Watch the Shadowlands Launch Cinematic: “Beyond the Veil”

16 nov 2020
2 817 612 visningar

In the Shadowlands, every soul has its place-from the path of ascension among the spires of Bastion to an eternity of torment in the depths of the Maw. Choose where your destiny lies.
Enter the Shadowlands on November 23 at 3:00pm PST. Learn more at
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  • I’m having a thought bear with me. What if daily or weekly buffs were a thing? Big world bosses or certain raid bosses gave you a buff for the day/week when you beat them. Requiring them to do content and throw some razzle dazzle of their own choosing into their class.

    Kash MKash M3 dagar sedan
  • Welp I hope animators get financial support for their severe back pain.

    MalibuMalibu3 dagar sedan
  • I prefer cinematic films like this to be shown in theaters

    REXduoREXduo3 dagar sedan
  • So... Is it a diablo thing?

    Jayman493Jayman4934 dagar sedan
  • I just realized those flying things at 0:50 Look like Halls of the Dead or Black Citadels from Warcraft 3 Undead Race.

    DanterikDanterik4 dagar sedan
  • Random stuff happening in random order Just like the old WoW trailers

    NightWolfNightWolf6 dagar sedan
  • So stupid

    - Pat -- Pat -7 dagar sedan
  • When Revendreth theme kicks in.. the goosebumps

    CoolexiserCoolexiser7 dagar sedan
  • We just need to kill death...sounds easy enough

    VholstVholst8 dagar sedan
  • De slechtste is zak

    janny arendzenjanny arendzen8 dagar sedan
  • but i m yours! mommy. ;(

    Kristan MithosKristan Mithos10 dagar sedan
  • ok..iz not my problem

    Kristan MithosKristan Mithos10 dagar sedan
  • i can feel your sublteties...u know

    Kristan MithosKristan Mithos10 dagar sedan
  • i need you so much

    Kristan MithosKristan Mithos10 dagar sedan
  • i m your kid ! moomy

    Kristan MithosKristan Mithos10 dagar sedan
  • The worst WoW cinematic...

    Murad MagicianMurad Magician11 dagar sedan
  • By new blizzard standards probably Murky will handle situation single handedly with N'Zoth Fish in hand&^^

    Wise GuyWise Guy11 dagar sedan
  • This looks cool but I have no idea what'ss supposed to be happening

    OG FacelessKingOG FacelessKing13 dagar sedan
  • I must say, this is actually cool...

    Captain NemoCaptain Nemo13 dagar sedan
  • When new full movie? Warcraft series deserve for movies!

    BeBoQBeBoQ13 dagar sedan
  • How can I find soundtrack? Help me please

    Allen ArutyunovAllen Arutyunov14 dagar sedan
  • This cinematic reminds me of the Classic and BC Cinematics, cause it shows off the different factions and places to explore like those did.

    Recon SkilletRecon Skillet16 dagar sedan
  • The real shadowlands cinematic.

    Emperor of MankindEmperor of Mankind16 dagar sedan
  • Still looking for the Venthyr part (~ 1:00 ) in the OST, but cant find it :( the closest music I can find is Grant Kirkhopes "Ritual" pieces, its the same Leitmotif, but not the epic version of this trailer. I'm afraid this is one whole song and the Venthyr part lasts only those few amazing seconds

    MadHatt0rMadHatt0r17 dagar sedan
  • Wow это кал!

    Nikita ChernovNikita Chernov17 dagar sedan
  • The cameraman must have a massive paycheck after fallowing that last soul into the maw.

    Henry CrowtherHenry Crowther18 dagar sedan
  • 0:37 omg look at that neck.

    le trile tri20 dagar sedan

    Jean-mamoutthe Lambert martineauJean-mamoutthe Lambert martineau21 dag sedan
  • Hmm, this cinematic reminded me of a vanilla cinematic.

    WolfheddinWolfheddin21 dag sedan
  • Kekw

    skilladungeskilladunge22 dagar sedan
  • i want guldan back

    HairyOutlawHairyOutlaw22 dagar sedan
  • is this AION 2?

    cythosecythose23 dagar sedan
  • Skum bigot company. Madeleine Roux still has an ingame character and they still delete every forum thread. If you are white and male blizz hates you. Don't give them your money!

