19 okt 2020
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  • A other title for this vid "Normal game of among us

    Charlie _SpringFieldStarCharlie _SpringFieldStarDag sedan
  • Oosh finished the vid. Simon going "whats Vik doing". My man was trying to avoid Randy by going out the door but made the mistake of doubling back for the button instead of trailing around the whole building. That's what Vik was doing boosting out the door knowing Randy was coming out of decon after killing Talia guaranteed. At least I feel like Vik is too big brained and they lost on his misjudgement of movement. Shouldve voted Randy out anyway cause of the Lux/Randy sus

    Ray Gun ReddingRay Gun Redding2 dagar sedan
  • Haven't finished the vid yet but bro, sometimes skipping on 4 fucks you over. I always have the plays where its 50/50 between 2 people on 4 and get someone voted out by killing and frantically saying dont throw, I saw them kill

    Ray Gun ReddingRay Gun Redding2 dagar sedan
  • dear vikk im not angry im dissapointed

    Roman MoeruaRoman Moerua2 dagar sedan
  • Please stop bribing Callux into these videos same with frezy

    Jamie RichfordJamie Richford4 dagar sedan
  • This map sucks

    kertje9kertje99 dagar sedan
  • Randys voice is so fucking annoying

    Michael SlaterMichael Slater10 dagar sedan
  • The first game triggered me so much bc the last 4 people (I forgot who it was) didn’t use their big brains

    bLaZebLaZe13 dagar sedan
  • Loving the content Simon keep it up lad

    FatySimulatorFatySimulator15 dagar sedan
  • im actually so triggered at the first game like wtf it literally couldn't be anyone else than Randy like wtf

    SloofiieSloofiie16 dagar sedan
  • Stolen

    Royal RobichaudRoyal Robichaud17 dagar sedan
  • freezy is the biggest spud ive ever seen

    Jack NorrisJack Norris21 dag sedan
  • The iq level of this game is special

    KhalidKhalid25 dagar sedan
  • Randolph is bad at this game but he makes it so entertaining

    Sergio CarrilloSergio Carrillo26 dagar sedan
  • each passing day... my hate for calfreezy increases

    Neetigya BisenNeetigya BisenMånad sedan
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexMånad sedan
  • Is anyone else's audio "fuzzy" for the vid?

    FXGFXGMånad sedan
  • can u play with no talking and no skipping would be funny

    Josh HouldinJosh HouldinMånad sedan
  • All of you are so dumb

    Not FrankieNot FrankieMånad sedan
  • How tf did y’all manage to throw that first game??! Y’all suck

    shay stoutshay stoutMånad sedan
  • Freezy just shouts all the time, its getting fking annoying now.

    jonathan den hollanderjonathan den hollanderMånad sedan
  • I'm so triggered with this stupidness

    that young childthat young childMånad sedan
  • Freezy = bonehead

    KylevonrKylevonrMånad sedan
  • Please make more content on sidemen channel i need you

    Giorgi TabatadzeGiorgi TabatadzeMånad sedan
  • Lux calling randolph a goat infuriated me lol randy was lucky he was playing with idiots lol

    Jaydon GilbertJaydon GilbertMånad sedan
  • They absolutely threw that first game, they trash, randy going it's not me, it's not me, you can hear the lies in his voice, that first game triggered me for some stupid reason

    RookTheNinjaRookTheNinjaMånad sedan
  • It drives me crazy how Randy wins literally every time but he’s not even good

    bronkey.bronkey.Månad sedan
  • Talia Stfu

    All lives MatterAll lives MatterMånad sedan
  • danger - Simon and vik low sus level, high brain power.

    Nigel MrweirdoNigel MrweirdoMånad sedan
  • y the fuck does this guy say room so weirdly

    R3sqac7R3sqac7Månad sedan
  • Pls more public lobbies

    diamonddiamondMånad sedan
  • Freezy is the worst player by far.

    Amaan MohamedAmaan MohamedMånad sedan
  • Talia talks so muchhh she’s not letting anyone talk, she asks a question and then talks over them

    Aurora AestheticAurora AestheticMånad sedan
  • Honestly that's the most brain dead play I have ever seen I am triggered

    dead lockdead lockMånad sedan
  • I hate frezzy hate him

    FoGo GamingFoGo GamingMånad sedan
  • not imposter once!!!! Bad content!!

    cwhayescwhayesMånad sedan
  • Game with Randy imposter got me pissed, like come on, he didn't even put up a half decent argument and none of em voted him

    Ioan WilliamsIoan WilliamsMånad sedan
  • josh literally lied to simon after seeing him come from the left in storage lol

    Fabian PerezFabian PerezMånad sedan
  • I thought Talia was a little boy the first times I heard her talk... I am so sorry but just try imagining that it is a little boy talking haahahahaah

    Mathisse JanartMathisse JanartMånad sedan
  • This is negative iq

    Theninja MdmTheninja MdmMånad sedan
  • Lit ep.

