Anita doesn't hold back lmao

25 okt 2020
681 490 visningar

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  • The world's greatest mystery is why this channel keeps getting recommended to me lmfao

    Easy Swish SniperEasy Swish SniperMånad sedan
    • im the 10k like! So proud

      IsraIsra21 dag sedan
    • The reason is what you’re doing right now

      Pvt. Ryan LouisPvt. Ryan Louis22 dagar sedan
    • Love your vids, bro

      Davino Da NinjaDavino Da Ninja24 dagar sedan

      Sayan AndrewsSayan Andrews27 dagar sedan
    • Cuz u keep clicking fool

      InsightlessInsightless28 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused. What is tourette syndrome, cause it looks more like an excuse to say harsh truths by using a broad elements of insults and offenses.

    R. A.C.R. A.C.19 dagar sedan
  • When you say the quiet part loud. But like, LOUD.

    Sanjay RamzanSanjay Ramzan21 dag sedan
  • Worst part is that it’s all true

    ONIONI23 dagar sedan
  • Damn she got her simps with her

    KoddyKoddy24 dagar sedan
  • 0:06 she is telling the truth tho

    Tony PatinoTony Patino25 dagar sedan
  • Even her Tourette's knows that y'all are simpish virgins.

    George SmithGeorge Smith26 dagar sedan
  • Why does she make that sound? I don't watch girl streamer I'm not a simp

    Lawan OmerLawan Omer26 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get the joke

    Cream TerrellCream Terrell26 dagar sedan
  • Big true dood.

    Samael MerihemSamael Merihem27 dagar sedan
  • If *Pavel Datsyuk + DSP* had a child = that guy 😂😅

    Simp ButterSimp Butter27 dagar sedan
  • In thumbnail the dude on the left almost looks like felix

    ASD 8848ASD 884827 dagar sedan
  • I like how honest her tourettes is

    Valaki NemtomValaki Nemtom27 dagar sedan
  • Realtalk

    Trip JouTrip Jou27 dagar sedan
  • Lmao so obviously fake, idk if she has tourettes or not but that shit was fake af

    HipHopopotamusHipHopopotamus27 dagar sedan
  • Y’all see this and still believe it’s real? Must suck to be called out for being a cuck and still being subbed

    Big Daddy KrabsBig Daddy Krabs27 dagar sedan
  • i like how her tics always make sense

    dipzoiddipzoid27 dagar sedan
  • I mean, she's not wrong.

    SadBoi Kira VISadBoi Kira VI27 dagar sedan
  • Has she ever tried letting the tic loose? Let it do whatever it wants? Curiousity has peaked.

    RiptideV10RiptideV1027 dagar sedan
  • She’s not wrong.

    SYNIKAL1989SYNIKAL198927 dagar sedan
  • She’s right you know

    ClicClikBangClicClikBang27 dagar sedan
  • Everyone asking why this gets recommended: It's streamers, names and titles AND it seems we're back at it again with the less than a minute videos which I LOVE. I love that trend. Thanks T lyfe

    Lautaro QuirogaLautaro Quiroga27 dagar sedan
  • Yeah idk

    Sp - ngeSp - nge28 dagar sedan
  • Lmao at all the SIMPS saying she didn’t mean it it’s just the Tourette’s and this and that get played and keep using your mummy’s credit card to donate to her 😂😂😂

    Chingychangchongchong BillyChingychangchongchong Billy28 dagar sedan
  • After seeing this in my recommendations for ages, I have finally succumb, and now they won’t leave my recommendations.

    FaizanFaizan28 dagar sedan
  • I love how you can see her try to not tick so you know she doesn’t actually mean to say it.

    Sir. ManningtonSir. Mannington28 dagar sedan

    Robyro NzRobyro Nz28 dagar sedan
  • Somebody actually believe those are tics and tourettes? That's just an act.

    WaRk1ll3r111WaRk1ll3r11128 dagar sedan
    • What? Like this is actually offensive dude

      Sky txSky tx27 dagar sedan
  • she is so interesting tho

    Ali DangouAli Dangou28 dagar sedan
  • these 3 people together are so awkward

    BossMongolJesseBossMongolJesse28 dagar sedan
  • Truth tic

    KingLouieGamingKingLouieGaming28 dagar sedan
  • Looks like a Mod Meetup

    CheeseBreadCheeseBread28 dagar sedan
  • lol are those her mods? :D

  • Dude on the right looks like Matthew Lillard the way he looks nowadays

    ☆Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ☆☆Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ☆28 dagar sedan
  • That was just ruthless hell i'm hurt by that and i'm not even subscribed to her on Twitch

    DarthPanda420DarthPanda42028 dagar sedan
  • Y tf is this always on my recommended funny tho 😂

    SILVER MTZSILVER MTZ28 dagar sedan
  • Expose him. EXPOSE HIM!

