Let's talk about how the FBI may be countering Trump supporters....

13 jan 2021
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  • The referenced video: seworld.info/will/aYbMuK-YiZdzmXE/video

    Beau of the Fifth ColumnBeau of the Fifth Column15 dagar sedan
    • What do you think of the FBI now vetting the national guard?

      Nope NopeNope Nope9 dagar sedan
    • @bdf2718 crowd funded digging up of insurgence, is ongoing. We the people are turning them over to the feds.

      jus dedjus ded11 dagar sedan
    • Your content is killer. There is an ongoing attempt at the overthrowing of democracy. Pence is in charge now,

      jus dedjus ded11 dagar sedan
    • "Those who can be made to believe absurdities can be made to commit atrocities. "~Voltaire

      jerry mitchelljerry mitchell12 dagar sedan
    • Where's the CCTV footage from inside or outside the building? Are there no cameras at these places? I would'v thought they'd have Las Vegas casino style facial recognition in addition to the satellites that already saw you coming from a mile away etc...

      olivervisionolivervision13 dagar sedan
  • Incorrect. I am in the National Guard and did riot control for both the BLM protests and the Inauguration protests. For the BLM proests we were issued 10 rounds and a flack vest for the I auguration protests we were issued 120 round and a body armour plate. During the BLM protests in Salt Lake City a cop car was burned and property was vandalized, during the inauguration, people carried flags.

    Dan WildeDan Wilde4 timmar sedan
  • I like to listen to this guy. He makes a lot of sense in this crazy world of ours. He explains so much.

    TaylorWilliams1000TaylorWilliams100018 timmar sedan
  • Setup

    Candy BrunsCandy BrunsDag sedan
  • We need to focus on the out come and not the history that comes later. what happened on the 6th was rep andorted but it didnt happen the way they showed. The 20th, what happened? That's where you need to focus. The majority of people are more than willing esp to keep friends of every kind like and color family is family. Few hate because of what someone else looks like. This part is over. The larger picture is still not in the glass. It will be and soon. We need to learn how we got here, from the beginning to this very day.. This is all a movie. Just sit back a watch it a story is being told.

    margo lockwoodmargo lockwoodDag sedan
  • Baroness is an FBI agent. :-D

    Top Hat 21Top Hat 21Dag sedan
  • Wanna bet the IRS takes these groups down? RICO?

    Sean WelchSean Welch2 dagar sedan
    • Ps- the groups have few intellectuals or adequately relatable planks. They have very low acceptance or press relationships.

      Sean WelchSean Welch2 dagar sedan
  • Beau, check out Goldwater-era gun magazines and look at the "Liberals want take our guns" editorials. - The NRA has been quietly peaking this violence with lies for years. These paramilitary groups overestimate the public's taste for citizen on citizen violence. The Drug War killed the territory the Lost Cause is trying to fill.

    Sean WelchSean Welch2 dagar sedan
  • Can someone pls explain the riots all summer long - that have been ongoing since 2017 and why are “leaders” encouraging them to continue

    kimmiecrackcornkimmiecrackcorn2 dagar sedan
  • There were no events in any capitols, or DC. Security at DC dropped the ball. Given that the certifification of a highly contentious election was the plan of the day, and there were thousands of Americans spun up to full volume, that was a highly volatile situation. I have a very hard time believing the capitol incursion was not some bizarre political theater. The on the ground videos raise a lot of questions about who broke in, and who was allowed in to tour the building. There were 2 groups and a lot of very suspicious bad actors in the mix. Most puzzling is that the media, despite the inconsistencies and oddities, all adopted the same narrative and failed to investigate or address the event with any dilligence or journalistic scrutiny. They all ran tge same narrative and toed the line. There is an obvious story there, why the lack of investigative journalism? This is why conspiracy theories are tearing the country apart. We don't have a 4th Estate. Election fraud is a serious accusation. I could care less about arbitrary inauguration dates, the people need transparency to accept the results. Instead they were silenced while 25k troops installed a President whose election was being investigated for fraud.

    San CristobalSan Cristobal2 dagar sedan
  • Very smart man

    Maxine MorganMaxine Morgan2 dagar sedan
  • Those who assess forces are the same that burn crosses?

