Caves of Qud Review

22 okt 2020
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You died.
You were crushed under the weight of a thousand suns.
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  • Sucks i can't add French sub anymore for my french baguette friends. :/

    Izumi kajiuraIzumi kajiura2 timmar sedan
  • Seth can I vote for you for....anything?

    Savrul SavvySavrul Savvy7 timmar sedan
  • Actually can't wait for a semi developed indie studio to take on a game idea like this but have it have decent to good graphics to introduce to general gaming audiences. Rimworld is there but it still doesn't present you hard with what can be randomly generated in a world when it comes to lore and depth

    Jez ConstableJez Constable14 timmar sedan
  • The dev of this game is something else

    bAKONbAKON15 timmar sedan
    • As a furry myself i deeply apologize for that _kind_ of people. Kinda like the weebs and loli pedophiles, we try our best to ignore them.

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic29 minuter sedan
  • Also I'm begging you, do AI WAR 2

    GlidertwinGlidertwin15 timmar sedan
  • You know, I'm sure Sseth is a decent chap. And that the anti-Semitism is just tongue-in-cheek, as is the racism. But the fact that he's become the SEworld go-to guy for so many alt-right incels is too off-putting. Adiós, Sseth.

    SuperMooklesSuperMookles17 timmar sedan
  • Ладно

    CombainCombain17 timmar sedan
  • Wheres the lobotomy corporation review!

    Ken PillerKen PillerDag sedan
  • lmao that short people video is from turkey fml XD

    AlenthasAlenthasDag sedan
  • tfw someone makes a great review and gives your game lots of free advertising, but you respond by banning people and calling the reviewer a dickhead

    R.A.F GattaiGuyR.A.F GattaiGuyDag sedan
    • Piracy ho!

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic29 minuter sedan
  • I forgot how to spell sseth youtube name so I just typed in his intro got e in the first hey and it automatically load up thank you merchants guild

    bigblackjay900bigblackjay900Dag sedan
  • The bleach sound track was strangely appropriate for this game.

    Edward RossEdward RossDag sedan
  • Your videos cure my depression.

    Cody SchneiderCody SchneiderDag sedan
  • You are gay

    геральт ривийскийгеральт ривийскийDag sedan
    • I am gay for Sseth

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic28 minuter sedan
  • So let me get this straight, Sseth absolutely adores this game, so much so, that he makes a indepth review on it and still, the dev hates his guts for making suggestions? So weird.

    RagnarookieRagnarookieDag sedan
    • *"B-but they insulted my fursona gf!"* -Dev

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic28 minuter sedan
  • Make more videos asshole , They are keeping me alive

    Tom TomskiTom TomskiDag sedan
  • Damn, the putus joke sure aged badly. Its almost like Trump wasnt an racist fascist and more like an democratically elected president .

    kinsmartskinsmartsDag sedan
  • watching this video with no context of the game gave me a goddamn stroke

    Passive PixelPassive Pixel2 dagar sedan
  • This looks like one of those amazing games that I would just never be able to wrap my head around and enjoy. Freaking bonkers and I love it.

    VorfelanVorfelan2 dagar sedan
  • New sub here. Is there an explanation as to the obsession of the one image of the black guy this SEworldr puts in his videos and all over this banner? It's kinda weird and borderline "problematic" looking at it from the outside.

    Michael RobbinsMichael Robbins2 dagar sedan
    • Well some people will take problems with it. But its impossible to satisfy literally everyone in everything.

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic26 minuter sedan
    • seems alright to me ((:

      Pal JardinePal JardineDag sedan
    • ​@Michael Robbins you´re trying hard to make it look bad, it´s not problematic at all

      R.A.F GattaiGuyR.A.F GattaiGuyDag sedan
    • @Michael Robbins Not all those children died of starvation in Africa, some had their hearts carved out by General Butt Naked and eaten by him.

      Jared ArmstrongJared ArmstrongDag sedan
    • @Jared Armstrong I managed to find the name of the guy in the pic. Apparently a lot of fans think it's cringy as hell and kinda problematic considering the subject matter. Sseth's content is so good. Being associated with the starvation deaths of children is so very off brand.

      Michael RobbinsMichael RobbinsDag sedan
  • Is it me or do they now prevent you from filling waterskins with lava? Sseth must have seriously pissed them off. Good.

