Living With Dog Vision

12 jan 2021
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Today I see like a dog. My eyes hurt.
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  • Do cat vision

    SHaru McfarlaneSHaru Mcfarlane21 sekund sedan
  • U have finally mastered the dog of 69 paths Approved by the shiba doggo

  • liam make your dog solve a rubix cube itl be so easy

    Thomas HabenichtThomas Habenicht13 minuter sedan
  • 2:30

    XpunckXpunck17 minuter sedan
  • Doesn’t dogs see better than humans tho?

    Ingrid Oline JørstadIngrid Oline Jørstad22 minuter sedan
  • Bro Liam you have inspired me to be like Liam and be my child self

    Toxic Donut44Toxic Donut4427 minuter sedan
  • Yeah bs. My dog sees a bird a mile away in a field and goes nuts trying to get me to open the door. This “dogs have bad vision” shit is....shit

    john johnnyjohn johnny38 minuter sedan
  • i see like that all the day because i can't see without glasses :(

    Ermin TokmicErmin Tokmic49 minuter sedan
  • Him; *solves a rubix cube in dog vision* Me; *is still trying to solve mine for the past two years* is it just me?

    Dobby IS A Horse Crazy BoioDobby IS A Horse Crazy Boio50 minuter sedan
  • The dog at 2:37: it’s official. He’s finally lost it.

    Eleanor DawidEleanor Dawid52 minuter sedan
  • The dog be like : My Human has gone Kookoo.

    Zarrah RaziZarrah RaziTimme sedan
  • Now it makes sense why Tesla inteoduced dog mode..

    Gligor VladGligor VladTimme sedan
  • His neighbors are looking at him like: 👁👄👁🤳

    Lil Carlos youngLil Carlos youngTimme sedan
  • Is it me or he looks like Tom Holland.

    2 Brothers 1 Sister2 Brothers 1 SisterTimme sedan
  • I don’t know why or how I’ve been recommended this but I’m grateful for it this channel is actually interesting. In a good way tho Btw u look a bit like Tom Holland 😅

    The Craziest OneThe Craziest OneTimme sedan
  • His Neighbors: ~walks outside~ *”I think that’s enough for today”*

    Jeon JungkookieJeon JungkookieTimme sedan
  • That's why every dog chew toy in the store are Blue and red😳

    Julio Cartera IIJulio Cartera IITimme sedan
  • 'Shadows look really good, woooooooowww' 😂

    jaixh habkeineAhnungjaixh habkeineAhnungTimme sedan
  • *make ur dog solve a rubik's cube, Its ez* there u go

    badcc , MiniToon, KinekoKittenWasTakenbadcc , MiniToon, KinekoKittenWasTakenTimme sedan
  • *liam is now turning into a acutal dog*

    iiLayla xxoiiLayla xxoTimme sedan
  • fuck i have not got you to my inbox for months finally in my front page

    niemine 17niemine 172 timmar sedan
  • The intro so random lol And can you do cat vison next pwez

    Crazy kitty OliviaCrazy kitty Olivia2 timmar sedan
  • What dog do you have

    Angel CasianoAngel Casiano2 timmar sedan
  • Make a glases for dogs to see like a human

    M.a.knockM.a.knock2 timmar sedan
  • My name is LIAM?!?!

    math king destroymath king destroy2 timmar sedan
  • Im not being racist. if he looks like a Simpson then what does a black person look like

    GoatyGoaty3 timmar sedan
  • This is a similar video:

    Mando811Mando8113 timmar sedan
  • *_Hey father, Why is the neighbor wearing a headset and dancing on his shadow?_*

    khue vokhue vo3 timmar sedan
  • Dog vision is fine

    Little LivingstonsLittle Livingstons3 timmar sedan
  • Dog Vision = Bad Dog Hearing = Best (except for dolphins) Edit: Cat Vision = Better than Humans

    YTRobloxGuyyYTRobloxGuyy4 timmar sedan
  • Neighbors: what the hell in the morning’s 👁👄👁 👁👄👁 👁👄👁 👁👄👁

    LEVI AckermanLEVI Ackerman4 timmar sedan
  • You don’t know what I dog sees

    Drew RamloganDrew Ramlogan4 timmar sedan
  • Title: living with dogs Me: sees cat

    Denise Jardinero VlogDenise Jardinero Vlog4 timmar sedan
  • You already know where to sort this video.

    Nate BlakeNate Blake4 timmar sedan
  • Did you do it at night?

    TruesalvationTruesalvation4 timmar sedan
  • How bad does it suck? *Just shows the word "living"*

    limefroglimefrog5 timmar sedan
  • welcome back to another episode of: "Finally Something Sane in My Recommended" Me after watching the video: Or is it sane....?

    Clementine BabyClementine Baby5 timmar sedan
  • 2:13 "This white Tiddy Bear"😂😂😂😂

    TheRealOne 361TheRealOne 3615 timmar sedan
  • Do it in cat vision

    christopher jchristopher j5 timmar sedan
  • If there’s anything more I can do apart from liking and subscribing I would do it

    FinnWood09FinnWood095 timmar sedan
  • Thompson is guns name

    NOOB FFNOOB FF6 timmar sedan
  • 2:32 Imagine being his neighbor at this time

    Tony Halik AmbasadorTony Halik Ambasador6 timmar sedan
  • catttttttt vision ^_^_^__^_^__^__^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^__^_^_^__^_^_^_^

    黄浩黄浩6 timmar sedan
  • Didn't you saw ghost i heard that dog can see ghost.🤔🤔

    Low Life GameLow Life Game6 timmar sedan
  • Well now I think different of my dogs

    Typical craigTypical craig7 timmar sedan
  • Dogs really have to set their exposure

    JBEJBE7 timmar sedan
  • Wait dogs are Colourblind

    Sam jjkkjjkiejjk2Sam jjkkjjkiejjk27 timmar sedan
  • 32 bits

    BravenIsDaBestBravenIsDaBest7 timmar sedan
  • i could just imagine how disturbed his neighbors would be-

    CherriblxssomCherriblxssom7 timmar sedan
  • 2:37 is something wrong with him? Jk dis made my day🤣🤣🤣🤣💖

    • PurplezGaming •• PurplezGaming •7 timmar sedan
  • See you 9 more years on recommended :)

    O.C_ GAMERO.C_ GAMER7 timmar sedan
  • 2:31 The dog be like : Is he fine?

