K series swapped Kouki drive train fully attached!!

2 maj 2021
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Jimmy Oakes
PMB 169
61 N. Plains Industrial Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492

  • The 3.9 diff will be great, guys will put a 4.10 in an e46 m3 to make it more lively and they are also a six speed similar to the one you got

    ethan plassmanethan plassman10 dagar sedan
  • Theres a thumbs up and coment to help offset the cost of the new lift 😆

    JnastyzzzJnastyzzz10 dagar sedan
  • is there tile in that shop? looks like it in the video. can you just brake that up and get another 1" plus probably shouldn't both threw the tile anyways.

    nut busting garagenut busting garage11 dagar sedan
  • 👍🏽👍🏽

    Rick SpenkelinkRick Spenkelink12 dagar sedan
  • Slip yoke should go in the rear not at the trans, that way if it lets loose the long section of the drive shaft wont pole volt you in the air.

    No Guilt SmokingNo Guilt Smoking12 dagar sedan
  • I was so suprised to see nsxtra in the video i've followed him for so long

    ABOM1N8IONABOM1N8ION13 dagar sedan
  • That Touge Factory stuff is fucking quality.

    Christer FredrikssonChrister Fredriksson13 dagar sedan
  • tom segura

    Matthewmarquez71Matthewmarquez7113 dagar sedan
  • How does dj hold ur camera steady but can't on his channel 🤔

    Jarrod BJarrod B13 dagar sedan
  • cut the columns from the top, dril new holes and put the top beam for the lift , it will be a little lower but stil dor DJ will be ok

    ilko dimitrovilko dimitrov13 dagar sedan
  • What ring gear do u need? I can try find one in new Zealand

    Mitchell coyleMitchell coyle13 dagar sedan
  • Cut 2” out of the floor Concrete saw Cut a square 2” deep chisel out the spot set the post drill the holes

    Dustin BowmanDustin Bowman13 dagar sedan
  • That third lift would look good where Sami’s 240 is at

    Peter SalasPeter Salas13 dagar sedan
  • Too tall, just buy another 🤔

    David KelmDavid Kelm13 dagar sedan
  • Are we all not going to talk about the blow up doll in the corner or naw?? 😂

    Deonte PoweDeonte Powe13 dagar sedan
  • Cut a hole in the floor

    Split Knuckle GarageSplit Knuckle Garage13 dagar sedan
  • You need a boostedboiz Collab there the kings of the k series they twin turbo j series swapped an s14 which is basically a detuned nsx engine with twins on it , thing is a beast

    Sean KellySean Kelly13 dagar sedan
  • I'm down to watch u make a 240 trailer

    that guy route76that guy route7613 dagar sedan
  • “It’s like it was made for it!” “Who would’ve thought eh” “NOT YOU 10 MINUTES AGO” Fucking dead, Jimmy’s face🤣

    DanielDaniel13 dagar sedan

    Emil MellstedtEmil Mellstedt14 dagar sedan
  • i've missed a bunch of videos. what happened to that other new shop he was moving to?

    Nicholas Christian YoungNicholas Christian Young14 dagar sedan
  • Damn I was shook @7:49

    Martin RamirezMartin Ramirez14 dagar sedan
  • Damn, this kid came from struggling to get one lift in his old garage to having multiple garages, lifts and a mfing dyno... good job homie!!

    angel ortizangel ortiz14 dagar sedan
  • Why don't you just cut and weld the lift a foot shorter. U guys are crazy fabricators I can't believe u rather buy a new one 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Luigi builtLuigi built14 dagar sedan
  • So cutting a inch out the cement floor to sink it down a little wouldn't be a option? I'm sure there's rentable equipment that can do that.

    LtbookumLtbookum14 dagar sedan
  • Why not take out chunks into the concrete lower it 4inchs inset to the concrete and angle it for accessibility and to keep it spacious

    Nick ConleyNick Conley14 dagar sedan
  • should call the s14 the "K14"

    AharxnAharxn14 dagar sedan
  • Could you not cut the concrete so there isn't a HUMP in the middle on the "No Top LIft"???

    Chris LoneStarChris LoneStar14 dagar sedan
  • So whens the 400z on order 😂

    tea pot blacktea pot black14 dagar sedan
  • Take a inch out the floor

  • Good thing that the NSX owner documented how to build that trailer because I've been going crazy looking to build one for my Passat wagon.

    ShonaShona14 dagar sedan
  • SUBARUS NEEDS TO BE CUT!!!!!!!!!! Don’t touch the 240s😂😂😂

    Nick TankNick Tank14 dagar sedan
  • I have seen a couple of cars as trailers. Alot of Volvos, some Audis and Passats. But not a fcuking NSX pulling an NSX thats sick dude, gangster move.

