A BED Setup!? Asmongold Roasts His Viewers PC SETUPS | Episode 3

24 okt 2020
441 061 visningar

SETUP REVIEWS ARE BACK! Asmongold reviews and rates all of his viewers battlestations to find the true ultimate neckbeard, even featuring the appearance of an xQc fan. Episode #3.
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  • The more this man picks out real world items. The more I think about streaming cuz I'm this dumb

    Alex DeiningerAlex Deininger34 minuter sedan
  • People, check out his eyebrows they move antiparallel to his mouth, i couldnt move my eyes from them dawg

    Norman AzimyNorman Azimy12 timmar sedan
  • Pink is a good color

    Logan LockeLogan Locke20 timmar sedan
  • i mean having more hair then asmon has on his head isn't hard

    Anthony BortolazzoAnthony BortolazzoDag sedan
  • 17:18 maybe he actually does have a thing called "girlfriend" instead, ever heard of that?

    caloyuncaloyunDag sedan
  • Just randomly came across your channel and this video got me laughing my ass off lol

  • Asmon is mocking teh guy with teh 2012 monitor from BEN Q.. i have a monitor from 2005 . Samsung Syncmaster ..runs flawless still. should i beat it with a hammer in center because its a little old? i thinks notz !!

    7thSmurf7thSmurfDag sedan
  • It has to be messy with a hint of poverty to get to asmondgolds liking

    Comrade ChubsComrade ChubsDag sedan
  • 5:45 LMFAO

    EpicEpic2 dagar sedan
  • 11:13 If that setup is from a 40 year old then his life is dead and I would want the police to live nearby.

    Inachu IkimashoInachu Ikimasho2 dagar sedan
  • There nice and clean unlike his setup cans bags trash used condoms all over his desk 😂

    CloudyxThoughtsCloudyxThoughts2 dagar sedan
  • 16:56 what kind of usb distributor is that, under the right monitor? or what is that?

    Black DragonBlack Dragon2 dagar sedan
  • I've been using a folding table from walmart as a desk for years lol works just fine

    duckh0leduckh0le2 dagar sedan
  • You are lame....

    Shtiliqn VasilevShtiliqn Vasilev2 dagar sedan
  • Awesome. Some bald guy judging pc setups 🤔 these tube recommendations are wo stupid

    Fiilis1Fiilis13 dagar sedan
  • love it when a rat rates people setup but we all know hes setup is terrible

    CerberusCerberus3 dagar sedan
    • Snowflakes malding

      lerina siscalerina sisca3 dagar sedan
  • It’s pink/purple bcz it’s epic 😂

    Krogtharr ShadowmoonKrogtharr Shadowmoon4 dagar sedan
  • The naked mole rat asmon had me dying

    Narf 2Narf 24 dagar sedan
  • Undead is the only kind of warrior for the Horde, it doesnt matter what they can do or not do in raids its about looking Bad ass

    EndtimescomingEndtimescoming4 dagar sedan
  • There's no way people actually live like this

    Peter HoogeveenPeter Hoogeveen6 dagar sedan
  • Shouldn’t knock the widescreen curves. Love mine. Been playing mmos for ever.

    Raven Odin AlbrechtRaven Odin Albrecht6 dagar sedan
  • 6.00ish killed me when he said I'm on 2 monitors and I'm winning.. Then chat proceed to spam 3 😂😂

    TheLegendofZorGTheLegendofZorG6 dagar sedan
  • Apparently Asmon don't know shit about monitors

    Flyger HFlyger H7 dagar sedan
  • Should have streamer duels tournament. Fuck would get mad views

    big bobby dbig bobby d7 dagar sedan
  • Nefetuj

    Petr SalfickýPetr Salfický7 dagar sedan
  • Where do you sing up/join these? I got a sick setup?

    Nick HundleyNick Hundley8 dagar sedan
  • Was he playing Skyrim? I can hear the music from it.

    Idol FoxIdol Fox10 dagar sedan
  • Whats the PC case at 0:55??

    KyokaXSuigetsuKyokaXSuigetsu10 dagar sedan
  • Damm i really enjoy these videos! :D

    Dark MidoDark Mido10 dagar sedan

    MikiPaiMikiPai11 dagar sedan
  • Naked Mole Rat hahaha

    Lumen PsychoLumen Psycho11 dagar sedan
  • More minecraft dude, seeing you play it for the first time ...it took us all back to when we first played minecraft. You've already learned alot of the basics, second round you will do even better.

