Scoring 1 UNBELIEVABLE Goal on Every Fifa from 10-20

14 jun 2020
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Rolled back the years to when I was half decent at this game and scored some worldies on old FIFAs.
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  • You Are my new best SEworldr

    leprok ggleprok gg18 timmar sedan
  • She his sad loser lol? :)

    Michael HineMichael HineDag sedan
  • Good goals!! ;)

    Michael HineMichael HineDag sedan
  • i feel like the previous fifas where better then 21

    Nicrepn NicNicrepn NicDag sedan
  • Ollie's goals were amazing😯😯

    Steve BeachamSteve Beacham2 dagar sedan
  • What ever country you come from That's what nationality you play for😂😂

    Steve BeachamSteve Beacham3 dagar sedan
  • Chris the ultimate team isn’t out yet Me look under kick off!!

    Cubmeister 8Cubmeister 85 dagar sedan
  • Actually you would need to be French to play for France for example I would be eligible to play for Australia or Scotland it i weren’t shit at football

    Euan KaneEuan Kane5 dagar sedan
  • Dude he is subbed to morgz

    Mr EEMr EE6 dagar sedan
  • (*)

    Łukasz BielakŁukasz Bielak7 dagar sedan
  • Hand up to speek

    Shelley SearsShelley Sears7 dagar sedan
    • Stuttering

      Shelley SearsShelley Sears7 dagar sedan
  • They have so much dedication to achieve this while 1 time i miss I’m like “I’m done with this game”

    Diego JuarezDiego Juarez8 dagar sedan
  • FIFA8

    Stiliyan SavovStiliyan Savov8 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else see heskey in fifa 10

    AkgPlaysAkgPlays9 dagar sedan
  • Ok i will check other vidio

    Cecilija GrabantCecilija Grabant9 dagar sedan
  • My friend still plays on fifa 15...😂😂

    Felix WestyFelix Westy9 dagar sedan
  • I’ve done better bicycle kicks before, Chris

    World of TechWorld of Tech9 dagar sedan
  • 8:09 Harry’s English in videos

    Aiden GayAiden Gay10 dagar sedan
  • Hello. I from in Russia

    Татьяна ШабалдашоваТатьяна Шабалдашова10 dagar sedan
  • 8:09 if you could do if you could if you could do if you could do anything?

    Randy TrumbowerRandy Trumbower10 dagar sedan
  • ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🏅🏅🤑😛😜🤪💟💙💪💯

    Ben HallBen Hall10 dagar sedan
  • how do you flick the ball up

    Alicia FaillaAlicia Failla10 dagar sedan
  • omg

  • Chris, can you do a tutorial of the skills you do

    Alex JustinAlex Justin11 dagar sedan
  • Fifa21

    Alfie SmallmanAlfie Smallman11 dagar sedan
  • Ok, sorry for bein a dingus but is that ur gf?

    Im_Outlikealight YTIm_Outlikealight YT12 dagar sedan
  • S’affichèrent

    Ziad BoudarZiad Boudar12 dagar sedan
  • Im literally getting w2s stammering vibes from shannon

    Global RSVGlobal RSV12 dagar sedan
  • Look out side his window in the bushes 21:58

    GIA KAPURGIA KAPUR13 dagar sedan
  • ضي

    Oo OOo O13 dagar sedan
  • Chris your girlfriend is actually really pretty

    Vexy EUVexy EU15 dagar sedan
  • Pls make another one, this inspired me to learn new skill moves like the rainbow flick shot 😁

    Hzza_StreamsHzza_Streams15 dagar sedan
  • Chris looks into the camera because he knows his girl is stairing him down

    TTV RPR _lachieTTV RPR _lachie16 dagar sedan
  • Me still with FIFA 7😐

    Petros AngelosPetros Angelos16 dagar sedan
  • Hernanes long shots on fifa14 was something else

    Will FrostWill Frost16 dagar sedan
  • How are you so good

    Gogo LayousGogo Layous16 dagar sedan
  • I

    Harry TurnerHarry Turner17 dagar sedan
  • Fifa 15 was the best.

    Yamen ZabadiYamen Zabadi17 dagar sedan
  • I still remember the old fifa’s

    Yamen ZabadiYamen Zabadi17 dagar sedan
  • I like your vids

    Kyan BatchelorKyan Batchelor17 dagar sedan
  • He had his AirPods back to front the donkey

    hatzi#10hatzi#1017 dagar sedan
  • fifa 21 is the best one

    Jackie BakerJackie Baker17 dagar sedan
  • who r you dating

    Michael ChineduMichael Chinedu17 dagar sedan
  • Your goals was good and good job

    Romen MirgaRomen Mirga17 dagar sedan
  • Knuckle-ball+Frank Lampard+Scores=Zlatan Ibrahimovic

  • najs pllaj najs

    Miroslav VašíčekMiroslav Vašíček19 dagar sedan
  • Can you play among us with me

    Fifa BroFifa Bro19 dagar sedan
  • 13:04 We all know the pain of being on the other side of Ronaldo in FIFA

    Vincent Jr.Vincent Jr.19 dagar sedan
  • Back when Camp Nou was a thing in Fifa

    IG fut_adxmIG fut_adxm20 dagar sedan
  • The defeated argument structurally decorate because powder promisingly observe amongst a overjoyed cub. minor, physical quality

