i beat minecraft with no weapons or tools...

24 nov 2020
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I Beat Minecraft With No Tools or Weapons (HARD CHALLENGE)

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  • Something: *exists* Patrick: I hate it!

    I'm not creative enoughI'm not creative enough19 minuter sedan
  • I believe you bro

    Montana QueenMontana Queen17 timmar sedan
  • Maybe use dirt cheat command enchant the dirt 100000 sharpness

    Marilyn ViscaraMarilyn Viscara2 dagar sedan
  • " I am the one punch man" ends up with 100 punches

    Hamza OmgHamza Omg3 dagar sedan
  • Smith: you have nothing on me I am the one punch man!!!!!! also Smith: uhhhh make that million punch man

    Peeps 1007Peeps 10073 dagar sedan
  • Why would you brake the fence instead of walking through the fence gate!!!

    Tripp ArenovichTripp Arenovich3 dagar sedan
  • Jungle pyramids are a method of getting bones which is useful for peaceful players such as myself

    Phoenix FalconPhoenix Falcon4 dagar sedan
  • My friend kill a enderdragon using his fist and many bread

    Chac kelwin O malutaoChac kelwin O malutao4 dagar sedan
  • wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool!!!!!!!

  • " You have nothing on me I am the one punch man " make that a million punch man

    Emerald mercenaryEmerald mercenary4 dagar sedan
  • Beat Minecraft with acacia only

    Burger PlaysBurger Plays5 dagar sedan
  • Beat Minecraft without crafting

    angelokhkimangelokhkim5 dagar sedan
  • Ya gotta appreciate Roman's block break edit

    Yeyeyeet boiYeyeyeet boi5 dagar sedan
  • why would he brake the fence if the was a gate next to it

    WidowWidow5 dagar sedan
  • Do you know that villagers get attracted to bread while he has a ton of them

    Rizan ManzilRizan Manzil6 dagar sedan
  • smith plays: im such a noob at minecraft beats minecraft with no tools me: get's nethernite armour from criative and dies to an ender man

    Toast YouTubeToast YouTube7 dagar sedan
  • 0:07

    DreamHasTokensDreamHasTokens7 dagar sedan
  • no more challenges because you are tiered i know i am seeing this video the next year but you are legend

    JISHNUJISHNU7 dagar sedan

    AditPlaysAditPlays7 dagar sedan
  • With

    Gunjan JainGunjan Jain8 dagar sedan
  • He killed the dragon just eith fist

    Gunjan JainGunjan Jain8 dagar sedan
  • This guy is op

    Gunjan JainGunjan Jain8 dagar sedan
  • If your not subbed than ur missing out

    Liam CarperLiam Carper9 dagar sedan
  • He relisd that he was in a fortress realy quickly

    August IsénAugust Isén9 dagar sedan
  • *Smith breaking the fence instead the gate beside it* Me:I'm totally fine with that.

    EXEX9 dagar sedan
  • Why didnt you use shield? And flint and steel to light up the mob? I guess its not cheating. And in the nether you can use cauldron filled with water. Standing in it you can avoid fire damage.

    Dániel KeszthelyiDániel Keszthelyi9 dagar sedan
  • Did nifty think how he's gonna get in the stronghold

    Ataur RohmanAtaur Rohman10 dagar sedan
  • The slowness ur right

    Ataur RohmanAtaur Rohman10 dagar sedan
  • Nifty:let's punch some trees me:EPIC

    Ataur RohmanAtaur Rohman10 dagar sedan
  • Torches are tools lol.

    The Piano MonsterThe Piano Monster10 dagar sedan
  • Well compass is a tool neard

  • Request: Minecraft with out wood.

    Ender Dragon FilmsEnder Dragon Films10 dagar sedan
  • Absurd

    Wen Chen ChangWen Chen Chang11 dagar sedan
  • I dont think ive ever seen this man make a nether portal the real way

    Tristan BurnettTristan Burnett13 dagar sedan
  • is a boat a tool?

