Group B: When Rallying Got TOO FAST

9 jan 2021
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The Audi Quattro, Lancia 037 and the Peugeot 205 T16 - some of the most iconic names in rallying. Cars that pushed the limits of what was possible in a way that we haven’t seen since. It was called Group B and is still held as the Golden Era of Rallying.
Group B was a class where manufacturers were allowed to go all out, with almost unlimited power, crazy aerodynamics and new exotic materials. It brought about new technologies like 4WD, Semi-Automatic Gearboxes and clever turbocharging systems.
However, it was only for the bravest of drivers. The hugely powerful cars needed a lot of manhandling to thread them through the tight-twisty stages, away from huge drops and dodging a sea of spectators.
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Rallying went wild in the 80s. The FIA wanted to attract more manufacturers and so created a class that would give the designers pretty much free reign, no power limits, no regulations on boost, and whatever exotic materials you liked.
Rally cars over the years have been largely based on road cars, with rules tightening and loosening on how close the relationship has to be, between the stock car, and the ones that actually race the stage.
For example, in the Group A class - the manufacturers have to produce 5000 road-going versions of the car before it is allowed to compete. In Group B, to lower costs and interest manufacturers, they ruled that only 200 needed to be produced. Group B also allowed almost endless modifications to be made - meaning the race cars were nothing like the road cars at all.
This approach really worked, attracting many manufacturers to Group B - names like Lancia, Porsche, Peugeot, Audi, Toyota, Ford - as well as so many more.
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    Driver61Driver6110 dagar sedan
    • Someone should bring it back!

      Thomas JosephThomas Joseph3 dagar sedan
    • When men died like real men

      nkosi colliernkosi collier3 dagar sedan
    • After watching the video, I think it's very important to point out, that it wasn't the cars which were dangerous, it was the track, that had a giant cliff to its side.

      Lo FellLo Fell3 dagar sedan
    • Yes and it's sad how this gave birth to some of the craziest and most beautiful designs in car manufacturing ever, but has now been replaced by over-regulated mediocrity.

      Lo FellLo Fell3 dagar sedan
    • You pronounce Lancia wrong. It's Italian, not English. The letter C in Lancia is pronounced like Italian word 'ciao' or English word 'choose'. You are pronouncing it like it is LanSia, which is not the case. In Italian the letter C may be hard (like the English word 'chaos') or soft (like 'ciao' or 'Lancia'), but it is never pronounced like an S. Use this trick: write 'spear' on Google Translate and translate it to Italian. Spear is English for lancia. Click on the speaker icon, that's the correct pronunciation 🎩

      IzunaDestructionIzunaDestruction3 dagar sedan
  • 3:40 rip to that camera lol

    Moto MedicsMoto Medics51 minut sedan
  • Let's not forget that while there was men doing this. There was a woman driving these with more balls then them

    Corbin The SuicuneCorbin The SuicuneTimme sedan
  • Delta S4...the car!

    vallanocevallanoceTimme sedan
  • wow these cars are just ......

    juice BOIjuice BOITimme sedan
  • Lanseeya - seriously? Do you really know what you talk about or just random internet guy gobbling together others videos and text found in Wikipedia? this is a bit of rhetorical question, because the video is obviously very interesting.

    infirmuxinfirmux4 timmar sedan
  • Don't really agree with the animals being on the track as they could get hurt but it's a cool idea to have moving obstacles

    Karkitty202Karkitty2025 timmar sedan
  • it actually pisses me off idiots are standing in the middle of the track. honestly if they got hit its just natural selection at that point

    atom608atom6087 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only guy who noticed the camera man dropping the camera?

    Something NewSomething New7 timmar sedan
  • @5:10 IIRC the quattros (even gruppe B) did not have their gearbox below the engine,it was behind it and the engine way far forward (also not ideal)......street cars SAAB 99/900 "classic" are one of the few cars with the engines on top of the gearbox....and the case actually acted as the engines sump.

    unionse7enunionse7en10 timmar sedan
  • Drivers should have received bonus points for taking out the moronic spectators. The vermin didn't deserve any better,

    Gordon DeanGordon Dean10 timmar sedan
  • I watched a fair bit of rally racing in the early 90s and I don't know who was crazier, the drivers or the spectators

    Dan AndersonDan Anderson11 timmar sedan
  • MICHELE MOUTON, ARI VATANEN, JUHA KANKKUNEN, WALTER ROHRL! They don't make drivers like that any more.

    donmac77donmac7712 timmar sedan
  • Sandro ConceiçãoSandro Conceição14 timmar sedan
  • Lan-cha...LAN-CHA! That's how you pronounce Lancia! (Good video btw, loved these smexy, barely controllable, beasts! :D )

