3 dec 2020
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Catching Legendary Pokemon and battling in the GO Battle League were some of the tasks I needed to complete in order to reach level 43 & 44 which were done on the same day in Pokémon GO.
Join me as I travel, eat and play Pokémon GO the way a local trainer would in their own country and city. Visiting one country and one city at at time through Pokémon GO.
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Camera - Sony RX 100 Mark 7
Mic - Rode VideoMicro
Screen Recorder - iPad Mini 5
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  • it should be i turned level 41 42 43 and 44 in one day

    Yash The BossYash The Boss23 timmar sedan
  • Brandon should make a new account on pokemon go and start the game over getting pokemon and everything

    KevinKevin8 dagar sedan
  • How do you spin pokestops and catch Pokémon without actually pressing any of them?

    Eddiemac 24Eddiemac 248 dagar sedan
  • First, he hit 41 and 42 on the same day, now this

    I wants raid PlzI wants raid Plz14 dagar sedan
  • I just started Pokémon go and on level 23.... Any tips?

    Cookie RelishCookie Relish23 dagar sedan
  • that is true

    Auke KroonAuke KroonMånad sedan
  • www.twitch.tv/professoreak Free coin you make wins coming now

    Emre ManiciEmre ManiciMånad sedan
  • I need someone to battle for level 44, is anyone stuck there too? Let's battle each other.

    Carol FigueiraCarol FigueiraMånad sedan
  • Level 40 from the Netherlands 4420 6848 6109

    Fireworks and thunderFireworks and thunderMånad sedan
  • Let’s help him get to 1 mil he deserves it

    Omar AlqurashiOmar AlqurashiMånad sedan
  • Pls add me as ur frnd

    Vamsi NagendraVamsi NagendraMånad sedan
  • And my name is jahssuhs71y

    Vamsi NagendraVamsi NagendraMånad sedan
  • Brandon pls add me as ur frnd and pls invite to me in ur raid battles

    Vamsi NagendraVamsi NagendraMånad sedan
  • Can we be friends on Pogo BrandonTan?

    Jørn-Arild GundersenJørn-Arild GundersenMånad sedan
  • to bad that dropping berries in gyms, dosnt count for leveling up to level 43,..

    FrankFromGrunnFrankFromGrunnMånad sedan
  • Just open a meltan box. They are legendaries! AND LOSE ALL THE GO BATTLE LEAGUES ITS EASIER AND FASTER.

    Reviews In HoustonReviews In HoustonMånad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Kristan RoddyKristan RoddyMånad sedan
  • gj nolifer

    KayKayMånad sedan
  • Yeah he would get to level 50 first seeing how Brandon Tan has no life outside Pokemon Go and is a rich Asian dude who lives in his aunts car and has no responsibilities 😂

    Brandon WilliamsBrandon WilliamsMånad sedan
    • @Luke Jenny Jealous of a man who has no life outside Pokemon go when I actually have a life bro your delusional don't red into your own hype

      Brandon WilliamsBrandon WilliamsMånad sedan
    • U jealous?

      Luke JennyLuke JennyMånad sedan
  • why are you playing on ipad

    Julius TinggaardJulius TinggaardMånad sedan
  • If you watched his vid where he hit lvl 41 and 42 its all the same day when it was filmed so he gained four levels in one day and me over here struggling to reach lvl 34 before xmas

    brayden tvbrayden tvMånad sedan
  • Team Valor King

    Rakesh SabnarakeshRakesh SabnarakeshMånad sedan
  • No you shouldn't be leveling up until your xL candy is no longer limiting. Grunts get harder so you'll be at a disadvantage during events. Rather just power up mons and not level up trainer to tip the balance in your favour.

    Dave WabboDave WabboMånad sedan
  • But?? Howw?? Did?? You??? Get??? 1.716.000.000 milion xP?????????

    Pepe SantacreuPepe SantacreuMånad sedan
  • Pls make a video on how to reach lvl 40 fast thx

    Eclipze_ Clash RoyaleEclipze_ Clash RoyaleMånad sedan
  • My trainer battles are not registering on the level 44 requirements! Do I need to complete the level 43 challenge 1st ?

    atooshaticatooshaticMånad sedan
  • He just hit level 41-44 on the same day tho.. Just 1 day.. 😅

    Salazar AbrahamSalazar AbrahamMånad sedan
    • 0:02 / 13:51 The video should be called 'I HIT LEVEL 41, 42, 43 & 44 ON THE SAME DAY IN POKEMON GO'

      Castiel HeavenCastiel HeavenMånad sedan
  • Congrats Brandon

    Nicole AliNicole AliMånad sedan
  • I need remote raid invites...

