FlightReacts NBA "Dunk Contest" MOMENTS!

2 dec 2020
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  • MArch eventually rolls along flight realizing its not june and has a 3 inch vert

    Jaxon MiehleJaxon Miehle2 dagar sedan

    Jaxon MiehleJaxon Miehle2 dagar sedan
  • Curry: makes free throw Flight: look at curry man Lebron: 360 windmill of the backboard while signing an autograph with his left foot Flight: That was weak

    Mixael H8HMixael H8H2 dagar sedan
  • He a lowkey Zach lavine

  • 10 fucking ads

    tate_ jurgensentate_ jurgensen4 dagar sedan
  • whats ur seal laugh by the way

    Ivan CeleketicIvan Celeketic5 dagar sedan
  • hes 243'4 feet tall. lol

    Ivan CeleketicIvan Celeketic5 dagar sedan
  • wy u be hating

    Ivan CeleketicIvan Celeketic5 dagar sedan
  • what do you mean i can do this by march u cant even do a dunk over a three foot kid

    Ivan CeleketicIvan Celeketic5 dagar sedan
  • flight said we only saw one curry dunk and its called a dunk contest moments video

    Wiktor RRWiktor RR5 dagar sedan
  • It’s zac LAVINE

    Dominick ConnDominick Conn6 dagar sedan
  • lebron damn near 40 doing this is crazy

    Ashton ThomasAshton Thomas6 dagar sedan
  • If curry did lebrons "boring dunk" he would of lost his shit

    Toxic SpadeToxic Spade6 dagar sedan
  • 7:17 lmao

    DrxppyDrxppy7 dagar sedan
  • (Random player in NBA does 720 dunk) It was ok, I’m literally doin that by March 🥱 (Curry scratches ass lazily) Look at curry man, such an INSPIRATION 🙂

    Walt IrvingWalt Irving9 dagar sedan
  • I feel like Flight is the only popular youtuber who doesn’t use thumbnails.. 💀💀

    OsirianzzOsirianzz9 dagar sedan
  • curry dropped 62 pts and you said u watched curry’s dunk clip 62 times how weird brah

    BRODSKIBRODSKI12 dagar sedan
  • 8:45 lol

    Dazzle SwayDazzle Sway12 dagar sedan
  • 0:36 did anybody else notice the guy travel?

  • At 3:31, he said the dunk was “so weak bro” but Curry did the EXACT SAME THING and he thought it was awesome

    Emma IgnatinEmma Ignatin24 dagar sedan
  • Why he hate on Lebron So much

    Travis ColeTravis Cole25 dagar sedan
  • Zach Lavine: does 360 Aaron Gordon does the same exact dunk : flight- that’s a 260 btw

    Oft__kai Out The FieldOft__kai Out The Field25 dagar sedan
  • 200,63 what the fuck

    Itz TarrynItz Tarryn27 dagar sedan
  • Your name not doing nothing by March it’s not going to do nothing

    Mere-aculous GMRMere-aculous GMR27 dagar sedan
  • Just marry curry already😂😂😂😂

    Renardo SmithRenardo Smith28 dagar sedan
  • It is Zach luveen

    Krystal WalkerKrystal Walker29 dagar sedan
  • PG 13%

    Rlly TuffRlly Tuff29 dagar sedan
  • Curry: litterally stands still Flight: look at Curry man

    Max CurleMax CurleMånad sedan
  • This video lowkey made me mad😂😂

    Jso HollywoodJso HollywoodMånad sedan
  • It was Terrance Ferguson who made that windmill on the thunder 0:35

    ICantCapalotICantCapalotMånad sedan
  • “I’m doing this by March bro”😂😂😂

    James SchmeckpeperJames SchmeckpeperMånad sedan
  • Stfu flight you cant even shoot

    Iori Hukma ShabiyyaIori Hukma ShabiyyaMånad sedan
  • flight u can barely dunk

    mason malaney26mason malaney26Månad sedan
  • Flight: I’ll be doing that by March *March passes and flight hasn’t done it* Flight: I’ll do that by December

    Treymal RossTreymal RossMånad sedan
  • When Flight sees a player that he doesn't like do a 360 "that was alright i am gonna do that in march" When Flight sees a player that he does like do a 360 " wooooooooooooo thats crazy"

    Don`t read my Profile pictureDon`t read my Profile pictureMånad sedan
  • flight is a casual nba fan.

