Wilbur Soot betrays TommyInnit. (dream smp)

10 okt 2020
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Wilbur Soot betrays TommyInnit. (dream smp)
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    • 40:20

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    • G’day

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    • 1:03:34

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    • I was gonna say 00:00 good thumbnail.

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    • 4:38 classic tubbo moment.

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  • 12:16 The means to a iconic line 35:34 Wilbur is going crazy 58:48 1:01:06 Another good line of Wilbur's and Dream (I just remember it from an Animatic)

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  • 12:41 Tommy: imma just walk away slowly

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  • man i just realized this was posted on my birthday wow what a great bday video 😳

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  • #pogchamp

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  • Wilbur lost mind but in another didn’t at the same time. It’s sort of poetic is it not.

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  • 40:20 - 42:33

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  • I'm new here and i have no idea what is going on

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  • How does this have better acting than most Netflix shows love the dream smp

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  • I love how Casual this stream is compared to the newest one ...

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  • oh i was wrong

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  • dream was on Tommy's side!

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  • this makes me feel like a bad person bc i know i didn't do any of this but i *did* i'm watching it anyways B) -wilbur

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  • She sad why

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  • YAYY DADDY DREAM- oh wait- scratch that one

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  • if Tommyinnit teams up with dream to destroy "man burg" il be happy as F :)

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  • 1:13:49

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  • Wilbur is so good at this he should be a voice actor for minecraft roleplays

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  • I love evil characters i want Tommy to become evil because that would be cool

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  • Wilbur: *makes Tommy sad* Tommy: *Aggressively tries to finish tunnel*

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  • "Cus if I'm not president how am I gonna stab people and get away with it?" Relatable friend 😔😔😔

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  • #pog

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  • 40:25 wilbursoot speech(like me)

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  • I forgot Wilbur swears....

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  • Seeing the story come together gives me happiness. Seeing the character development also does.

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  • This is one of my favorite streams. I can’t stop fucking watching it ahah

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  • 35:29 I can pretty much hear the sadist song for this part

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  • “Tommy are we the bad guys?” And so it begins

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  • Hush little Big Q don't say a word consume drugs and never talk to me again. 😂😂Underrated

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  • After the most recent rp stream, coming back here because I'm missing info this has made me realize something. Everyone, EVERYONE, has held the discs over Tommy's head... Like the discs, fake or real, have been used to manipulate Tommy. It's actually really sad. The things closet to Tommy in importance, the items that started conflict and war, have passed through so many inventories and ender chests. And every time someone has used them to control or attempt to control Tommy. Threats to burn them or drop them in lava. Giving the discs back or forth as signs of trust (I know he also actively decides to hand them over. I just feel like the others should know he's serious and let him keep them, accepting the attempt to hand over his most prized possessions as proof enough). Being given fake discs. Honestly, I know I'm a little mixed since I can't find the time to balance catching up and watching the current streams as they go live, but I myself can't keep up with who has the discs. So how does he know, who can he trust when there are so many fakes? Multiple people having them, fake or not, it's a way people are taking advantage of Tommy regardless. BBH, Dream, Skeppy, Tubbo, even Wilbur with the fakes. All used the discs to use/control Tommy. Be it stopping a fight, exchanges, or just downright manipulation (see Dream's most recent interaction with Tommy and Techno). At this point I wish he'd let go of the significance of them to have no leverage against him. I know he cares about them, but it gives too much power to those who have them. I have NO doubt that he'll gain his confidence back, maybe even more (because he's a big man after all), after his exile. So I'm hoping he realizes it's okay to treasure memories, but you can't let the past hold you back. Maybe I sound like Tubbo, and that's not my intent. It just hurts watching everyone use the discs to use Tommy, when he could let them go and be free from manipulation due to his need to preserve them.

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  • Watching this after tubbo exile tommy kinda break my heart (i mean in plot point of view) the both of them only have each other and that happened 😔

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  • 40:12

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  • 34:02

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  • 4 months until tubbos baby is born haha

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    • @-Ch0c0late_S0da- tubbo said he was pregnant back when schlatt was elected as president, it was supposed to be an excuse to go see pogtopia haha.

      an offensive axolotlan offensive axolotl12 dagar sedan
    • Wut??

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  • do people seriously not realise 99% why they did that is so that the path cant lead to pogtopia? unless they are really stupid like he literally showed an underground tunnel that leads straight to the base of the exiles, and then talks about it to the enemy, and that isnt called extremely stupid? you cant have it both ways being a streamer pogging on the path and at the same time being the resistance with a secret underground passage to the enemy base with a spy thats actively trying to cover up where the underground passage leads to also just hilarious how they forget that the instant the election was over they tried to kill wilbur and tommy like thats not a bad thing to do...