    Z4GZ4G14 dagar sedan
  • oh daamn that NSX

    Glenn 9KGlenn 9K14 dagar sedan
  • There's guys in here in IRELAND doing a k24 swap in a s15, check it out on (triple8 Media) or (DRIFT GAMES)... Loving this build🤙

    Darren HaranDarren Haran14 dagar sedan
  • why not drop the lift an inch in the ground?

    cricketolcricketol14 dagar sedan
  • we need kswap tandoms between u and taylor ray

    Jeremy WeidnerJeremy Weidner14 dagar sedan
  • That diff cover might look good to you, but the design is questionable.

    wobbly saucewobbly sauce14 dagar sedan
  • Just cut a couple inches off the top and re-drill the holes. Void warranty but 🤷🏼‍♂️

    JayApexEvoJayApexEvo14 dagar sedan
  • 2 car wide 4 post hoist to store the cars that are along the wall, made room for your 2 post 👌🏻

    chris popechris pope14 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone notice the blow up doll

    ashley jennerashley jenner14 dagar sedan
  • Baller shit

    LateNight RitualsLateNight Rituals14 dagar sedan
  • For future reference. You should not by all means, use an unmatched set of ring gear and pinion. They are made and should be sold and used as a set ONLY. It’s not impossible but it will see an inevitable demise. Also note, when rebuilding your diff, you have four important things to look for. Pinion depth, pinion preload, back lash and the pattern. ALL OF THESE ARE CRUCIAL for noise and longevity. I’m a specialist at building differentials.

    S2kinkyS2kinky14 dagar sedan
  • Order 3 lifts still works on the ground

    trey mundttrey mundt14 dagar sedan
  • Thank god ant showed up

    Vq_NateVq_Nate14 dagar sedan
  • Why didn’t you use a s2000 transmission instead

    Daniel DuveDaniel Duve14 dagar sedan
  • You need a trans jack so you can stop working on your back while you have a lift. Could a thrown that diff in there by yourself like nothing.

    CrisanthonyCrisanthony14 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy if you don't build a 240 shorty you a bxtch 🤣 J.k homie you da man

  • I just realized jimmy doesnt do any sponsored ads in his vids.. no raid shadow legends or ring.. interesting

    tgalster.phototgalster.photo14 dagar sedan
  • TF products are straight quality...

    Alan BruceAlan Bruce14 dagar sedan
  • KOUKI!!! Come on Jimmy.... If you’re going to own this car please start pronouncing it correctly. "kōki" with a long vowel pronunciation. Koooo ki. You’re killing us Japanese people who watch this. Stop butchering. Don’t be so American.

    MatthewMatthew14 dagar sedan
  • "Turn the DIFFiculty up..." unintended pun win

    ApexParadigm GamingApexParadigm Gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Dj face “where the welds going” 🤣🤣🤣

    Dynasty DreamsDynasty Dreams14 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy it's pronounced "ju-bow". Not gweebo. It's my life's mission to clear this up.

    SRMHIPHOPSRMHIPHOP14 dagar sedan
  • 350z come with 3.54

    Broken SilviaBroken Silvia14 dagar sedan
  • Happy birthday 🎂

    Bryan McGuireBryan McGuire14 dagar sedan
  • Why dont you just put the lift a few inches into the floor?

    Elias MebyElias Meby14 dagar sedan
  • So real question I’m from MN and have a family member who just moved too Norwich Connecticut if I am out there visiting them is there merch at DJs shop and if I come buy some and a Nardi will I be able to get them autographed

    FirestarLenzenFirestarLenzen14 dagar sedan
    • Hell yeah much appreciated

      FirestarLenzenFirestarLenzen14 dagar sedan
    • I am sure while you are there at the store Jimmy would have no problem signing that for you~

      Patricia OakesPatricia Oakes14 dagar sedan
    • Slide

      DjnowayDjnoway14 dagar sedan
  • I just seen 4 nsx's yesterday I think they were going to a show. They are Soooo dam nice

    Jason PetrichJason Petrich14 dagar sedan
  • what towing rig you going to buy

    George FlynnGeorge Flynn14 dagar sedan
  • This episode needs to be titled “ Three men handle big beefy shaft”

    Tim MajorTim Major14 dagar sedan
  • Where’s the white r33

    TDE ShadowTDE Shadow14 dagar sedan
  • Chop 4 inches off the top of the lift 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Erik AndersonErik Anderson14 dagar sedan
  • Today was so fun, please do another one soon 🙏🏽🍍

    FablesFables14 dagar sedan
  • laughs in 4.56 rear gear in my track car lol, high rpm v8 and a 4 speed lol real "fun" on the highway lol

    Evan HajderEvan Hajder14 dagar sedan
  • So, why not just lower the floor a little where the posts are standing, to make them fit?

    zectorzector14 dagar sedan
  • “CoMpReSsIon BusHiNg” 😂😂 it’s just another form of a slip yolk

    Jamie.ConayneJamie.Conayne14 dagar sedan
    • I know but still deserves a roast 😂

      Jamie.ConayneJamie.Conayne13 dagar sedan
    • He says that in the video lol

      ICON XJICON XJ13 dagar sedan
  • Brother you cannot compare BMW’s to your Honda swapped S14 when talking about gear ratios, the BMW’s Rev to 7k max and the Honda could be 9.5k that’s allot of extra MPH in each gear!