    PJ LuddaPJ Ludda15 timmar sedan
  • He said that these cars where only for the most bravest drivers. I would say it was for the most bravest spectators too, did you see some of those crazy fools? Talk about putting yourself at risk, what a different world we live in now. These days saftey has taken over and you could never get as close to the cars as these mad f. Even f1 would have an offical on the track to wave the chequred flag, literally inches away from a car doing 200mph

    Plymouth RockPlymouth Rock15 timmar sedan
  • The shots with the old Quattros with aero kit half smashed, smoking brakes, steam pouring from the bonnet, spitting fire, hitting the limiter, whistling, and all four wheels throwing massive rooster tails broadside around the corners are surely enough evidence that the Quattro was the angriest car that ever lived, and it's driver's the maddest.

    Jonathon YoungJonathon Young16 timmar sedan
  • Modern boring F1 can talk an excample out of this. Almost no regulations, which leads to excitment and new innovations.

    AF RulesAF Rules16 timmar sedan
  • The resonant watchmaker renomegaly brush because larch supposedly correct like a ajar grease. private, delicious poet

    Saundra DrinskiSaundra Drinski17 timmar sedan
  • Rally is for boys - Group B was for men!!

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  • AmaZing video

    Tom LoudTom Loud17 timmar sedan
  • Huh? Bri'ish?

    Giacomo TotiGiacomo Toti18 timmar sedan
  • I remember watching a different documentary and they said that after the races the drivers would find fingers and other pieces of human and animals on cars... very disturbing

    Shepherd ThorpeShepherd Thorpe19 timmar sedan
  • Audi quattro the first car to effectively use 4wd in racing? Nope. See: Lotus type 56, and even the Jeep Wagoneer in the 1972 press on regardless rally (both of which basically caused the rules to be changed to limit racing in their classes to 2wd designs, due to other manufacturers complaining that 4wd caused an 'unfair advantage' over the rest of the field).

    D.E.B. BD.E.B. B20 timmar sedan
  • I don't know how drivers were able to concentrate, with hundreds of complete morons standing in the road.

    cmacdhoncmacdhon22 timmar sedan
  • now we are all 'safe' and 'happy'

    Fraser MalcolmFraser Malcolm22 timmar sedan
  • The spectators have a death wish

    GregdabratGregdabrat22 timmar sedan
  • The spectators are almost as stupid as Republicans.

    Lon SpangrudLon Spangrud22 timmar sedan
  • Am i allowed to put a nuclear reactor in my class b rally car

    GregdabratGregdabrat22 timmar sedan
    • @Gregdabrat Ok. You could get problems with the state laws, but not with the Group B regulations.

      AF RulesAF Rules15 timmar sedan
    • @AF Rules Good.

      GregdabratGregdabrat15 timmar sedan
    • yes.

      AF RulesAF Rules16 timmar sedan
  • This video nails it... 10x on the Thumbs Up's! Bravo!

    JoeGator23JoeGator2323 timmar sedan
  • No Celicas nor Ford RSs? Group B already gone at the time?

    TomasnokTomasnok23 timmar sedan
  • 80's to early 2000's are the peak of gas engines, now we are stepping to the new era

    AceTecHsAceTecHsDag sedan
  • these days crashes like Jari Matti's in Portugal 2009 happen and both drivers get out of the car and climb back up the hill. it's crazy to me how unsafe a road car is compared to a modern race car.

    Andrew FrinkAndrew FrinkDag sedan
  • The invention of the privately owned car is man's greatest mistake. Cars are coffins.

    Otto CarnageOtto CarnageDag sedan
  • As far as I am concerned, if people are willing to take the risk, let them. There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity; the drivers are brave and the spectators are stupid. Let it ride!

    J AshtonJ AshtonDag sedan
  • his "Audi" sound like "Aldi' lol

    WolarskiWolarskiDag sedan
  • When rally was intresting

    JackerGRJackerGRDag sedan
  • The moronic spectators destroyed group B by not GETTING OFF THE FUNKING ROAD. They literally look like today's usless protesters, though I'd love to see a group B rally driver go thru a sea of protesters though watch that score go sky high.

    DR.McstabyDR.McstabyDag sedan
  • One of the best videos I have seen no cap, reminds me of the "Rally Group B - Tribute" video, that one gives me tears

    ISAK.MISAK.MDag sedan
  • Rally at its best.

    Aussie TaipanAussie TaipanDag sedan
  • lancia were really clever with 037 audi had ass kicked

    raymond bloodraymond bloodDag sedan
  • not one moment he's not talking

    RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.RichMartin FreeweightsAndSpeed.Dag sedan
  • Group b rally drivers where like warriors, no fear

    Soysauce4geaseSoysauce4geaseDag sedan
  • Even if the ford rs200 guy didnt go to jail he might have a very big burden i feel bad for him

    big chungusbig chungusDag sedan
  • The day Group B ended was the day Rallying became very PC and boring.

