25 jul 2018
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Greedy · Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman
℗ A Republic Records release; ℗ 2016 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2016-04-01
Producer: Max Martin
Producer: Ilya
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Sam Holland
Studio Personnel, Editor: Peter Karlsson
Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Mattias Bylund
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Serban Ghenea
Studio Personnel, Mix Engineer: John Hanes
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Tom Coyne
Associated Performer, Violin: Mattias Johansson
Associated Performer, Cello: David Bukovinszky
Associated Performer, Horn Arranger: Jonas Thander
Associated Performer, Trombone: Staffan Findin
Associated Performer, Trumpet: Karl Olandersson
Associated Performer, Trumpet: Stefan Persson
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Joi Gilliam
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Taura Stinson
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Chonita Gillespie
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Savan Kotecha
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Jenny Schwartz
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Noah "Mailbox" Passovoy
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Alexander Kronlund
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Silke Lorenzen
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Jeremy Lertola
Associated Performer, Additional Vocals: Patrick Donovan
Associated Performer, Vocals: Ariana Grande
Composer Lyricist: Max Martin
Composer Lyricist: Savan Kotecha
Composer Lyricist: Alexander Kronlund
Composer Lyricist: Ilya
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  • Okay, but why did Greedy didn't made as a single? It deserve to be a single and have a music video! 🙄

    Iggy Cabrillos VlogIggy Cabrillos Vlog7 timmar sedan
  • “She doesn’t know the words!” Haha, This is a lipsync for your life, we need to see your lips, what part of that do you not understand?” Haha

    Sean SSean S15 timmar sedan
  • beautiful

    Gondara AneetGondara AneetDag sedan
  • this is my new favorite song of ari

    jimena cachayjimena cachayDag sedan
  • Underrated song of the year

    Emi DeckEmi DeckDag sedan
  • I'm not an Ari fan but I'll admit to jamming to this song on repeat. It's the brass instruments for me that make this a bop.

    Ora WolfgramOra Wolfgram2 dagar sedan
  • OMG why is this so underrated?! :(

    Amena HakimiAmena Hakimi2 dagar sedan
  • Too much underrated

    Nandan ParmaneNandan Parmane2 dagar sedan
  • Greedy is iconic. Fight me

    welsey roxaswelsey roxas2 dagar sedan
  • Hello fellow human, alien, everything inbetween and elsewhere. I am enjoying this bop, same as you. Greetings from Coruscant!

    hi hihi hi2 dagar sedan
  • This is my favourite song of Ariana’s

    Lilly CLilly C2 dagar sedan
  • love this song

  • Those notes she is hitting are perfection!!

    Bella HymanBella Hyman3 dagar sedan
    • Right

      Rey SaduesteRey Sadueste23 timmar sedan
  • I'm commenting cos this was re-uploaded

    Jhet Andrei TorresJhet Andrei Torres5 dagar sedan
  • the best soong

    Karla SanmarKarla Sanmar5 dagar sedan

    Valery R.YValery R.Y5 dagar sedan
  • anyone here bcs of mammon?

    applebottombeansapplebottombeans6 dagar sedan
  • Oh jeah I like this song :D

    Scynix_ 69Scynix_ 696 dagar sedan
  • What part of this is a lypsinc you don’t understand

    Carlangas owoCarlangas owo6 dagar sedan
  • how this video has only 1 and a half million views?? its an awesome song

    barbara salesbarbara sales7 dagar sedan
  • Just arianators can know this song and understand that this is a masterpiece

    JoaPol 06JoaPol 067 dagar sedan
    • Even non arianators are aware of how this song is amazing and such a masterpiece cuz here I am and damn this song is everything

      Help UsHelp Us2 dagar sedan
  • wait this is underrated????? dafuq-

    Brenna AmadorBrenna Amador7 dagar sedan
  • If she was that greedy she could of just ask me for pizza Jk😋

    Londynn JamesLondynn James7 dagar sedan
  • YO!!! where are my once and reveluv moots....??

    Can I get a kookie with cup of tae with suga?Can I get a kookie with cup of tae with suga?8 dagar sedan
  • Cause im so

    d dddnld dddnl8 dagar sedan
  • fun fact actually really really sad fact : idk, but who listening to this while quarantining and doing homework, and why is this only a million viewssss?????

