110 Year Old Driveway Regrading

20 feb 2021
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  • I run a garden center and we use the stone dust stuff for our yard we just did a fresh one before the Christmas and it came out great saw a couple little puddles but I’ll figure something out . Stuff works great

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  • Yea you better be pumping more video

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  • Not one bad comment so pro knows what are doing

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  • Great work keep moving dirt around and I be watching

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  • Watching a pro operation on Sunday I want to see it all I don’t care if you think that boring and cut it out it’s not great job go pro to see what you see we want to see

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  • You cut out filling the pipe cleaning up the ditch I miss that part

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  • Build up low spots in the front with that dirt

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  • hell your good with that scid stear mate : )

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  • I'm surprised to see you doing a culvert. I work for the county road dept and once a property installs the culvert when they first develop a property and we sign off on it, we become responsible for the maintenance and replacement of them. Did you lube the pipe up? A come along and chain works great to pull the pipes together.

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  • 10:48, one second later and that car would have gotten a surprise.

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  • Nice driveway for a creepy house...

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  • I wonder do you ever get people's neighbours complaining that you caused their property to flood? I mean, you were careful here not to send too much water along all at once, but it seems to me that once you fix the flooding in one place it's going to re-appear at the next place that has a clogged culvert - all the water that was sitting on your client's property will instead be at the next property that has poor drainage. Of course, if that happens they should understand that it's only because of their own inadequate drainage but people tend to be good at somehow not understanding things that will require them to do some work!

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  • This machine is incredible.

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  • You have one of those jobs I've always wanted to try but unfortunately here in Florida if you don't have experience no one will train you as its not worth anyone's time.. I have on my bucket list is to learn a backhoe/excavator before I die.

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  • Almost splooshed that car @10:49.

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  • Did you replace the two drain on the side of this drive way you filled in when you widen it??????

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  • it wouldnt be low if you would bed the pipe with stone, rather than laying it on dirt.

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  • Excelente súper saludos de charley colombia

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  • Wouldn't it be better to drain it properly then come back when it's dry to grade and create the berm? That's what we would do up north.. No way you could finish a job with any grading with it being that deep full a water

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  • Wow what a mess of a front yard... Just mucky dirt they don't even have soil on it..

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  • I've been watching these videos for a while now and what a great skill you have. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos.

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  • Do you know if the homeowners on this property will be sharing their progress on SEworld? It looks like it would be an interesting renovation.

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  • I'm from Minnesota and I can just see an mn environmentalist craping their pants because there nothing to stop the dirt water from becoming clean water. Haha

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  • 😁👍🏻

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  • Nice work.

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  • Sure would've been nice to metal detect that old driveway before it got covered up. Folks probably don't know what history they missed. Maybe they'll get around the house.

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  • replacing a pipe that worked for 60 years with one that will work for 10.

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  • Is your gravel #7s with dust?

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  • Looks like a witches house

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  • Thanks again, enjoyed watching.

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  • Be right back ,have to catch a call ....I’ll Be Back.

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  • This is so Cool to watch.

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  • It’s a wonder water went through that old culvert with all that debris in it.

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  • You did a nice job on the driveway 👍

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  • From the farm house I'm guessing it's in the southeastern US, from the trees I knew it was N GA, Upstate SC, or W NC. When you started digging up sandy clay I KNOW this is NC. Am I right?

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    • Yes 🤣. Eastern NC. Will be posting renovation videos on our channel.

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  • Good Morning @ Lets Dig, I had some doubts as to how this project would turn out, ( because of all of the moisture, i.e. rain) If I was your customer, I would have been extremely and pleasantly surprised at how nice this job turned out. Your quality of work is absolutely awesome. Your skills on the excavator and skid steer are top level ! Then to top it off your narration and filming is excellent. I very much appreciate that you don't overlay your vids with music. I guess I'm old school but I'd rather hear the machine's sounds, even from inside the cab than music. Don't misunderstand me as I love to rock out when inside of the cab rather I don't like it in a video. I'm a 59 year young, retired farmer/ landscape co., owner. ( And yes, that's my last name too). I'm very impressed with your overall work ethic and knowledge. I subscribed. Keep up the great work that you do. Wishing you all of the very best. Warmest Regards from Arizona

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  • Güzel 👍👍

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  • If that splash it that car that would be funny

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  • I got stoned to watch this video.

