We're going to hell for these jokes... (Warzone)

2 maj 2021
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A call of duty warzone funny moments video but the moments send us to hell.
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  • Brooo, next guitar song, play eagleheart from Stratovarius

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  • Could you do open lobby again? Also I wanna hear you play devil went down to Georgia. Idk if you have before but I was just hoping you would. Love the content btw

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  • When you realise that the people who saw Dooo at Chick-fil-A when he worked there got a free face reveal: My disappointment is non-existent and my day is not ruined

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  • Please play Deutschland by Rammstein!!!

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  • This is fine.

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  • Play w Jordybee

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  • 2:02 famous last words

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  • Goons discover raceplay.

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  • Hey dooo, I doubt you will see this but I was asked to play guitar at my high school graduation and I really need some help coming up with a tab in the right key but any help would be awesome by you or the community!!!

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  • Demon slayer 🤘🏻

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  • Nel dubbio... #FIXWARZONEita

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  • These timestamps are for animating. Leave me alone. 5:02 5:50 6:52 8:05 8:42

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  • I really want to see him do a cover of the funeral by band of horses. If you can like this so its a higher chance of him seeing this that would be well appreciated

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  • Casually watching a bunch of kettles playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

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  • When we getting a face reveal

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  • tomato town abduction? no, someone wiped out tomato town or they wiped it out by kidnapping every citizen

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  • At fucking @2:03 "And the mighty God that was known as Soup, smite those that opposed him"

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  • Are you Jewish

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  • 5:28 Blarg Arab moments and Dooo gay and virgin moments

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  • hey guys i would appreciate it so much if you could just give this video enough likes for eric to see it, theres just one song ive wanted to hear the best guitarist of our generation play and that dire straights money for nothing even if its just a few seconds. the dooo while im at it i just wanna let you know ive been watching your vids before hotline bling was even a meme on this channel and i come here every time i need a laugh, thanks so much for everything.

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  • The doo’s upload time be like💨💨💨💨💨🌪🌪2-years later🌊🌊🌊. Finally here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥LETSSS GOOOOO

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  • KFC EDM... it does exist under "KFC and Watermelon"

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  • When u have good friends the jokes comes out anyway 😆

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  • Can you play highlight bling

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    Anomaly ShogunAnomaly Shogun4 dagar sedan

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  • People are using your content and getting tons of view.Please keep a watch of it.Or one day you wake up and see someone else getting the revenue of your videos due to copyright.

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  • “If you hadn’t have said you were Arab, I wouldn’t have guessed” 2 minutes later... *”I’m gonna see if I can revive you before this missile lands.”*

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  • Hey dooo just a quick suggestion. If you ever dooo dooo a face revealing you should do it on the masked singer. I just finished watching hallelujah for the third time. It still sounds like a voice of a god. It doesn't change it only gets better every time.

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