The Things you find In an Old House!

13 jan 2021
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The first episode of 2021!
Music: / @dcuttermusic
Second track by IAMALEX
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  • I'm an architectural graduate based in Auckland and your videos are so awesome! Great being able to see what I draw everyday in detail and process!! Starting to work up my first addition to a 1920's bungalow and its similar to this home

    Lydia PowrieLydia Powrie2 dagar sedan
  • get your hands on a nanopress dude, the closest thing to espresso on the move.

    Chris MartinChris Martin2 dagar sedan
  • Try prefiltered coffee 👌 or stick a teabag in the cup and just boil the water 👌 in the UK a brew break is what we work towards! ☕😎

    Chaplin RoofingChaplin Roofing3 dagar sedan
  • Sexy cafetière action

    Douglas GrantDouglas Grant4 dagar sedan
  • I used to specialize in sash and case windows. if you need any info on how to balance them hit me up.

    Paul SillencePaul Sillence6 dagar sedan
  • Allen key? I thought it has been renamed to Richard key few episodes back...

    Martin KudláčekMartin Kudláček7 dagar sedan
  • Hey man, where did you get your retractable saw/knife from? Looks really handy!

    Jimmy HarwoodJimmy Harwood7 dagar sedan
  • Welcome back Scott missed your videos can’t wait for more this year

    Smidgey88Smidgey888 dagar sedan
  • Noticed the Milwaukee Packouts.

    Tully WebsterTully Webster9 dagar sedan
  • Scott brown you are a master craftsmen and not just modern day hard and fast builder that we see so much of these days in good old NZ

    Steve JohnsonSteve Johnson9 dagar sedan
  • If possible, I would be interested in seeing a more detailed video on historical exterior house/window trim design used in New Zealand. Possibly highlighting some of the more common old styles you have had to replicate. Thank you for your videos!

    G CG C9 dagar sedan
  • Love your videos Scott 👍

    Billy WebberBilly Webber9 dagar sedan
  • Great to see you and the crew back Scott. Really enjoy your videos mate, keep up the good work!

    Matthew McIntoshMatthew McIntosh9 dagar sedan
  • Scott - try getting a small Nespresso machine. Sooo worth it and easy with the pods. Some tasty coffee

    BRKLYN.WOOD - Design.Build.InspireBRKLYN.WOOD - Design.Build.Inspire10 dagar sedan
  • Hi, I was just wondering is there a difference between a carpenter and a builder in New Zealand? I notice that Scott interchanges between the two a lot. I'm from Australia and I know that a carpenter certification is different from a builder certification and the Contractor licensing is also different. Is that the same in New Zealand?

    Mark TuckeyMark Tuckey10 dagar sedan
    • @Marc Chapelsky well I know to get your carpenter contractor license you need a Certificate 3 in carpentry through an apprenticeship. But to get a builder license you need either a certificate 3 in carpentry or certificate 3 in bricklaying plus a certificate 4 in Building and Construction. Also there are different levels of a builder's license. Open, low rise and high rise. I think the main difference between a builder and a carpenter in Australia is that most builders aren't on the tools anymore, they are more like project managers of all the trades required.

      Mark TuckeyMark Tuckey9 dagar sedan
    • That's interesting. What are the differences between those three in Australia?

      Marc ChapelskyMarc Chapelsky10 dagar sedan
  • These exciting episodes is starting to go by way to fast.. Looking forward to the next one:)

    tissebleietissebleie10 dagar sedan
  • Hey love your show so infomotive keep up the great content my dad is builder too . I'm a mechanic awesome man go the kiwi trades

    Luke j l SoleLuke j l Sole11 dagar sedan
  • Love watching a master tradesman

    Mark OrourkeMark Orourke11 dagar sedan
  • Stick to Plunger coffee......or good Morconna ... Missed me some Scott Brown and Paerau

    Joseph PaooJoseph Paoo11 dagar sedan
  • You pick up Makita XGT yet,Scott?

    GregGreg11 dagar sedan
  • Love that weather. I need to move to NZ

    Nello FNello F11 dagar sedan
  • I switched out my corded multi tool for a cordless DEWalt because of the keyless blade change. And then purchased a battery adapter to work with my makita batteries

    Nello FNello F11 dagar sedan
  • You may have to switch to drinking tea with that coffee machine.... I hope it's at least hot

    Nello FNello F11 dagar sedan
  • Ahh the old sofeet (soffit) argument again aye 🤣

    Tom PrendivilleTom Prendiville11 dagar sedan
  • You’re videos are awesome! I’m renovating my place in New Jersey 🇺🇸 and I come here for creative ideas and tips. The music is cool. I really like your work bench! Good content...

