Every Male “Thinkfluencer” on YouTube

2 feb 2021
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  • that swaying movement at 0:51 was spot on.

    River ParishRiver Parish8 timmar sedan
  • This gives me memories of things that I don’t remember

    UlrichUlrich9 timmar sedan
  • _Caitlin, please, you're too good at making these, I can't take the cringe anymore..._

    THE RISERTHE RISER10 timmar sedan
  • “ what kind of man do I wanna be? “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    kamikami13 timmar sedan
  • All I can think of is Cody and Noel's vid on Dre Drexler

    Malaya EveretteMalaya Everette13 timmar sedan
  • TRIGGERED!!! My husband sends me this crap DAILY!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Rachelle KatesRachelle Kates18 timmar sedan
  • This may come off as a little insensitive, but I'm genuinely curious why so many Indian male SEworld accounts act, support, or are like this. I'm just doing some online ethnographic research, that's all.

    MysticFellowMysticFellow19 timmar sedan
  • This is scarily accurate. 58 seconds feels like 5 minutes.

    RexorRexorDag sedan
  • gotta mention the four hour workweek! classic !

    Cecilia CrastoCecilia CrastoDag sedan
  • Pretty much

    M SM SDag sedan

    The Rainwriter [Music]The Rainwriter [Music]Dag sedan
  • This is sooo spot on, it's physically painful to watch

    Artemis HurtArtemis HurtDag sedan
  • Kinda sounds like madeyewlook? 😂

    rilakkuma 2000rilakkuma 2000Dag sedan
  • Bro she looked like Oli London in the beginning 😭😭😭😭😭

    Yukito TsukishiroYukito TsukishiroDag sedan
  • Why does this feel like a personal attack

    Aaryan BhandariAaryan BhandariDag sedan
  • the crooked smile and the hand gesture. jesus take the wheel.

    foreverxfallforeverxfall2 dagar sedan
  • God it hurts

    mattkarumattkaru2 dagar sedan
  • Why sleep when you can not #entrepreneur

    ImboredImbored2 dagar sedan
  • Dear America, Please abandon your side smirk. It looks so deeply ridiculous, she isn‘t exaggerating, it really does look like that to the rest of the world.

    Thomas TranThomas Tran2 dagar sedan
  • When she hit the prayer hands I started screaming x3

    Danie FDanie F2 dagar sedan
  • That chin-up, crooked smile at the end is just spot on

    Alvaro OPAlvaro OP3 dagar sedan
  • You lost me at "wake up"

    Stevwn reeStevwn ree3 dagar sedan
  • There wasn't even 5 things..... Edit: just realised there is no way to tell how many things there are

    BobBob3 dagar sedan
  • Dhar Mann and Prince Ea SHADED LMAO

    DeliaBesgorlDeliaBesgorl3 dagar sedan
  • omg the fucking completely unnecessary hand and shoulder movements at 0:40 are SCARILY accurate XD

    HPLoveMaltHPLoveMalt3 dagar sedan
  • This girl deserves an award it was so real I actually started to cringe thinking it was a "thinkfluencer"

    Lisa RichmondLisa Richmond3 dagar sedan
  • The hand gestures and the tone are so accurate, thank you for a good laughter !

    C DC D3 dagar sedan
  • 1. wake up early 2. cold shower 3. work out 4. cold shower 5. the day has ended go to bed early for maximum efficiency

    WhiteCourtainWhiteCourtain3 dagar sedan
  • i hate you so much rn which means YOU NAILED IT 😂😂😂

    Thiea ArantxaThiea Arantxa3 dagar sedan
  • Also fuck these scammers and the people that defend them.

