AC/DC - Back In Black (Official Video)

7 nov 2012
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"Back In Black" by AC/DC
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'Cause I'm back, yes I'm back
Well, I'm back, yes I'm back
Well, I'm back, back
Well, I'm back in black
Yes, I'm back in black
#ACDC #BackInBlack #HD #Remastered #OfficialMusicVideo

  • bruh being 13 sucks none of my friends like acdc and I'm not old enough to drive

  • Esta joya me recuerda a Iron Man ❤️❤️

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  • it's nice to see that the comments are fresh

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  • AC/DC isn't anyone else on earth . They ARE rock

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  • I was drawing and listening to this song and my dad walks in and says “You need to go to bed and stop listening to AC/DC” he left and I thought “you don’t the AUDACITY to tell me to stop listening to this. It’s a good song and one of the best rock bands ever. So don’t be telling me to stop listening to this.” Just so y’all know that was all in my head, the audacity part

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  • esta super mamadisima es ta cancion

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  • 2021, 31 years since this song was released for the first time, and you are a fking legend cause you still listen it

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  • "I Love Ledd Zepelin" -Hom Tolland

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  • Ac dc back in black

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  • The amount of nut I produce listening to this song as abnormal

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  • que hp que son, el mejor tema de rock lejossssss

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  • Some kind of energy coming

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  • Esta banda es lo mejor

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  • Me on my way to the office after the teacher called my mom for shitting my pants

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  • Tengo 13 años y me encanta esta canción

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  • Cobra kai

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  • I'm telling the people that disliked this video, I'm going to hunt you down.

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  • nunca dejare de escuchar esto

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  • If your here in 2021 u have a amazing taste in music

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    • Thx

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  • Wath 2031

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  • the ac / dc songs make me more happy and excited :)

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  • X: why you hate girls? Me: they didn't liked this song X: *equip an ak and walks in the dance school direction*

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  • Why i played this at my grandpa funeral and he growed up screaming "CAUSE I'M BACK IN BLAAAAAAACK"

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  • 2021 anyone ?

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  • Who’s here 2021 this Shit still Fire🥵

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  • This song is so good so that it made my leg hurt because of the beat

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  • Benedict love Lucas

  • Benedict love Lucad

  • Would enjoy a couple of 🥃🥃 🍷🍷🍻🍻 with Mr Johnson Chur brother 🎸🎹🎼

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  • Cobra Kai

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  • I like this music in 2021

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  • Ci sono degli italiani?

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  • Wow reminds me of lines on the mirror big speakers and long nights........

  • If you're here in 2021, it means you have good musical taste

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  • 2021

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  • if AC/DC started in this era on tiktok.... then everybody be like: His voice is CrInGy

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    • @Dawoo Maheshwari Ok I understand what you mean now, Lol also you got discord?

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    • @Venus _ Sir .....I too believe his voice is amazing and it never fails to provide me chills ..... i was just joking on the fact that tik tok has become so hated that SOME of the people who have potential, are too judged with bias and disgrace ......

      Dawoo MaheshwariDawoo MaheshwariTimme sedan
    • His voice is absolute perfection, You're the cringe one, especially for assuming ppl would make fun of a 73-4 year old man from when he made music for a Band.

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  • These dudes are savage

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  • Let’s see who listening to this banger in 2021...

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  • That guitar is half as big as Malcolm Rock Legends

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  • I swear you’ll never be to old or to young for some good ole AC/DC

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  • I always wondered how in the world Angus young had the ability to dance like that when he he is only 2 times bigger than the guitar.

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  • I Love Led Zeppelin!!

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  • I’m here from Cobra Kai

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  • If youre here in 2021, you have awesome musical taste.

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  • Es la música de iron man

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  • as a fellow guitar player... a TON of respect to ANGUS

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  • You guys are legends!

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  • Look everyone. He’s back

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  • Cobra Kai brought me here lol

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  • What is your favorite Bon scott Or Brian Johnson?

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    • Me Bon scott

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  • Bon scott 😔👍

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  • Teaching my 5 year old about great music.

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  • I’m a 2010s kid and I’m getting Blacktron vibes ( blacktron is a Lego theme from 1987)

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  • My ant can play this song on Guitar

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  • I love you 2021

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  • perfect music when you depressed! not gonna lie but it works for me tho

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  • Song is so bad but I like this music

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  • Lyrics pls..

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  • Thanks AC DC’s get tough time!

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  • You fan for mejor

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  • He left in white.

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  • This is a great johnny Lawrence cobra Kai song

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    • Lol true

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  • I'm here in 2021

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  • Grita como cuando su mama le pega con el cinturon