    Famous PotatoFamous Potato2 dagar sedan
  • Biopunk

    David SantosDavid Santos2 dagar sedan
  • 26:30 Wow that's a lot of people playing Guild Wars if it's a recent clip. Best game though so it makes sense.

    MshojatMshojat2 dagar sedan
  • yeah i tough this was a weird excel tutorial!

    somethingsomethingnicknamesomethingsomethingnickname2 dagar sedan

    Gustavo M.Gustavo M.2 dagar sedan
  • "Would you like it if a woman stepped in your bowl of cereal..." We talkin' 2D or 3D?

    Big DBig D2 dagar sedan
  • LOL this is a unity game? WTF? That's so silly. I guess it has some advantages though, like in the future if/when graphics would be upgraded.

    MshojatMshojat2 dagar sedan
  • All the love and respect to Sseth for previous works, but this and some others have been way too long. I was about to support him but these 30 min reviews with fun and interesting content going to a very miserable portion of the review start me thinking otherwise. It's not also about how interesting, dumb or crazy games are. Sseth's ideas and arguements have been amazingly charismatic, lough out loud -kind and thought inspiring that have me made his words and thoughts influence mine. This has stopped from the old works. I hope this genius mind takes a turn and goes back on the right track and not this focus on how some game is crazy

    SCSC2 dagar sedan
    • Sseth is a hack©©

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic26 minuter sedan
    • what the fuck are you talking about? Seriously, that made no sense. I'm confused and intrigued.

      Saint AugustineSaint Augustine19 timmar sedan
  • Still looks better than base dwarf fortress

    Brawlsakk The MightyBrawlsakk The Mighty2 dagar sedan
    • Imagine using mods to make the game visually bearable _-A neckbeard_

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic25 minuter sedan
  • "Would YOU like it if a.woman stepped in your bowl of cereal? Don't answer that"

    Bowen FisherBowen Fisher2 dagar sedan
  • Been playing this for a few years now. No idea the devs were this deranged though, guess I've dodged a bullet by staying away from the community of this game all this time.

    KhaixzerKhaixzer2 dagar sedan
  • Looking down in the comments has reaffirmed 2 things to me that I already knew, but wished were different: People have no idea what 'far right' means anymore, and the devs are a bunch of little bitches. In fact, correction. Everyone of you all, even you dear reader, is a little bitch. I diagnose you with Bitch.

    max larsenmax larsen2 dagar sedan
    • fuck you your a bitch

      Blast HardcheeseBlast Hardcheese10 timmar sedan
  • Dwarf Fortress Players: "These graphics are gorgeous!!!"

    SevenDeadlySquidsSevenDeadlySquids3 dagar sedan
  • BeamNG boi

    kmgkmg3 dagar sedan
  • I can never finish a Sseth video. Its not that it overwhelms me or anything, i can just only get so far before i realize Sseth is a great Ssalesman and i go fuck off to buy and play whatever it is hes expertly describing. 0/10 i also need to pay bills.

    BttrflyBoxBttrflyBox3 dagar sedan
  • Where is RollerCoaster?

    Maçã VerdeMaçã Verde3 dagar sedan
  • i hope sseth reviews Warsim: the realm of aslona

    Karl LawrenzKarl Lawrenz3 dagar sedan
  • haha that age of mythology music threw me for a loop did not expect it at all

    Capt PeggyCapt Peggy3 dagar sedan
  • water baron? congratulations on that Huffington Post comment section circa 2011 education

    Fruad Is Not WinningFruad Is Not Winning3 dagar sedan
  • Where is Project Zomboid?

    Maçã VerdeMaçã Verde3 dagar sedan
  • Please review exanima

    AlphaZetaAlphaZeta3 dagar sedan
  • nutty putty was distasteful imo

    amir rozenshpiramir rozenshpir3 dagar sedan
  • After venturing beyond what the game itself has to offer... I found myself enjoying King of the Hill..!

    Mr.MeisterMr.Meister3 dagar sedan
  • It's kinda depressing what the social landscape has become. Well at least it looks like a fun game

    DatBruhDatBruh3 dagar sedan
  • I've been reading this comment section, and I have to say is that every anti-sjw is a living ad against the dangers of fetal alchohol syndrome. You have your worldview shaken by blue hair and you expect anyone to take you seriously? Please go fellate a doorknob you absolute trogs. Obama 2024

    gristle misslegristle missle3 dagar sedan
    • It's more the constant censorship and take over of peoples beloved franchises and less just blue hair. Nice strawman though

      Serpent 2Serpent 22 dagar sedan
  • Sseth: Caves of Qud is the only game that looks like a fucked up excel spreadsheet. Dwarf Fortress: Am I a joke to you?