    Picani GeorgelloPicani Georgello3 dagar sedan
  • Guys will literally spend all day procrastinating while reading books on how to seize the day and not procrastinate

    Picani GeorgelloPicani Georgello3 dagar sedan
  • "you can buy my ego, link in the desc" lmao

    Æňđřæ PøllærtÆňđřæ Pøllært4 dagar sedan
  • Douche bag central!

    william carrickwilliam carrick4 dagar sedan
  • the smile at the ending, you nailed it so accurately

    k ogk og4 dagar sedan
  • She’s most likely the nicest person in the world but I literally want to strangle each and every character she portrays. That means she’s great at acting.

    SootnxtfoundSootnxtfound4 dagar sedan
  • got the same vibe as "morning routine : every guy on yt vs reality" 😭

    Google IdxjisnsekndsGoogle Idxjisnseknds4 dagar sedan
    • Me too

      Dreamy AmethystDreamy Amethyst4 dagar sedan
  • And their iPhone alarm is labeled, “Rise and Grind”

    Jacob VautierJacob Vautier5 dagar sedan
  • Matt D'Avella

    G GG G5 dagar sedan
  • the smile!!!!

    ibrahimibrahim5 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god it's Teachingmensfashion

    Sprinkle FanzSprinkle Fanz5 dagar sedan
  • It's the 0:50 for me 😂

    SophiYah YisraelSophiYah Yisrael6 dagar sedan
  • This is exactly the same it’s perfect - all those adverts about how I can make PASSIVE income ONLINE with drop shopping in 7 tricks Amazon DOESNT want you to know about... and it’s always some 17 year old boy

    Angie LarrierAngie Larrier6 dagar sedan
  • Oh yes, the overly exaggerated smirk. Congratulations you've won my sub.

    livehorsesdreamlivehorsesdream6 dagar sedan
  • 100% accurate

    Andrea VinczeAndrea Vincze6 dagar sedan
  • Also, they're all from rich families with tons of connections, and are completely able bodied and neurotypical

    WermWerm6 dagar sedan
  • Matt D'Avella but worse.

    Kapil PurandareKapil Purandare6 dagar sedan
  • Next up: HoW tO StArT yOuR dAy WiTh ThE mOsT ePiC bReAkFaSt Of AlL tImE!

    Anna HuddlestonAnna Huddleston7 dagar sedan
  • What’s a thinkfluencer? 0:00 Oh. That.

    Andre PonniahAndre Ponniah7 dagar sedan
  • It's the arc of the smile for me XD

    Harry CrimeHarry Crime7 dagar sedan
  • If this woman doesn't get a slot on SNL in the next 5 years, I'm gonna riot.

    SpecterSpecter7 dagar sedan
  • the musty shirt ties it all

    michaelmichael8 dagar sedan
  • Aplham...?

    Cyril MatthewCyril Matthew8 dagar sedan
  • The mouth acting is on point lol

    AvaAva8 dagar sedan
  • That smile is so fake... PERFECT

    Guido FerriGuido Ferri8 dagar sedan
  • Lmao the Time Feriss part

    NeptoonNeptoon8 dagar sedan
  • This is so true it hurts

    Road to FreedomRoad to Freedom8 dagar sedan
  • The people in my ads studying this video before they tell me to start an e-commerce business: 👁👄👁

    Em LayEm Lay8 dagar sedan
  • Wow, your acting is on point. Kudos to you

    pixel lavenderpixel lavender8 dagar sedan
  • I think this was made about dre drexler :o

    Dracyn The RaisinDracyn The Raisin8 dagar sedan
  • Don't forget the sponsor

    JohnJohn8 dagar sedan
  • the way she nails every fucking voice for every character

    Kiều VũKiều Vũ8 dagar sedan
  • The accuracy 👌

    Samuel CaneySamuel Caney8 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know there was a word for this kind of person. While I am not surprised, I am disappointed.

    Evan DempseyEvan Dempsey9 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Shirley JacksonShirley Jackson9 dagar sedan
  • I love how they always look like they're either praying or rapping in the '90s

    Shane de LeónShane de León9 dagar sedan
  • This is why you never search how to make money on SEworld cuz these are the ads you’ll get 😂

    chris Ezchris Ez9 dagar sedan
  • This is a masterpiece. I watch it a few times per day. It's like medicine.