    Kxe WwsKxe Wws11 dagar sedan
  • The Makita only made hot water. That French press made real coffee.

    JohnnyJohnny11 dagar sedan
  • Dude u need taylors coffee bags its the only way with that machine

    bob clarkebob clarke11 dagar sedan
  • Good to see the boys back. Feels like the grind watching your videos again. Happy New Year boys 🤙🏾

    BtjrBtjr11 dagar sedan
  • Seriously dude! Go get a bag of coffee marked “plunger and filter grind”, 1.5 to 2 tablespoons of coffee should be enough to make a good cup. If you get grounds in your cup PM me @mikey_hay me on insta for more advice! (Not a business btw just a concerned viewer).

    Mike HayMike Hay11 dagar sedan
  • i have the same issue last week with the same Router and Router Bit 🤣

    Frank KFrank K11 dagar sedan
  • Try making cold brew coffee at home the night before then just add some hot water on site. It's really good and easy to do.

    Robert AmsburyRobert Amsbury11 dagar sedan
  • Dudes, get yourselves some Vietnamese coffee makers. Thank me later

    John BaxterJohn Baxter11 dagar sedan
  • Hope your girlfriend gets better soon friend

    David MeltonDavid Melton12 dagar sedan
  • New Zealand 🇳🇿 looks a lovely place to live & work . No deadlocks on your van carrying all those tools 🛠. In England chris it’s a necessity.

    Paul KnightsPaul Knights12 dagar sedan
  • Scott did you see the new dewalt brushless motor skill saw it has it had battery and wire option

    Yousuf KothawalaYousuf Kothawala12 dagar sedan
  • the way he says soffeet instead of soffit really grinds my gears lol

    Mike MarshMike Marsh12 dagar sedan
  • Great video as always Scott, keep em coming mate. Oh and for the best portable coffee, get an Aeropress you can't got wrong with them. 👌🏼

    Thomas GoreThomas Gore12 dagar sedan
  • happy new year brothers Scott and Paerau, why is there 31 dislikes idiots.

    Raana SetteringtonRaana Setterington12 dagar sedan
  • @scottbrown if you want decent coffee get yourself an aeroplane (quite expensive) or the hario v60 you’ll be drinking the best coffee ever. Have you used the mafell mt55 plunge saw?

    Jamie MittermullerJamie Mittermuller12 dagar sedan
  • Are you on the carpenter talk page on Facebook?

    Harrison KellyHarrison Kelly12 dagar sedan
  • What kind of Pull on Safetyboots are those?

    Sondre UdduSondre Uddu12 dagar sedan
  • I was halfway expecting a massive bee hive between the inner and outer walls, the ants were a little anti-climactic! That house is really looking good. I have a feeling that "coffee maker" is really only good for heating water. It looks like you're going to have to switch to instant coffee, we prefer the Folger's brand, no idea if it's available in NZ.

    John DoeJohn Doe12 dagar sedan
  • Dude, that music with the frog...⁉️

    Airborne ImagesAirborne Images12 dagar sedan
  • Hi Scott can you do a video on that cool Makita router you have there sir?

    The prosveshchennyyThe prosveshchennyy12 dagar sedan
  • Wow Guys crazy i have never seen that in my work as a carpenter(branches in the walls) you can encounter many things in the Trades from day to day.

    The prosveshchennyyThe prosveshchennyy12 dagar sedan
  • Scott you are so miss informed about the truth, get off mainstream media and get on bitchute there's plenty off truth on there that they don't want you to know, your an intelligent guy no need to be a sheep

    Jacqui LawJacqui Law12 dagar sedan
  • It's impressive that you fix old windows at location, instead of going to the shop. (Only that your shop isn't used for working but just demoing Gaston's tools) Waiting to see what that window looks like when finished!

    Render WoodRender Wood12 dagar sedan
  • Watching from Britain There's something about watching someone working in the summer season, in a country with minimal covid, that cheers me up a bit

    David WardDavid Ward12 dagar sedan
  • Can you tell the polarity of the plants as to whether its a black currant or a red currant?