    Tharsan JTharsan JMånad sedan
  • Freezy makes the game so funny how he talks

    John MurtonJohn MurtonMånad sedan
  • Woah guys, its the game of mafia.

    Justin AnimationsJustin AnimationsMånad sedan
  • 1:39 I quit my work because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    jhonathan pikejhonathan pikeMånad sedan
  • How tf do they not vote Randolph when they had a hard accusation for the past THREE ROUNDS

    ForFormula1SakeForFormula1SakeMånad sedan
  • Can I ask why is that logo with "noob" in the bottom of the video? It's always rather distracting/in the way...

    Mark YoungMark YoungMånad sedan
    • @Kiyannarose ah ok, that makes sense - thank you!

      Mark YoungMark YoungMånad sedan
    • It's to cover the code of the game so random people dont join, because simon live streams among us

      KiyannaroseKiyannaroseMånad sedan
  • Randy guilt tripped them

    Benjamin HeskethBenjamin HeskethMånad sedan
  • Every time someone points out that Randolph isn’t talking, he always says he was AFK

    Anthony 98gAnthony 98gMånad sedan
  • Yeet

    aaryan Aaryansaaryan AaryansMånad sedan
  • Honestly these games give me aneurysms

    Newton FernihoughNewton FernihoughMånad sedan
  • Freezy: Josh, Simon, Talia, Vik, Rain, Callux, Tobi and Viz are the killers *Callux and Randy are imposter Freezy: See i told you it was Callux

    localtortoiselocaltortoiseMånad sedan
  • 18:00 cuts out the part where Josh was following him down to seem less stupid

    James GreeneJames GreeneMånad sedan
  • Simons title is sidemen Talia and friends lol

    Ruhi PatelRuhi PatelMånad sedan
  • jatoch

    SNDRSNDRMånad sedan
  • Callux named every1 but Randy , yet the still threw

    Manners ManManners ManMånad sedan
  • I'm not even exaggerating when I say this but I think I just lost 50 brain cells watching the first game

    HeadlessHeadlessMånad sedan
  • Callux is such a wet wipe, I can't stand him

    Filip BrnelićFilip BrnelićMånad sedan
  • They all said it was Talia and Freezy or Cal and Randy. They find out its Cal and then don't vote Randy off. FFS lmao.

    James HutchcraftJames HutchcraftMånad sedan

    Zaynab NajafiZaynab NajafiMånad sedan
  • 0:37 my entire life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Mary JohnsonMary JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Ello Talia Malia I’m dying!!

    Tashvi BaxiTashvi BaxiMånad sedan
  • calfreezy is fucking awful

    SirageSirageMånad sedan
  • josh talk way too much wen hes impstetr

    little_muslim brothers_vlogslittle_muslim brothers_vlogsMånad sedan
  • Freezy accused me

    Imaad IDKImaad IDKMånad sedan
  • I've already seen the second game in two other videos before this lmao

    Tactical WizardTactical WizardMånad sedan
  • absolute throw of the century legit fully throw of the century

    Jonny G.Jonny G.Månad sedan
  • 5:24 then why the fook didn't you say

    Lloyd-vents susLloyd-vents susMånad sedan
  • my first official among us game

    A.H. GamerA.H. GamerMånad sedan
  • Why do they ignore simple logic and start to think really hard at the point that they start to doubt themselves

    dhillo dhilladhillo dhillaMånad sedan
  • Stop playing with freezy man. Surely you cant be that stupid, surely... Hurts my brain god...

    Smfstar123Smfstar123Månad sedan
    • Vik wasn't in the stack when the double kill happened. Freezy with his dumb brain: "It's gotta be vik!!"

      Smfstar123Smfstar123Månad sedan
  • 0:27 my whole life changed because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Hanna MckenzieHanna MckenzieMånad sedan
  • vIk WAs moViNg MaD ffs

    ExoticboiiiExoticboiiiMånad sedan
  • I swear freezy is so dumb in all these among us. Next time just vote him out from the get go. He's so dumb, it actually lowers everyone's IQ

    Lawrenz SilvaLawrenz SilvaMånad sedan
  • Rain sounds like Josh if he had a deeper voice. Confused the fuck out of me.

