overpromise, sell, underdeliver Cyberpunk 2077

17 jan 2021
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All gameplay footage is original, recorded on PC (high/ultra settings) and console (PS4 Slim).
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  • Real name is : Cyberbug

    Black magicBlack magicMinut sedan
  • Oh this is how Cyberpunk looks like on consoles. *returns playing on PC (and having a blast)

    kebo muellerkebo mueller24 minuter sedan
  • This video should be called The Art of Glitches in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Prefab Missing.

    AngerpullAngerpull57 minuter sedan
  • beautiful ending

    MoksuMoksuTimme sedan
  • Imagine... the same community that complains endlessly about delays is the same group of people who get upset when they're shipped a half finished product. I'm not defending the practice of shipping half finished games then patching them over time, that's despicable. I'm say the problem with the gaming community is the gaming community. Hundreds of thousands of people hyping a game while they're not even invested in the product simply because their favorite talking head told them the shit sandwich tastes good is kind of weird. How strange is it that people will talk up a product from a brand that is owned by a corporation when not even having experienced the product first hand in hopes that they will be the next talking head everyone wants to emulate. No need for a cyberpunk game, we're already living in a dystopian present.

    AntiMatter89AntiMatter89Timme sedan
  • I love you crowbcat

    NeaveNeaveTimme sedan
  • This is just embarrassing that a lego game has better AI

    Pickle HatPickle HatTimme sedan
  • Say anything bad about Cyberpunk 2077 on r/gaming to get free downvotes

    felleRfelleRTimme sedan
  • If Im gonna make a game, I'll hire Keanu Reeves too.

    Joe BloaksJoe BloaksTimme sedan
  • they lie to whole world flex us the pre orders and they know THEY REALLY KNOW the game need more work but that happen when sponsors is behind the whole backround!

    Antony T.Antony T.2 timmar sedan
  • atleast Panam is pretty thic

    OikeuarsOikeuars2 timmar sedan
    • she trash as well

      Arvin JayArvin JayTimme sedan
  • It’s is depressing they ruined such a beautiful game concept. This could be a game that defines what is really an RPG in the game industry. Instead they choose fast money :(

    SatalaxSatalax2 timmar sedan
  • Syck

    Eka Shofwan PratamaEka Shofwan Pratama2 timmar sedan
  • wawa wiha

    StarFox85StarFox853 timmar sedan
  • I'm literally crying inside watching this video. I didn't even buy the game. I'm sad for those people who spent so much time and money in order to get this crap. My fav witcher 3's developer.

    Jazchong2519Jazchong25193 timmar sedan
  • 39:52 Deal with it 🕶

    H.D.T JayasankaH.D.T Jayasanka3 timmar sedan
  • I'm gonna ask for refund 😂😂😂

    Rendezvous GamingRendezvous Gaming4 timmar sedan
  • Man, i am scared the year 2077 must be so fucked up.

    Rendra WijayaRendra Wijaya5 timmar sedan
  • I haven't experience any of the glitches seen in this video. I have had a few problems here and there but nothing this extreme.

    James CurtisJames Curtis5 timmar sedan
    • James Curtis yeah bull shit

      Arvin JayArvin JayTimme sedan
    • Lies

      Kosta ManeKosta Mane4 timmar sedan
  • 3:24 “Full day and night circle” Indeed.

    Fadel DarmawanFadel Darmawan5 timmar sedan
  • 3:56 GTA 3 reference

    MoonDub 1MoonDub 15 timmar sedan
  • 16:35 Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa fell off my chair

    Dumme Kommentare FULL HD von Katz mit Hut oder MopsDumme Kommentare FULL HD von Katz mit Hut oder Mops5 timmar sedan
  • I look at the Witcher 3 and then back to Cyberpunk 2077 and then back to Witcher 3 and then back to Cyberpunk 2077 and then back to Witcher 3 and then back to Cyberpunk 2077...

    Sam Hill-WilsonSam Hill-Wilson5 timmar sedan
  • 39:51 had my in tears 😂

    tommytommy6 timmar sedan
  • 41:00 straight minutes of refundpunk 2020

    Master ProductionsMaster Productions6 timmar sedan
  • Cyberpunk was a Scam!

    Sanjay KhoshSanjay Khosh6 timmar sedan
  • Is sad that this dude didn't make any video about watch dogs legion

    Anth e nienteAnth e niente6 timmar sedan
  • It’s actually painful to see how much they spent on advertisements like on buses, walls, vending machines, sponsorships etc

    rtmgrtmg7 timmar sedan
  • Its just a scam bro

    TheoTheo7 timmar sedan
  • TO this date I still like the 2018 Demo graphics better than the original game. I dunno why tho? If anyone agrees with me please explain me.

