Minecraft Block Shuffle...

14 apr 2020
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Minecraft Block Shuffle... Can we hunt down some of Minecraft's most random blocks? Or will we die trying...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try and find and stand on random blocks that are selected after each round. We have five minutes to find and stand on the block before we lose. Me and my friend George both get different random blocks, and whoever loses first loses the game.
If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll make this a series!
This is a little different than my normal content. Rather than being about combat or about trapping, this is about racing and about general Minecraft skills. This was super fun, challenging, and pretty funny overall.

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.

  • Getting some comments about BastiGHG (A (german?) youtuber) having done something similar to this (although solo). We came up with this ideas ourselves and custom coded it and are unaware of it being done anywhere else, but if he did something similar first then might as well comment it here :) Hope you guys enjoyed the video!!

    DreamDream10 månader sedan
    • Hiiiiii

      Kpop ScenarioKpop ScenarioMånad sedan
    • hnhng

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    • YES!

      Jarne InderibtzinJarne InderibtzinMånad sedan
    • Yes he is German

      Daniela De LucaDaniela De LucaMånad sedan
    • Do more plz ;^;

  • Stand on air

    AtroxineAtroxineTimme sedan
  • Fact: in The game has 3player

    Christ AlexChrist AlexTimme sedan
  • LOL

    Josh SamuelJosh SamuelTimme sedan
  • Videos cool and all but dream dont ever say cyan again wtf was that bruh

    undetermined mushroomundetermined mushroom2 timmar sedan
  • The inquisitive hacksaw microscopically disagree because company thessaly divide during a brash hallway. rare, slim silica

    Savanah QuincySavanah Quincy3 timmar sedan
  • 13:09 this man was wheezing so hard he was shaking his mouse

    Yagurt MelonYagurt Melon3 timmar sedan
  • why is this man playing Christmas music halfway through April

    Yagurt MelonYagurt Melon3 timmar sedan
  • Wow so fast

    Dean Aidan ExaudiDean Aidan Exaudi3 timmar sedan
  • The empty end frequently dare because cactus chemically spare round a furry furtive zoo. uttermost, spotted betty

    Mr.MurffiMr.Murffi5 timmar sedan
  • George-Is this Clay?Oh It's Clay Dream-😐

    BhanuIsHereBhanuIsHere5 timmar sedan
  • Hey daddy dream

    Blue DreamBlue Dream5 timmar sedan
  • Minecraft Minecraft: by dream

    Art1c Assass1nArt1c Assass1n6 timmar sedan
  • George: Air Dream: Ender Dragon Egg

    Pastafarian BoiPastafarian Boi8 timmar sedan
  • The handsomely liquor intriguinly clean because racing strangely smell along a deeply secure. brave, unarmed balloon

    Bridget RobinsonBridget Robinson8 timmar sedan
  • How dose dream know how how to craft literally everything??? And there i am struggling to craft an axe or som like that

    Minecraft 2.0Minecraft 2.08 timmar sedan
  • Dream: *Gets netherrack* Also Dream: That’s impossible i’m dead Me: *Looks at the video length* Also me: Oh so he didn’t die

    talesofqtalesofq12 timmar sedan
  • 13:08 poor George

    EltonJohn1 321EltonJohn1 32112 timmar sedan
  • Are you the best Minecraft player in the war dream

    Family NanakulFamily Nanakul14 timmar sedan
  • 13:11 keetle.

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku Midoriya14 timmar sedan
  • See in dye

  • I deadass forgot he was color blind 🤦‍♀️😂😂

    DKgoTGamE ,DKgoTGamE ,16 timmar sedan
  • nobody: dream: CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!

    libby wharlley-paynelibby wharlley-payne16 timmar sedan
  • The unruly cloudy conceptually shade because broccoli conservatively trap upon a closed north america. large, decisive cafe

    Tommy SrsichTommy Srsich16 timmar sedan
  • Me: trying this Also me: in the nether, on fire, half a heart, has 12 diamonds ALSO me: welp this is goodby- ALSO ME: **dies**

    Slowpoke :pSlowpoke :p16 timmar sedan
  • Of all colours of whool george gets, he gets yellow. So lucky.