    NikoNikoMånad sedan
  • Where is the fifa 21 videos?

    Epic DUDE*sEpic DUDE*sMånad sedan
  • Ok so from the beginning, the game was split into two teams: talia and cal, Callux and randy. (We knew this because it was a double kill and each pair was defending each other) It was not physically possible for it to be talia and cal, and vik has already got callux, and he wasn’t on the double kill. And yet somehow they didn’t vote randy. Cal threw so hard

    Vladimir PutinVladimir PutinMånad sedan
  • Why does he always have his head in the screen that says noob on it?

    FivessFivessMånad sedan
    • @Kiyannarose ah yeah of course! Ahaha never thought of that

      FivessFivessMånad sedan
    • To cover the code for the game. He live streams it so like random people can join

      KiyannaroseKiyannaroseMånad sedan
  • Kill timer is so fast

    Megastone10101Megastone10101Månad sedan
  • that first game needs a trigger warning lmao

    Jay EliJay EliMånad sedan
  • Freezy actually sucks

    Sam MahurinSam MahurinMånad sedan
  • Freezy actually have -100 iq 😂, it's funny and kinda infuriating watching him at that 1st game

    Blu BrinBlu BrinMånad sedan
  • this is why dumb people lose , cause they waste their button early on

    Ziad FaragZiad FaragMånad sedan
  • Talia Nalia

    SaturnSaturnMånad sedan
  • Usually I don’t get triggered, but that first game got so triggered fam like holy shit

    Lxvijr JxviErLxvijr JxviErMånad sedan
  • Freezy is just straight up stupid

    Luqman HaqeemLuqman HaqeemMånad sedan
  • Wheres jj fam?

    Maɳʋeeɾ Bσσdσσa.Maɳʋeeɾ Bσσdσσa.Månad sedan
  • "No one saw rain or vik" BRUH YOU DID 2 TASKS IN NAV RIGHT NEXT TO THEM

    Goonatron _Goonatron _Månad sedan
  • Freezy is so annoying he legit ruins every game

    Stephen CurrieStephen CurrieMånad sedan

    pandu roxxpandu roxxMånad sedan
  • Why is it Talia and friends both Cals som OGs

    Marco SanchezMarco SanchezMånad sedan
    • U can’t have everyone in the title lol and T isn’t just a friend so she can’t be classed as one

      Ellise WarnerEllise Warner15 dagar sedan
  • Upload more vids of you as the imposter

    TurnerTurnerMånad sedan
  • 69 dislikes when I came to this video

    Daleosaurus RexxDaleosaurus RexxMånad sedan
  • 600k : )

    VibeMajorVibeMajorMånad sedan
  • Freezy is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen play this game.

    Alex5AVA6EAlex5AVA6EMånad sedan
  • Please remove this noob sticker Simon

    Tameez MotalaTameez MotalaMånad sedan
  • I hate this map !

    Qais FahmawiQais FahmawiMånad sedan
  • It’s so obvious when Randolph is lying 🤥 yet they believed him 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂 When he lies he stutters very much on his words .

    Lexiaa ForeverLexiaa ForeverMånad sedan
    • Yea he and callux defense each other and Vik wasn’t even in the stack why did Freezy say it was him???

      Auburn ChokeAuburn ChokeMånad sedan
    • @Kiyannarose yeah but when he LIES ..... the stuttering is BAD at that point .

      Lexiaa ForeverLexiaa ForeverMånad sedan
    • He stutters alot irl when speaking so that's probs why they dont sus him

      KiyannaroseKiyannaroseMånad sedan
    • welp, randolph actually stutters a lot irl even when normally speaking

      Nico FNico FMånad sedan
    • Yeah he gets away with it so much, when he’s crewmate he barely says anything but when he’s imposter his just pure waffles lies

      Bob LazaarBob LazaarMånad sedan
  • i hate when they discuss over and over and over when they know who the imposter is😡😴

    Eduardo VelasquezEduardo VelasquezMånad sedan
  • I sometimes think some of them traded their knowledge for humor more than others

    Raptor JesusRaptor JesusMånad sedan
  • *Talia tries to talk* Everyone: no

    King HubbaKing HubbaMånad sedan