    Joshua NelsonJoshua Nelson2 dagar sedan
  • I stayed in... just in case.

    HannahHannah2 dagar sedan
  • You know nothing mate.

    Stephen BerminghamStephen Bermingham2 dagar sedan
  • What a terrible take. There has been virtually no violence at Trump rallies until the capital was stormed. Blm was rioting all summer. How do you not see why they underestimated the Trump people. Y'all are really missing the point. The people inside that building are the one selling us out.both parties you are completely on the the wrong scent. The issue is not Trump supporters its the entire government is corrupt

    James FitchJames Fitch3 dagar sedan
  • Beau, we need more people like you. Thank you for your content! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    MaraMara3 dagar sedan
  • I bet there would be a way to prepare the data for review to reduce that "good ol boy" bias, if they really wanted to do that.

    Allan PedaAllan Peda3 dagar sedan
  • Are you simon parkes

    turbo jetturbo jet3 dagar sedan
    • Please tell me that's a theory.

      Beau of the Fifth ColumnBeau of the Fifth Column3 dagar sedan
  • And I for one have a great respect for your perspective on said matters.👍👍👍

    RosaRosa3 dagar sedan
  • The minute that winning party starts to go after the people of the other parties, that winning party has started to lead the wrong path. And they would scream if you call them communists.

    trang huatrang hua4 dagar sedan
  • The Baroness, 🤩

    mike stumike stu4 dagar sedan
  • I love that shirt so much.

    canderiacanderia4 dagar sedan
  • Most cops are being prosecuted. Those rioters were mostly off duty crooked cops

    Demarcus ADemarcus A4 dagar sedan
  • this guy is awesome I just subscribe to his channel.

    Roland CarlosRoland Carlos4 dagar sedan
  • Send out the alert> Don't get caught with your pans down again< deterrent????????

    relentlessmadmanrelentlessmadman4 dagar sedan
  • Dream of good future. Things heal itself and ugly people find a way to reveal themselves and hurt others.

    shad hasanshad hasan4 dagar sedan
  • G.I. government issue

    Darron SandersonDarron Sanderson5 dagar sedan
  • Thanks ,for your ability to caĺm everyone down. Kind regards from the west of Ireland.

    georgina lindsaygeorgina lindsay5 dagar sedan
  • I like all of your shirts man.

    ElectroShockElectroShock5 dagar sedan
  • Only 1 person showed up in Albany, New York.

    Shawn RShawn R5 dagar sedan
  • It took only one year to learn so much about American politics than I ever wanted know, but it’s a must know, you are my neighbours our cousins brothers and sisters my grandfather, I don’t wanna cry anymore ♥️ I feel everything

    Gayle CheungGayle Cheung5 dagar sedan
  • They were a fart in the wind.

    lubetesterlubetester6 dagar sedan
  • You showed up in my recommended and I clicked, so glad I did. I have also subbed. Your common sense approach to issues is refreshing. As a black woman and mother of 2 sons, I feel encouraged that you exist. Living here 15 blocks from the Capitol, you have no idea, the peace you have brought to my very soul. Thank you so much.

    ronibopshopronibopshop6 dagar sedan
  • White people are not going to kill kinfolks ie law enforcement

    Michael GrayMichael Gray6 dagar sedan
  • This was built to come take the people guns

    Michael ThomasMichael Thomas6 dagar sedan
  • 👍🏻

    Robert CRobert C7 dagar sedan
  • Nice shirt, love the Baroness, she has awesome 7177135.

    Jeroen MeesterJeroen Meester7 dagar sedan
  • You were dead right beau keep up the good work greeting s from ireland

    eoin costelloeoin costello7 dagar sedan
  • The mainstream news reported that they are going after everyone. Anyone trying to cut deals is foolish.

    Happy DoggHappy Dogg7 dagar sedan
  • 👌🏾👍🏾this is so true. You need to have a talk show like seriously I would 100% tune in. Rather I agree with you or not your points are on point! Keep us thinking. It’s your calling.

    Simple ThoughtsSimple Thoughts7 dagar sedan
  • America worships the military and police for some reason. This distorts your threat assessments.

    blupheonix44blupheonix447 dagar sedan
  • Gravy seals

    Jacob JorgensonJacob Jorgenson7 dagar sedan
  • The FBI is no different than the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet GRU. If they have to worry about their own Troops; it's a clear indicator the election was a fraud and Joe and the Ho are not legitimate.