    Pauline RamirezPauline Ramirez13 dagar sedan
  • You are not hacker you are the best Minecraft youtuber who s grian

    Dimitris GiovarthisDimitris Giovarthis13 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else triggered when he broke the fence, without realizing there was a gate?

    Danielle SutterDanielle Sutter13 dagar sedan
  • This video is much better than a dream speedrunner vs hunter video. No joke.

    Harikrishna JayarajHarikrishna Jayaraj13 dagar sedan
  • 23:49 rapid SMG mode

    Scarz - XScarz - X13 dagar sedan
  • beating minecraft withing eating

    Aarav GyawaliAarav Gyawali13 dagar sedan
  • 1:53 baby villager just watches him punch the village protector to death in an unfair battle

    Brickcrafter's ReviewsBrickcrafter's Reviews13 dagar sedan
  • Him: Boats are tecnickly tools Also him: Takes an compas

    Maik HafnerMaik Hafner14 dagar sedan
  • Request: Minecraft, but dirt kills you.

    Genevieve WithamGenevieve Witham14 dagar sedan
  • this was made on my birthday

    Dave CoolDave Cool14 dagar sedan
  • 'The button' is having a stroke

    Kaloyan NakevKaloyan Nakev14 dagar sedan
  • Just to say the cleric sells blaze rods

    BBQ DogeBBQ Doge14 dagar sedan
  • Man your literally a god,do you really exist

    P.D DeepakP.D Deepak14 dagar sedan
  • beat my freakin melon parkour

    Pro GuidePro Guide14 dagar sedan
  • He got soooooo many levels from this

    Saad playzSaad playz14 dagar sedan
  • I am the 100 punch man

    Zaidi SironZaidi Siron14 dagar sedan
  • 0:29 Destroys fence right next to gate🤦‍♂️

    Viktor RadevicViktor Radevic14 dagar sedan
  • There’s no way you still have a 90-10 ratio still

    Priceless MakoaPriceless Makoa14 dagar sedan
  • I'm so Satisfied

    Ender HuangEnder Huang14 dagar sedan
  • 0:21 hey... the /seed command is only available with cheats on...

    D8CKY GAM3RD8CKY GAM3R15 dagar sedan
  • WHAT????? A HO IN It FORTUNE 3

    Spooder ManSpooder Man16 dagar sedan
  • The one punch man! 🤣🤣🤣

    Ammar MalikAmmar Malik16 dagar sedan
  • "one punch man" needed like 100 punches to kill a mere golem, cant wait to see the dragon's turn i just saw another comment saying this just as i clicked save

    sandar soesandar soe16 dagar sedan
  • Love one punch man but did not take him one punch

    Nathan SkodnikNathan Skodnik16 dagar sedan
  • He got flint on the first and 3 That made me go Wow

    Nathan SkodnikNathan Skodnik16 dagar sedan
  • The meaty battery systemically risk because hacksaw customarily place failing a charming step-mother. torpid, curious donna

    Olivia OlsonOlivia Olson17 dagar sedan
  • He broke the fence to get to the hay bales when he was RIGHT NEXT TO THE FENCE GATE!!! 😂

    Pizza BoiPizza Boi17 dagar sedan
  • Steve hand is a super man hand litrlly

    Thummapala BhavaniThummapala Bhavani17 dagar sedan
  • Falcon punch, music: intenseifes

    WhYwOnTFe4rLeSsUpLoA DWhYwOnTFe4rLeSsUpLoA D17 dagar sedan
  • Isn't flint and steel a tool ???

    lol XDlol XD17 dagar sedan
    • A *flint* *and* *steel* is a tool used to light fires.

      Bailey OdsmithBailey Odsmith14 dagar sedan
    • NO

      Gamer TrioGamer Trio14 dagar sedan
  • uh you’re the one million punch man

    Yan LagansonYan Laganson17 dagar sedan
  • Can you use armor

    Yan LagansonYan Laganson17 dagar sedan
    • Yes because armor is not tool.