    Stephen JeffreysStephen Jeffreys12 dagar sedan
  • Im a third year apprentice, and I bloody love your videos mate, I learn more from some of these videos than the monkey of a boss I have teaching me some days 👍

    Tiernan CrawfordTiernan Crawford12 dagar sedan
  • Welcome back, happy new year @scottbrown 👍🏽 keen to see more great content from you brother

    Dean CookDean Cook13 dagar sedan
  • I hear through the NZ grapevine that you used to dabble in rapping in a previous life

    tubestick00tubestick0013 dagar sedan
  • When you said your girlfriend was "feeling sick", I thought you were about to announce a sudden wedding!

    FrameRite AirdrieFrameRite Airdrie13 dagar sedan
  • 5:25

    pinkeye00pinkeye0013 dagar sedan
  • Not had an ant nest yet. Summer 2019 I was in a clients garden ripping two-bys on a table saw for furring strips - ear defenders on, couldn’t hear much - finished and turned the saw off but still heard a loud whooshing. What the hell? Turned around and was 6 feet away from, probably 10,000 bees that had decided to move from the rotten tree they called home. The queen had landed on a small tree and the rest on the colony had swarmed her for protection. This little tree was sagging from the weight, clumps of bees were dripping off like melted wax from a candle and would fly back to the top. The client phoned a local beekeeper, came and took the lot away in several 5 gallon buckets. Fascinating.

    Matthew CooperMatthew Cooper13 dagar sedan
  • I like a good cup of coffee. My at home goto is double espresso made long from home ground Lavazza Crema e Aroma beans. On the jobsite I use Starbucks Via instant coffee. All you need is water, hot cold or room temp. It's actually pretty good for Starbucks - I hate Starbucks crap burnt ass overpriced coffee normally, and this has a hint of that but it's a decent emergency coffee.

    Michal WrobelMichal Wrobel13 dagar sedan
  • the nice clean “baby face” look. Just sayin😁

    AepekAepek13 dagar sedan
  • So, how’s new Milwaukee miter saw doing? Liking it?? Love the work & channel 👍🏻 9:22 Here in States that “looks” like what we call T1-11 (aka T11) plywood. Used for siding on houses (usually in the south....warmer climates & “other things too”) & definitely not a fan using for siding as it rots in few years (least here in FL....also, looks “bad”, imo”).

    AepekAepek13 dagar sedan
  • Just sand the edges of the routed grove - that softens it up (you probably already know that 👍😂) - cheers.

    The TravelerThe Traveler13 dagar sedan
  • Happy new year

    Kevin HoltKevin Holt13 dagar sedan
  • I like your cut, g.

    Stan KolodinStan Kolodin13 dagar sedan
  • Glad to here your other half is covid clear 😯

    dannyboy727dannyboy72713 dagar sedan
  • Scott ditch that Makita coffee machine and get an Aeropress, best thing since sliced bread. Keep up the good work

    Glenn BrownGlenn Brown13 dagar sedan
  • Milwaukee mitre saw? what happened to the DeWalt?

    Tom JacobTom Jacob13 dagar sedan
  • there was a duck in there somewhere

    D IsturbunceD Isturbunce13 dagar sedan
  • My wife, from her chair in the other room - "can you turn it down? I'm trying to read". Two minutes later - "is his girlfriend okay"?

    Glenn StoreyGlenn Storey13 dagar sedan
    • Hahahahahahaha

      Nello FNello F11 dagar sedan
  • Top tip for them coffee bags, puncture the bag on the top side then let it brew. It will still filter without bits as the bottom side isn’t punctured. If you have hot water ready give the bag a quick dip before the puncture.

    Falahuddin DewanFalahuddin Dewan13 dagar sedan
  • 4:58 Wasn't it called a Richard key?

    Fredrik WendtFredrik Wendt13 dagar sedan
  • Got Makita coffee maker , which is good enough for tea only

    Edgar MEdgar M13 dagar sedan
  • Can’t beat a plunger!! Also, who needs more disposable plastic in their lives?? Loving the villa renovations!

    Raymi Hurtado StuartRaymi Hurtado Stuart13 dagar sedan
  • It’s great to see new videos. Happy 2021!!

    Ray RiddleRay Riddle13 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see u back like the clean face

    Sylvia BrownSylvia Brown13 dagar sedan
  • With your French press, try using the screen more as a pour filter. Meaning, don't press it down, but just stop it at the surface of your liquid and pour as you normally would. Pressing it down will stir up more fine particles, and you may find a more clear coffee comes from this.