    Mr. TanyMr. Tany7 timmar sedan
  • Самая багнутая игра за всю игровую индустрию! The most buggy game in the entire gaming industry!

    RetroForsRetroFors8 timmar sedan
  • I havent played it yet, im just curious People who have played it, is it good and is it really deep like an rpg? (If there were no bugs in the game ofcourse)

    Super GamerSuper Gamer8 timmar sedan
    • It mostly puts focus on a linear story that has some rpg mechanics in it but not a full rpg game, but other than that everything is mediocre at best

      JasonJason8 timmar sedan
  • 10:40 LIARS THEY ARE ALL SELL OUT LIARS!!! SEworldrs are some of the biggest sell outs on the planet. None of them had the balls to criticize this game!! They are all lying sellout TRASH

    imahalo123imahalo1239 timmar sedan
  • Console version is a joke. But hey, come on. The game isn't that bad. Story line is interesting. Graphics is nice. Performance is ok. In comparison to other AAA titles this one is GREAT. When the last time have you seen a AAA game that doesn't want you to dry your wallet with microtransactions? In comparison to expectations it's bad i guess. But expectations are just dreams and this is reality

    My LoveMy Love10 timmar sedan
    • @C B Even those two worked hell even everyone's "hated game" TLOU2 worked and OVERHYPE 2076 didn't and failed spectacularly.

      Arvin JayArvin JayTimme sedan
    • @My Love "Graphics is nice" You have such SHIT standards. "In comparison to other AAA titles this one is GREAT" You fuckin' lost me.

      Arvin JayArvin JayTimme sedan
    • The last time I've seen a AAA titles "console" that doesn't want to dry my wallet with microtransaction that have good graphic, story & performance: Final fantasy 7 remake Ghost of tsushima

      C BC B6 timmar sedan
    • The reality is, remove the pipeline of quest and this game is very lacking in comparison to games that has MTX on them, without the mtx content being purchased. The fact that it doesn't have microtransaction is a small blessing, but not nearly enough to justify alleviating it above its peers.

      Hans AlansonHans Alanson8 timmar sedan
  • Welcome back

    Gang Gang OG' 40Gang Gang OG' 4010 timmar sedan
  • Animatrix episode Beyond

    JioNOWJioNOW10 timmar sedan
  • 21:05 this is not final, IN 2018, what have they done in 6 years?

    B.B.B.B.10 timmar sedan
  • 26:09 Me yeah they're right about that one atleast.

    Marx OwOMarx OwO10 timmar sedan
  • i literally watched all of Crowbcat’s vids in a day.

    MordecaiMordecai11 timmar sedan
  • The game needed another year or 2. no money down no disappointment.

    Knowah NoseNothingKnowah NoseNothing11 timmar sedan
  • you do it to yourself.

    slowfuseslowfuse11 timmar sedan
    • @slowfuse CPDR overpromised features and you can find them in articles written all over the net. Stop simping for the neon light garbage that is cdpr.

      Arvin JayArvin JayTimme sedan
    • @slowfuse You want to blame this all on pre-orders and patch-later culture but only hold accountable the party that receives monetary damage instead of calling out attention to those who exploit it? I mean, whatever, if you rather play corporate apologist that's on you. But if you think that there used to be no terrible pretentious game coming out on regular basis... You're wrong, remember E.T on Atari 2600? That's roughly the retro parallel of CP-77; incompetence is incompetence, whether the system favor them or not.

      Hans AlansonHans Alanson3 timmar sedan
    • @Hans Alanson this happens every 3 months for the decades since since pre orders started

      slowfuseslowfuse4 timmar sedan
    • @slowfuse Really? Didn't see a fiasco of this magnitude for a long time now. Doesn't matter if there's a system that enabled this, we all know that, and it's not like every single thing within the system was as atrocious; people like Marcin Iwinski and his co-higher ups and marketing/PR team consciously pulled this stunts and broke their leg, that's it. It's not the fault of people complaining about their game that the game itself is a mess, and you can go all Joker and blame "society" or "system" or whatever to avert the blame from the culprit, but in the end someone else gonna prove that better things can be done And that you're alone with your mistake

      Hans AlansonHans Alanson10 timmar sedan
    • @Hans Alanson No. CDPR are a product of a system. The audience endorse the system time and again with their cash and attention. They complain then go right back to doing it again and again.

