CallMeCarson VODS: Minecraft SMP Live (Part Three)

11 mar 2019
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Part Three of SMP Live
CallMeCarson's SEworld Channel can be found here:
Along with his Twitch:
And his LIVE channel here:

  • In the thumbnail I see simp live-

    Arielle TindoganArielle TindoganDag sedan
  • Carson - Calmly farming Everyone else - "T e e t h h a i r"

    The Mighty ColonThe Mighty Colon7 dagar sedan
  • josh still not having the correct language setting and everyone thinking carson is building some elaborate trap yet he’s just building a farm are the funniest things

    waka wakawaka waka11 dagar sedan
  • What version of Minecraft is that Java right?

    Kaleb BeichnerKaleb Beichner12 dagar sedan
  • This is so much better than dream

    Butta DogButta Dog19 dagar sedan
  • “I’m gonna sneeze on you” That threat has not aged well

    Miller HitzkeMiller Hitzke21 dag sedan
  • Yo going_mlg_ftw was good until the end when he was bad

    Project:Z3R0Project:Z3R0Månad sedan
  • Can we get some pog chants for shooboks

    Project:Z3R0Project:Z3R0Månad sedan
  • 38:09

    Brad OwsleyyBrad OwsleyyMånad sedan
    • 3:35:05

      Brad OwsleyyBrad OwsleyyMånad sedan
    • 1:34:03

      Brad OwsleyyBrad OwsleyyMånad sedan
    • 1:16:37

      Brad OwsleyyBrad OwsleyyMånad sedan
  • 53:33

    MilltennMilltennMånad sedan
  • 0:30 aged well

    Ababab ZharenkoAbabab ZharenkoMånad sedan
    • What are you talking about

      Christian TrentChristian Trent5 dagar sedan
  • I literally fell asleep and woke up one hour into this. Edit: I checked my history; turns out I also watched 5 dream videos while I was asleep

    MochiMochiMånad sedan
  • This is great just for hearing but also even better seeing it

    Simi25 MuñozSimi25 MuñozMånad sedan
  • After carson killed travis he got the diamond pickaxe but not the diamond boots

    Its PolarIts PolarMånad sedan
  • Carson lost his diamond pickaxe and gold carrots to lag 😔

    Its PolarIts PolarMånad sedan
  • 2:00:34

    D ogD ogMånad sedan
  • 1:57:04

    D ogD ogMånad sedan
  • Me: reads title Me: Smp live Me: you can always put an “l” behind the S

    Steph_0707Steph_0707Månad sedan
  • I woke up with this playing right beside me

    Some_rando_in_your_closetSome_rando_in_your_closetMånad sedan
  • V .o

    Iced Up grandma 1Iced Up grandma 1Månad sedan
    • This is what I Tipped when I was sleeping

      Iced Up grandma 1Iced Up grandma 1Månad sedan
  • Y didn’t you go in the cave at the beginning you wuss

    Kimberly SpringerKimberly SpringerMånad sedan
  • I sleptbwith my phone one last night i whatched the whole video wow and my phone battery is 2% right now

    shibe drillshibe drillMånad sedan
  • I woke up to this halp

    Ilyse MooreIlyse MooreMånad sedan
  • obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama carson obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama obama *onth* obama

    Liam SaulLiam SaulMånad sedan
  • I had this on the whole time and didn’t realize it was playing

    zyihozyihoMånad sedan
  • I fell asleep and this is when I woke up to

    nick is here for gamingnick is here for gamingMånad sedan
    • Same bruh

      itsjustmeitsjustmeMånad sedan
  • 3:29: THAT STRETCH! I relate. After like 3+ hours of just straight gaming and you gotta do that "I forgot posture was a thing." And try and revive your cold, dead body.

    Lost SilverLost SilverMånad sedan
  • WvYh!g

    A Cat BoyA Cat Boy2 månader sedan
  • I fell asleep last night watching Minecraft stuff and wake up to this every time. Carson, stop hacking my SEworld algorithm.