    Judd ClaudioJudd Claudio8 dagar sedan
    • Omg I’m listening to this and doing homework rn lol. And yes. There are not many views on this reupload 😔

      Kyle IngallaKyle Ingalla7 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: Greedy is underrated but it’s one of ari’s best songs, which means not much people acknowledge how good it is 😭

    BC EpisodesBC Episodes8 dagar sedan
  • 💗💗

    Sasha AmaneSasha Amane8 dagar sedan
  • try listening to greedyxtreasure then listen to this song you'll think of this song more slower istg.

  • This popular one on Indonesian i singing so saddddd

    Abdullah Syahwir GhozaliAbdullah Syahwir Ghozali9 dagar sedan
  • Not bad

    misael nevarezmisael nevarez9 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    misael nevarezmisael nevarez9 dagar sedan
  • 한글로 댓글 남기는 센스! 잘 듣고 가요

    감짱TV감짱TV9 dagar sedan
  • Poor Valentina

    Recipes For RuntzRecipes For Runtz10 dagar sedan
  • Why is this so underrated ??? One of her best songs !!! I just couldn't live without it 😱😍😍

    Ophelia Tian Sio PoOphelia Tian Sio Po11 dagar sedan
  • one of my favorite songs from dw!

    AjaAja11 dagar sedan
  • I was sure it was going to be a single :(

    Simon JumpaSimon Jumpa13 dagar sedan
  • I remember Valentina XD

    Lala üLala ü14 dagar sedan
  • 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😌😌😌

    Fer C GFer C G15 dagar sedan
  • It sounds like K-Pop for me

    Jeremiah DestonbesJeremiah Destonbes15 dagar sedan
    • @Anthony F.G FACTS !!!

      Jeremiah DestonbesJeremiah Destonbes4 dagar sedan
    • With the exception that she has the range, vibrato and control that most k pop idols wish they had.

      Anthony F.GAnthony F.G4 dagar sedan
  • I found this song from a Donatello (rottmnt) edit and it made my love for Donatello get infinitely larger than life. *THIS WAS MY FUCKING JAM LAST YEAR (I was in Fifth)*

    FuzzydubsFuzzydubs16 dagar sedan
  • Timeless music's vid has about 32 times more views than this that is the original why tho?? The music vid is even more underrated

    Cookie_CatCookie_Cat17 dagar sedan
    • does it have a music video?? omg

      you got drugs?you got drugs?6 dagar sedan
  • Hi Ariana grande me and my friend are you BIGGEST fans can we send you fan mail THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. Love you

    Michael PawlowskiMichael Pawlowski18 dagar sedan
  • Lmao I came from the Seulgi greedy fancam.🙈🥴

    Chefs KissChefs Kiss18 dagar sedan
    • @jade morsaen 💅😌 we have taste

      Chefs KissChefs Kiss2 dagar sedan
    • sameeee

      jade morsaenjade morsaen2 dagar sedan
  • Her vocals here tho

    eyaeya19 dagar sedan
  • why its super UNDERRATED

    DarlerdaDarlerda19 dagar sedan
  • Her best song

    AntoniaAntonia19 dagar sedan
  • I think everything in this song is perfect. The melody, the beat, and in my opinion, the BEST VOCALS that she ever did in a song.

    Lívia FerreiraLívia Ferreira20 dagar sedan
  • Donde están los katycats apoyando a Ariana Grande

    Esmeralda PeñaEsmeralda Peña20 dagar sedan
  • underrated af.

    Nehmat AmeshNehmat Amesh20 dagar sedan
  • the comments : where are the views?? meanwhile the views : *on a Seulgi greedy cover video*

    C LC L20 dagar sedan
  • 2:30

    sunnyadriisunnyadrii20 dagar sedan
  • How many times Ariana says Greedy? Amazing

    k o e b i l e s sk o e b i l e s s20 dagar sedan
  • Who's here because of Seulgi?

    alexiealexie21 dag sedan
  • I want thos song for my reception so that all the girls knew that im so greedy for my man

    Kim YamiKim Yami21 dag sedan
    • Awe.