    Schlomo BagelsteinSchlomo Bagelstein3 dagar sedan
  • 26:19 OLD PRICE : 14.88 NEW PRICE 13.39 YOU FOOL YOU MISSED THE CHANCE TO MAKE IT 13.37!!!1111

    xpavpushkaxpavpushka3 dagar sedan
  • "I Broke A Concrete wall, I Lost A Concrete Friend." You, Sir Are a -fish- POET!

    xpavpushkaxpavpushka4 dagar sedan
  • Please review Tales of Maj’Eyal it’s such a good rogue like with lots of playable classes

    GordLord GamingGordLord Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • This review is ... I have no idea what you are talking about. It sounds like the worst or maybe best hallucinogenic trip. I wouldn’t even know how to comprehend a game like this.

    Spidey SenseSpidey Sense4 dagar sedan
  • Sseth seems to really enjoy games with a heavy gameplay focus, more specifically some kind of management of some sort. Managing 1 guy, an entire space empire, and everything in between. So... What would a review from Sseth look like for a game with bare minimum gameplay? Mogeko Castle. A very entertaining story, but the gameplay is walk around, talk to NPCs, maybe do a puzzle or two, and get chased by blood thirsty, rape monsters. The biggest thing there would be to talk about is the story. I'm interested in seeing what he'd do with it. I imagine the video would be about 4-7 minutes long.

    Pleasant WhalePleasant Whale4 dagar sedan
  • Hello! Can you make a video about the game named CORTEX COMMAND, please?

    ArmolitskiyArmolitskiy4 dagar sedan
  • That whole lava thing sseth was talking about was like listening to zombie Carnegie lecture me

    Irritable Down syndromeIrritable Down syndrome4 dagar sedan

    zama422zama4224 dagar sedan
  • Why am I getting this reccomended to me even though I watched it twice before

    Hannes LermHannes Lerm4 dagar sedan
  • Don't buy the game just pirate it guys. The devs are literal communists

    gabriel ngabriel n4 dagar sedan
    • Gracias. I may be a furry too but an asshole is still an asshole no matter the community, there's no way in hell i willl give money to that kind if devs.

      IM TOO LAZY For a profile picIM TOO LAZY For a profile pic22 minuter sedan
  • I've been sold,by your manly Voice sir.

    mALdambomALdambo4 dagar sedan
  • Hey uh... Sseth? Your Heroes of Might and Magic 3 video is age restricted for some reason.

    Steven DahmsSteven Dahms4 dagar sedan
  • Dear Seth, please make a video on Disco Elysium

    Colton TColton T4 dagar sedan
  • Bruh you should try Teleglitch, its an amazing fkin game i think youll enjoy

    Dat BoiDat Boi5 dagar sedan
  • I don't particularly like black people. 🥵

    AlecAlec5 dagar sedan
  • Oh I know what he is referring to when he mentions that difficulty curve.

    Corey HughesCorey Hughes5 dagar sedan
  • Сделай видео про Lobotomy Corporation

    Игорь АпоникИгорь Апоник5 dagar sedan
  • I heard that Age of Mythology music. Nice choice.

    ThayrThayr5 dagar sedan
  • Going to be honest. I really do enjoy your content a lot and I wish there was more of it more frequently. You did an outward review which I love that game a lot. So as a heads up there will be another DLC coming out this Dec. PogChamp if you do choose to go back to that game.

    LAURENT1710LAURENT17105 dagar sedan
  • Seriously how are you gonna complain about the visuals when you've fucked them up so much with this shitty tileset??

    unbelievable goblinunbelievable goblin5 dagar sedan
    • @R.A.F GattaiGuy let me be annoyed by this ugly ass tileset and that this is how he decided to show the game to millions of people for the first time

      unbelievable goblinunbelievable goblin23 timmar sedan
    • @unbelievable goblin not the pretiest =/= ugly, you´re taking this joke review way too seriously