    S ZS Z13 dagar sedan
  • As a Brit, it's always weird seeing someone in shorts and the sun in January!

    Gareth DedmanGareth Dedman13 dagar sedan
  • Nice to see you back, hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Glad you were Covid free.

    Joe ColwellJoe Colwell13 dagar sedan
  • What is the "We ♥ all blacks" sign?

    NikkityNikkity13 dagar sedan
  • aeropress mate you will need ground coffee or a grinder but works all the same.!

    paulvanderzaalpaulvanderzaal13 dagar sedan
  • the filter coffee looked good unlike the slightly brown water from the Makita coffee machine

    mark grantmark grant13 dagar sedan
  • If you’ve got Aldi in NZ Scott, their little machine is pretty good! Capsules fairly cheap! It’s roughly the size of that crappy battery drainer that does dishwater coffee 😂 You won’t regret it! ( just clean bin regularly or you’ll get an infestation....ask me how I know 😉)

    Old School CarpentryOld School Carpentry13 dagar sedan
  • Hello Scott do you ever reply to any of your subscribers or is it just all one way ?

    Gary TaylorGary Taylor13 dagar sedan
  • did you replace the ground coffee holder with the actual pad holder? i'm using it a lot but with much better results!

    geuzeggeuzeg13 dagar sedan
  • finally a french press man! the only way.

    brian danielsbrian daniels13 dagar sedan
  • 👍🤓👍

    wayne burgesswayne burgess13 dagar sedan
  • I’ve got to get a self packing van-you got that one trained! 😂. I was shocked to see you clean out the home owner’s weed stash like that-harsh! Seriously, great to hear that you and your lady are well. Peace.

    Roy AlvarezRoy Alvarez13 dagar sedan
  • The search for good coffee. I finally settled on an Aeropress for when I'm out working. I've learned not to pull too many faces when offered instant coffee these days. I bought into a few pod machine groups at my last workplace. It was a very big site and it was good to be able to grab a decent coffee wherever I was on the site.

    David QuirkDavid Quirk13 dagar sedan
  • Happy New Year Scott!! Great having you back on track!! Greetings from Cyprus!!

    George CostaGeorge Costa13 dagar sedan
  • Stovetop coffee next best thing to genuine espresso. Less than that may as well just drink tea.

    sonic_attacksonic_attack13 dagar sedan
  • Can someone make a compilation of every” Scott brown here”

    Bosco132Bosco13213 dagar sedan
    • 1 million subscriber special

      PeterPhamousPeterPhamous9 dagar sedan
  • Dunno who this clean shaven kid is, but at least he finally made a decent coffee. Looking forward to more videos 2021! 👍

    Dylan PennicottDylan Pennicott13 dagar sedan
  • Please don't use that music again. Was really annoying sorry.

    WingnutWingnut13 dagar sedan
  • You should ger yourself an AeroPress for making coffee

    Benjamin TrevorBenjamin Trevor13 dagar sedan
  • Great video to start off the new year !!

    Luis GutierrezLuis Gutierrez13 dagar sedan
  • Nice exciting episode, thanks.

    David ThomasDavid Thomas13 dagar sedan
  • 'My girlfriend started getting sick.' I almost jumped out of my chair....thought you were announcing a baby-Brown was being added to SBC....glad you guys are all good though and HNY

    Sea BevSea Bev13 dagar sedan
  • Hahah ! There's always something disturbing in your videos: to see you drive on the left, and enjoy sun and warm temperatures in the winter :) Happy new year mate, and stay safe !

    damdidamismdamdidamism13 dagar sedan
  • Hi Scott. Love your episodes. Just a security thing. This episode may compromise your tool shed. You may want to edit out the start which shows where you are or move premises. Not good to give ANY idea where your large number of tools may reside. Cheers mate.

    Stephen WoodsStephen Woods13 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe you guys are wearing shorts and t shirts wile I look like an onion with all this clothes on me

    zitouni mehdizitouni mehdi13 dagar sedan
  • Just change building jobs from high end houses to Reno. Currently doing a jack and stack on 100 year old place. Love to pick up tips how others do it

    Andy YoungsonAndy Youngson13 dagar sedan
  • Good to be back watching SBC!

    Jamie FooteJamie Foote13 dagar sedan
  • As a Dutchie (the inventors of senseo coffee are Dutch Philips and DE coffee co.) I think your pad holder might be a 2 cup holder. Try adding another pad.

    Lukas StratingLukas Strating13 dagar sedan