    Eric DeBlancEric DeBlancMånad sedan
  • Why arent you immidiatly level 50 because tou have enough xp

    Semmieboy 29Semmieboy 29Månad sedan
    • The tasks

      Kenzo TenmaKenzo TenmaMånad sedan
  • Brandon going after that new XP reign with obstacles in his way...he gots this

    Roland MendozaRoland MendozaMånad sedan
  • Pokémon go is a dead game

    KillaLalas ._.KillaLalas ._.Månad sedan
  • My code 0619 5127 0687

    ULEX PrulexULEX PrulexMånad sedan
  • Are you from Singapore?

    TheFalseButTrueTheFalseButTrueMånad sedan
  • Oh thanks to give me heart but my comment was delete.... today is my best day!!! I know you have lot of experience point that is amazing how can get the 40level quickly?

    헌터TV pokèmongo hyoungry헌터TV pokèmongo hyoungryMånad sedan
  • weak to duck duck and ghoost

    Death WolfDeath WolfMånad sedan
  • #i am a nerd

    Mustafa AlAbandiMustafa AlAbandiMånad sedan
  • brandon: im the best XP player yeee :) kaitonolan with her son : atleast we can duo any legandary pokemon :DD

    CreepyxlCreepyxlMånad sedan
  • Bruh I'm struggling to evan get level 38 lol

    trip*_*trip*_*Månad sedan
  • Deleted my level 40 account to start from scratch for a level 50 speedrun💪😂😂

    wormsinfestedwormsinfestedMånad sedan
  • why is this lake legend still there?

    Sai NikhilSai NikhilMånad sedan
  • There was a mewtwo in the car 👀

    Shubham PatelShubham PatelMånad sedan
  • Legend!!

    Sin ChanSin ChanMånad sedan
  • Maybe you should try defeating the GBL by using only 1 pokemon or blindfold challenge on the GBL like what you did against the team rocket leaders and Giovanni, that will be INSANE

    李柏澄 6A(14)李柏澄 6A(14)Månad sedan
  • At this pace he's gonna hit level 50 within 2 weeks lol

    Aakash KhamkarAakash KhamkarMånad sedan
    • Level 48 takes two months to get lmao

      Skdjdjdn DkdkekeSkdjdjdn DkdkekeMånad sedan
  • I got shiny Deino from the Level 40 Legacy Challenge.

    Lucricious The TrainerLucricious The TrainerMånad sedan
  • I am struggling to get to lvl 40 I haven’t leveled up in like 2 months

    Kim OhKim OhMånad sedan
  • Anyone a spoofer here i need a uxie or a legend from the trio i missed them from my collection

    Pokemon LegendPokemon LegendMånad sedan
  • Hello

    Pokemon LegendPokemon LegendMånad sedan
  • Yeeee

    Nyte On iPadNyte On iPadMånad sedan
  • Can you tell me how to get alot of xp? Really trying to get pevel 40....im 37 in a half...someone please help!!!! Love ur videos

    Ricky AxelsenRicky AxelsenMånad sedan
  • 😂 I like brandon and auntie indeed lol

    ivan larahgoivan larahgoMånad sedan
  • He's the God of Pokemon go,i'm proud to be in Team Valor,lol

    Utsav SahayUtsav SahayMånad sedan
  • did Brandon just beat aunty gladish. by looking at her pokemon

    ItzDarrenItzDarrenMånad sedan
  • i got a charizard today

    caleb bisardcaleb bisardMånad sedan
  • I'll see you all when he hits level 50 and celebrates being first again

    AltPotatoSlayerAltPotatoSlayerMånad sedan
    • @Book ? What

      lightning _ dragonlightning _ dragonMånad sedan
    • How much you want to bet he drives around really slow to get kilometers rather than actually getting some physical activity??? I'll put 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 down

      Book ?Book ?Månad sedan
  • The professor hasn’t shaved in a long time

    Hulk BHulk BMånad sedan
  • Level 42 tip!!!!! Meltans count as Legendaries!!!! That task was super easy! I opened a Mystery Box just to get more dust, I was shocked after my first catch and a legendary catch was registered!

    Tim SlusherTim SlusherMånad sedan
    • Thank you!!

      ArushArushMånad sedan
    • It is mythical tho!!!!!!