    Master HackerMaster Hacker8 timmar sedan
  • Liam: Max do you see this.. Max: Never..!

    Atharwa ThoratAtharwa Thorat9 timmar sedan
  • 2:29 I can’t Stop lauching

    Learning With DevicesLearning With Devices9 timmar sedan

    Magma FrogMagma Frog10 timmar sedan
  • 😁🙄

    Jona SmitJona Smit10 timmar sedan
  • 😄

    Jona SmitJona Smit10 timmar sedan
  • But what if dogs live in human vision...

    Kritarth ShuklaKritarth Shukla10 timmar sedan
  • The dog be like:what is this human doing?

    ꧁༺RAZOR༻꧂꧁༺RAZOR༻꧂11 timmar sedan
  • It’s 4:42am and I haven’t slept

    Kodiak QKodiak Q11 timmar sedan
  • You look like Tom holland

    ifeanyi maduifeanyi madu11 timmar sedan
  • But still dogs come to bite me in the ass

    damn bouquetdamn bouquet12 timmar sedan
  • I am a dog and I can approve this

    samyak sanghvisamyak sanghvi12 timmar sedan
  • According to Google, lol... not according to the website that showed up when you googled, but according to Google

    ZileZile13 timmar sedan

    B - De Luna, EugeneB - De Luna, Eugene13 timmar sedan
  • Aliens:Living with human vision

    Luke the gamerLuke the gamer14 timmar sedan
  • This is amazing! Can I please have the link to this app?

    Catz4lifeCatz4life14 timmar sedan
  • Why does he sound like Mccreamy

    K1NGYK1NGY14 timmar sedan
  • i love his laugh lol

    kyrakyra15 timmar sedan
  • Dog vision isn't that bad... Oultherwise they would be hella clumsy, bumping into everything, and suck at hunting.

    Vu GuVu Gu15 timmar sedan
  • 2:13 titty bear?

    clydeclyde16 timmar sedan
  • What’s the app again?

    QuackloQuacklo16 timmar sedan
  • What about cat vision (:

    CurchyCurchy16 timmar sedan
  • For todays episode a man turned into a dog

    DrenzYTDrenzYT16 timmar sedan
  • When I heard you’re voice I was like “wait a minute isn’t this the Minecraft dog guy?” So I searched that video and it was you lol

    CdntrooperCdntrooper17 timmar sedan

      TheLegendOfHumanTheLegendOfHuman17 timmar sedan
  • Liam: *makes video* Neighbour: here we go again

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  • 2:37 Look at the dog 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Blob of gold. Lol

    Candy DegvilleCandy Degville18 timmar sedan
  • Liam is so awesome with such great videos.

    lexx sternerrlexx sternerr18 timmar sedan
    • that is so true!!!

      lexx sternerrlexx sternerr18 timmar sedan
  • imagine living with bird vision.

    lexx sternerrlexx sternerr18 timmar sedan
  • break me off a piece of that... 0:27

    PeterProductionsPeterProductions18 timmar sedan
  • Wow! It must be hard for dogs. Now I know why my grandmas dog Bear loves his red football.

    Boomer MasonBoomer Mason18 timmar sedan
  • 3:00 does that mean dogs see every one as Simpson’s characters

    Jade SpadeJade Spade18 timmar sedan
  • Nah the colors dogs see are purple yellow blue and diffrent shades of black and white

    Mari ?Mari ?19 timmar sedan
  • my new hobby is watching you be a dog. congrats.

    Libby bushLibby bush19 timmar sedan
  • What that isn’t what I’m supposed to see

    luxemluxem19 timmar sedan
  • 3:27

    Ajayboy superdudeAjayboy superdude19 timmar sedan
  • Got a cremation ad for this video, have no clue why.

    sould publicsould public19 timmar sedan
  • 2:34 The dog is just like you see in the sky

    Maximum ForceMaximum Force19 timmar sedan
  • 2:25 wha did max say?

    Jamie Collin Purwanto 1306072Jamie Collin Purwanto 130607219 timmar sedan
  • Dog vision is bad, you need sheep vision -Sheep with internet

    Sheep with internet accessSheep with internet access20 timmar sedan
  • Now you all know what color of toys you’ll get for your dogs lol

    Yuuki ChuYuuki Chu20 timmar sedan
  • 4:39 Liam: Im a Legend What I hear: Im a Legion

    Lizz's UniverseLizz's Universe20 timmar sedan
  • Huh so that’s y my dog barks at me all the time

    I am a dog loverI am a dog lover20 timmar sedan
  • Here is 1 of his unlisted videos

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  • google isn't a source lol.

    Microsoft PaintMicrosoft Paint20 timmar sedan
  • Happy this was on my recommended videos XD

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  • I don’t know why but I feel bad

    Connor TConnor T21 timme sedan
  • Why do I feel bad for my dog now-

    ꧁Tab Boba꧂꧁Tab Boba꧂21 timme sedan
  • “Next is the blurriness, this is a little nauseating” people that have to wear glasses

    F!NG3R_E_B0N3R!!F!NG3R_E_B0N3R!!21 timme sedan