      slowfuseslowfuse10 timmar sedan
  • It’s a bush

    Architeuthis duxArchiteuthis dux12 timmar sedan
  • "Why are we still here" - Kazuhira Miller

    Servi ServianServi Servian13 timmar sedan
  • It really should be illegal for developers to ship games in this state. And to think these guys gave us Witcher 3 which other then Novigrad being a slide show after a certain patch ran fine.

    jordan5221jordan522113 timmar sedan
  • Godamn it... I just spat out my beer because of 29:13

    ExlexExlex13 timmar sedan
  • "immersive environments" yep.

    iculousiculous14 timmar sedan
  • Not even mad because we deserve trash like this, its not the devs that are the problem, if you can just overhype a group of people into preordering your garbage game why wouldnt you? Everyuone takes advantage of the stupid, thats how people make money. And all of you who preordered or even bought this garbage in general are the problem. Its the same case with apple, they sell you the same phone every single year and you idiots keep buying so when next year rolls around guess what? same phone but oh boy new camera!

    Izaya OriharaIzaya Orihara14 timmar sedan
  • im waiting for the day when you ppl realize you don't deserve any better.

    Mr PooPooMr PooPoo14 timmar sedan
  • 28:45 exactly

    enveRenveR14 timmar sedan
  • This is just a great example of marketing by CD Projekt Red - Well done to them for the marketing, good luck for your next release - fool me once....

    Runal SinghRunal Singh15 timmar sedan
  • This is why Nintendo always delays the release days for their big games!!!

    DisspixcellDisspixcell15 timmar sedan
  • I'm pretty sleep deprived so I may just be ranting and repeating myself a lot so skip this comment if you're looking for coherent sentences. Thinking on what works and what doesn't with the game now, I realize what the biggest problem was: They tried to do too much at once with no solid base to build on. Think of it​ this way, The Witcher 3 is a great game also made by CDPR but it was possible because they had the groundwork laid out with the first Witcher game, regardless of how archaic that game may be now, and built upon it with the second Witcher game. They had an idea, a base they could apply the Witcher 3 to and ensure it worked. They have the lore from the books, they had their groundwork, and they had the support from fans that knew they could deliver quality. What they wanted with Cyberpunk 2077 is something that cannot be made as a first game. They had no base, no model from which to expand on. Sure, they could've taken notes/copied and built off of games that did what they wanted to do in a similar setting, but they didn't. And that's a decision that hurt the game even more. Look, it's a fun game to run around in, mess with the way the mechanics screw up things and laugh at the moments of sheer absurdity. But as an RPG with a story it wants to tell? It really shouldn't be that. There's a lot of elements in it that made me go back and replay Deus Ex Human Revolution instead, which in turn made me enjoy it that game more, seeing as it's complete and all. But it mostly, it really left me wanting to have the Deus Ex HR base and the world of Cyberpunk. There's so much potential that feels wasted. Like the only potential they saw was as a new series of games. This really shouldn't of been the first Cyberpunk game. They should've​ gone for something smaller but more filled. Something that they could eventually create into the Cyberpunk 2077 they thought they could do, and probably could have. Feel free to use this as your Steam review so you can seem as someone who actually cares about the future of the game. You with your 6 hours playtime and refund request.

    Night MonkNight Monk16 timmar sedan
  • I got muged off for£50 for this POS! and all them mofos saying its kick ass before it come out , F you all!

    Jim littleJim little16 timmar sedan
  • ,, If you keep your expectations as low as possible you'll never be disappointed''- just a fact

    Гюнай ЕминовГюнай Еминов16 timmar sedan
  • yo u can be a turtle in cyberpunk 17:07

    Livelys vLivelys v17 timmar sedan
  • This game stinks to high heaven. Like what were they thinking? The gameplay is bland and a little laggy. The H2h Is terrible and really lack luster. You can't store any of the cars you steal which is just dumber than dumb and dont even get me started on the crafting. The only good thing about this game is the story and character development. Red dead 2 is better than this game, every call of duty game is better than this game, Madden is better than this game, Think about that for a minute MADDEN Is better than this game. Soul Calibur is better than this game, Hell I would even the freaking sims and taxi is better then this game, I will admit it is not the worst game every made but it is the biggest overhyped game every made and maybe one biggest video game let downs since et and no im not saying et is better then cyberpunk, It isn't.