    Wilbur WhatleyWilbur Whatley7 dagar sedan
  • Good stuff

    Amanda PerryAmanda Perry8 dagar sedan
  • They aren’t very good at this? Do you have any idea how many ex military is out there? It could be nothing, it could be catastrophic. Love

    What MattersWhat Matters8 dagar sedan
    • The problem as I see it. Most of these idiots have been watching the survival channel where it is them against the world. Except for the most well trained individuals, their leadership is a failure. They do not act as cohesive unit. Because of their own ideology they are unwilling to take orders from someone else. In other words they lack community organization other than dressing alike. Even with certain groups who have a clear chain of command many of the subordinates might not be that capable.

      Shawn RShawn R5 dagar sedan
  • Last I checked the capitol incident didn’t end with the bigger part of dc in ashes. Unlike a number of other cities across the country. Love

    What MattersWhat Matters8 dagar sedan
  • Dude. You're a complete idiot. Their reaction was "racist"?? Did you see them pulling people out of their cars? Looting and destroying peoples business and livelyhoods? Or burning the whole city down? No,you didn't.

    Marcial SantiagoMarcial Santiago8 dagar sedan
  • Sweet GI JOE shirt

    mr headmr head8 dagar sedan
  • When and if civil war breaks out is when you all think everything is cool most of us is waiting to see where you democrats takes this country

    Conner McCloudConner McCloud8 dagar sedan
  • Trump 2020

    Josh GJosh G8 dagar sedan
  • So TRUE!!!

    Kerry SiahKerry Siah8 dagar sedan
  • This how they were brought up and taught. Like Hispanics did fought with South against the North in the Civil War mostly from Florida.

    Cesar parraCesar parra8 dagar sedan
  • Preach it brother!

    GLOW CHILDGLOW CHILD8 dagar sedan
  • You don't have a clue. The left is what you should fear.

    Daniel HowlandDaniel Howland8 dagar sedan
  • Educated country bumpkin....that’s Bo

    Eric CurtisEric Curtis8 dagar sedan
  • ...that's right cowards, better take the deal and do so quickly. : )

    Jim ChaseJim Chase8 dagar sedan
  • was wondering if you thought all this was a good thing eventually would bring these issues to the forefront and maybe help address some of these racial issues

    Robert BaileyRobert Bailey8 dagar sedan
  • where do you get so many excellent t shirts???

    Kamala MarshallKamala Marshall8 dagar sedan
    • His wife finds them.

      Ella WhiteElla White8 dagar sedan
  • The reason people are racist is because the children are groomed in the schools and the homes to only except thier own kind. In Canada the schools are trying to defeat that mentality even though it persist in the homes

    Joseph O'BrienJoseph O'Brien8 dagar sedan
  • Shouldn't be the FBI anymore it should be the FDI Funded Democrat Investigators. Where were they during Trumps term. The did nothing just like the Democrat Congress.

    Stan SovaStan Sova8 dagar sedan
  • I am so glad I don't live in the USA.

    S HedditchS Hedditch8 dagar sedan
  • Spot on.

    Alys LandAlys Land9 dagar sedan
  • Radical right= proud boys Radical left= Antifa They are at war with each other while the rest of us are going against them and the federal government.

    Liberal LogicLiberal Logic9 dagar sedan
  • They’re Nazis guy. Tippy toeing around is BS.

    L. A. BrowningL. A. Browning9 dagar sedan
  • Unconscious bias

    F****** Mos***F****** Mos***9 dagar sedan
  • Sincerely hope the new government establishes hard and fast laws covering Domestic Terrorist Organizations. Face it, these groups are terrorist organizations.

    Paul RussellPaul Russell9 dagar sedan
  • I'm a week late to this video. I take a lot of things seriously but grandma and grandpa Radicalized by Fox news and the brainwashed gravy seals that were let in by Trump and some members of Congress I don't. The militias will hold their little rallies and as try as they might still inject themselves with Q-dolts. If anyone shows up on localized Capitol runs they are just as silly and dumb enough to be put on watch or higher assessment risk lists.