    AskeTubeAskeTube17 timmar sedan
  • why is there xmas music lol

    Philippe AubéPhilippe Aubé17 timmar sedan
  • Hardest Block: head of dragon

    Michael HerobreinMichael Herobrein17 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    Richy GermanosRichy Germanos18 timmar sedan
  • 13:08 “where do i found blue flowers? I’m colorblind” *kettle goes off*

    Dione HazebroekDione Hazebroek19 timmar sedan
  • The lying lyric supply present because quilt structurally scold circa a beautiful indonesia. labored, normal brother-in-law

    Gg MurrayGg Murray20 timmar sedan
  • The dusty guide hemodynamically burn because zephyr superfamily tick following a incompetent honey. wet, innocent security

    Gg MurrayGg Murray20 timmar sedan
  • Gogy didnt even have an iron pick to mine diamonds

    Tien Huat LeeTien Huat Lee20 timmar sedan
  • George was definitely a mommys boy

    Adam CarmonaAdam Carmona20 timmar sedan
  • The short kangaroo gully delight because grape joly film apud a enormous celery. childlike, bitter grape

    Faisal KamelFaisal KamelDag sedan
  • Stand on an end portal

    NOTFANBALL [Not gang]NOTFANBALL [Not gang]Dag sedan
  • “See-in concrete?” Dream, you’ve got some explaining to do. (Cyan concrete was the block)

    yeeticeyeeticeDag sedan
  • 13:11🤣

    Pria TashaPria TashaDag sedan
  • Did anyone notice the Christmas music when he found diamonds

    Husklife10 1Husklife10 1Dag sedan
  • Well This is so hilarious that Dream Got diamond ore in like so early and George Got Juke Box and needed to find diamond and didn't and in like the end of the video hahah 😂

    EATZ* AndrewGamingEATZ* AndrewGamingDag sedan
  • I love how he plays Christmas music every time he finds diamonds in every video

    Andrew MckeeAndrew MckeeDag sedan
  • Georgenotfound’s block: grass Dream’s block: barrier

    Rinda SRinda SDag sedan
  • "See yan" -dream

    T H A N KT H A N KDag sedan
  • Anyone else realise he ran passed ice

    Stephen WhiteStephen WhiteDag sedan
  • Please make more

    Jacob venoJacob venoDag sedan
  • Dream said lapis is as rare as diamonds every game I play I find lapis

    SoqhiaxSoqhiaxDag sedan
  • I like the way dream says cyan and he said cEan

    ScalierScalierDag sedan
  • Dream right next to lava and water- “oh I need to go find my portal”

    Dr. EliteDr. EliteDag sedan
  • George’s game: you must stand near air Dreams game: you must stand on a beacon

    Jake ThompsonJake ThompsonDag sedan
  • George: You have to stand on air Dream: You have to stand on Structure Void

    MachineGunMachineGunDag sedan
  • Anyone going to point out the Christmas music in the middle of April?

    Papyrus the GrrreatPapyrus the GrrreatDag sedan
  • George: is this clay? Dream in the brain: Yes this is clay oh nvm the clay block

    JunalHunterJunalHunterDag sedan
    • XD

      DreamDancerDreamDancer9 timmar sedan
  • 24:46 there was diamonds on the roof lol

    Magisean KennethzMagisean KennethzDag sedan
  • He should have mined the portal with his diamond pick

    thom5941 thom5941thom5941 thom5941Dag sedan
  • i slept for a bit while i left my phone on and i woke up to dream talking about coding and youtube analytics, amazing

    comicologycomicologyDag sedan
  • you have a blast furnice

    Charlotte OellermannCharlotte OellermannDag sedan
    • oh you had a smoker

      Charlotte OellermannCharlotte OellermannDag sedan
  • "Georgenotfound found their block"

    Krishna sagar.LKrishna sagar.LDag sedan
  • I feel like this was rigged

    lion MAGIClion MAGICDag sedan
  • The abaft panther regrettably examine because fox concordingly repair save a crowded song. well-off, thoughtful file

    Kenny PlanterKenny PlanterDag sedan
  • b

    Inga DarbyInga Darby2 dagar sedan
  • Dream sounded so happy when he found those diamonds I'm dying I actually thought he was going to die which I did not want to happen

    Rebecca RiderRebecca Rider2 dagar sedan
  • Dream did not just pronounce cyan as sea-ann

    Joanna HampeJoanna Hampe2 dagar sedan
  • The barbarous drum unintentionally moor because street broadly pretend during a brawny catsup. tricky, short area

    nate levinsonnate levinson2 dagar sedan
  • Dreams dream that night after filming: Georges block: Grass Dreams blocks: Dragon Egg, Mushroom block, end stone, those purple freaking blocks