      Allanah GonzalezAllanah Gonzalez13 dagar sedan
  • *inhale Seulgi fancam*

    The Scarlet TearThe Scarlet Tear21 dag sedan
  • Yay, I'm so happy this song get 1M views, this was sooooo underrated. I'm so happyyy

  • M A S T E R P I E C E

    lívia ;lívia ;21 dag sedan
  • this is her best song, no i do not take objections

    god is chunghagod is chungha21 dag sedan
  • best song of the album

    fanny guzmán pérezfanny guzmán pérez22 dagar sedan
  • Minha deusa eu nunca tinha escutado essa música AAA

    Sthefany LopesSthefany Lopes22 dagar sedan
  • Red Velvet? Lmao

    choerryagchoerryag22 dagar sedan
  • Valentina, take that thing off your face

  • que

    Alejandro PozoAlejandro Pozo23 dagar sedan
  • 6788

    Alejandro PozoAlejandro Pozo23 dagar sedan
  • fue ermoso

    Alejandro PozoAlejandro Pozo23 dagar sedan
  • Greedy is one of her best songs and you can't lie. 🤧

    Maly DespresMaly Despres23 dagar sedan
  • fucking best, yes, its he comment and the quality of the song

    Jelly Daeanne MalunesJelly Daeanne Malunes23 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to keep it on please

    Camila RodriguezCamila Rodriguez23 dagar sedan
  • Why is this song not more recognized? It is so cool

    Lizeth Delgado MuñozLizeth Delgado Muñoz24 dagar sedan
  • The beginning is fire

    PurpleDomoPurpleDomo24 dagar sedan
  • I honestly kinda miss the DW era 🥺🥺

    kaito elikaito eli25 dagar sedan
  • I can hear 0:24 Cake by the Ocean DNCE 0:30 Treasure Bruno Mars Lol

    BlueMalvoryBlueMalvory25 dagar sedan
  • Like if Dangerous Woman is art🤍

    Abril ArronizAbril Arroniz26 dagar sedan

    Abril ArronizAbril Arroniz26 dagar sedan
  • this song deserved a video :(

    María Fernanda CampilloMaría Fernanda Campillo26 dagar sedan
  • 2020? GREEDY

    Mariana ButeraMariana Butera26 dagar sedan
  • Unpopular opinion:this is one of the best song of ariana why it's so underated I love it.

    Unknown UserUnknown User26 dagar sedan
    • bo

      Alejandro PozoAlejandro Pozo23 dagar sedan
  • This song should have so much more than it has.

    Alex.Alex.27 dagar sedan
  • wow I thought these comments were gonna be old- *welp*

    Gabrielle FinkGabrielle Fink27 dagar sedan
  • I’d like to keep it on, please

    EuniceEunice27 dagar sedan
  • i fell a good music in the ending of a great movie

    EL POYOEL POYO27 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍

    Vicente MendivilVicente Mendivil27 dagar sedan

    thank u, nextthank u, next27 dagar sedan
  • No me tiembla el pulso en decir que Greedy es mi cancion favorita de Ariana , aclarando que me gustan practicamente todas sus canciones.

    AgustinitaAgustinita28 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t know this until I watched Rupaul’s Drag Race 🤭

    Ela IñiguezEla Iñiguez28 dagar sedan
  • Greedy is one of her best songs and you can't lie. 🤧

    Afua AsareAfua Asare28 dagar sedan
    • This is a liar, but I don't know

      Rey SaduesteRey SaduesteDag sedan
  • after 3 yrs of searching i finally found it when i search 'ariana im grieving'

    Corazon PaduaCorazon Padua29 dagar sedan
  • It's 2020 and this is still Underrated. Can't even..........

    Aria MalanaAria Malana29 dagar sedan
  • Greedy and honeymoon avenue those two are everything

    SenpaiSenpai29 dagar sedan
  • lyrics: gradium gradium gradium gradium 2:25

    Cayline ManlutacCayline ManlutacMånad sedan
  • i am greedy for love

  • This is one of the most underrated songs of all time

    EllaUmbrellaEllaUmbrellaMånad sedan
  • Even before drag race I used to listen to this song all the time, but never memorized the words past the chorus. Now I'm dedicated to keeping it that way 😂

    JamJamJamJamMånad sedan
  • "i LiKe To KeEp It On PlEaSe" If you know this quote, you are a legend

    John Louisse RomanoJohn Louisse RomanoMånad sedan
  • “7 words in the chorus girl”

    Adam LeeAdam LeeMånad sedan
    • I like to keep it on please

      dig bicks and fried chickendig bicks and fried chicken24 dagar sedan
  • Is greed good? Rhetorical question.

    Rob StephenRob StephenMånad sedan
  • I want MV of this!!!!! So underrated!!

    maria mesinamaria mesinaMånad sedan
  • She had the GUTS to modulate up a WHOLE STEP?! I'm QUAKING

    coolness06coolness06Månad sedan
  • Greedy and Treasure Mashup is better than both ones.

    Christian GoesChristian GoesMånad sedan