      Pokèmon Màstèrs 777Pokèmon Màstèrs 777Månad sedan
    • If only i knew that yesterday... :D

      Ar4aOriginalAr4aOriginalMånad sedan
  • Whenever I watch your video, it cheers me up! Keep on producing such an amazing content man.

    Sachin DeoSachin DeoMånad sedan
  • Use lucky eggs and catch everything you see walk around the park you’ll get there.

    GODOGGODOGMånad sedan
  • 3253 1796 6846

    LuisMota 662LuisMota 662Månad sedan
  • 🇪🇸 nick Vanja45 cód 019270391123 Raids Pokémon go

    Vanja BarbosaVanja BarbosaMånad sedan

    IL GIOCATORE PAZZO Tv seriesIL GIOCATORE PAZZO Tv seriesMånad sedan
  • 10:31 lol that's nice

    Juan GuzmanJuan GuzmanMånad sedan
  • 5:43 and driving help the process lol

    Juan GuzmanJuan GuzmanMånad sedan
  • Good job Brandon! You saved Mewtwo!

  • 1852 9966 3623 - tägliche Geschenke

    Peter MeyerPeter MeyerMånad sedan
  • Can somebody give me a riolu Or gurdurr please I’m giving a pyroar for it

    Joshua ThomasJoshua ThomasMånad sedan
  • I have shiny shuppet

    Idrees BelghasemIdrees BelghasemMånad sedan
  • nice hair cut u got :D

    SiemensXSiemensXMånad sedan
  • How does your go plus autocatch

    Aleksandar PosAleksandar PosMånad sedan
  • does anyone know if we can get shiny hariyama in raids?

    Juan PJuan PMånad sedan
  • How did you get a 6 hour insense???

    James WilsonJames WilsonMånad sedan
  • Auntie Gladis is 100% my favourite cameo!

    Charlie FraserCharlie FraserMånad sedan
  • Brandon: Hits level 43 & 44 on the same day, *me trying to hit level 28 for about 4 months now* xDDD

    GrotzGrotzMånad sedan
    • Guys this was a joke lol

      GrotzGrotzMånad sedan
    • Man how much hours do you play ??

      Rohit KumarRohit KumarMånad sedan
    • Lol i hit it in 2 days after 27

      davietooswagdavietooswagMånad sedan
  • Fat boy

    Down UpDown UpMånad sedan
  • He got hundo cp rufflet and didnt react

    tantelitanteliMånad sedan
  • The stardust one will take me a year

    Gustav GamingGustav GamingMånad sedan
    • don't get discouraged. at minimum, you get 100dust per catch, so thats at most, 1,000 pokemon caught. Throw in spotlight hours, comm days and events that give more dust, you'll get through it in no time.

      JesseJesseMånad sedan
  • Make a video where you create an alt account and see how fast you can reach level 40 👍

    J ZamoresJ ZamoresMånad sedan
  • I cant play Pokemon go I used to play it on my sister's phone now she lives 700 miles away from us ;'(

    Mrityunjay ShuklaMrityunjay ShuklaMånad sedan
  • Bradnon: 60 x scizzors Captions: 60 SEizUrEs

    MoltenYetiMoltenYetiMånad sedan
  • I met a person in a raid whose lvl was 46

    Joshua ThomasJoshua ThomasMånad sedan
    • His name was skimynosk. And there where some numbers after

      Joshua ThomasJoshua ThomasMånad sedan
    • Yep

      Joshua ThomasJoshua ThomasMånad sedan
    • Tf no

      davietooswagdavietooswagMånad sedan
  • So your telling me Brandon's gonna get to level 50 before i get to level 40 bruh

    Margis LTMargis LTMånad sedan
    • Yeah, I’m trying as fast. As, I can

      Arkaeus SystemArkaeus SystemMånad sedan
    • Ik ay lol

      trip*_*trip*_*Månad sedan
  • Hits 43 and 44 on the same day, me spending a millennium to get past 36

    naren kumarnaren kumarMånad sedan
    • Cool

      mantiden tvmantiden tvMånad sedan
    • @Diana Man let’s grind till we max out

      naren kumarnaren kumarMånad sedan
    • Just got to 34 here :(

      Diana ManDiana ManMånad sedan
    • I FEEL YA, but has has the xp already saved up

      StrqferStrqferMånad sedan
    • I feel you

      ImRemiiImRemiiMånad sedan
  • 2222 6721 0109

    Luke HodsonLuke HodsonMånad sedan
  • Accidentally claimed my GBL stardust too soon as well. Just recently stopped kicking myself lol

    thatCSAguythatCSAguyMånad sedan
    • Wdym?

      baby boomer.i obaby boomer.i oMånad sedan
  • Hey brandon what is your friend code?