    Dale AndersonDale Anderson11 dagar sedan
  • I have a brand new keyboard n I choose to use my 2005 old black dell keyboard

    BlackoutBlackout11 dagar sedan
  • He bought that expensive ass curved monitor he can't afford to put anything else on his desk lmao😂😂😂😂

    BlackoutBlackout11 dagar sedan
  • “You want to talk this shit”

    C1C111 dagar sedan
  • Non leather chairs absorb sweat and it will smell like ass in your room 24/7

    LucaLuca11 dagar sedan
  • Asmondgold is my favorite nerd. EVER. He's like a badass skid type nerd. It's really interesting. When I'm having a shit time and I havn't slept for 2 days because of depression, Asmongold seems real. When I'm hammered and I lost everything gambling, Asmondgold seems cool. He just does his own thing, and that's pretty dope. Even if he's a melvin.

    Dylan BDylan B12 dagar sedan
  • They say consoles are bad. If thumbnail proves pc gamers can be raggly too

    Vince TravisVince Travis12 dagar sedan
  • One mouse is an mmo mouse and the other is normal for fps games I do the same thing

    Chike ChovisChike Chovis12 dagar sedan
  • i completely broke down when he said, "his desk is literally an ironing board" xD

    fds fdsfds fds12 dagar sedan
    • Same bro same lmfao

      Boost AddictedBoost Addicted19 timmar sedan
  • Pink is for gays

    Nicky MNRNicky MNR13 dagar sedan
  • I feel like you're doing tarot style readings with people's set ups 🤣

    KahzriaKahzria13 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe I missed this.. Yo Asmongold, let me know where I can submit my setup so the next time you do one of these types of videos I can get your honest thoughts.. epic series...

    Welch FamilyWelch Family13 dagar sedan
    • Same here

  • Racing chairs really are better than office chairs...

    Stimulation Simulated GBStimulation Simulated GB13 dagar sedan
  • Bro youre using a felt chair. Most gamers would make that stink.

    R RR R13 dagar sedan
  • leave the first guy alone... he is ironing out his problems

    Mat ColemanMat Coleman14 dagar sedan
  • 10:05 well fuck i cant enjoy hateing asmongold anymore. This is so sad i wish he just skiped 😢 Now i only hate CHAT

    moe animelmoe animel14 dagar sedan
  • 13:00 polska gora

    Hochmoorek YTHochmoorek YT15 dagar sedan
  • 😂bei 1:20 die rocket bean einfach 😂😂

    blecher lukasblecher lukas15 dagar sedan
  • Asmon uses a glass desk. That tells you everything you need to know

    ManMan15 dagar sedan
  • Asmongold likes “clean”, wow

    Teh Modest MouseTeh Modest Mouse15 dagar sedan
  • 3 monitors? Is he counting the tower?

    Teh Modest MouseTeh Modest Mouse15 dagar sedan
  • How did that razor mouse last him 3 days lmao ive had that same mouse for like a year and a half

    RedRed15 dagar sedan
  • Wow honestly I thought you were pretty cool but nigga people don’t got money like you so fuck you

    K1ng Ap3xK1ng Ap3x15 dagar sedan
  • I also have a bed setup :)

    GlitchieGlitchie15 dagar sedan
  • my desk be a card table, but I shall ascend soon

    Papa GothPapa Goth16 dagar sedan
  • eyebrows you need to rest. am tired looking at you

    Just BreatheJust Breathe16 dagar sedan
  • did anyone notice the skyrim music ????

    Logan PalumboLogan Palumbo16 dagar sedan
  • I am fascinated by how well you speak with your eyebrows.

    Cire SniknamCire Sniknam17 dagar sedan
  • His eyebrown movement dont in sync with rest of face and his words

    OilyOliverOilyOliver18 dagar sedan

    Taxue no WozTaxue no Woz18 dagar sedan
  • My setup is not that great, so don't worry! Then I LOL'd at 4:47!

    Ralph JamesRalph James18 dagar sedan
  • Look at his eyebrows... Is this shit head on drugs? Send the police to this cognitive suppressed guy.

    corcor18 dagar sedan
  • Asmon you are so fucking ugly...

    corcor18 dagar sedan
  • *Lysol is a disinfectant, not air freshener. *Jesus does not live in windows. *They make things called blackout window coverings. *Pink is apparently the new black.

    Vancien GamingVancien Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • I put a sweater over the back of my leather desk chair!!!!!!

    Eli PercivalEli Percival18 dagar sedan
  • "don't you guys have phones?" I've heard this one before..

    Erik JacobErik Jacob18 dagar sedan
  • "ither your entire room looks like piece of shit or it doesnt" checks my desk with 30 plates and 100+ cans all over the floor Yep its all good here

    EL. PepoEL. Pepo19 dagar sedan
  • Oh god. It cracks me up at 4:40. He just tees off. “Naked mole rat”

    Azza StirlingAzza Stirling19 dagar sedan
  • The artist had a racing chair cause she's trying to draw fast, geeze Asmon, get with the times!