    Just The HighlightsJust The Highlights28 dagar sedan
  • The truth out of a tic's mouth =]

    sobreaversobreaver29 dagar sedan
  • I notice how people with tourretes say what they really believe in these sitations :))

    PuliverPuliver29 dagar sedan
  • chcchchchh

    im 11 my name updates every yearim 11 my name updates every year29 dagar sedan
  • Based

    Kris PlovdivskiKris Plovdivski29 dagar sedan
  • Fact spittin syndrome

    S CS C29 dagar sedan
  • its funny because those 2 guys donated $1000 each to get mod.

    StemsterStemster29 dagar sedan
  • You mean she cant hold back

    ChinnyChin01ChinnyChin0129 dagar sedan
  • Her tourettes spitting straight truths tho

    cornn o' clockcornn o' clock29 dagar sedan
  • I'm 100% convinced that her ticks are just her momentarily being unable to do what everyone else does all the time - lie.

    futsk01futsk0129 dagar sedan
    • @Isaac Weisberg Ever see her talk about her experience trying to learn how to drive? She thinks a moment of "what if I swerved to the side" and her body is already committing the act before she can think of something else. It's not healthy in the slightest.

      MortyMorty25 dagar sedan
    • @Isaac Weisberg tics are not just words, she has a more light tourette compared to others

      Sky txSky tx27 dagar sedan
    • No?, she says " I have a penis" and she is not trans or when she plays among us she says "I killed him" when she is crewmate

      Sky txSky tx27 dagar sedan
    • yeah literally makes me wonder if having Tourette is actually the healthy condition and not having it is not

      Isaac WeisbergIsaac Weisberg28 dagar sedan
  • Following: is when you get alerts when im online and you can come and watch Subscribe: is when *tsh tsh tsh* when um you are a cuck and you can’t get laid so you give girls money on the internet. -Sweet anita 2020

    ᏃᎬYᎪᎠᏃᎬYᎪᎠ29 dagar sedan
  • XD

    Itz NarcularItz Narcular29 dagar sedan
  • I dunno why but seeing Elon made me happy

    Sujal GurungSujal Gurung29 dagar sedan
  • So she’s faking the Tourette’s right

    Corey MunnCorey Munn29 dagar sedan
    • No

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan
    • Nah bruh

      Iamafellow PotatoIamafellow Potato29 dagar sedan
  • She literally can’t hold back

    Soulja BoiSoulja Boi29 dagar sedan
  • "i was trying so hard not to" was the tic

    Luis DeJesusLuis DeJesus29 dagar sedan
  • Why are these twitch clip channels with not even a lot of subs getting recommend to everyone

    CjayCjay29 dagar sedan
  • Good job, Anita's Tourette's. You said something for us. Anita feels bad, but you did a good thing.

    Derek TejedaDerek Tejeda29 dagar sedan
  • NEVER SUBscribe dont do it

    RookieRookie29 dagar sedan
  • There are tics that are completely unrelated to her personal opinions, but then there are tics that shows what she doesn't want to reveal.

    TheKhalTheKhalMånad sedan
  • i DO THE SAME FUKIN SHIT , the only diffrance is that I dont have turrets and I don't care if people find it offensive. maybe thats why I don't stream

    Faisal Yousuf 036Faisal Yousuf 036Månad sedan
  • this makes me feel like sometimes she's pretending to get the Tourettes but she's telling what's on her mind

    MinuxMinuxMånad sedan
    • @JingleBerryBush no I mean like, she does the whistle and everything to pretend she's getting it at that time but actually says what she wants but I don't know

      MinuxMinux29 dagar sedan
    • Most of tourettes is not what you are thinking. It can be related to a situation but it's almost never what she's thinking or believes

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan
  • Seriously don’t know why her channel keeps getting recommended but all I can say is yes.

    Alexander MendozaAlexander MendozaMånad sedan
  • Based

    Francesco VassalloFrancesco VassalloMånad sedan
  • I like how she perfectly describes everyone that watches vtubers lmao

    Leo AhumadaLeo AhumadaMånad sedan
  • the truth, has been spoken

    marco cloutiermarco cloutierMånad sedan
  • I think i came here again lmao

    Py DubsPy DubsMånad sedan
  • LOL those are old streams, funny times

    billy 9billy 9Månad sedan
  • I think her tourrettes always sells her out because that's what's in her deepest mind i mean she thinks of that but the tourette just wants to say it outloud... It's like She's a real life "LiarLiar" movie by jim carrey

    Sen XeiSen XeiMånad sedan
    • nah, unless everyone with tourettes is a racist, because a ton of times they say the n word

      HeythisisntXbox RLHeythisisntXbox RL29 dagar sedan
    • But that's not how tourettes works. I don't know why so many people think that tics are what you believe deep down inside. Trust me I have tourettes and have said pretty fucked up things, I don't hold those beliefs at all.