    J TruthJ Truth24 dagar sedan
  • A normal day in Shadowlands is quite lively

    Conrad PhạmConrad Phạm24 dagar sedan
  • У вас великолепно получается!🦢🦢🦢🦢

    TheGrorhardGameJournalTheGrorhardGameJournal25 dagar sedan

    Familia MarquesFamilia Marques26 dagar sedan
  • Ardenweald is so beautiful

    Princess Bree MinecraftPrincess Bree Minecraft26 dagar sedan
  • Blizzard - how would you feel or think of these ideas that 1 it needs to expand to "consoles" and to be cross platform of course 2nd would be a pubg type p.o.v as first person back to third person or normal p.o.v 👀💭

    Wicca BlehWicca Bleh26 dagar sedan
  • Story cinematic, please.

    Eversoris GallantEversoris Gallant28 dagar sedan
  • Fail! 💰!!

    J.C SanchezJ.C Sanchez28 dagar sedan
  • Can we just stay in one expansion for long?

  • Blizzard chat banned me because I refused to conform to their way of thinking. I will post this on all WoW channels to raise awareness that WoW will take away your freedom of speech. How dare we have opinions. Blizzard needs to take the power away from their GMs just because they disagree!!!

    Clev SteamerClev SteamerMånad sedan
  • Xd

    ThugMirrexThugMirrexMånad sedan
  • This is not wow. This is absolutely noname guys in noname locations, which have nothing to do with wow and warcraft i know

    JudgementJudgementMånad sedan
  • *Glistening, Golden utopia of Angels* "Ah yes, the shadow lands."

    potaterjimpotaterjimMånad sedan
  • wait is it just me or is the place where the jailer is in the trailer the same place the runecarver is in-game?

    zanzibawrzanzibawrMånad sedan
  • Who's the fat kid at the end

    EmberEmberMånad sedan
  • imagin going to gods place az a mortal guy XD

    the blightthe blightMånad sedan
  • Worst World of Warcraft cinematic lunch ever.

    prskiprskiMånad sedan
    • This is not Cinematic launch lol 😒

      Shankar PandeyShankar PandeyMånad sedan
  • G-A-R-B-A-G-E

    Raul M.Raul M.Månad sedan
  • I'm a newcomer of wow, so can anybody tell me what kind of quests I should prioritize if I want to see these epic cool storylines? also are the stories of the past versions still in the game, like the wrath of the lich king and warlords of draenor?

    Yitian LiuYitian LiuMånad sedan
    • In every expansion all original stories remain, the exception I know of was only once during Cataclysm where the base game world changed so the stories of low levels got updated and I imagine Night Elf area got updated yet again in recent expansion. But for the most part the world stays static and the big new stories take place in areas added by the new expansion, you will have no issue finding them because quests will take you to these areas at the proper level. Last I played you level faster than the stories at lower areas so you may out level the zone you are at following a story.

      82fire2882fire2817 dagar sedan
    • It continues wrath of lich King lore 😅

      Shankar PandeyShankar PandeyMånad sedan
  • Im just here for the cinematics. Please show what happens to Sylvanna and Arthas

    JESSROCKED ChannelJESSROCKED ChannelMånad sedan
  • Okey. Ofc everyone is well aware that Jailer used same words of Archon by simply changing "Shadowlands" with "Darkness". I feel like he is not mentioning his domain by darkness but current state of shadowlands.

    Oğuzhan KofOğuzhan KofMånad sedan
  • The Jailers out!i!

    Captain VonBeckCaptain VonBeckMånad sedan
  • Единственное , что не разучились делать blizzard это синиматик.

    MenzuraMenzuraMånad sedan
  • Namaskar Thank you

    Martin ღ ツMartin ღ ツMånad sedan
  • Seeing this after going through the campaign hits different

    VolksDKVolksDKMånad sedan
  • i thought the process of entering shadowlands would be main hero dying and taking some quest from death-only NPC, like that one ghost in wow classic. appeared that i had to... do some stuff with crown?

    vadiks2003vadiks2003Månad sedan
  • Worst WoW cinematic so far

    KanaC -KanaC -Månad sedan
  • 0:42 Champion of Nurgle wages war against the armies of Nagash.