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  • What size grading bucket and what brand tilt coupler? Clean work and great videos! Thanks

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  • Doesn’t the town do that work if you buy the pipe?

    Darrell RoetersDarrell Roeters2 dagar sedan
    • Not this town

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  • I've thought about adding a stone driveway. Can you clear snow off it with a snowblower and not create projectiles from the stones?

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  • What type of aggrogate do you use around the culvert? It doesn't look like it would wash out with clay at ends.

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  • Let's get ready to GRAVEL!!!

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  • My guy uses the weight of stone truck and cuts clean edges and evenly distributes the new stone, backs in and pulls out

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  • Is there nothing you can't do with an excavator!! I need my walls plastering yep I have a machine and a bucket to do that

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  • you make grading with that skidsteer easy lol...

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  • What type of material are you covering the pipe with?

    TEAM ZSFTEAM ZSF3 dagar sedan
  • That is pretty modern concrete pipe ( 1960s?) The original was usually old water tanks.

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  • Great video. You make these type jobs fun to watch. I also like your commentary explaining the jobs to us rookies.

  • No offense, but you talked too much in the beginning and were too repetitive in explaining the obvious. Thank God you started working without talking, bc I was about to leave. Try not to be a Cpt. Obvious! Just saying! 🤷‍♂️

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  • Looks like your pretty dang handy on your equipment

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  • Lord have mercy are you handsome.

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  • What a shame they have to look at storage lockers across the street

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    • Not for long. Privacy trees coming soon

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  • Before I started watching your videos I didn't understand the artistry. A good equipment operator has to be an artist to visualize and create the vistas people want as well as having a knowledge of hydrology, material science, trees, and that doesn't touch operating and maintaining equipment. Thanks for opening my eyes

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  • It's hard to tell how thick the stones are. Appx how thick is it?

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  • A guy with a skidsteer a mini excavator can actually do quite a few things as long as the operator knows what he/she is doing...

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  • Do you wish you had a 20 ton trailer to make one trip instead of two?

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  • Not going to add compacted crush under that pipe? Will the SAME thing happen again?

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  • Is that 3/4 modified with stone dust . My driveway is in bad shape. Need an overlay. Just wondering that stuff looks nice. Thanks

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  • Smart you fixed the pipe put in a swail and made a berm at the same time. Extra cruchy at the end looks good.

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  • Once again, that little Takeuchi is such a great machine for you.

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  • The way Chris says “STONE” is so soothing lol

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  • Wait After the huge bolders this looks to easy .

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  • I have to say you have the "Midas Touch" on operating your machines........

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  • Was it a good idea to replace those nice old concreate culverts with plastic ones?

    Farshad ZahiriFarshad Zahiri4 dagar sedan
  • You guys do some great work. Love running equipment any chance I get. Grew up on the controls. Medication!