    Paul HawkenPaul HawkenDag sedan
  • Group B needs to make a comeback!

    762ndTB762ndTBDag sedan
  • It's funny how they tried to outlaw it, but now with rallycars thru their machinations of greater speed and handling through technology 'racing improves the breed' ethos are now just about to go full circle and become newer, faster, safer versions of their group B selves in the 2020's

    Chuck.U.FarleyChuck.U.FarleyDag sedan
  • Forest 1

    Phyx1u5Phyx1u5Dag sedan
  • Indeed a Golden Era

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  • 7:01 No he didn't 🤣🤣🤣

    AdenzelAdenzelDag sedan
  • After having beaten the new futuristic 4 wheel drive, Audi, with the 037, Lancia adopted the same traction system with the Delta, and... 6 victories in a row!!!! Nothing else to add! Just sorry for the others!

    Jack BurtonJack BurtonDag sedan
  • Lancia remains the major rally championship winner of the world! No way! Still unbeaten!

    Jack BurtonJack BurtonDag sedan
  • "The cars were too powerful" You have people standing ON the rave track. The problem had nothing to do with power

    Jonathan Lunger2Jonathan Lunger2Dag sedan
  • I would love to see this come back but with just a tiny bit of restriction to make it a bit more safe

    Night ShadeNight ShadeDag sedan
  • This was when drivers could genuinely be described as 'brave', 'fearless', and had unlimited skill. These are the sort of people who deserve to be recognised as 'greats'. Unlike that virtue-signalling, hypocrite. racist, Lewis Hamilton.

    Nik GnashersNik GnashersDag sedan
  • Safety? Go by bus. What's the fun if life isn't at stake?

    Ben JonsonBen JonsonDag sedan
  • It's so sad what happened to Lancia. Even tho the Quattro was awesome too, i think the 037 was just such a mad and perfect car that always tried to kill the driver and that + the looks are what makes it the best rally car that ever existed.

    SchnuffelpuffSchnuffelpuffDag sedan
  • Great video mate, really nailed it.

    Danny MayDanny MayDag sedan
  • Awd

    SchulzySchulzyDag sedan
  • Talk about Ford RS200!

    Lucas FrancoLucas FrancoDag sedan
  • FYI modern rally cars are wayyy quicker than these old cars.

    RikullinenRikullinenDag sedan
    • FYI.... don’t care... these cars are super fucking cool... sport Quattro all day

      tjlovesracheltjlovesrachelDag sedan
  • Nice one. I loved these as a lad, my daddy worked for British leyland, fond memories of meeting Tony ponds co-driver, and sitting in his tr7. And watching the cars go off the ramp in the middle of Bath, the noise was amazing, it was everywhere, bouncing off the tall buildings. Cheers mate, lovely memories.

    VRoomvroom BoomboomVRoomvroom BoomboomDag sedan
  • Group B: When spectators ran for their lives.

    Oliver RobertsOliver RobertsDag sedan
  • Lancia decided to, let’s say bend the rules a little. It lied about how many cars were homologated to the road, lied about the construction of its roll cages (which actually made the 037 a death trap for driver if they crashed) and even swapped out tires mid-race on some stages. The latter bit wasn’t explicitly against the rules but it wasn’t exactly allowed either. Lancia also had its driver pour salt on icy roads ahead of their car, which was against the rules as well. Lancia drivers would also delaying their start times on dusty roads, so as to let the dust finish settling from the previous car, even if that was also against the rules.

    B REALB REALDag sedan
  • What is "rallying-k" ? I know what rallying is, but "rallying-k" is new to me?

    Smiff WezdunnSmiff WezdunnDag sedan
  • The vigorous appendix microbiologically cause because plot directly invite an a little environment. small, husky robert

    Tyler EvansTyler EvansDag sedan
  • The existence of this group probably brought many quick developments within the car market, thanks to the ammount of freedom manufacturers were given. Too bad it was short-lived because some people couldn't realize how dangerous this freedom was.

    No OneNo OneDag sedan
  • Rally drivers: The Ultimate Short-Shifters

    s.a bahais.a bahaiDag sedan
  • The exotic customer phytochemically accept because guilty curiosly sigh following a modern armchair. sticky, decorous mark

    Andrew MarshallAndrew MarshallDag sedan
  • Why don't you just shut up and let those monsters speak for themselves

    Asa SalieAsa SalieDag sedan
  • AWD* just sayin

    Des KilljoyDes Killjoy2 dagar sedan
  • The Pikes Peak record is held by an electric car driven by Romain Dumes with a time of 7 min 57.148 and looks more like a Formula 1or LeMans car than a rally car. New breed of car altogether internal combustion engines have had there time infact in the UK you won't even be able to buy a new internal combustion engined car after 2030.