    Neo BrownNeo Brown2 månader sedan
  • My lol bookmarks (my sense of humor is stupid): 1:57:09

    mypersonalhell :Omypersonalhell :O2 månader sedan
  • just started watching carson, decided to watch the SMPLIVE series, bad choice i cant tell the voices apart. except for traves, sweet baby voice :3

    MelonCholyMelonCholy2 månader sedan
    • Jumex traves? haha

      MelonCholyMelonCholy2 månader sedan
    • I Love femboys uwu

      JumexJumex2 månader sedan
  • SIMP live

    SquipRobloxSquipRoblox2 månader sedan
  • its actually simp live

    Fool Bait GamingFool Bait Gaming2 månader sedan
  • I love how I wake up to this

    Brusk Shark3839Brusk Shark38392 månader sedan
  • when does Carson talk?

    David BriceñoDavid Briceño2 månader sedan
  • 0:27 who's gonna tell him

    YøurLøcalBlurryfaceYøurLøcalBlurryface2 månader sedan
  • 2:25:25 "YES. AGRICULTURE. MMM."

    LARP DudeLARP Dude2 månader sedan
  • 0:29 that aged well

    quack sonquack son2 månader sedan
  • Hey

    Caleb MrozCaleb Mroz2 månader sedan
  • 0:29 george floyde be like

    Datboi 789Datboi 7892 månader sedan
  • 2:40:15 "I'm not naming my firstborn 'Chadwick'." :(

    fapnirfapnir2 månader sedan
  • I fell asleep, watching on my phone, and I wake up to this?!?!

    Juno CraderJuno Crader2 månader sedan
  • Guys what is the ip for smp live

    creepjaxcreepjax3 månader sedan
    • Jared Thompson that didn’t work, I think you did a typo

      creepjaxcreepjax2 månader sedan
    • This is a private server.

      Jared ThompsonJared Thompson2 månader sedan
  • I worked at Panera bread and let me tell you, they always try to take as much money as they can and sometimes they’ll make sure by slowly increasing the price for no reason.

    Jason N PanoraJason N Panora3 månader sedan
  • People with erectile dysfunction be like: 0:28

    stinksstinks3 månader sedan
  • 0:29 Carson predicted the assassination of George Floyd

    Baden ZerkkBaden Zerkk3 månader sedan
  • is nobody going to mention that donation at 3:34:00 ??? because what the actual fuck?

    SonnyBoyHereSonnyBoyHere3 månader sedan
  • It sounds like he is saying I can’t breathe like George floyd, @callmecarson use this in your comments vid lolololol loli😉

    Lorenzo GrottiLorenzo Grotti3 månader sedan
  • Subscribe to pewdiepie

    Allyvea DavisAllyvea Davis3 månader sedan
  • 2:09:15

    thejekky_brthejekky_br3 månader sedan
  • You ever just come back to when times were okay?

    MunkiMunki3 månader sedan
  • I just spent all fucking night watching Carson vids.. Y do I hate myself so

    Christopher TerzakosChristopher Terzakos3 månader sedan

    Aaron DaviesAaron Davies3 månader sedan
  • 2:28:41

    Jamie McCallumJamie McCallum3 månader sedan
  • I woke up to this playin amd got major nostalgia and sadness

    AnfristaAnfrista3 månader sedan
  • I fell asleep on a random video and woke up halfway through this

    Andrew NoyesAndrew Noyes3 månader sedan
  • im so sad right now im watching this in the time of corona so all conventions are pretty much cancelled

    Grey MartinGrey Martin3 månader sedan
  • Minecraft simp life

    ElectrodusElectrodus3 månader sedan
  • bruh i’m watching this a year later and is the boomer joke really a year old already ??

    Ben ZiebarthBen Ziebarth3 månader sedan
    • aging just Ike they are

      rosieanoxrosieanox3 månader sedan
  • Fool's. I was like 7,000. No one asked. I'm aware.

    dieforgomingdieforgoming4 månader sedan
  • 15:41 who said “it’s from st. louis”?

    avery birkneravery birkner4 månader sedan
  • Sneeg gives dad vibes

    IzzyIzzy4 månader sedan
  • honestly I like Panera Bread, tho it is expensive so I hardly get it

    RojaKishibeRojaKishibe4 månader sedan
  • button clicking vod feat. Callmecarson

    dandfarddandfard4 månader sedan
  • the first days of smplive were much simpler

    / dedpxlz // dedpxlz /4 månader sedan
  • 1:30:34

    Official ObamaOfficial Obama4 månader sedan
  • 2:07:43 y*7/2 and (y*7)/2 is the same thing