    Car Goes BrrrCar Goes BrrrMånad sedan
  • How does he get all that time on lucky eggs

    FortuneFNFortuneFNMånad sedan
    • When I was a begginer I accidentally used soo many eggs, It lasted 7 hours lol

      DogDogMånad sedan
    • Just pop so many at once

      DogDogMånad sedan
  • Love all your vids. 😂 Very entertaining. Gratz on your levels. And thank you for showing us how to do it. Keep up the great work Brandon. Ty Auntie Gladys.❤

    arce808arce808Månad sedan
  • Hii

    Entertainment gamerzEntertainment gamerzMånad sedan
  • I thought uxie left raids already. Unless this is a few days old

    Pablo Castillo IIIPablo Castillo IIIMånad sedan
    • @PokeGo Fan just use common sense

      SONNY UYSONNY UYMånad sedan
    • @SONNY UY he never said its live

      PokeGo FanPokeGo FanMånad sedan
    • this video is NOT LIVE 😂😂

      SONNY UYSONNY UYMånad sedan
    • Its recorded on 1 december, look up left corner.

      Yoshi AnimationsYoshi AnimationsMånad sedan
    • Probably

      Mochi ManMochi ManMånad sedan
  • Slow down lol

    Charlie Plays Pokemon GoCharlie Plays Pokemon GoMånad sedan
  • Awesome! Congrats Brandon and Aunty Gladys! Can’t wait to the lv 50 vlog.

    purplepuma123purplepuma123Månad sedan
  • Next video: I hit 45-50

    YeetingChildren4Fun :DYeetingChildren4Fun :DMånad sedan
  • Brandontan is a better (That's a gud thing I'm bigger fan now)

    Paulina WyczPaulina WyczMånad sedan
  • Love you 😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

    Zente kZente kMånad sedan
  • Brandon : hits level 43 and 44 in one day Me: trying to complete quarter of level 33 in a week

    Gagan GangadharGagan GangadharMånad sedan
    • Another thing to notice. Many og players have the exp to level up.

      DgreenmissileDgreenmissileMånad sedan
    • Same

      abhinav mehraabhinav mehraMånad sedan
    • Everyone! Take advantage of the 2x catch bonus. Even if you don’t catch the pokemon on the first ball, that’s a total of 2200 EXP just from catching + curveball + excellent throw. In other words, 5 perfect catches equates to the same amount of experience you get from. Lv.5 Raid. If you go to a place with a lot of spawns, and you’re consistent with your excellent throws, you can get around 500,000 Exp in 3-4 hours or around 1M with a lucky egg. I’ve gained 1.5M Exp since Wednesday. (3 days) without a lucky egg

      DgreenmissileDgreenmissileMånad sedan
    • Same but lvl39

      Pokèmon Màstèrs 777Pokèmon Màstèrs 777Månad sedan
    • Yes he saved before the level expansion ep he only must the tasks

      LaNtOnLaNtOnMånad sedan
  • Dont play while driving.

    David martinDavid martinMånad sedan
    • He does that for years now idk how nothing happened yet plus no one mention it lol

      Mitzki 12Mitzki 12Månad sedan
  • I lost a 98% kyurem today :(

    I Am Some0neI Am Some0neMånad sedan
    • I got 96

      Sahil AagondeSahil AagondeMånad sedan
    • Lol I lost 4 kyurems that were all above 90% IV

      Chris SebastianChris SebastianMånad sedan
    • Hope You catch a *100%* soon

      TheVineWhipersTheVineWhipersMånad sedan
  • He's the greatest pogo player of all time, he'll be the first to level 50 for sure.

    huojin01huojin01Månad sedan
    • FleeceKing is gonna be first guys

      peppypatpeppypatMånad sedan
    • I think FleeceKing (a fellow Aussie player) will probably hit 50 first. He got a head start, being in Australia, and is already into the task that will take 2 months to do (8 7-day streaks in a row). Brandon I dare say won't be far behind him though (a week most likely).

      JesseJesseMånad sedan
    • @Unc Marco they have to wait for 8 weeks cuz the task says have 7 days streaks 8 times

      Mitzki 12Mitzki 12Månad sedan
    • There’s a guy I know in aussie who’s 47 pushing to 48. They had a head start though

      Unc MarcoUnc MarcoMånad sedan
    • No zoe or him

      Neenmom 101Neenmom 101Månad sedan