    Adam WeissAdam Weiss9 dagar sedan
  • Surely part of the reason they were unprepared was the same reason everyone was surprised at how easy it was for the rioters to enter a heavily fortified building: The capitol police themselves include plenty of Trump supporters, and some of the Republican legislators also were 'helpful' to the rioters (risking the lives of some of their Dem colleagues in the process, from possible execution, as well as from not wearing masks for Covid). . And this bodes ill for Jan 20th, where some of the 15,000 national guardsmen will be on Trump's side, and could break ranks and let homicidal AR15-carrying psychopathic lunatics thru.

    dakrontudakrontu9 dagar sedan
  • wow, great analysis! 😊...I think another factor too?...so many FBI folks, while leaning conservative for the most part, watched an administration and their media allies demean them for 4 years, so I imagine they were fawking CHOMPing at the bit to go after those domestic terrorists who that same administration incited to insurrection in the first place.

    Patrick IzagheyPatrick Izaghey9 dagar sedan
  • People are full to the gills with all the coruption and they see their rights being taken away. They see their leaders committing major crimes and nothings done. They simply want their country back. And it's come time they are gonna take it back one way or the other. Whatever side your on just becarefull

    Paul SucheyPaul Suchey9 dagar sedan
  • Very insightful

    Dave WarrenDave Warren9 dagar sedan
  • I like Beaus breakdowns

    Dope ChicDope Chic9 dagar sedan
  • How’s it You’ve got the inside scoop though??

    ehi80ehi809 dagar sedan
  • Thx Beau.

    Dana CassDana Cass9 dagar sedan
  • The gravity you can hear in this man’s voice... I don’t know if it’s more about what happened at the capitol or if it’s more about what can still happen.

    Ma RiMa Ri9 dagar sedan
  • But I thought black people lacked initiative and were lazy and just wanted their welfare checks. /s Except, of course, in the eyes of white-wing law enforcement-like groups.

    dav epdav ep9 dagar sedan
  • Hi, New subscriber here from your next door neighbour, Canada. Just want to say that we want the US to be a strong and stable democracy and that we are wishing all of you the best. Also, thank you, Beau, for a calm and reasoned approach to all of these recent events. There is plenty of blame to go around, however what's more important is for people to get informed, and to seek the truth that is raw and not pushed on people based on various kinds of political dogma. I think that from what I've seen so far, you are attempting to do just that, and I commend you for the effort. Differences are okay - they are necessary, in fact, but rational discussions don't happen when we are using bullhorns and simply trying to be the loudest. All the best from your cousin north of the 49th!

    Craig HartelCraig Hartel9 dagar sedan
  • We are watching, all of us see and feel. We won't stop. I saw what a criminal Trump was. I wanted him GONE!

    LeopardLeopard9 dagar sedan
  • We've Investigated ourselves and found No wrong doings on our part

    Sandy MitchellSandy Mitchell9 dagar sedan
    • just like cops.

      Holly McMahanHolly McMahan8 dagar sedan
  • It's the old John Birch Society, WASP mentality, driving Trump supporters. We should have killed the John Birch Society in the 60s, when America had a chance.

    Mickey WoodMickey Wood9 dagar sedan
  • People also ask: DEMOCRACY: What is the basic meaning of DEMOCRACY? 1a : government by the people especially : rule of the majority. b : a government in which the SUPREME POWER is vested in the PEOPLE and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation involving periodically held free elections. ...from Google internet

    Cee GabeCee Gabe9 dagar sedan
  • "FBI vetting Guard troops in DC amid fears of insider attack." THANKS TRUMP VOTERS ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!! ....For turning America into a third world shit hole ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!

    GageGage9 dagar sedan
  • One of the things we used to say in the intelligence community is that you never, ever, ever judge the enemy by their intentions - only by their abilities. Law enforcement is not so clear on this, and tries to work off intent. The reason we don't do this in intel is because historically, human beings are absolute shit at predicting the future. We are much better at identifying what someone CAN do than we are at predicting what they WILL do.

    Caliban DarklockCaliban Darklock9 dagar sedan
  • You are brilliant. Thank you.

    Ana MittendorfAna Mittendorf9 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍👍☕

    Charles JCharles J9 dagar sedan
  • I deeply respect your stance of encouraging "cooler heads will prevail", and trying to realistically define what to expect. I hope you're right, and will encourage others to follow your example.

