Episode 83 - A Grand Day In

9 jan 2021
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(ATTN: The episode has a contend ID dispute ongoing, which means the video could be taken down at any point - I'm hoping it won't, but please understand if the ep disappears for a while)
You must be at least this rich to ride.
Erika Harlacher as Rebecca Hawkins
serenamidori as Rick, Child 1
Cyberlink420 as Luke
Juicey Flannigan as Leon Wilson, Child 2 & Vivian Wong
Katya Noctis as Crying Child

  • I love it

    Lord GrobanLord Groban58 sekunder sedan
  • 23:26 That killed me

    Yami No YomiYami No Yomi8 minuter sedan
  • I have an idea: what if you found a remixed version of "Sexy Back"? That way, you might be able to bypass youtube's copyright system, and get Duke's theme back.

    That One Random BystanderThat One Random Bystander18 minuter sedan
  • The nostalgia... I thought this was finished though?

    Ebru GunduzEbru GunduzTimme sedan
  • OMG ITS BACK?! 2021 starting off on a good note!

    BoomerG21BoomerG212 timmar sedan
  • “Everyone knows a giant monkey is a dragon’s natural enemy” I see someone has been playing monster hunter

    MeatWadMeatWad2 timmar sedan
  • No one is talking about Ziegfried's voice.... its awesome!! WOOOHOHOHOHOHO

    Carlitos KhanCarlitos Khan3 timmar sedan
  • At least one abridged series will get to finish where the original series finished. Maybe it will take a decade, but at least it will happen. Unlike another show.......

    Oz PardoOz Pardo4 timmar sedan
  • RIP Duke's Theme music.

    Yugi MutoYugi Muto4 timmar sedan
  • So there we go to another season without understanding the main villain. I guess the plot is whatever we'd like it to be anyway.

    D-Time BRD-Time BR4 timmar sedan
  • Its been many eons, but in the time in which his people needed him most, he returned.

    avakio19avakio194 timmar sedan
  • Sad thing is DBZ abridge is stopped ):

    Killer TaHeRKiller TaHeR5 timmar sedan
  • One more story left. We’re almost there everyone.

    FullTimeSlacker IIFullTimeSlacker II5 timmar sedan
  • That was a low blow and half at team four star damn LK savage

    Bay BayBay Bay6 timmar sedan
  • 10:05 okay that is literally me in every single card game and it somehow always works out.

    AnduszAndusz7 timmar sedan
  • No way... guys hang on this is really happening!

    AnduszAndusz8 timmar sedan
  • *By the way, did you know this was a filler arc? I don't think we've made that clear yet.*

    Laggalot101Laggalot1019 timmar sedan

    jaxoo slojaxoo slo10 timmar sedan
  • I am getting Austin powers goldmember vibes from siegfried

    Raigekiman64 ?????Raigekiman64 ?????10 timmar sedan
  • Fantastic Incredible Legendary League of Elite Rare Accolades Regional Championship

    Zach KrampienZach Krampien11 timmar sedan
  • Why wasn't I notified of this? Even though I have subbed, turned on notifications from *EIGHT GODDAMN ACCOUNTS* !

    SilverEjectedSilverEjected11 timmar sedan
  • Years later this show is still up and running and as good as ever quality-wise, yet tfs cant make the buu saga

    Creamer Of The Dairy SquadCreamer Of The Dairy Squad12 timmar sedan
    • Ye I caught that low blow late them

      Bay BayBay Bay6 timmar sedan
  • Sees new upload *heavy breathing* Sees it’s 26 minutes long *HEAVY BREATHING INTENSIFIES!!*

    Matt LeeMatt Lee12 timmar sedan
  • 19:25 Actual 4kids dialogue.

    Kitty KilkupKitty Kilkup12 timmar sedan
  • Welcome back old friend. I’ve missed you

    Elise LElise L13 timmar sedan
  • Good lord its been 2 years

    TheEman11910TheEman1191013 timmar sedan
  • Thank you so much i wait to see this season in full

    Benjamin GregoryBenjamin Gregory13 timmar sedan
  • Me realizes a new episode hasn't been out for 2 years....

    poodlekin500poodlekin50013 timmar sedan
  • I'm so glad your ok!

    eXtract.7eXtract.713 timmar sedan
  • Installed to its .......computer thing? I hate when that stuff happens to me when I’m presenting in front of the class

    Neo MaximhannNeo Maximhann13 timmar sedan
  • 6:40 best voice ever

    Larry RobinsonLarry Robinson14 timmar sedan
  • The moment i saw yugi in the lake seeing his reflection, I THOUGHT HE WAS ABOUT TO SING REFLECTION FROM MULAN 😂😂😂😂

    Hiro's RandomnessHiro's Randomness14 timmar sedan
  • Juicey Flannigan? Yep that’s definitely a real person

    Brooke ChiversBrooke Chivers14 timmar sedan
  • I am Moses Akhenaten the Pharoah of NIght!