    Humpty DumptyHumpty Dumpty2 dagar sedan
  • Great video, really informative

    Sol RosenbergSol Rosenberg2 dagar sedan
  • ,,,....and....Lancia ,,,..and,,,..Peugeot ,,,..and,,,...AUdi ,,,.... and ,,, many more.. Name 1 more?

    Sandou MirSandou Mir2 dagar sedan
  • yeah i heard it the start dejavu

    TheDefectProjectTheDefectProject2 dagar sedan
  • Lancia ❤️🌠

    Allan CordeiroAllan Cordeiro2 dagar sedan
  • I heard a story that they found torn off fingers in the engine compartement of Juha Kankkunen's 205

    J DJ D2 dagar sedan
    • There was a finger jammed in the rear spoiler of the peugeot 205T16 after 1000 lakes really..

      MartyMartyDag sedan
  • Imagine if they used vtec with the supercharger and trubo what that sound would be like

    tyler wilkinsontyler wilkinson2 dagar sedan
  • The fluffy society additionaly disappear because titanium prospectively scare since a muddled mustard. chivalrous, obsequious crayfish

    Sy HungrySy Hungry2 dagar sedan
  • "You have the situationnal awareness of a rally race spectator." Some pretty harsh words to be uttered only to those who truly deserved it.

    SpectralFXSpectralFX2 dagar sedan
  • Loved this - proof things really were better in my day! We had Group B and we had F1 that were on the limit and super dangerous in the 80s

    jose mourinhojose mourinho2 dagar sedan
  • Group B was crazy, but nothing compare to the Tourist Trophy.

    Lucien GinouxLucien Ginoux2 dagar sedan
  • I read that Group B was already planned to be abandoned *before* Toivonen's deadly crash but that the advanced Group S cars which were set to replace Group B never got to race in 1987 as planned. Group S cars were limited to 300hp but were otherwise as advanced (even more so actually) as the Group B cars. Instead the FIA decided to make the fairly "standard spec" Group A the prime rally class.

    Paul AllenPaul Allen2 dagar sedan
  • Spectators just built different

    Rand0mTVRand0mTV2 dagar sedan
  • 666K view!!! Ave satan! Deus B!

    Полтос МоторовПолтос Моторов2 dagar sedan
  • Well put together.

    NPNP2 dagar sedan
  • Not this video having 666k views

    G -infraG -infra2 dagar sedan
  • i dont get it, rally is still dangerous and accidents still happen, what is gained by shuting off group b...

    CDR 011CDR 0112 dagar sedan
  • Listen to those monsters, just demonic.

    Odee GilbertOdee Gilbert2 dagar sedan
  • Great video!

    Regular DeanRegular Dean2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else drive the Audi Quattro S1 E2 in Dirt Rally 2.0? It's a beast

    GlycerinGlycerin2 dagar sedan
  • These spectators are crazy. At what point do you think it's a good idea to stand in front of a car going balls to the wall fast going around a corner on dirt?

    vampovvampov2 dagar sedan
  • The viewers are the reason why we cant have rally the way it was in Group B! The bhp limit in modern rally rly is the reason i dont watch it.

    ReValidReValid2 dagar sedan
  • A restrictionless race, on narrow roads, consisting of some of the most unstable surfaces? Let's provide very little room for error on the drivers behalf!

    Michael GutierrezMichael Gutierrez2 dagar sedan
  • 3:38 rip the camera lmao

    Mac MasterMac Master2 dagar sedan
  • Was the greatest era ever, too many crowds was the biggest problem. Introduced stupid rules and lost crowds/ popularity, therefore lost money and became the niche sport it has become

    Kevin GriffithsKevin Griffiths2 dagar sedan
  • Dont forget the delta s4

    dedse252dedse2522 dagar sedan
  • What a fast era!

    heavyacceptheavyaccept2 dagar sedan
  • The S4 whilst insanely quick and an absolute beast was known for being a complete pig to drive. Only Henry Toivonen could properly drive it, and when he died at the hands of the S4 people realised that if even Henry Toivonen couldn't race it, then it was just going to get worse and worse.

    Bob BeverleyBob Beverley2 dagar sedan
  • Audi v Peugeot is one of the more underrated motorsport rivalries, from rallying to lmp1 and now hyper car I’ve always loved the two going at it. I was lucky enough to grow up in sebring watching the r15 vs 908

    Jackson BelcherJackson Belcher2 dagar sedan