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  • 41:40 time stamp for myself

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  • Tommy is great at keeping his role and keeping his character composed and not go insane like a Wilbur did. Some people believe that Tommy might go completely insane and isolated because of him being exiled and blow up L'manberg but I think he'll suicide or be murdered and not fight back.

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  • Ar u adopted?

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  • 1:10:37

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  • The cuddly faucet immunocytochemically whirl because taiwan concomitantly calculate amidst a brown sunday. mean, xenophobic ophthalmologist

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  • 1:12:00 1:13:20

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  • When Wilbur turns into JD

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  • Tommy: No one can know that we were here Jschlatt, Quackity and Fundy: _hello_

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  • "Someone whos lost everything has everything to gain"

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  • Is he going insane ?

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  • For anyone who watches streams or just knows. Like are the VODs in order???

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  • Gehtsis Wilbur pog.

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  • The fact that Tommy was so actually upset by what Wilbur was saying that he got up and just left. He didnt destroy anything, he didnt start yelling out jokes and breaking shit. He just got up and left. Even if he used the bathroom as an excuse, he really was in pain.

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  • 1:09:21

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  • It took me a while, but I managed to find the iconic scene! 1:01:04 Tommy: “Wilbur, hand me that TNT!” Dream: “tommy, i’m gonna have to step in...”

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  • My mind for the entirety of the video: ***Ai no Uta intensifies and plays on loop***

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  • A line that represents wilbur: *Sometime to be good you gotta be the bad guy*

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  • 1:00:34 - 1:01:10 1:01:35 - 1:02:02 1:02:23 1:03:53

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  • 35:32 - 35:56

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  • Hey guys wanna know a fun fact? *"Did you know that SMP is one letter from being SIMP?"*

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  • One of the most underrated TommyInnit character quotes, I think, is when he says "We'll lose as winners, alright? We won't win as losers." 1:03:53 I've never seen that used in animations and I feel like it really deserves to be shouted out.

    Sylvia ReviarSylvia ReviarMånad sedan
  • the end though, I'm losing it- *Schlatt:* what are you doing with Tommyinnit? *Tubbo:* y,you know how I told you I was pregnant, right? he's the.. tommy's actually the, uh.... *Tommy:* _(visible fear)_ *Tubbp:* he's the pediatrician! *Tommy:* _(visible relief)_

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  • how many times do you want Big Q to be killed?? yes.

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  • strawberry frozen yogurt

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  • Wilber really prepared himself to betray tommy.

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  • im so glad im watching this by the streams first

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  • 45:40 My Fav😂

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  • Wow...

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  • when you've just watched the latest tommyinnit stream

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    • YES

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  • Wilbur kinda rude today ain't it?

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  • 3:50 hey this reminds me of the time tommy tried to trade with with technoblade

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  • the real title should be Tommyinnit betrays Pogtopia

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    • OMG YES

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  • i literally hate jshit so much >:(( hes a terrible president

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  • Has anyone noticed,when Fundy gets fully armored with his skin,he looks mad? 😂😂

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  • Can’t believe Wilbur did this after the smp war after the battle of the lake

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  • 02:47:20

    Tosky LIVETosky LIVE2 månader sedan
  • Honestly Dream genuinely just sounded extremely tired and raspy and respect man it takes work to continue talking like that

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  • they should make a movie about this

    Puh511 DavisPuh511 Davis2 månader sedan
  • Wilbur is trying to do a Gone Crazy arc and I like the idea.

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  • hey remember when this was a Minecraft SMP?

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  • tommyvods more like tommysvodka this is a joke I love you Tommyinit.

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  • Is it bad that I'm kinda scared of jschlatt

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  • Hi

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  • God Tommy is so dumb

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  • at 33 minutes in tommy says "i could have took my shot" and was just waiting for Wilbur we are out gunned out manned out numbered out planed

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  • at this point i don't know what channels are tommys

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  • Fuck u jschatt 🖕🏻

    Noah Jonesまだ自動ですNoah Jonesまだ自動です2 månader sedan

    Noah Jonesまだ自動ですNoah Jonesまだ自動です2 månader sedan
  • I’m confused I thought the podium and the path + the rooms were already there before the election

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  • Wilbur has become emperor palpatine

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  • "I need to contact the blade." *typing intensifies*

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  • Yandere Wilbur for his l'manberg senpai

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  • Look at tommys shitty hair

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  • That's it imma snipe schlatt

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  • my mouse has this weird problem where sometimes it just starts to shake the cursor and I swear when tubbo and tommy saw jschlatt and quackity behind them my cursor was just going nuts

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  • Uh oh wilbur is going through his ARG phase

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  • Shut the fuck off wilbur

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  • Also, i gotta correct jschlatt- it's the embassy in the dream SMP not in manberg, so they're technically not on manberg land lololol

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  • Why is he still talking to wilbur?????

    mr poopmr poop2 månader sedan

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  • Imma right a book about this😂

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  • The MELODRAMA. I love it

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