    Solomon DajjalSolomon Dajjal14 timmar sedan
  • WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!

    LanataLanata15 timmar sedan
  • What a great episode!! Best in many- so happy to see you making episodes again, LK. Thank you for making this for us!

    Deena DingoDeena Dingo15 timmar sedan
  • God DAMN IT I forgot there was a whole filler arc! 🤣😂

    Jay 11Jay 1115 timmar sedan
  • 26:00 I can safely say I've listened to too much r/cursedcomments...

    BellumdorfBellumdorf15 timmar sedan
  • 16:09 Could that artwork be any more off from the card's?

    mystery hmystery h15 timmar sedan
  • For the love of the god cards never stop making this meme factory

    Shadow WalkerShadow Walker16 timmar sedan
  • The COMPLETE Abridged series is still possible! Hooray! The end of the world seems slightly better now!

    Nuclear GeekNuclear Geek16 timmar sedan
  • To be fair, Grand Prix IS one of the weirdest Words in all of the English Language. Anyway: I hope we get more good jokes and less s-jokes. Both would increase the quality, ya know?

    Slevin ChannelSlevin Channel16 timmar sedan
  • You did an amazing job with this i was rolling laughing through the episode! I don't know if you plan on still making more? Your series has honestly been one of my favorate things i have watched throughout time! I appreciate the time, effort, and well honestly sanity that you have put into this beautiful version of yugioh! I thankyou for the journey thus far my good sir!

    joshua fischerjoshua fischer17 timmar sedan
  • Will youtube stop being shit.

    Michael LevitanMichael Levitan17 timmar sedan
  • Rip in peace duke's theme music 😢

    Rick GutierrezRick Gutierrez18 timmar sedan

    SidSid18 timmar sedan

    Austin 'N' SuffAustin 'N' Suff18 timmar sedan
  • I still don´t get why this channel haven´t reach 1 Million+ subs yet. This is soo good.

    Ignacio Alcayaga BorquezIgnacio Alcayaga Borquez18 timmar sedan

    Kevin HurtadoKevin Hurtado18 timmar sedan
  • Dragons are the Best! Listen kid, Your deck sucks! Dragons are the best?

    NickNick19 timmar sedan
  • Dude rip duke's theme music

    luffydaking92(Bushido_Afro)luffydaking92(Bushido_Afro)19 timmar sedan
  • I never knew this abridged series was still ongoing when I started binge watching it. 11/10, will continue to binge watch with every new video

    The SystemThe System19 timmar sedan
  • 18:05 Nice Call-back!

    Rusty RalstonRusty Ralston19 timmar sedan
  • Awesome video man! Hope ur health and carrer r going great

    Tristan SemeTristan Seme20 timmar sedan
  • Gold

    Forest FlyrForest Flyr20 timmar sedan
  • By the way our dear Siegfried is pronouncing is S´es, I presume that he is from... Schwabia!

    PrinzPassionsfruchtPrinzPassionsfrucht20 timmar sedan
  • And he's back. Yayy...🥰 now that's a new year celebration.

    Jaskirat SinghJaskirat Singh21 timme sedan
  • "Meinsweeper"

    Kawaii SenpaiKawaii Senpai21 timme sedan
  • 2019 huh

    Marco RangelMarco Rangel22 timmar sedan
  • "If any one of those 5 year olds decide to ruin my tournament, they'll be sorry." Instant tears.

    JnG-ArtimationJnG-Artimation22 timmar sedan
  • It's awesome to see how much Little Kuriboh has improved over the years. Love your content, dude! Hope we will see more YGOTAS in the near future.

    sorrow Domesorrow Dome22 timmar sedan
  • omg a new episode waaaaaa i'm crying ;_;

    L.M.CL.M.C22 timmar sedan
  • Look at this monke

    Cole HazenCole Hazen22 timmar sedan
  • YES! YES! It's so nice to see you back, LittleK!

    Logi MeisterLogi Meister23 timmar sedan
  • 24:41 maybe tea did it. or Tristan

    Sapphire Rose AftonSapphire Rose AftonDag sedan
  • Was this one of if not the best Epesode or what?!

    nils0anils0aDag sedan
  • Couldn't you replace Dukes theme song with a recreated cover? Crowbcat had a similar issue with Sweet Little Lies in a video and the video was flagged. He replace the song with a cover and the video is back up.