    Curious963Curious963Månad sedan
  • The jailer looks gassy ASF

    It's a me MarioIt's a me MarioMånad sedan
  • Blizzard Logic must've got thrown into the Maw.

    James RideoutJames RideoutMånad sedan
  • So the shadowlands is pretty much the afterlife for each and every race

    DarthDarthMånad sedan
  • This is very reminiscent of the original wow launch cinematic and burning crusade

    Jamie PotterJamie PotterMånad sedan
  • This awesome cinematic makes much more sense and looks even better after playing Shadowlands

    FeizokFeizokMånad sedan
  • Wow I just realized that revendreth is literally just dark Eldar warhammer

    Rustin AgahiRustin AgahiMånad sedan
  • This doesn't look like WoW at all.

    JellyfroshJellyfroshMånad sedan
  • ffs please make a movie!

    marcony101marcony101Månad sedan
  • Is this the same voice actress that did the intro for Supreme Commander?

    Crimea_RiverCrimea_RiverMånad sedan
    • The character at that speaks at the start is Kyrestia, the Firstborne who i think is voiced by Brittney Karbowski.

      ScroolooseScroolooseMånad sedan
    • I used to play that game to which voice actor are u talking about tho?

      SGTVSGTVMånad sedan
  • Yoo had no idea Quan Chi is the final boss!

    MrInzombiaMrInzombiaMånad sedan
    • Quanchi with sub zero's abilities and scorpions chains maybe

      The OneThe OneMånad sedan
  • I dont feel anything when watching this. Compared to WoD, Cata and Vanilla opening CGI its blank and flat. Showing us bunch of nonamers and little action. Level is too low for real Blizzard.

    FenharellFenharellMånad sedan
    • And watch BC trailer and come here after.

      Paslaru Florin-AlexandruPaslaru Florin-Alexandru5 dagar sedan
    • you do know shadowlands already had the big cgi cinematic a year ago right?

      ArceptorArceptorMånad sedan
  • So when revendreth cast you into the maw they yeet you off a cliff

    Digi SalamanderDigi SalamanderMånad sedan
  • На последних секундах ролика, даже мурашки по телу пробежались, немного но, да-а. Это что значит? Близзы по немного реабилитируются, и пытаются сделать синематики с душой? ясно, что старого величия не вернуть но всё же) Лол так это получается Артас, в конце , хорошо))

    Malodyr AnimationsMalodyr AnimationsMånad sedan
  • So... is Arthas there, too?

    Cosma GeoCosma GeoMånad sedan
    • He's currently in The Maw

      Novad selirNovad selirMånad sedan
    • Answer is why not

      The OneThe OneMånad sedan
  • meh

    Rob CardRob CardMånad sedan
  • Ah so WoW is high fantasy now

    HellbowHellbowMånad sedan
  • Better than every movie nowdays.

    Harlequin8xHarlequin8xMånad sedan
  • sounds like the jailer is just finding homes for displaced people, such a humanitarian

    kolim jonekolim joneMånad sedan
  • EVERY EXP sucks n bring the game down, alot poeple gonna quit sooner or later, i buy the game n sub for it, so much things to do n i dont have time for it, plus i need to do alot things just to do pvp wtf, just like i said ever exp is killing the game, im done playing wow for ever ...

    Evan EEvan EMånad sedan
    • @Evan E Lol they cannot make 50-60 faster,that is the actual story.1-50 is faster because it is not the main part of the leveling.That is why they squished it .You had to invest a big amount of time to complete the prologue..and the in-game cronology began to be confusing.There are some other reasons too.

      Paslaru Florin-AlexandruPaslaru Florin-Alexandru5 dagar sedan
    • @yasio bolo I really don't like it how they change everything, plus they said %100 leveling gonna be faster n easy but it's not from 50 to 60

      Evan EEvan EMånad sedan
    • IS this the new Diablo 3 expension?

      yasio boloyasio boloMånad sedan
  • Arthas will show up again in shadowlands and kill sylvanas once and for all. CALLING IT NOW

    johnny iron lungjohnny iron lungMånad sedan
    • IS this the new Diablo 3 expension?

      kolim jonekolim joneMånad sedan
  • Que chafa...

    hernan choquehernan choqueMånad sedan
    • New Wow and new 4Story coming i heard

      yasio boloyasio boloMånad sedan
  • sounds like the jailer is just finding homes for displaced people, such a humanitarian

    Ailsa NiAilsa NiMånad sedan
    • I mean if the homes were in Somalia and you were literally kidnapped haha

      99Pierogies99Pierogies12 dagar sedan
  • is this the DMT expansion?