      R.A.F GattaiGuyR.A.F GattaiGuyDag sedan
    • @R.A.F GattaiGuy 1:58 "Caves of Qud is not the prettiest of games". While definitely accurate if you look at the entirety of gaming I feel like it's kind of stupid from a review perspective to show a screenshot of the game's visuals ruined by a mod that removes entire layers of information and takes a shit over the entire art style. If you compare Qud to most classic Roguelikes it's pretty fantastic looking.

      unbelievable goblinunbelievable goblinDag sedan
    • @unbelievable goblin he said the visuals are confusing whe you start out, he never said it was ugly

      R.A.F GattaiGuyR.A.F GattaiGuyDag sedan
    • @R.A.F GattaiGuy well he said it's an ugly game what else do you call that

      unbelievable goblinunbelievable goblinDag sedan
  • Plz do a elder scrolls oblivion review

    Insane Water bottleInsane Water bottle5 dagar sedan
  • I dislike the makers of this game. I suggested they allow the player to get laid and they denied me my right to have sex with the chrome pyramid. Fuck em, I'll pirate this shit

    Noah FucNoah Fuc5 dagar sedan
  • Making money by trading 'freeze-dried lava' Otherwise known as, 'selling rocks'

    PossumTPossumT5 dagar sedan
  • You should review Rim World

    Michal PiskorskiMichal Piskorski5 dagar sedan
    • He has

      noctis678noctis6785 dagar sedan
  • I have watched this like 10 times, i can't stop. Help me please

    Robert AlanRobert Alan6 dagar sedan
  • Where is the -TLOU 2- TLOSJWT 2 review?

    Some DudSome Dud6 dagar sedan
  • Just found this channel and somehow watched all your videos in like, a day. I need more plz ty

    SkygoneincSkygoneinc6 dagar sedan
    • @Skygoneinc No, but he could! We will never know.

      SunkenseesSunkensees5 dagar sedan
    • @Sunkensees This guy is mandalore???

      SkygoneincSkygoneinc5 dagar sedan
    • I suggest checking out MandaloreGaming, his "alter-ego."

      SunkenseesSunkensees5 dagar sedan
  • Time Cube being a reference in this video makes me feel all kinds of joy

    Hank PankHank Pank6 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if Seth chose this game to make a video on because it is a possible conversationalist piece due to the political stance of the devs, as well as the game being quite good? If so that is pretty smart.

    FormalitiesFormalities6 dagar sedan
  • nietzschemeatpie

    kawaiimeatpiekawaiimeatpie6 dagar sedan
  • I think Qud has a beautiful aesthetic, and very legible. I've played ASCII games like Rogue, NetHack, TOME, and Angband. Exposure to older ASCII games and games from DOS, Amiga and C64 may be a prerequisite to understanding the aesthetic to Qud. As an analogy, I would never recommend "Under the Volcano" to someone that doesn't have some understanding or relation to Marlowe's Doctor Faustus or Goethe's Faust.

    MahlerianMuseMahlerianMuse6 dagar sedan
  • Ssethtzeentach should be on Please Stop Talking

    Yeet Dab Mc Fap DabYeet Dab Mc Fap Dab6 dagar sedan
  • I like how exterminating unpredictable eldritch abominations to safeguard Humanity is considered a bad thing by the devs

    KilianKilian6 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love how the devs try so hard to nerf any fun exploits so Sseth just finds more exploits.

    AntaresAntares6 dagar sedan
  • "Damn, my man's excel spreadsheet looks f**ked up." Lost it.

    demo raldemo ral6 dagar sedan
  • I would like to bear the psychological architecture to enjoy this game!

    Marco SousaMarco Sousa6 dagar sedan
  • C O Q

    Janusz Tracz JuniorJanusz Tracz Junior7 dagar sedan
  • Our Prophet hath spoken, and now I embark upon the waves of the digital seas to pirate this game. Thank you Sseth, you truly are a modern day World Wonder. And remember kids, the only good Communist is a dead Communist. (Not a huge fan of the art style but I'll pirate any game just to spite Commust, SJW furries)

    Ekim TemenEkim Temen7 dagar sedan
  • Any chance this game is related to ElonaRPG?

    Remilia ScuntletRemilia Scuntlet7 dagar sedan
  • If anyone here is discouraged to buy the game don't worry, it is very fun and very hard

    Bidiguilo ChefãoBidiguilo Chefão7 dagar sedan
  • Goddamnit. Why do all these indie games have deranged developers?