    Bob JenkinsBob Jenkins4 månader sedan
  • Ok 1 hour in vid : mad / ok 2 hour in : madder / ok 3 hours in : I am bout to brake my screen / broke my screen

    Misty WinklerMisty Winkler4 månader sedan
  • Hey do you guys know when Carson is streaming

    Wen GuinWen Guin4 månader sedan
  • Binging this series is so painful

    JamesPlays GamesJamesPlays Games4 månader sedan
    • They continue to descend further into insanity

      Peyton WPeyton W4 månader sedan
  • How is it that when I sleep while watching SEworld, it's always Carson's VODS that I wake up to.

    EthanEthan4 månader sedan
  • Generic comment 101

    Just some guy With a gunJust some guy With a gun4 månader sedan
  • “I can’t get hankvenom on the server.” bruh

  • The server isn't lagging, You're lagging.

    Fozzys RevengeFozzys Revenge4 månader sedan
  • how fucking long would all these vods be mashed up

    SalSal4 månader sedan
  • 0:28 that didn't age well...

    Diego ReyesDiego Reyes4 månader sedan
  • 1:57:06 my favorite part

    Itz SpykeItz Spyke5 månader sedan
  • When am I invited

    The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube Channel5 månader sedan
    • @CCM Macaroon CCM MACAROON????

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelMånad sedan
    • MR OBAMA????

      CCM MacaroonCCM MacaroonMånad sedan
    • @Sean Tansey yes

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube Channel4 månader sedan
    • Hi Obama big fan

      Sean TanseySean Tansey4 månader sedan
  • When’s Carson streaming?

    ・ Riley_MT ・・ Riley_MT ・5 månader sedan
  • You can see how fed up and tired of everything Carson is by the end of it.

    Jayden WintersJayden Winters5 månader sedan
  • 7:10

    LeehamLeeham5 månader sedan
  • those were the days

    TruckerTrucker5 månader sedan
  • 0:26 ummm Carson

    zach cockzach cock5 månader sedan
  • Timestamp: 41:45

    JuliannaJulianna5 månader sedan
    • 2:47:17

      JuliannaJulianna5 månader sedan
  • I spend this whole time thinking sneeg was ted until he literally mentioned who he was

    OtterB0TOtterB0T5 månader sedan
  • Does SMP stand for simp?

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson5 månader sedan
    • It stands for survival mutli player if you actually didn't know

      microwavescousin 113microwavescousin 1135 månader sedan

    Weaboo NationWeaboo Nation5 månader sedan
  • dude sometimes i’ll be watching carson’s old stuff and hear him say something and it’s like o h that’s where i got that from,, my signature phrase is not mine,,,,,, understandable

    Quail TrailQuail Trail5 månader sedan
  • Carson is such a tryhard at Minecraft

    Big BrainBig Brain5 månader sedan
  • 0:28 in 2020 tho

    Kristofer KKristofer K5 månader sedan

      omgronny idcaboutyourmansidgafomgronny idcaboutyourmansidgaf5 månader sedan
  • Why am i watching these, they are so old

    lilzombieoxlilzombieox5 månader sedan
  • 3:26:18 Teeth Hair

    ibillisticsheepibillisticsheep5 månader sedan
  • 2:45:45 I want bone

    Sam BrunerSam Bruner5 månader sedan
  • Thank you sneegsnag for recognizing that it is “st.louis bread company” instead of “panara bread”

    Sam BrunerSam Bruner5 månader sedan
  • 1:10:29 wtf it was literally 7:50 at the clip

    IceColdSquirrelIceColdSquirrel5 månader sedan
  • congrats to that guy and his wall for his dad not killing for him.

    erin currieerin currie6 månader sedan

    PlumbobSandwichesPlumbobSandwiches6 månader sedan
  • obama be like: Uhhhh who do you want we to hit?uhhh

    Daniel MethenyDaniel Metheny6 månader sedan
  • 28:28 (MARKER)

    Kaytrien HallKaytrien Hall6 månader sedan
  • Im so tired i read it simp live instead of smp live

    releoreleo6 månader sedan