    ItzGxated BryceItzGxated BryceMånad sedan
  • The tight belgian compellingly nest because surgeon hypothetically inject midst a disgusting shingle. equal, whole day

    Evan OukEvan OukMånad sedan
  • 263”4 wtf

    Aka_dre 1Aka_dre 1Månad sedan
  • "What a basic dunk for someone that's 6'8" *What did you expect him to do, spin around, do the hookie pookie, a throw the ball up then catch the ball while in midair?*

    Javon MemeJavon MemeMånad sedan
  • Casual: does 360 windmill dunk Flight: That was aight

    Not AwaisNot AwaisMånad sedan
  • 6:55 I still can't believe PG's number changed from 13 to 14

    christiann2xchristiann2xMånad sedan
  • 7:17 ngl, I thought he wasn’t gonna say nothing 🤣

    Kirk Core 999Kirk Core 999Månad sedan
  • Flight: I’ll could do this dunk in my sleep That’s true because he’d be dreaming

    CorruptCorruptMånad sedan
  • Dennis Scrotum 😭💀

    Messi ShaanikaMessi ShaanikaMånad sedan
  • he said he's gonna do almost every dunk by march when he realise during march,he's still 5'4

    George TewGeorge TewMånad sedan
  • I love flight when he just talk shit and make 0 sense about dunks.People love the power of the dunk too flight.

    George TewGeorge TewMånad sedan
  • Flights body looks like a little kid with a adult head no homo

    Andrew TildenAndrew TildenMånad sedan
  • Where's curry man 30

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecyAquarius Leviathan prophecyMånad sedan
  • Will Zion get the 2K Curse 😨😱😈👿😩

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecyAquarius Leviathan prophecyMånad sedan
  • Dennis Scrotum gets me everytime

    BigBalls 23BigBalls 23Månad sedan
  • nobody: litterally nobody: Flight on every play: ill be doing that by march

    Liam KirknessLiam KirknessMånad sedan
  • Only one Curry highlight in this video: So not inspired

    AntSwagsAntSwagsMånad sedan
  • 6:58 < Did yall peep PG13 number change??

    Zion DollyZion DollyMånad sedan
  • Flight I wanna see 1 video of you saying ima do that by something

    JagerJagerMånad sedan
  • bro your trash on basketball flight your even trash in june

    Auricia KellyAuricia KellyMånad sedan
  • 263,4 ft akumpo got me bro😂

    PB Gaming And FishingPB Gaming And FishingMånad sedan
  • ankumpo is 263’4

    bryantebryanteMånad sedan
  • U talking bout a noname being trash but how is he in the league and yo a$$ aint

    Semih DemircanSemih DemircanMånad sedan
  • I’m doing that by March...

    Cherish EasonCherish EasonMånad sedan
  • 7:43 Flight: 63rd King Von: WHAT DID HE SAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    JitHawkEmJitHawkEmMånad sedan

    valt aoi officalvalt aoi officalMånad sedan
  • Why he pronounce Lavine like that

    Andrew CambyAndrew CambyMånad sedan
  • Jalyen brown 360 flight: that was ight Zach Lavigne does same dunk flight: wooooooooowoooooooo

    Gavin DeightonGavin DeightonMånad sedan
  • bro you too funny

    Alain kandaAlain kandaMånad sedan
  • Flight i doubt you can do that my march i doubt you can even dunk fancy

    Murtaza AzamMurtaza AzamMånad sedan
  • Flight: *talks bad about a LeBron dunk* Me watching the video: *gets hit an ad about LeBron 30 seconds later*