    KratosxxxKratosxxx17 timmar sedan
  • Not only the overall production is a disaster, but the very technical development itself. I mean, devs would be like "let's be done with this crap and go home".

    justjd911justjd91117 timmar sedan
  • The only good thing that came out of this for me is that I learned not to pre-order games

    CafekunCafekun17 timmar sedan
  • these designers are a load of shit they cant design for shit, even if their lives were on the line

    Ocean _Ocean _17 timmar sedan
  • No mans skys release doesn't even compare to this, which is just fucked.

    UlassoUlasso17 timmar sedan
  • This is why if a game is coming out that I am interested in I try to go in as blind as possible that way I can be unbiased toward it I learned that lesson with Just Cause 4 and regarding Cyberpunk I would have been happy waiting until the end of this year or next for it to come out. I also assume I am in the minority that actually enjoyed the game minus the one game crashing section I had around one of the police side objectives which I confirmed was what was causing it to crash by testing it a few times and it was the only one to cause my game to crash and yes I had bugs but nothing to bad at least for me, for me the game was okay it certainly wasn't as bad as people make it out to be but yes I will admit it wasn't as good as I had hoped. But I also trust CDPR to fix the game unlike trusting Bethesda to fix Skyrim I mean how many years has it been out? how many releases has it had? and they still haven't fixed all the issues with the game and just rely on modders to do it for them

    Joyful TraitorJoyful Traitor18 timmar sedan
    • @Hans Alanson I wouldn't know about mode for the witcher 3 mods never touched on hell I have never personally modded skyrim a friend did that because he wanted to test a bunch of mods he was interested in but was curious how they would work together if you are interested it crashed before getting to the main menu each time until he figured out what mod wasn't working right so I let him rest on my old computer and I'm not really giving them credit I'm just saying that I trust they'll try and fix it and again as for the witcher 3 the only time I had issues with it was when it first came out and it was really really low frame rate but the issue there is I didn't have a graphics card in my computer at the time as I didn't have enough to purchase one when I put my previous pc together the only credit I will give cdpr is that they don't have microtansactions in their games but ubisoft is happy to add the xp and money boosts to valhalla a month after the game was released but I haven't seen anyone talk about that since how much backlash they got after having them in since day one in odyssey but the whole no microtransactions with cyberpunk I'll wait and see with their multiplayer nonsense because I'll be disappointed there if they shove them in

      Joyful TraitorJoyful Traitor17 timmar sedan
    • Yeah yeah, alway drag Bethesda or Ubisoft into this for the usual "at least CDPR x unlike y who does z" At least Skyrim was fun beneath the bugs, and they didn't oversell on a long list of stuffs that didn't came to be. It is strange that you trust CDPR to fix stuffs when they left The Witcher 3 as it is. They would rather endear terrible gameplay aspect like Roaches' glitchy spawn and terrible mobility, or the easiest exploitation economy system through memes and self-aware reference on quests rather than fixing it. And isn't TW3 gameplay was one heavily addressed by modders too? That's CDPR for you, don't give them credit where it's not due

      Hans AlansonHans Alanson17 timmar sedan
  • GTA 3 has better AI.

    Lincoln Ain’t Linkin’Lincoln Ain’t Linkin’18 timmar sedan
  • God just watching the footage for this is depressing, It looks so cool in their trailers, but then its just this, Broken AI and assets un-rendered. Basically GTA but completely broken and almost unplayable.

    TheSavageProdigyTheSavageProdigy18 timmar sedan
  • anthem anyone ? xDDDDD it feels the same

    Naomi ArmitageNaomi Armitage18 timmar sedan
  • Your channel should be the standard for quality, this mans got all the links, song names in order gah damn

    Papa GutsPapa Guts19 timmar sedan
  • I can't tell you how much these videos make me laugh!!! It's so sad that developers over promise and get caught up in their own ego. BC, Fable, Spore, Battlefield 2 - 4, No Man's Sky, Battlefront 2, Mass Effect Andromeda to name some over the last 20 years. History just repeats itself I guess.

    Ramon GuerreroRamon Guerrero19 timmar sedan
  • Good I didn't was hyped and didn't watched any promises and only a bit of footage. Now I find the game really very good and enjoying it...

    lim ftwlim ftw19 timmar sedan
  • They should just make it free since it’s a failure either way

    TOMS A SPYTOMS A SPY19 timmar sedan
  • Anyone else remember when a bunch of gamers started to harass that gamespot reviewer for giving the game a bad score?