    Bongo BagginsBongo Baggins7 dagar sedan
    • @LuridContent yeah, if you want good crazy just go for Darkest Dungeon, or Slay the Spire if you want bad crazy, go for this game

      R.A.F GattaiGuyR.A.F GattaiGuyDag sedan
    • Deranged would be an acceptable fault. Sad thing is they aren't deranged, they're just assholes.

      LuridContentLuridContent4 dagar sedan
    • because these kind of people are unemployable

      SergioSourceSergioSource6 dagar sedan
  • caves of qum

    The GoblinThe Goblin7 dagar sedan
  • I was running an Uber regeneration/electrical marksman with a laser rifle I got from one of those teleporting crystals, Golgotha was a cakewalk however the next quest line cave where I gotta go find the mechanist or whatever they are called. In short I got to 1hp on the invisible troll with the golden key because it didn’t properly target my hologram bracelet.. finally got to the very bottom 16 floors down found the mechanist to only find out they are hostile. Atleast 20 of the knights and priests dead and a few elevator switches disintegration’s and murder. I got teleported to some random cave 20 floors down in the middle of the fucking desert. Had to teleport all the way to Joppa just to go back to the fucking cave and slowly make my way 16 floors down to Finnish the job

    Vortex_GamesVortex_Games7 dagar sedan
    • @Vortex_Games well first off, you can just be in good terms with the mechanimist. Water ritual the Pope at the 6DS and give some artifacts. If you're lucky, you might even find other mechanimist characters while you wander Qum. For the rock boys, just get high explosive grenades. Mk1 leaves them badly wounded if not dead, and mk2 is an almost guaranteed kill. Otherwise, get first a hight ♂️p e n e t r a t i o n♂️ weapon. 12 pen should be more than enough, but if you get a vibro weapon, even better.

      YdrialsYdrials7 dagar sedan
    • The only things I hate are the phase spiders which I don’t even think I can kill and the rock people that throw literal boulders which my weapon doesn’t do shit so I am forced to get up close to unload 40k charge from my electrical mutation into them and everything adjacent to them dealing at least 60 damage to each thing hit

      Vortex_GamesVortex_Games7 dagar sedan
  • Imagine banning an opportunity for your game like sseth like holy shit

    Shadow747Shadow7477 dagar sedan
  • Are you actually gonna review a game that is dead for 8 years already? Nice

    When life gives you bananasWhen life gives you bananas7 dagar sedan
  • Fuck you seth,i just got fired

    Shadow747Shadow7477 dagar sedan
  • You make even the worst games sound amazing. Not that this is bad at all. I think you should be a businessman.

    Joshua Van TassellJoshua Van Tassell7 dagar sedan
  • Peasant: "I dont even know what i'm looking at." Me: *laughs in Dwarf Fortress*

    Yordle DippyYordle Dippy7 dagar sedan
  • can't wait for that guild wars review sseth

    ehauauauauahehauauauauah7 dagar sedan
  • I see, so this is one I want to torrent.

    Diego HidalgoDiego Hidalgo7 dagar sedan
  • At first I was like "this looks kinda cool, like adventure-mode Dwarf Fortress". But then, it hit me: Caves of Qud is transformation fetishism. You're supposed to become a mutant. It's sexless Corruption of Champions.

    Ignacio OlguínIgnacio Olguín7 dagar sedan
    • @Ydrials What's wrong with futa?

      Magos Explorator AdeonMagos Explorator Adeon22 timmar sedan
    • @Ekim Temen or trials in tainted space. Although in my experience, that has an awful lot of women with dicks.

      YdrialsYdrials7 dagar sedan
    • You know about CoC. I see you are also a man of culture. Have a freebie: If you enjoy CoC, look into Lilith's Throne and Flexible Survival.

      Ekim TemenEkim Temen7 dagar sedan
    • Nothing says you can't mod sex in. *You can always mod sex in.*

      YdrialsYdrials7 dagar sedan
    • Note: Not saying that's a bad thing per se, but this explains why the dev reacted in such negative fashion. Caves of Qud is basically his/her playable fantasy.

      Ignacio OlguínIgnacio Olguín7 dagar sedan
  • Play project zomboid

    thaoster209thaoster2097 dagar sedan
  • Youre one of the few reviewers to actually convince me to buy a game

    K GK G7 dagar sedan
  • Can I hug Sseth

    Noot NootNoot Noot7 dagar sedan