    MarcosMarcos19 dagar sedan
  • necro gammer isnt a true gammer he is a diabetic

    Big HonchoBig Honcho19 dagar sedan
  • “That’s worse than mine! ... Never mind that’s not worse than mine.” 😂

    MarjoleinMarjolein20 dagar sedan
  • Where does asmongold stream I wanna watch his stream lol

    I Smoke DailyI Smoke Daily20 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot everytime he raises his eyebrows.. you won't last 5min.

    DzstraDzstra20 dagar sedan
    • Just got out of the hospital from alcohol poisoning.

      PoPaDoseYoPoPaDoseYo19 dagar sedan
  • ironing board desk was me a year ago...

    Durk DeeDurk Dee20 dagar sedan
  • All these viewers he roasting are the real ones who we should be donating too. like as a gamer I’d want them to enjoy playing as much as I do.

    Murad MammadovMurad Mammadov20 dagar sedan
  • This dude has more hair on his back then i've probably have on my head.

    Daniel CaprioliDaniel Caprioli21 dag sedan
  • You only need one monitor.

    Jimmy StenglJimmy Stengl21 dag sedan
  • "This dude has more hair on his back than I probably have in my head"

    Javier CardosoJavier Cardoso21 dag sedan
    • That doesn't say much tho

      TymenTymen13 dagar sedan
  • you look like you smell like cheeseburgers

    superjakerzzsuperjakerzz21 dag sedan
  • He's roasting other people's setups all while he sits and lives in a total filthy, garbage filled cesspool. He's rich but just can't find the time to clean his room. I can't take him seriously after seeing the video of his room. He's roasting a guy for having some scuffs on his chair. Laughed so hard. At least he makes me laugh.

    TravisTravis21 dag sedan
  • Now i know the reason why most players i meet online just suck. They can barely do 1 thing right, so how are they supposed to multitask between 2 things.

    c bc b21 dag sedan
  • did no one else notice what the artist had drawn

    feministpicnicfallsapart afterno1makesanysandwitchsfeministpicnicfallsapart afterno1makesanysandwitchs21 dag sedan
  • @2:16 is using an ironing board for a desk.

    bkbstonebkbstone21 dag sedan
  • Is this guy stupid , the intro says the guy has three monitors ... am I missing something . What a moron

    kixx arskixx ars21 dag sedan
  • When and where can i send picture of my pc setup ?

    MrMaxhthcMrMaxhthc22 dagar sedan
  • 2:40 rename it "Asmongold tells your fortune through your setup"

    I'm Null And VoidI'm Null And Void22 dagar sedan
  • These people put me to shame

    M1CHAEL [*-*]M1CHAEL [*-*]22 dagar sedan
  • Not only do leather chairs make you sweat, but they absorb your sweat. Which makes them smell asmonsweaty.

    malachai snowmalachai snow22 dagar sedan
    • Wtf you guys doin that makes you sweat while you’re just sitting there gaming (even if you’re sitting for 8+h)?! Roflmao. May be time see a doc cause something isn’t right there 🤣😂🤣

      Cat KatatonikCat Katatonik21 dag sedan
  • My setup consists of a lanovo yoga windows 10 laptop a weird ass mouse and a 2tb hard drive plugged in i mean it gets the job done soo ya

    mr. frogomr. frogo22 dagar sedan
  • Dude he actually looks better bald imo

    AntemasqAntemasq23 dagar sedan
  • Hahahah after the legs comment the oblivion combat music starts

    whiff Spigginswhiff Spiggins23 dagar sedan
  • Some people spend 5k+ on a setup just to be hardstuck gold

    4dri14dri123 dagar sedan
  • pink is awesome!

    2meisme22meisme223 dagar sedan
  • Dude is 30+ living in Mommy’s attic. I’ve seen bugman cave you live in dude. Some of these neck-beard dens are comparable

    Cloe JarozenskiCloe Jarozenski23 dagar sedan
    • You spelled chloe wrong bro

      lindahllindahl23 dagar sedan
  • Soo you trying to say that weebs needs to have a little shame? What about a guy whos streaming with hole on his shorts?

    The LomoThe Lomo23 dagar sedan
  • "She's got plants in there, so those plants can turn into pencils and she can draw with them" Yup, that's how it works guys!

    DarnellDarnell24 dagar sedan
  • would be funny asf to get a reaction to my set up. this is good

    Ko_okamiKo_okami24 dagar sedan