    Charlie EvergreenCharlie Evergreen9 dagar sedan
  • Beau is a F. I.

    Carlton KroeseCarlton Kroese9 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for your content, I am a black American and a new subscriber.

    2006jayden2006jayden9 dagar sedan
  • Avenge all those arrested at Capitol.

    ExciterExciter9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if they were organized and had a plan ! They only need a leader to stand up and pull them together. Hence the censorship that is taking place. The power of the people is in the vote. And if they believe the ekection system us corrupt. They have only one recourse. That thought process is exactly how this country came into being...

    Control ManControl Man9 dagar sedan
  • I think you just told us the deal you made to get out of trouble, being a peaceful guy and all. 😀

    AtTheRanchAtTheRanch9 dagar sedan
  • Congressional Democrats encouraged all summer the riots and looting. Oh! That was okay because it was some members of BLM and ANTIFA. I did not vote for Trump or Biden. I see how much the democrats are the worst hypocrites and how the media media twists things to fit their narrative. Congress got a little taste of what innocent civilians have been experiencing all summer. Maybe now they will fear the PEOPLE like they should be. They want to keep us divided to control us easier. I see what's coming and I wish the rest of America could see it, too. The only thing that is keeping us free is the 2nd amendment. They have been working on taking that away as well. Once that is gone; it is over.

    G DuCharmeG DuCharme9 dagar sedan
  • This dude just exposed the whole snitch game

    AndyAndy9 dagar sedan
  • I would normally agree with you . However, maybe if FBI HAD NOT Testified in front of the Senate HEARING IL HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE. Under Oath. Including the comments stating the obvious facts concluded through investigation of which the report have stating many white supremacist and other alt-right groups have infiltrated law-enforcement all the way to the top . No such thing as A political law enforcement. They are deemed domestic terrorist organizations.I tend to agree with most of your opinions. In this regard I would have to take your statement in this situation. I take this opinion on what you say to this debacle with a grain of salt. Regardless of the fact black Americans have never tried to overthrow any parts of the government. Unless you include slavery revolts.Yet this is yet the third attempt of white supremacist groups trying to take over capital buildings with handguns and rifles. To include the plot to kidnap a MICHIGAN GOVERNOR. I say give them the max 10+ he’ll drug offenders Receive more time for less. I don’t care if they were protesting it first if they made one step inside of the building they are guilty as charged sedation breaking in entering vandalism etc. I need the max equal justice under all. Unless you decide maybe we should put some knees on the back of their neck and see how they like it then for god sake‘s they beat an officer to death for doing his job and beat other officers with flagpoles for doing their jobs he goes up to Brass. Republicans should be out as well for instigating

    ARMY NC VETERAN VitalARMY NC VETERAN Vital9 dagar sedan
  • Don’t know you’re background but obviously I would first think either operator or someone in intell/counterintell. If not then I think you would have be a great OIC or NCO. But for now you’re a darn good intellectual human being. (Tips hat, puts 2 bits on the bar and says good day)

    Joseph CaseJoseph Case9 dagar sedan
  • They are trying to keep us off focus, from the Mexican/ U.S. Border invasion from Central American. HELLO!!!! Joe Biden invited them all in, he said He is going to make a path for them. Let's tell the truth now. seworld.info/will/fK7X1s3Hhp2Xrps/video

    Amanda MaidaAmanda Maida10 dagar sedan
  • How right you are “ trained to act !”

    Tineke DijkTineke Dijk10 dagar sedan
  • Do read the book “ On Tyranny, 20 lessons from the 20 th C.” A great aid to understanding what is currently happening ! by Timothy Snyder.

    Tineke DijkTineke Dijk10 dagar sedan
  • QAnon? IQ none!

    Tineke DijkTineke Dijk10 dagar sedan
  • Your an Idiot. In the Begining BLM started rioting from day one thats why they were treated different. Why wern't the capital riots taken seriously? BECAUSE THEY HAVEN"T BEEEN RIOTING FOR A YEAR ! ....DUH! they haven't did a BILLON DOLLARS OF DAMAGE!!!! DUH! DUH!

    Glisseal !Glisseal !10 dagar sedan