So I hunted Dream...

25 okt 2020
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Things got messy on the Dream SMP, and Dream had gone rogue. Together with Tubbo, I had to stop this. But everything went wrong...
Editor: Talentlacking
In this video, I played on the Dream SMP, a Minecraft Multiplayer Server with a bunch of people such as TommyInnit, Dream, GeorgeNotFound, Tubbo, Sapnap, JSchlatt, Technoblade, Wilbursoot and many more... While usually it is a lot of fun to play on this server, this time, things turned differently. Together with Tubbo I was playing on the Dream SMP, and everything was normal. But then Chaos came as Dream himself logged on, and became a Dreamon. Me and Tubbo became Dreamon Hunters as we called it, and we had to take Dream down / hunt Dream down. This was crazy.

  • I genuinely don't know what is going on with the comments. They just keep disappearing... extremely sorry about this, I'll message SEworld about it.

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    • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

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    • Furry baby

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    • Are you going to have a Wedding soon

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    • Bug-?

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    • Fundy making up random glitches be like:

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  • I can just picture dream laughing is arse off during this

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  • T😂

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  • How do you keep serios during that lol?

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  • should have been called "so we exorcised dream"

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  • Dreamon more like nightmare

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  • Me Laughing At This Sounds Like I'm Dying

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  • Damn

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  • 2:50 LOL

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  • Me: sub to fundy Me: gonna watch fundy's video's Me again : Wtf (O_o)?? Why I'm unsub :'/?????

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  • I love the person in chat yelling "IS THIS CANON?!?"

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  • Hearing tubbo saying he needs a gun for vidcon reminds me of the kid who looked up guns during a shooter drill

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  • That witcher 3 music while egzorcism xD

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  • Mhm

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  • Jo ik ben ook nl hgh

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  • Welcome, to two weirdos doing weird things with another weirdo and I bet that no one understood what happened in this vid!!!

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  • Fundy, Dream, and Tubber: *Casually plays minecraft* The chat: *It's time for the holy cross!* 8:47

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  • "I think every person has a Dreamon" "then lets fix that" hah u cant :)

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  • Fun fact: Dream's first IGN was actually Dreamon! (DreamOnPvP) he used to make trapping videos.. before Dream his YT channel was also called Dream Trapping / Traps if I remember

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  • Brrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh Tubbo_ is insane wtf is wrong with him.

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  • Fundy: I hunted Dream... Me: You hunted your husband

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  • Why am i high key simping for Fundy rn.

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  • i remember the first time watching a fundy livestream and my first thought when i saw his face was "RUH ROH RAGGY"

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  • i sub to you but when i woke up and saw my computer it unsubscribe but hi fundy im a big fan of you!

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  • The good thing is that there an Undertale host

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  • Why did you hunt your husband This is a joke lol

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  • A Pen_s!

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  • So dream didnt truly married to fundy

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  • 4:38 “would you like to become a demon hunter” Me: reads the title

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  • Interactions between you and tubbo appear to be, somewhat fever dreaming. What an odd energy

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  • What a Roleplay XD

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  • Does tubbo even know that youre married with dream

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  • Wtf is this.

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  • lol

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  • Never mess with dream

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  • Please do more dreamon hunting, I have rewatched both videos so many times. I think they are super cool

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  • Part 2

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  • This is chaotic and cute at the same time. I loved it. This is the amount chaotic cute energy I needed.

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  • Hey fudy can you make it difficult pro

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  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

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  • 2 minutes silence for those who thought that this real 🤣🤣

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  • "tubber"

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  • What

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  • In what state are you? In the Netherlands Rotterdam Amsterdam?

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  • Couple's Quarrel

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  • I just found this and I subbed instantly. I was wondering where your dream smp non live stream vids were at

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  • I'm still not a Joke to you 😌

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  • anybody talking about undertale music

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  • You call dream dreamon haha so funny tubbo

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  • Dream is doreamon

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  • Dreamon ♤ | Gone on Dream ♤ | Am gone DRE

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  • nice

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  • These 2 are idiots and its hilarious

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  • 420K POG

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  • Dream is just like a father playing along with his children

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  • So basically "demon slayer" but more funny and blocky?

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  • Im surprised you got to be a dreamon hunter so easily, me and tubbo had to spend 3 years in the archives with the romans to hunt dreamon generals like you did.

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  • Family on dream smp Sleep boi inc : Philza (dad) Techno (oldest) Wilbur (middle) Tommy (youngest) Big Q (family friend) --- Fundy is Wilbur son so he’s the grandchild of Philza and nephew of techno and Tommy. And if dream married to him that makes dream Wilbur son-in-law. Fundy family : Wilbur (father) Dream (husband) Tubbo (son) --- Karl and Sapnap are married and Ninja and George are married. And Big Q has been divorced once and rejected once. -- (Thank you for coming to my Ted talk)

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  • don't trick me into subbing

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  • D R E A M O N . . .

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  • I unsubscribed randomly

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  • people in dream smp: we need war what the dream really needs: axolotls

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  • Tiktok be like

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  • *Tubbo kills with a musket*

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  • So basically, wild furry performs ritual on fiance and fiance becomes temporary a temporary demon. Child helps wild furry get his fiance back succesfully. Sound confusing? Yes? You're like me and don't have enough brain cells. No? TEACH ME YOUR WAYS

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  • *Asriel theme starts playing* Someone in chat: G E N O C I D E

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  • Fundy: make sure subscribe button is grey Me: ekhem i'm sorry but mine button is R A I N B O W

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  • Tubbo:Wheres Fundy? Fundy:Right behind you. Edit:*Tubbo got backstabbed*

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  • A month ago: Fundy had a date with dream. Now: so I hunted Dream...

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  • Please have a wedding soon please Dream

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  • Whos here after anarchy

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  • Wow my iq was 140 last year

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  • Alternate title: two adhd boys bully God

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  • finaly

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  • I love how Dream is just playing along with whatever is happening on the Server lol

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  • I thought the bug thing was a joke but it says im unsubbed even though i already subbed

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  • god damn...

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  • Oh my i love how dream walks away you can see the rainbow flag in the background

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  • i subcibe

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  • Lol

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  • Dream is giving yall clout

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  • Sees title: ok... Gets to 11:06: You mean Dreamon hunted you?

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  • Dream Smp more like Dream is a simp

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  • Whaat i dont understand

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  • Some people get 200 likes for saying 2 words. Well, here goes nothing: Eat mangoes

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  • I love how Dream just went with it! Wholesome he didn’t even mind!💚🧡💛

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  • "tUbber" xd

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  • 7:13 I can't with life anymore

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  • what the heck was that didnot understood

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  • ???

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  • Bro It’s America... you can just ask someone with an FFL to get you a full-auto M60

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  • Dre Dre

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  • This is like two toddlers playing pretend and they try to drive the adults into it, and they're forced into doing it.

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  • It plays hope and dream

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  • Fundy! i slowed it down and the dremon did NOT have a frowny face i have a feeling that dreem was the origial host of the dreemon, like in venom

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