasma TVs, but again, those were also never used here. Part of the reason for this is the composite cables don't support a wide enough frequency range to be usable with PAL without getting noticeable noise, while NTSC looks equally terrible no matter what kind of cable you use. It's why we always used coax for VHF/UHF antenna and SCART for inter-device connections, because it has better signal separation which you need for a clear PAL image.

    SteelRodentSteelRodent2 månader sedan
  • We had a CGA card for the longest time, we'd have to take new games to a friend's house just to play it. Those were good times!

    ShinobiWan1ShinobiWan12 månader sedan
  • I never knew that CGA was anything other than those four colors. I used to like starting up old DOS games in CGA on occasion just because it was such a departure from the I was used to the games looking.

    White Rhino PSOWhite Rhino PSO2 månader sedan
  • I freaking love this guy! "Now, let me show you a different kind of laptop- and prepare to be blown away!" I seriously hope they give 8-Bit Guy a cameo in Stranger Things at some point.

    Vassy VVassy V2 månader sedan
  • That Netgear switch on the wall..... I thought I was being creative, and unique. Oh well great video!

    holycownonamesholycownonames2 månader sedan
  • Fake

    Adroid AdviceAdroid Advice2 månader sedan
  • I keep getting this video in my recommended And every single time, I watch it :) I know this is an old video but it’s one of my favorites, so keep up the good work 8-bit guy!

    ChibiᴛɢᴄʙChibiᴛɢᴄʙ2 månader sedan
  • I still have dozens of old '80 computers and software, your channel is beautiful, greetings from Italy.

    Stefano BiagginiStefano Biaggini2 månader sedan
  • I grew up with the games and videos shown, we had a lot of fun and everything was beautiful!

    Stefano BiagginiStefano Biaggini2 månader sedan
  • Back in those days I actually used a CGA-emulator with a Hercules (compatible) graphics card. That was nasty! :-) I kept the CPU of my very first PC (AMD R80286-16/S) until today...

    Craig HeadCraig Head2 månader sedan
  • My old GeForce 4 Ti 4200 VIVO has S-Video and composite out. I haven't tried running CGA games via the VIVO ports.

    Rnl ValenRnl Valen2 månader sedan
  • Looking at these colours explains why 80s computer users have glasses

    cs512trcs512tr2 månader sedan
  • Battle Chess! Now, *THAT* is a great game I had forgotten about until now.

    Nicholas HyltonNicholas Hylton2 månader sedan
  • Cool

    phorzer32phorzer323 månader sedan
  • MDA was the first. Haha.

    Paulo ConstantinoPaulo Constantino3 månader sedan
  • The background colour (0) of the 320 x 200 4-colour modes could be set to any of the 16 colours, as could the foreground colour of the 640 x 200 2-colour mode. Even the border colour could be changed for any mode. A programming trick allowed 2 more 320 x 200 4-colour modes, where colours 1 to 3 could be red, cyan and light grey, or they could be light red, light cyan and white.

    Stanley HuntStanley Hunt3 månader sedan
  • NTSC artifacting produces that ugly ass text lol

    David AlanDavid Alan3 månader sedan
  • ZZT! Memories...

    Magos XMagos X3 månader sedan
  • Beast. This explains a lot of nuance that I didn't understand previously. Thanks!

    MUZBOZ GamesMUZBOZ Games4 månader sedan
  • They really named the pink ghost “Kinky”

    T H E E G O O R BT H E E G O O R B4 månader sedan
  • How do you get colours 11 and 12 from Black, White, Cyan and Magenta?

    Gary J.Gary J.4 månader sedan
  • it was a big misunderstanding - between line for producer to player if before each game - the producer & publisher of the game, to wrote briefly ... (that short info) - *switch to composite for better effect and more colors* CGA wouldn't die out that fast !!! ;))))

    、ヅ、ヅ4 månader sedan
  • Do a vid about the EGA Wonder card

    Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • It was a solid 9 pal. #earthrecords

    Edzel MejiaEdzel Mejia4 månader sedan
  • That CGA card looks like the 3Dfx Voodoo 5 prototype card

    Alex MundoAlex Mundo4 månader sedan
  • CGA was really just about having different colours on your pie charts and histograms and nothing else

    Michael TombrosMichael Tombros5 månader sedan
  • I hate CGA all days of My life, until now. Thank you for this great explanation.

    Jesus A. Famiglietti M.Jesus A. Famiglietti M.5 månader sedan
  • 2055: rtx - not as bad as you thought!

    FlashlightFlashlight5 månader sedan
  • Hi

    Inky 2point0Inky 2point05 månader sedan
  • Ahh, how technology has evolved is incredible

    LegotronforceLegotronforce5 månader sedan
  • Maniac Mansion!

    SpookyFairySpookyFairy6 månader sedan
  • CGA: *Has 4-colour 320×200 colour graphics* Me: *Adds 634 kilobytes of memory to CGA card* The 8 bit guy: *Hmmm, yes this is the new video card of the era*

    Komaru NaegiKomaru Naegi6 månader sedan
    • How could you add addressable memory to a CGA card? Bull shit.

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • Do I need a CGA graphics card to try this or is composite cable enough to get more colors from CGA palette image?

    wendynwendyn6 månader sedan
  • 570 pong addicts disliked this.

    Troy CTroy C6 månader sedan
    • *571 to be more exact

      Komaru NaegiKomaru Naegi6 månader sedan
  • That’s a thiccc boi

    Zelda FanZelda Fan6 månader sedan
  • Now I know why Commander Keen was all pinky.