    Michael WestMichael WestMånad sedan
  • This year was hella scary, but now it’s january

    Aleks NunezAleks NunezMånad sedan
  • we lived 2020 in fear, January is here

    Aleks NunezAleks NunezMånad sedan
  • serious question, anyone know if flight can even touch net? cause he talk a lotta shit for a nigga that cant dunk

    Lincoln IakopoLincoln IakopoMånad sedan
  • Nobody: Flight: Akumpo youre literally 263 ft 4 bruh

    Lincoln IakopoLincoln IakopoMånad sedan
  • Flight is just trash😂

    Oliver McguireOliver McguireMånad sedan
  • 263'4 damn he taller ow

    Team VantageTeam VantageMånad sedan
  • That was the first time flight got a height correct

    Maleek M'MMaleek M'MMånad sedan
  • Flight, really important question: who is the GOAT? Brown Bron or MJ

    EvenEvenMånad sedan
  • Flight:"Zack la-vine just like his style of dunking" Giannis does same dunk Flight:"bro u 210 foot 5 I need to see something better promise u if I was that height I did be touching the moon"

    Florence KyerematengFlorence KyerematengMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/iq2pnt3Dm6SgrZc/video

    KingarkKingarkMånad sedan
  • Flight can't even dunk on 10 feet, he got no vertical

    Brevon MckinneyBrevon MckinneyMånad sedan
  • The first dunk was cleannnnn

    Michael ScofieldMichael ScofieldMånad sedan
  • I’m convinced Flight don’t even watch basketball fr he don’t know who anybody is

    Zack GallieshawZack GallieshawMånad sedan
  • “We got lebron stealin my moves okay”

    Qwexey YQwexey YMånad sedan
  • stop hating on lebron 'the goat'.

    Jamese greerJamese greerMånad sedan
  • Flight your funny no cap. No homo

    Tank DavisTank DavisMånad sedan
  • who likes flight y’all 😂

    ShotsupsShotsupsMånad sedan
  • Akunpo's current height : 263'4

    ChilledRuby 1337ChilledRuby 1337Månad sedan
  • THE LAST DIGIT OF THE LIKE IS THE CAR YOU WILL OWN 1 Lamborghini 2 Ferrari 3 BMW 4 mustang 5 Mitsubishi 6 Range Rover 7 Jaguar 8 McLaren 9 corvette 10 Subaru 0 Bugatti


    Gabriel DavilaGabriel DavilaMånad sedan
  • How many times he said, "I'm doing this by march". 👇

    DZXDZXMånad sedan
  • Flight you trash and won't do shit in March lol

    Maris MarelisMaris MarelisMånad sedan
  • Giannis could dunk from the line if he wanted to

    BJ GamesBJ GamesMånad sedan
  • flight saying he can do all the dunks there doing but cant even touch the rim

    Connor SpenceConnor SpenceMånad sedan
  • 0:42 That guy is Terrence Ferguson

    BJ GamesBJ GamesMånad sedan
  • No one: Joel embiid: *has to for some reason back down Jordan Clarkson and some how almost fell down

    FearlessGamingFearlessGamingMånad sedan
  • curry it's a gliches

    charle bancocharle bancoMånad sedan
  • Nice flight or should I say kimami white

    Matthew SanchezMatthew SanchezMånad sedan
  • Lmao, I doubt flight be doing any of these by March. Sit yo ass down on the bench flight.

    mtorralbamtmtorralbamtMånad sedan
  • do my dude even know what 360 is

    Jason WuJason WuMånad sedan
  • 263,4

    Naim MiddletoonNaim MiddletoonMånad sedan
  • zeeon played like 20 games bruh

    Sam KrollSam KrollMånad sedan
  • How did they not put PG-13s dunk when he was on the pacers

    Dat cancelled KidDat cancelled KidMånad sedan
  • This the same man who can’t get 1 million views but apparently carried the year

    L ZL ZMånad sedan