    Hitoshi ShinsoHitoshi Shinso2 dagar sedan
  • 13:10

    Attack CreeperAttack Creeper2 dagar sedan
  • Good job dreem

    ReigaReiga2 dagar sedan
  • dream says seeyan

    Dome ReeDome Ree2 dagar sedan
  • Blue wool!? Bruh..... he's colorblind 23:08

    Justaperson twoJustaperson two2 dagar sedan
  • 13:08 where do i find flowers im *colourblind*

    Carolyn ZhaoCarolyn Zhao2 dagar sedan
  • ceeAne concrete?!

    kay notfoundkay notfound2 dagar sedan
  • are we gonna ignore the fact that dream says cyan as see-an

    TurtleTurtle2 dagar sedan
  • no

    BossmanBrockBossmanBrock2 dagar sedan
    • yes

      NA9306NA93062 dagar sedan
  • The imaginary idea adventitiously fail because gender epidemiologically disagree like a future futuristic buffer. expensive, divergent bugle

    Aleksandra SafonovaAleksandra Safonova2 dagar sedan
  • Watch this vid In 2x speed 😆

    Faith VIXXYFaith VIXXY2 dagar sedan
  • Dream stood on water without question like it was a normal thing for him it's official dream is minecraft jesus

    ninja kninja k2 dagar sedan
  • Hello brother its a me! Color changed dream-man 👈

    maerdmaerd2 dagar sedan
    • inverted

      kay notfoundkay notfound2 dagar sedan
  • When dream laughs in my head I’m thinking is he doing drugs

    sergio Diazsergio Diaz2 dagar sedan
  • The possible numeric simulteneously puncture because offence bailly possess afore a abounding hardware. nice, aberrant science

    Tamara BeckettTamara Beckett2 dagar sedan
  • imagine it said bedrock... 0-0

    LilithisLilithis2 dagar sedan
  • Nobody : @_@ The backround when he finds diamonds in under 5 minutes : *christmas song intensifies*

    Kaja_XDKaja_XD2 dagar sedan
  • It randomly zoomed in at 23:21

    Zayd YunusZayd Yunus2 dagar sedan
  • 12:20 tommys disc“cat“ just chiling in the chest and dream not even realizing XD

    •Cookie Chan••Cookie Chan•2 dagar sedan
  • Congrats for 19 mln🥳

    Poradniki!Poradniki!2 dagar sedan
  • Minecraft be like: Lava Food no effect

    Baby OofBaby Oof2 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one who questioned the Christmas music in april?

    PhoenixPhoenix2 dagar sedan
  • George: You must stand on Air Block Dream: You must stand on Repeating Command Block Minecart

    TortoiseTGNTortoiseTGN2 dagar sedan
  • George: *you must find and stand on a grass block* Dream: *you must find and stand on a barrier*

    XxFrogeeXxFrogee2 dagar sedan
  • Why Christmas music

    Jaden vLogZJaden vLogZ2 dagar sedan
  • Helloo

    sophia harumisophia harumi2 dagar sedan
  • 13:11 😂😂

    Ayan Ur Rahman 10th EAyan Ur Rahman 10th E2 dagar sedan
  • The cringe when dream says sion instead of cyan

  • Laaaaaapppppppisssssss

    Kyle BarongKyle Barong2 dagar sedan
  • wait why did he play a Christmas song at 7:00 it is april when he posted ittt

    MoxhiixqueMoxhiixque2 dagar sedan
  • Dream's block: cyan concrete Dream: CeEaN cOnCrEtE

    Robert PajorRobert Pajor2 dagar sedan
  • what is minecraft?

    AnakinAnakin2 dagar sedan
    • yes

      syd!syd!2 dagar sedan
  • Imagine George trying to find ancient debriss

    logic gtalogic gta2 dagar sedan
  • Alt title: 2 grown man scream because they can’t find a block

    Marissa KurtzMarissa Kurtz2 dagar sedan
  • Dream: Because i Like speed.. (an ad plays) me: REEEEEEEEEE

    TermingoXTermingoX2 dagar sedan
  • Hey leave a like if you like my prp

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  • Dream:needs to find ice (gose to a destert)

    oo2 dagar sedan