    Mr. HouseMr. HouseDag sedan
  • When you binge watch the whole series yet again to hype yourself for this episode and are not disappointed.

    Isabella DavisIsabella DavisDag sedan
  • Zigfried is like Pegasus gone wrong

    Kaan IrievKaan IrievDag sedan
  • Yeah

    MernernerMernernerDag sedan
  • Bakura still waiting to get the screen time he was promised in his bloody contract.

    Karl BrownKarl BrownDag sedan
  • Just skip to 22:05- trust me.

    Kenneth CadieuxKenneth CadieuxDag sedan
  • All those years of Bakura waiting to be a main character and we’re finally here

    longhorns13192longhorns13192Dag sedan
  • What ever happened to "Final Season 2019"?

    maxman1602maxman1602Dag sedan
  • Stiiiiilll got a knack for quotable nonsense! Good to see you back LK!

    SaraSaraDag sedan
  • 8:30 Duel Links A.I.’s in a Nutshell... including your Auto Duel A.I.

    Mark MoralesMark MoralesDag sedan

    bippidyboopbippidyboopDag sedan
  • Pog

    EpicpieberserkerEpicpieberserkerDag sedan
  • 23:25 We're all jealous of these characters now

    revolverswitchrevolverswitchDag sedan
  • Oh no not the penguins XD

    Cyber CrateCyber CrateDag sedan
  • This is a sign that this year’s going to be great!!!

    Dgamer2099Dgamer2099Dag sedan
  • Omg I cant! Zigfried's voice is just too beautiful 😂😂😂😂

    Christian Reyes SaenzChristian Reyes SaenzDag sedan
  • One of two best parts of this episode. Kid: What’s this? Heart of the giant b****. Yugi: Yep. That card is special to me because it reminds me of one of my closest friends. Joey: Hey Yug, who does that heart of the giant b**** remind you of anyway? Yugi: I’ll tell you later. Rebecca: It’s Joey, isn’t it. Yugi: Yeah. Of course it’s *beep* Joey & Yugi cussing out the pharaoh the same why he cussed out Yugi for forcing him to go on a date with Tea 😂😂😂😂.

    Kyra KathrynKyra KathrynDag sedan
  • oh.my.god. I HAVEN'T EVEN CAUGHT UP TO THE ABRIDGED SERIES YET AHH i sorta finished my yu gi oh phase a few months ago and i can't believe it but im getting sucked back in this fandom

    ArrianahArrianahDag sedan
  • A moment of silence for Duke's theme music.

    Nameless :Nameless :Dag sedan
  • what happen to dukes music?

    Charles WebsterCharles WebsterDag sedan
  • Child: "I'm gonna load my deck with Dragons, 'cause Dragons are the BEST!!" Wow, I didn't know 12-year-old me was gonna make a cameo in this arc

    Super Nerd DanielSuper Nerd DanielDag sedan
  • "If any of those 5 year old ruin my tournament they'll be sorry." The worst thing is in duel links its only the young uns that beat me as both varients of kaiba. Hit a little too close to home.

  • The return of the King

    carlos baquerizocarlos baquerizoDag sedan

    Life's FailureLife's FailureDag sedan
  • 20:26 Duke: “ And speaking of making it harder, this broadcast is now rated R. And it’s brought to you by the letter D, for Duke Devlin.” Tristian: “I though it was for D**k” lmfaoooooo💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂

    NewJerseyNets11NewJerseyNets11Dag sedan
  • Oh snap a new ep, unexpected hype!

    Kohta HiranoKohta HiranoDag sedan
  • 15:30💙 👀🐲?

    NicholasNicholasDag sedan
  • Sweet Jesus I miss you!

    Albert RamirezAlbert RamirezDag sedan
  • You know SEworld is messed up when they copyright strike something as necessary as Duke's theme.

    Straight JacketStraight JacketDag sedan
  • I can’t imagine I’ll cry any less during the final episode of the abridged version than I did the original show😪😭 thank you Mr. LittleKuriboh for being a huge part of my yugioh fandom and childhood in general. Started watching in 5th grade, I’m 23 now so needless to say I’ve been a fan a while 🧡

    Zack KnowlesZack KnowlesDag sedan
  • 23:29 why Joey why lol 😂😂😂😂😂

    Mix ManMix ManDag sedan
  • I feel you Bakura, I was so excited for the millennum world arc and the jokes of Bakura being finally the main villian and completely forgot the filler :D his phone call was so funny

    AceliiaAceliiaDag sedan
  • Heart of the f***ing idiot? Dont you mean dignity of the ret***ed? (Hk subs)

    Vee PlushieVee PlushieDag sedan
  • oh man, I have not laughed like that in awhile

    YousefYousefDag sedan