    DoughBoy JimmyDoughBoy Jimmy20 timmar sedan
    • She made one vulnerable statement and was harassed like hell... Yet almost all of her points were spot-on. People stuck to her "too much water" past and their anti-sjw agenda; now that the dust had settled, nobody gave her any credit for being meticulously honest, and generous, especially about the game design/structure aspect.

      Hans AlansonHans Alanson17 timmar sedan
  • When a game is more hollow then GTA5, you've got problems.

    Mugs McTuggsMugs McTuggs20 timmar sedan
  • This game combines the issues of No Mans Sky and Fallout 76

    G RedG Red20 timmar sedan
  • Years of build up: Spielberg: That's Great! Lucas: It's gonna be great. Spielberg: That's gonna be great! Lucas: It's gonna be great. Spielberg: That's gonna be great. Lucas: keanu is the key to all of this.. The original "it just works" Final Result? The episode 1 of gaming

    Joel RogersJoel Rogers21 timme sedan
  • I was so sad to see this after experiencing witcher 3, what I consider to be one of the best games ever made.

    G TEAMG TEAM21 timme sedan
  • Funny thing is that I foresaw that and told my friends. None believed me. Guess who got spare $60 here.

    GATIGATI22 timmar sedan
  • "It even received awards for its hype."

    Chris RomeroChris Romero22 timmar sedan
  • this video was cheap

    Marcin IwińskiMarcin Iwiński22 timmar sedan
    • Sure the video is cheap "to make" but the countless of hour painstakingly chosing, editing the content is worthy of praise compare to 300mil worth of CP77

      C BC B2 timmar sedan
    • Hope ur joking

      Shadow KnightShadow Knight18 timmar sedan

    Game ScopeGame Scope22 timmar sedan
  • 3:57 no one: PIRA:

    Joseph stalinJoseph stalin22 timmar sedan
  • The editing is amazing. The comparison to older games is so on point

    胡蝶しのぶ胡蝶しのぶ22 timmar sedan
  • Personal responsibility

    G WG W23 timmar sedan
  • Y'all are still gonna preorder their next game. Gamers are the biggest paypigs I've ever seen.

    TheBlarggleTheBlarggle23 timmar sedan
  • makes me kind of wanna get the game myself just to see how bad it is, but definitely only when its pretty cheap

    JojoJojo23 timmar sedan
  • T

    TheBlarggleTheBlarggle23 timmar sedan
  • When we have real high tech in 2077 like cyberpunk, we, all the people gonna have bug and lag in the future... 😂 Just imagine you want to poo in your bathroom and spawning in the middle of the street city 🙉🙈

    corn Tallcorn TallDag sedan
  • 28:46 why is the game self aware

    Princes lewisPrinces lewisDag sedan
  • its make me so sad

    NevermindNevermindDag sedan
  • And I bought the collector's edition... Sure the things you get are high quality, but the game itself... I can't say it's trash (played it on PC). I honestly enjoyed most of the time I spent with the game. It just felt flat. Didn't feel like the RPG I was promised.

    ljungan96ljungan96Dag sedan
  • So sad to see something like this happen.

    Princes lewisPrinces lewisDag sedan
  • CD project is done, but they have made a lot of money. CD project has made a lot of money, but they are done.

    LiziLiziDag sedan
  • Cyberflop

    Gabriel DoumbiaGabriel DoumbiaDag sedan
  • So what, still successful in it twisted way.

    city3015city3015Dag sedan
  • 11:06 Girl with glasses told a hidden message

    Włodek 1410Włodek 1410Dag sedan
  • I got 170 hours of gameplay, and I can say only one thing. The game is trash!

    Shadow XShadow XDag sedan
  • After first trailer with gameplay i knew its gonna be shit game. Only pros can see it.

    Włodek 1410Włodek 1410Dag sedan
  • Any one else love how there's no content and the bugs are the only thing keeping people from talking about it

    jenisanutrag loljenisanutrag lolDag sedan
  • cyber junk

    MountainRidgeMountainRidgeDag sedan
  • Moral dont buy hype games..

    Abg Suka MelukisAbg Suka MelukisDag sedan
  • "This game Will be next level" The game: *bugs, bugs everywhere*

    N 777N 777Dag sedan
    • @C B bruuh, this video already offending truthfully 🤣

      N 777N 777Dag sedan
    • Shhhh, don't say it out loud or the fanboys will hear you. They on a crusade to defend the game

      C BC BDag sedan
  • It's astonishing that Video Game Makers can basically just straight-up lie about what is in their game and still get away with it. Capitalism baby!

    BaneBaneDag sedan