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  • Let's Dig has incredible skills, and we are lucky to get to seem 'em. If Tak or Yanmar have anything to do with it, we Thank 'em too. ...That being said, you were getting the very last ounce of rip out of the hoe scraping off that hard pack over the culvert.. Frankly, tho the machine amazingly did it, i felt it was hard on the pins/tilt/coupler. If that was a full size hoe, that bucket would have been 7-8' wide and i don't think he'd have torqued it quite so much then. Just my Novice opinion. Next, cool to see him pull out the tiles, ignoring the thumb, that's old school digging and talent right there. My 3rd thing is, getting the pines needles, etc off the driveway... it would have taken longer prolly, but I feel that could have been back dragged with the toothbucket, effectively raking the brush, while leaving the driveway in tact. Why? The driveway surely has its share of oil spills, etc over the years. I'd have left that soil right there, rather than putting it in the woods. (it's nicely compacted anyway). Ok, surely some are sick of my (dumb?) little observations by now.. so as for the Last one~ After that crusher dust was down, presuming it was graded level and crowned, it would be nice if a vibratory roller hit it to fully pack it water tight. And THEN put down a nice thin layer of Bluestone on top. That would keep contractors (and everyone else) from tracking all the chalky dust indoors and everywhere. The courser stone on top would stay clean on top what with all the precipitation the place gets (but only after the stone dust was rolled hard to keep the stone from disappearing into it. I may be wrong, and likely am, but those are my observations. Always learn stuff here I Never could on my own, so thanks really much for showing "how it's done"-

    George HofgrenGeorge Hofgren4 dagar sedan
  • What's nice about a job like this, you can go down the street to each neighbor and leave your card in their door for when they need their ditches fixed! Hahaha

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  • Does the thumb on the Yanmar not work with the grading bucket?

    Dov RizzoDov Rizzo5 dagar sedan
  • As if I hadn't done enough dirt shuffling in my life: Here I am watching somebody else move dirt. I must be insane! I like the looks of the way you progress.

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  • now I know how it's done...personally I'd want the driveway as close to the trees as possible...just my preference that's all...would look very nice come Christmas time with the driveway all lite up at night…better for Santa to see.

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  • You make it look so easy too put in a driveway, guess l need lots of practice.

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  • I laughed out load with amazed admiration when I realised you had gently 'trodden' on that pipe to allow you to push the other section in using the bucket.

    Dave ComptonDave Compton5 dagar sedan
  • loved the way you made the pipes tight together. smooth...! u the man, awesome operator. i watch all your videos.

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  • I need you to come redo my driveway now ha

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  • Fine job again

    Gregory MannGregory Mann5 dagar sedan
  • How come you never get to work in the snow? :)

    Chris LassalineChris Lassaline5 dagar sedan
  • Im curious as to why back fill the pipe with screenings, can't water start washing it away around the pipe? Just trying to learn ya know. Thanks

    Jesse RourkeJesse Rourke5 dagar sedan
  • You're very good at what you do , I'm impressed .. I like watching your progress.. thanks for the entertainment

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  • 😀👍

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  • Does that machine have an extended arm on it or not.??

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  • Clean job the way it should be...!!!

    Michael McLaughlinMichael McLaughlin5 dagar sedan
  • I truly enjoy watching and operator work their machine with such finesse, that they need not even exit their machine to make minor changes to the work they can do everything within the cab...!!!

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  • you do amazing work with the equipment! I do wonder though, how come you don't use a 4 in 1 split bucket on the skid steer?

    pyrosrockthisworldpyrosrockthisworld5 dagar sedan
  • Carefully scraping 9:40 not digging out ditch to much. So to keep the ditch bed and flow of water the same?

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  • Sweet Truck!

    Marcos RamosMarcos Ramos5 dagar sedan
  • The Art of The Ditch

    UserXUserX5 dagar sedan
  • gonna call regularly digging with the tilt bucket a venial sin.... sometimes you have to just do things though (usually we dig through compacted material that requires maximum dig force a deere 50 or bobcat 50 will put out on a 3 ft smooth edge bucket) I haven't had the need to really think about buying a tilt bucket, not for what we do.

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  • You videos are relaxing and cool to watch. Especially if your having an anxiety attack. Please keep up the work sir

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  • I bet that was a nasty day but Yanmar is a good excavator operate them at work and I do love them

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  • @15:20 - @16:00 So cool!

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  • Love your skills awesome videos

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  • 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!

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  • 100 ton ? wow , how much is that delivered ?

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  • Nice!

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