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan

    Will-o-the-kidWill-o-the-kidMånad sedan
  • Tick are real medical condition... But the swearing is clearly fake..she is milking it.

    tharani dharantharani dharanMånad sedan
    • No she's not faking

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan
  • Imagine interviewing anita and she tryna say a sentence but it takes 5 mins😐

    The Guy with DeezNutzThe Guy with DeezNutzMånad sedan
  • I mean, is Anita wrong?

    Matt OlsteinMatt OlsteinMånad sedan
  • Do people really believe this is for real and not a character? Go watch Billie Eilish she has tourette too but she doesn't use it for attention seeking.

    Igor MarcelIgor MarcelMånad sedan
    • @JingleBerryBush you saying all that garbage is meant for tourette's awareness makes it even worse.

      Igor MarcelIgor Marcel29 dagar sedan
    • Not everyone with tourettes is the same. Also her content is meant for tourettes awareness not attention to her.

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan
  • She says ticks aren't what she's secretly thinking, but that doesn't make them any less true.

    ParkerParkerMånad sedan
  • She really thinks that

    ducKducKMånad sedan
    • No

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan
  • Those 2 dudes look like tier 3 twitch moderators lmao

    E VOE VOMånad sedan
  • she's can't lie lol🤣

    PinoyBaku CollectorPinoyBaku CollectorMånad sedan
  • Why does the redhead look like count olaf

    Nick DiamondNick DiamondMånad sedan
  • Guys imagine having Tourette’s during a job interview. Probably the reason why Anita became a streamer in the first place. I can only imagine how hard it is to get a job with it.

    roxyroxyMånad sedan
    • she already talk bout that stuff, i can't remember well but one of it also her tic is harmful back then and it could possibly doing wrong things to other people, she really have hard times when she still young

      Dan NooDan Noo29 dagar sedan
  • its funny because its true

    Lapine DZLapine DZMånad sedan
  • Well.. She's not wrong...

    Pandanai AnoirPandanai AnoirMånad sedan
  • "Why are you booing me, I'm right"

    Antonio RodríguezAntonio RodríguezMånad sedan
  • She is 100% right.. No man with a healthy social and sex life is watching twitch for hours and giving women money

    Michael AngstMichael AngstMånad sedan
  • The tic speaks the truth

    New EndoriaNew EndoriaMånad sedan
  • The face when she says "you're a cuck" Just murders me

    Commissar PurityCommissar PurityMånad sedan
  • It's not that she doesn't hold back it's that she can't hold back literally

    The Irish SaintThe Irish SaintMånad sedan
    • she can but they just come in waves that you sometimes can't duck under! that and holding them in feels mad itchy and uncomfortable :-)

      croookedcroooked29 dagar sedan
  • Alex Caruso liked that

    TomMRFTomMRFMånad sedan
  • the 🌬💧bubble sounds funny

    Sammy JakobSammy JakobMånad sedan
  • what 😂

    Sammy JakobSammy JakobMånad sedan
  • *Her Tourette’s prevents her from censoring the truth*

    Yubi K.Yubi K.Månad sedan
  • well she isnt lying

    javerious24javerious24Månad sedan
  • I don't understand what happen can someone explain?

    H20 DeliriousH20 DeliriousMånad sedan
    • She has tourettes

      JingleBerryBushJingleBerryBush29 dagar sedan
  • I just love how her tics became twitch specific

    DominikHatHungerDominikHatHungerMånad sedan
  • Bless the algorithm

    DangerousCookieMonsterManDangerousCookieMonsterManMånad sedan
  • She should run for pres, wont be able to hide the bs

    TwinklesparksTwinklesparksMånad sedan
  • so we not gonna talk about the dud on the rights BIG ASS BALD sPOT? 0:16

    VaxusVaxusMånad sedan
  • Those 2 guys make me feel really good about my appearance lmao.

    NoahNoahMånad sedan
    • @João Faillace ジャンク I don't need to, but they're so ugly they make my 6.5/10 ass look like a 10/10

      NoahNoah27 dagar sedan
    • if you need to compare yourself to others to feel good about yourself i feel sorry for you lmao

      João Faillace ジャンクJoão Faillace ジャンク27 dagar sedan
  • This channel is great, keep up the clips lol this shit is always hilarious

    PandaPandaMånad sedan
    • thanks bro

      Twitch LyfeTwitch LyfeMånad sedan
  • I mean...she ain't wrong though

    Bob is back, now with more saltwaterBob is back, now with more saltwaterMånad sedan
  • Holy shit said it better then I've ever heard

    Story & SpiceStory & SpiceMånad sedan
  • I mean she not wrong

    PhrögPhrögMånad sedan
  • Such a cute girl. Her boyfriend is lucky guy.

    Collateral DamageCollateral DamageMånad sedan
  • This channel keeps getting recommended to me, might as well subscribe, good content

    panda 1904panda 1904Månad sedan