    AmmatheinAmmatheinMånad sedan
  • 0:58 another cameraman dead

    Joselito PuzonJoselito PuzonMånad sedan
  • Now i can't even wait til it comes out

    luisa stanilaluisa stanilaMånad sedan

      Ailsa NiAilsa NiMånad sedan
  • Can't wait to see Daddy Deathwing again. :D

    nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMånad sedan
  • George Bush is the final boss of this expansion.

    XendriusXendriusMånad sedan
    • @Wambo XDDDD

      ZzBd1nZzBd1n20 timmar sedan
    • where you go when you die in shadowlands?? America??

      WamboWambo14 dagar sedan
    • haha thanks I can´t unsee it now

      Eliáš GaydečkaEliáš Gaydečka14 dagar sedan

      Margot DeniseMargot Denise16 dagar sedan
    • final boss is quan chi.

      MrInzombiaMrInzombiaMånad sedan
  • This game still a thing? I see why its called "wow".

    OoieGooieOoieGooieMånad sedan
  • Artes!!!

    ERAIERAIMånad sedan
    • e

      nieooj gotoynieooj gotoyMånad sedan
  • Was that Cenarius' wife??? Awesome trailer!!! I didn't understand any of it... :| I just wish Warcraft and World of Warcraft will get a freaking NEW ENGINE upgrade, the one from Heroes of The Storm would be perfect!! It's been aeons..... I hate seeing these gorgeous cinematics, and when you get into the game, all your excitement goes away!😭😭 We don't need photo realism, we love the aesthetics/artstyle of Warcraft!!! But just increase the polygon count to +500%, and make high rez textures. THIS alone will make it Next Gen! Oh and better animations.💓

    Lucian AndriesLucian AndriesMånad sedan
  • READ MY WORDS: its just a matter of time until they release the "new fly mount" that is just you with angel wings.

    eioshen boboieioshen boboiMånad sedan
    • Dude that sounds badass, who wouldn’t want that?!

      ThrogThrogMånad sedan
    • sounds like the best mount in the game to me tbh. sign me up.

      NateScreenPrints1NateScreenPrints1Månad sedan
  • Warcraft die when Arthas dead

    Steelwind FullmetalSteelwind FullmetalMånad sedan
  • Warcraft has come a long way.....downhill ,man...Blizzard wtf/.?

    Scott SilverScott SilverMånad sedan
    • f

      eioshen boboieioshen boboiMånad sedan
  • Chinese Warhammer!

    AkillesursinneAkillesursinneMånad sedan
  • New Wow and new 4Story coming i heard

    Suplex CitySuplex CityMånad sedan
  • IS this the new Diablo 3 expension?

    Krisztián KovácsKrisztián KovácsMånad sedan
  • Yeak kids it fun

    RetroArcadeFanRetroArcadeFanMånad sedan
  • Nobody cares. Everyone is too busy playing classic because you hadn't destroyed the game off at that point. Who would have ever guessed that catering to the needs of children that play the game for a month or two instead of the people who played from the start wouldn't pay off?

    QUAKQUAKMånad sedan
    • lol ok have fun in a game where everything is cleared in 2 hours and the Journey of lvling takes about 1 day :)

      ZigrifidZigrifid11 timmar sedan
    • You retail fan boys thinking classic is dead when servers are still full. The pvp content is for the most part how ot should be. If you haven't gotten high warlord did you guys even play the game yet??

      QUAKQUAK26 dagar sedan
    • Lmao Classic is dead bro, stop living in nostalgia world

      Michael LodaMichael Loda26 dagar sedan
    • What world you in? Classic is dead. naxx was destroyed 2 hours after its release. Classic has no more content left.

      Robert Colo'nRobert Colo'nMånad sedan
  • have not played WoW since cataclysm, and this doesnt make me want to change my mind either. guess im skipping another expansion.

    h3lix86h3lix86Månad sedan
  • For a so-called 'Jailer' that guy sure does look pretty jailed...

    qopoy dnonqopoy dnonMånad sedan