    Otávio MüllerOtávio Müller6 månader sedan
  • Commander Keen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6pin666pin666 månader sedan
  • I clicked because I played Commander Keen.

    AmipotsophspondAmipotsophspond6 månader sedan
  • Commander Keen! Woooow! I remember playing that when i was a kid 😁 not on CGA 4 colour though hahaha. Awesome video! Thanks ☺️

    AmotarasoAmotaraso6 månader sedan
  • My understanding of graphics (EGA, VGA and SVGA) was based on Leisure Suit Larry games!

    Detecting RetroDetecting Retro6 månader sedan
    • I never got him out of that bar!

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • Demoscene inclusion kudos! Awesome

    v1jilantev1jilante6 månader sedan
  • I kinda like cga over composite.

    General TechnologyGeneral Technology6 månader sedan
  • does cga have cycles renderer support?

    John TooheyJohn Toohey6 månader sedan
    • No. Pallette cycling started with EGA because you could assign any of 64 colors to the 16-color pallette.

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • CGA text mode was great for BBSing.

    Telengard ForeverTelengard Forever6 månader sedan
    • 40 char wide text. ugh!

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • Look up "i like that feat luciana" here on youtube for a modern music video done in old-school CGA.

    Telengard ForeverTelengard Forever6 månader sedan
  • I know this is an old video, but why did you blur out some of the settings on the LCD bios screen, and the same settings on the TV when you plugged it in?

    Colin SmithColin Smith6 månader sedan
    • His equipment was stolen from a computer museum and it showed serial nums.

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • Could you maybe do a history on how we went from these graphics and sounds limited to a few waveform voices to full 24-bit colour and PCM sound? Most histories I had seen before didn't really acknowledge these output limitations, as opposed to processing limitations, and most of the videos I have seen about the period (mostly from you) only talk about the period before it. What happened in the intermediate period? Do you already have a video about it?

    happysmash27happysmash276 månader sedan
  • remember when resolutions only had 3 digit ratios? meanwhile me sitting on a macbook with 2560x1600

    John R.John R.6 månader sedan
  • Жаль не понимаю язык, приходится читать. Но всеравно интересно! 👍

    Александр фамилияАлександр фамилия6 månader sedan
  • Don't you ever imagine if we used the size of these old computers and make a modern pc out of the design🤔.

    DeAngeloDeAngelo7 månader sedan
  • Nice video ... thanks

    Best Retro Games & SoundtracksBest Retro Games & Soundtracks7 månader sedan
  • CGA was so colourful compared to my MCGA (monochrome cga) ibm ps/2 😊

    Axel O'ReillyAxel O'Reilly7 månader sedan
  • There's another big reason not all games used composite mode: it works only on NTSC, and hence only in the US!

    Kilian HekhuisKilian Hekhuis7 månader sedan
  • Hercules graphics card FTW!

    bluenoserrbluenoserr7 månader sedan
    • That card was fuckin magic.

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan
  • Wow... Lawn Mower and Total Eclipse. Two games I had completely forgotten about. Played both back in the day. I got pretty good a Lawn Mower and I remeber Total Eclipse scared me. I think there was a scream or something when you died? Man...Good times... good times...

    e93gsxe93gsx7 månader sedan
  • Not as bad as you thought! No, indeed, it was worse.

    ClaudioClaudio7 månader sedan
  • I have always loved cga colors (still)

    Javier MorinJavier Morin7 månader sedan
  • Great!!. I didnt knew those modes in CGA . It was better that I remember...

    Jaime MartinezJaime Martinez7 månader sedan
  • Wow I tonight I was old.. Thanks for taking me down the memory lane... But please take is not as an insult, you are older then me.. Maybe the oldest person that can remember this and still be capable of making a video about it

    Vegas RoManiacVegas RoManiac7 månader sedan
  • Damn I'm old, I remember all these games. My first computer was an IBM ps/2 model 50z.

    Bjørn Christopher WangBjørn Christopher Wang7 månader sedan
  • Experiencing an ugly demo-CD-DOS-game-with-PC-speaker-sounds PTSD... used to try out all those games that came on demo CDs when I was between 8 and 10... and every once in a while I stumbled across these CGA games with no manuals, unintelligible graphics and horrible PC speaker sound. The old Keen games were a positive exception... One really messed up thing was this animated horror image of a severed head that was simoly called Friday 13th I think... eerie as hell but I couldn't stop watching it every once in a while. Btw. I think that Maniac Mansion looks better in RGB mode. Composite looks too messy for me..

    can_of_woopwoopcan_of_woopwoop7 månader sedan
  • I had a CGA x8086 in the 80's and man it was awesome compared with black and white or green monitors, my brother and I bought an Ad Lib sound card saving all the money we could at 10 years old, and was so mindblowing at the time that my friends came to my house only to see and hear videogames with midi sound and 4 color.

    Kurt Wylde MonferrerKurt Wylde Monferrer7 månader sedan
  • CGA era uma merda!

    Eduardo RodriguesEduardo Rodrigues7 månader sedan
  • 1:07 Why while color and graphics capability increases lower is the resolution?

    supermasterPIKsupermasterPIK7 månader sedan
    • Yes. There's a limited amount of video RAM available. If you use more colours, then it takes more RAM to store each pixel - hence the resolution drop.

      gwishartgwishart6 månader sedan
  • Pensar que yo jugaba con un monitor monocromatico, que emulaba graficos cga XD

  • 1:09 What game is this?

    Damien IvanDamien Ivan7 månader sedan
  • mov ax,0013h int 10h

    Stuart WilsonStuart Wilson7 månader sedan
    • mode switch?

      Paige TurnerPaige Turner4 månader sedan