      Bailey OdsmithBailey Odsmith14 dagar sedan
  • Smith: 'breaks fence to get hay' Me: 'sees gate beside fence' U BLIND FOOOL

    Ethan Ng Juen YieEthan Ng Juen Yie17 dagar sedan
  • Bravo

    Roberto CorpuzRoberto Corpuz17 dagar sedan
  • 7 page muda 2001 colorized

    JUstin JUn katigbakJUstin JUn katigbak17 dagar sedan
  • Request: Beat mc without crafting anything (so u can use chests u found lol)

    Karis the KarrotKaris the Karrot17 dagar sedan
  • Coincidences? When he said he's one punch man,. I just finished watching the series

    alot of everythinalot of everythin18 dagar sedan
  • BRAH first thing he does in the game. IS BREAK A FENCE WHEN THERES A GATE RIGHT NEXT TO IT. 0:28.

    alot of everythinalot of everythin18 dagar sedan
  • "The one tool we will have in this game, the water" Title : I beat minecraft with no weapons or *tools*

    John Carlo BernardoJohn Carlo Bernardo18 dagar sedan
  • I always believe its true

    Coby willisCoby willis18 dagar sedan
  • Hey you can push a viliger in aa bed in a high play then they float if you try to kill him with tnt they dont die

    Yoi EdosilYoi Edosil18 dagar sedan
  • wow this must have been a waste of time to record

    TomatopasteTomatopaste19 dagar sedan
  • Request: beating minecraft without crafting

    Meme cultureMeme culture19 dagar sedan
  • I was laughing so hard when he was getting the villagers down lol

    Jaxon StanleyJaxon Stanley20 dagar sedan
  • I counted the number of punches and came to know he took more then 100 punchee

    binay jaiswalbinay jaiswal20 dagar sedan
  • Pls beat minecraft in multiplayer

    Tanzimul Haque NirjhorTanzimul Haque Nirjhor20 dagar sedan
  • pls try this challenge in hardcore

  • You know I talking to my brother the other day about if somebody beat the ender dragon with their bare fists

    vegeta samavegeta sama20 dagar sedan
  • Bucket knight

    RayRay20 dagar sedan
  • I’m using tools Lol

    Billionaire AdamBillionaire Adam20 dagar sedan
  • Pat: i hate melons lazarbeam screams in the backround

    SkeletonDinoSkeletonDino21 dag sedan
  • The fabulous mitten energetically twist because shrine histomorphometrically beam along a enormous actor. oafish, friendly cabinet

    Sabina BiermannSabina Biermann21 dag sedan
  • 0:28 hahaha everybody laughing at u cuz u should have opened the gate next to the fence that ur punching hahahaha

    McMassGamerzMcMassGamerz21 dag sedan
  • anyone else see him break the first fence with a gate literally one block over

    Izzy KofaltIzzy Kofalt21 dag sedan
    • When

      Cherry DengCherry Deng20 dagar sedan
  • I believe you Smith

    Keiran PfeilKeiran Pfeil22 dagar sedan
  • Hey bro you could have killed the blazes with snowballs.

    Benaam {Dynamic foe}Benaam {Dynamic foe}22 dagar sedan
  • Challenge : Complete minecraft without any diamond or netherite tool and armor if u use any wood,iron or gold weapon or tool or armor then u cant put enchantments on them

    Simon Ghost RileySimon Ghost Riley22 dagar sedan
  • 5:17 kisses lol

    10K without videos10K without videos22 dagar sedan
  • I tried it and it took me a month

    Ryan ZuccolinRyan Zuccolin22 dagar sedan
  • 9:04 my heart beat when im running

    MZ4X GamingMZ4X Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • 9:04 Me when im running fast

    MZ4X GamingMZ4X Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • 1:56 i am the one punch man! 3 seconds later: 87+ hits later

    MZ4X GamingMZ4X Gaming23 dagar sedan
  • Nice job with the mlg water in the end!!!!!!!!

    Dream 2.0Dream 2.023 dagar sedan
  • Now do it in hardcore mode

    shrey jainshrey jain23 dagar sedan
  • Smith: you have nothing on me, I'm the one punch man Kills the iron golem with million punches

    Hamza LadhaHamza Ladha25 dagar sedan
  • Do blazes take damage if you put water on them in the overworld?

    M EM E25 dagar sedan