    Bogdan TircaBogdan Tirca10 dagar sedan
  • **slowly sways to the left side of the screen for the entire last 2 seconds of the video*

    Vanessa LogginsVanessa Loggins10 dagar sedan
  • Fucking love these videos

    The Scorpion FormulaThe Scorpion Formula10 dagar sedan
  • This is, like, scary

    Ben BoocherBen Boocher11 dagar sedan
  • Amazingly still not even half as cringe as Instagram thots

    Hine-Rotu TaylorHine-Rotu Taylor11 dagar sedan
  • *TeachingMensFashion has left the chat*

    Luis BPLuis BP11 dagar sedan
  • The type of man who would do anything else instead of getting an actual job.

    M.B.M.B.11 dagar sedan
  • This is exceptional

    Panayiotis AntoniadesPanayiotis Antoniades11 dagar sedan
  • she is too powerful to be kept alive

    GoldenGolden11 dagar sedan
  • The lip movements piss me off so much lmao

    Laila Al-RifaiLaila Al-Rifai11 dagar sedan

    Hana YahHana Yah11 dagar sedan
  • this is soo accurate 😭😭

    Wheein Is My LifeWheein Is My Life11 dagar sedan
  • Why do I feel gay tho?

    Banana mlskBanana mlsk12 dagar sedan
  • “What kind of man do I want to be” *GAG*

    Captain ToadlingCaptain Toadling12 dagar sedan
  • Caitlin dusts off that beanie everytime she plays a dude

    Madi's cool tipsMadi's cool tips12 dagar sedan
  • I had to watch some of these for a college class (that was MANDATORY) and this is spot ON

    Scripsi AbeeieteScripsi Abeeiete12 dagar sedan

    mikeimikei12 dagar sedan
  • The "go to the link below" was on point.

    LaPil4roidLaPil4roid12 dagar sedan
  • I hate you. literally. I can never look at a masterclass advert, or that one 'stop being a loser' or the asian guy 'who went through a lot of bullshit as a kid, especially since his dad left him at two' the same now.

    Abby LiteAbby Lite12 dagar sedan
  • 😭😭😭

    Nikki GNikki G12 dagar sedan
  • This is so damn accurate it gave me cancer like the real ones. Even the moves and the smug facial expressions are perfect.

    fmnqfmnq12 dagar sedan
  • Omg this is soo accurate

    FerN ASMRFerN ASMR12 dagar sedan
  • Is this Graham Stephan ??

    Trending StoriesTrending Stories12 dagar sedan
  • her characterization is so spot on i love it

    WhatmoreWhatmore12 dagar sedan
  • This is annoying. So good job.

    John Paul SantosJohn Paul Santos12 dagar sedan
  • I hate guys that look like that but I love girls that look like that. Why? Idk

    MrChickenStripsMrChickenStrips12 dagar sedan
  • she never misses i swear

    tots ‘tots ‘13 dagar sedan
  • This has Alpha M written all over this.

    Anime Manga AntagonistAnime Manga Antagonist13 dagar sedan
  • I see these ads all the time on videos.

    Isis EloiseIsis Eloise13 dagar sedan
  • How have I gone this long without knowing about this woman?!!! Her vids are cracking me up and so incredibly relatable!!!!🤣🤣

    Jane SmithJane Smith13 dagar sedan
  • She NEEDS to go on SNL

    Kevin’s Famous ChiliKevin’s Famous Chili13 dagar sedan
  • Damn I’m so annoyed. Great work.

    zachary luscherzachary luscher14 dagar sedan
  • The body language is so acurate it hurts

    Aletia Villagran RivasAletia Villagran Rivas14 dagar sedan
  • NAILED IT! Love your work, you make me laugh. No, I’m not going to “unpack that!” Lol H5!

    Andy BrockAndy Brock14 dagar sedan