    Matthew HealMatthew Heal14 dagar sedan
  • Hey jimmy why don’t you just notch the floor so you don’t have to wait on a new lift just a thought but keep up the good work

    Derin ColonDerin Colon14 dagar sedan
  • Drag race with your Silvia and kyles from boostedboiz v6 twin turbo 240 should be interesting 🤨

    Jose HuertaJose Huerta15 dagar sedan
  • 240 or BMW trailer would be a sick flex on drift day events

    Jim ShortJim Short15 dagar sedan
  • dude I legit just made a half mini trailer for my buddy who parts them out 🤣 never thought I'd EVER see an NSX trailer

    Glawen the GoyGlawen the Goy15 dagar sedan
  • Get the angle grinder out

    Luca RobinsonLuca Robinson15 dagar sedan
  • Wonder when you are going to work on Sams car for once! Happy b day jip

    Water LoverWater Lover15 dagar sedan
  • Sheeeeeesh

    David MorrissetteDavid Morrissette15 dagar sedan
  • nsx dude look like a healthy dan harmon lol

    Jacob MenthJacob Menth15 dagar sedan
  • Nice set up ! And the NSX😲

    initialSpeedinitialSpeed15 dagar sedan
  • You telling me with all your skills, and then skilled people you know that lift cant be modified s little to fit while still being safe? We god mad love for you b

    Jason VetoJason Veto15 dagar sedan
  • Why not build the lift in the ground @ djs side, maybe you will get the inch you need?

    Rowald WousieRowald Wousie15 dagar sedan
  • I was screaming at the screen....pull the slip yoke!! haha!!

    Carlos AvellanetCarlos Avellanet15 dagar sedan
  • Girth Brooks 🤣🤣

    JMorganJMorgan15 dagar sedan
  • That driveshaft is crazy nice

    Henri SHenri S15 dagar sedan
  • I don’t know why but I love the smell of diff fluid. Not sure why I like sulfur smell. I hate moth balls tho.

    Bagel BanditBagel Bandit15 dagar sedan
  • thats cool but seeing an old nsx cut in half makes me sad

    White_ KnightOneWhite_ KnightOne15 dagar sedan
  • Guy in AZ I know, built a matching trailer to his Del Sol. Best one out there though is the Wago camper trailer.

    MrHondaBlinkMrHondaBlink15 dagar sedan
  • Happy birthday Jim🎂🎂🎂

    Justin PaulJustin Paul15 dagar sedan
  • I love this channel but personally this K swap S chassis stuff, I have no interest. I’m literally just watching because I like jimmy and the gang

    AZ hooligansAZ hooligans15 dagar sedan
  • The NSX is crazy!!

    Ley_ FlightsLey_ Flights15 dagar sedan
  • "That's Girth Brooks" 15:26 hahahahaha

    Mackie PMackie P15 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍🔧

    Terry PicketteTerry Pickette15 dagar sedan
  • I had a lift with the cables on the floor, just drive the low cars on to planks, makes getting at the jacking points easier too!

    Geepers OilyragGeepers Oilyrag15 dagar sedan
  • Honda civic trailer to tow behind the nisshonda for track days ?

    Eastcoast playsgamesEastcoast playsgames15 dagar sedan
  • Day 182 asking for Jimmy to get a wider lens.

    Scott MyersScott Myers15 dagar sedan
  • Man witht the third lift now i would have got a 4 post for the dyno and also made it an alignment rack. And then a 2 post for each other bay. And then later on line the wall with 4 posts for car storage.

    reverend rogerreverend roger15 dagar sedan
  • Now that you have an extra lift you could put your four post lift over in the corner where are your bay door is not being used and put the Dino with it and then put the new hoist where the old Four post was there's no point having that four r post unless you're using it for the Dino and storage

    Todd SupramanTodd Supraman15 dagar sedan
  • I’ve seen photos of this thing a few months ago, my new dream setup, nsx always been the dream

    RagingSoul 701RagingSoul 70115 dagar sedan
  • so uh, is nobody going to bring up Donalds friend in the corer of the shop @ 7:01?

    Tyler Vander VeldenTyler Vander Velden15 dagar sedan
  • You should build a 240 trailer Jimmy! Would like to see that.

    karmøynåkarmøynå15 dagar sedan
  • Happy Birthday to Jip!

    Robin NRobin N15 dagar sedan
  • "sunburn in florida" adam lz visit?!

    LazyLazy15 dagar sedan