    Kery SujanaKery Sujana20 dagar sedan
  • Me:scores overhead kick from the middle of the pitch NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    Harlow JettHarlow Jett21 dag sedan
  • Chris:scores a bycicle kick ands gets hype

    Harlow JettHarlow Jett21 dag sedan
  • Quote of the year Shanon: “ you don’t have to be French to play for France”

    Ethan ScottEthan Scott21 dag sedan
    • Technically… She’s not wrong

      DrRickzy 7DrRickzy 720 dagar sedan
  • Chris: scores a screamer Ollie: suuuuuu

    Muhammad RawatMuhammad Rawat21 dag sedan
    • Bruh

      Chalu CreativeChalu Creative19 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you try fifa mobile

    Vedanth Cr7Vedanth Cr722 dagar sedan
  • Song name when they played fifa 11

    RDX HITLER OPRDX HITLER OP22 dagar sedan
  • “Hit that, cmon... OOOOHHHHHHH” is the best line I’ve ever heard.

    Devøn ProductionsDevøn Productions23 dagar sedan
  • hey chris is your gf single?

    Thomas WalkerThomas Walker23 dagar sedan
  • Iv got fifa 09

    Harry SouthgateHarry Southgate23 dagar sedan
  • When Chris did the bicycle kick like wait how do you do that

    Unique TitansUnique Titans23 dagar sedan
    • With neymar

      Unique TitansUnique Titans23 dagar sedan
  • Shanon mises the goal by a mile Shanon: intense gibberish Me : que laughter

    Elton OsmaniElton Osmani23 dagar sedan
  • When I was watching this I was playing fifa 20

    ArkEyeArkEye24 dagar sedan
  • Loook at 13:04

    AndreasGamezAndreasGamez25 dagar sedan
  • Look at 3:03 suiii

    AndreasGamezAndreasGamez25 dagar sedan
  • Love it

    ArkEyeArkEye25 dagar sedan
  • my dad supports bristol

    DarkzDarkz26 dagar sedan
  • fhgfghnb

    Jacob SchwartzJacob Schwartz27 dagar sedan
  • I scored the best goal in fifa 21

    Avery MarajAvery Maraj27 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Michelle MurphyMichelle Murphy27 dagar sedan
  • 🥵🥵🥵

    Michelle MurphyMichelle Murphy27 dagar sedan
  • Hi Chris I’m Oliver these goals are very cool

    Suzanne DaviesSuzanne Davies29 dagar sedan
  • Nice vid

    Harrison DonnellyHarrison Donnelly29 dagar sedan
  • Popcorn is in a dog bowl

    grimmyboltongrimmybolton29 dagar sedan
  • Fifa 15 was when the kids who have never seen sun and played more than they drank rolled in

    Elmo on the street With the powderElmo on the street With the powderMånad sedan

    MasonDudegamingMasonDudegamingMånad sedan
  • love the video and goals

    hasan fahadhasan fahadMånad sedan
  • did anyone realise that he skipped fifa16?

    Samir NasiriSamir NasiriMånad sedan
  • Why are you saying (GO IN COME ON ARHHH) 100000000 TIMES

    lil' ONIGAlil' ONIGAMånad sedan
  • Your friends with Ed sheeran😮

    Kian FarrellKian FarrellMånad sedan
  • hello

    Madalena DionisioMadalena DionisioMånad sedan
  • We will be in a meeting in Washington you are a wonderful family you

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  • Z

    Yt FreddieYt FreddieMånad sedan
  • I was confused on which team was Chris and which team was Shannon until I saw Shannon almost score an own goal. Then I knew who was who

    Alexander MyteberiAlexander MyteberiMånad sedan
  • j

    shakesperean roadmanshakesperean roadmanMånad sedan
  • This is how many times he said hit that come on 👇

    AndreasGamezAndreasGamezMånad sedan
  • Girls : why don’t guys just get out hints The hints : 8:05

    Parihar Harsh Dharmendra SinghParihar Harsh Dharmendra SinghMånad sedan
  • The doubtful blue cosmetically license because technician postsynaptically sip given a tenuous scanner. diligent, happy organ

    Tyler LewinTyler LewinMånad sedan
  • I mean u don't have to be French to play for France I mean messi is Argentinian and he got asked to play for Spain I think if u have been somewhere for 5 or 10 years u can play for them

    jaidon germanjaidon germanMånad sedan
  • Thanks for bullying my home team on fifa 10 Chris we were very unlucky not to save that volley but tbh we were in league 1 or 2 at that stage

    callum malcomcallum malcomMånad sedan
  • בוזזזזזזזזזזזזזזזזזז

    Yakir NavonYakir NavonMånad sedan
  • Epic

    Makayla and Lachlan HoranMakayla and Lachlan HoranMånad sedan
  • 7:00 WTF

    JJCactus0602JJCactus0602Månad sedan
  • Can we all take a moment and appreciate RONALDO BEING A FISH 16:30

    2% Sawyer2% SawyerMånad sedan
  • Please stop using God's name

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    • Keane

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  • 21Fiaf

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  • Chris is single after this

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  • In fifa 20 u can use soccer aid and have the best icons and score a corner it will be 🔥

    ErrorErrorMånad sedan
  • FIFA 10 2nd goal was amazing

    Jack CookJack CookMånad sedan
    • Yes jack

      RazeFNRazeFNMånad sedan
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