SML Movie: The Food Scam!

2 maj 2021
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    • @Moazam Vassi ok and?

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    • @Mario the Devil ur gay

      Moazam VassiMoazam Vassi5 timmar sedan
    • Hi

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    • I’ve been gone from SML for so long

      ReconnaissanceKarenReconnaissanceKarenDag sedan
    • What happened to “superbowserlogan”?

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  • Sml Idea : Mr. Goodman's Childhood

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  • Hi

  • This suckes

    Mujtaba AlattaMujtaba Alatta32 minuter sedan
  • 5:20 Jimmy John’s sign

    MuddinalldayMuddinallday38 minuter sedan
  • Pizza

    Damion Tate JrDamion Tate Jr48 minuter sedan
  • Its not papa johns its pobby johns

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  • QAd

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  • 6:34 anyone else see lance in the back ?

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  • look at the back round lance is there lol at 6:33

    Hanny BonanieHanny Bonanie4 timmar sedan
  • 2:19 why did pooby put the ear on his pizza

    Shark Puppet IsaiahShark Puppet Isaiah4 timmar sedan
  • I love how Goodman supports poobie for the exploitation of money

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  • Pizza

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  • jeffybooty

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  • just give mr potato head 2-3 staacks of the money

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  • 7:11 look at joshpes mouth

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  • Btw you can see lance in the video of Cody getting the pizza just look in the back

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  • also joseph has now blinked after what 2 year? most likely one

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  • i hate the pic you see when clicking like why you put codys eyes like that

    jame3391 jame3391jame3391 jame33918 timmar sedan
  • I really don’t like the new characters it’s not the same anymore please change him back to bowser jr

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  • adduced

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  • 6:43 lance is in the background looking at his phone

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  • 10:24 "YOU BOUT TO GET YOUR POTATOS MASHED" good ending.

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  • 2:24 canabalise

    Carter KCarter K20 timmar sedan
  • It’s obviously Jimmy John’s you could even see the Jimmy John’s logo

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  • 6:43 I think I see lance behind Cody

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  • 6:46 did anyone see lance in the background?

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  • I'm going to chop my nose off and put on pizza and get $1000000

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  • PP

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  • Oh and my favourite food is pizza

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  • Junior Keeps The Money Potato Head Homless

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  • Am 8 and i like the new videos but I don't like the old videos the old videos the old suck and sorry sml am not hater am just not a fan of you

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  • junier is stupid

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  • Looks like dominos getting sued

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  • e

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  • e

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  • Awesome video!💎💎

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  • I like this

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  • 3:29 Cody didn’t regonize his own father

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  • In haaaallllllllfffffffff

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  • Well I guess I'm 8 years old again

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  • Just so entertaining

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  • Ya same

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  • lol hey sexy ew no that was kinda a weird sence but its fine

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  • The efficacious ravioli assembly interrupt because kilogram only nest apud a unknown spaghetti. third, sudden select

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  • i'm 8 and this is the videos i like Paperrr

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  • 7:57 “Hey sexy” - Pooby

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  • What the fuck is this

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  • Came hear cause the SML plush show getting deleted and SLL SBL

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  • Did yall see that👀 when cody kissed joseph josephs eyes blinked

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  • What happened

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  • What happens

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  • Mr potato head sounds like a female that wants to smash

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  • Pizza

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  • It should be called, The No One Nose Pizza.

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  • my favret foood is a pizza whith no body parts

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  • Im 7 now make more vids👀

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    • @Omar Sherif YES 😭

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    • RLY??

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  • Omg 😂

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  • I’m surprised that Cody was emotional when he said half because with him and ken

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    • Hey

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  • Sml Idea : Jeffy and Junior's Boys Night Out

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  • 6:33 lmfao lance is just chilling in the background eating food. Is it just me or did someone else notice this?

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  • I hate this more than school

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  • My favorite food is... Your Mom

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  • Lance in the back round be pike

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  • My favorite food is yo mom

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  • My best friend well I mean I don’t have any friends so I don’t have a best friend😥

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  • #cody bumd

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  • when he said, you bout to get yo potatoes mashed he sounded like black yoshi

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  • Why did the chicken cross the road. Because she had to pee

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  • Who just wants to batter coady

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  • They need to make a show of this on Netflix

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  • 6:47 there was someone in the background liked this plss

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  • Y

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  • Jjj

    Grapes r goodGrapes r good3 dagar sedan
  • Ugfdfg

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  • Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaa

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  • 9:05 “why is there eyes on the back of ur head”🤣🤣🤣

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    • I can here him gigle a little bit 9:03

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  • My favorite food is pizza

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  • I’m 20 and I still watch this it’s so entertaining and funny don’t plan on stopping

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  • Can you please please Logan put up sml Pokémon

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  • If only Nintendo didn’t notice this channel goodbye sml I hope one day everything goes back to normal

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  • Sexy music plays*Car drives up and Pooby says:hey sexy then mr potato says:hey big boy... me:SI PAPI

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  • My favourite food is McDonald’s

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  • Bruh I’m still addicted

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  • Mr.Potato Head is the only character who isn't a puppet in this video

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    • And pablo

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  • Im 39

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  • Why are you a jimmy johns with a papa johns pizza when the videos about papa johns lol

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  • I just see lance in the background lol 6:44

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  • My favorite food is french fries

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  • Been watch since 2013

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  • nobody: me and my 2 brothers when mom walks n our room with the belt: 5:24

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    • Same

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  • My favorite food is pizza ice cream cookies am macaroni

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  • A E e E E E E E E E E E È E E E E E E E E E E EE E E E E E EeE E E EeEEEEE E E Ee E E E E ee E E ee E ee E ee Ee E E ee E E

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  • A E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E EEEE E Ee E E E E E E E E E E E E Ee E EEe E E E E E E E E E E E E

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  • thtas weird

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  • I would say get out cody when he said we should give him half I would say no and be mad

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