Making transparent wood

30 apr 2021
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:
Nile talks about lab safety:
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    • dude he is epic. he could get more money but he chooses our joy before his :) liked the vid

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    • Cool mate

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    • Ok

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    • Ok

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    • Ok

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  • I bet you could make a really good meth lab

    Eli EatonEli Eaton3 timmar sedan
  • Just a thought, have you tried to flip it over after the first hour in the oven? That might solve the gravity issue. I suggest 1 hour in because it is 25% of the oven time and if you wait too long, the MMA would set up too much for it to have any real effect.

    ReighZhorReighZhor3 timmar sedan
  • *me having absolutely no idea what he’s saying* 🙂🙂

    bunniebunnie3 timmar sedan
  • Awesome chemistry!

    F PF P3 timmar sedan

    Luna WolfLuna Wolf3 timmar sedan
  • Are you telling me sodium chlorite doesn’t cure diseases? I learned online that literally drinking bleach was always a cure.

    Cameron MyronCameron Myron3 timmar sedan
  • The comically large tungsten cube

    Dat.DDat.D3 timmar sedan
  • The aluminium was supposed to go with the shiny part to the inside

    Ariadne Arielle Moreleon CastilloAriadne Arielle Moreleon Castillo3 timmar sedan
  • can u make meth next

    Saad azizSaad aziz3 timmar sedan
  • Evan and Katlyn?

    That's MeThat's Me3 timmar sedan
  • He always says and i quote: it was alot harder than i thought

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  • the original clear wood video is the first video of yours I saw, its so cool to see you do the same thing again

    MageneatedMageneated4 timmar sedan

    Brandan ChristnerBrandan Christner4 timmar sedan
  • I can't be the only one wondering why we would use wood infused with acrylic for windows over just... acrylic.

    ReticentNovaReticentNova4 timmar sedan
  • RainX works decent for glass mold release

    GiterDunnGiterDunn4 timmar sedan
  • I was lmao when he said then i got out my hammer and carefully SMASHED it to peaces!😂😂

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    • Pieces

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  • 2:40: The difference was pretty obvious Colorblind people: •_•

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  • man just played the ukulele for an ad, what a man..

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  • But why tho

    Adán CastilloAdán Castillo4 timmar sedan
  • the what

    Jaden HagemannJaden Hagemann4 timmar sedan
  • Walter White should have just started a chemistry SEworld channel instead.

    Tyler DaiTyler Dai4 timmar sedan
  • Don't you mean translucent, not transparent ??

    Alecs DeanAlecs Dean4 timmar sedan
  • Are we not gonna talk about how satisfying that noise was at 1:36

    《Col10》《Col10》4 timmar sedan
    • "Noice"

      MattheusMattheus4 timmar sedan
  • Amazing !! From the videography to the steps for problem solving !!! Great work !

    Dr A.AhmedDr A.Ahmed4 timmar sedan
  • Ok this is the guy i can trust to like to crazy stuff that i like

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  • 12;33

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  • @NileRed every time you run into a problem do one pushup, you’ll be shredded lol

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  • lignin sounds like another ligma joke

    Ramen, Literally RamenRamen, Literally Ramen4 timmar sedan
  • get your "why is this in my recommended" and your "I cant believe I still watched the whole thing" tickets here ill go first

    AndyAndy5 timmar sedan
  • So in summary: "When I felt that it was good enough" "I didn't try it first, I just scaled it up" & "It turned out to be way more work than I thought."

    Liam JacksonLiam Jackson5 timmar sedan
  • 1:34 Say balsa 5 times fast

    BlakeOps56BlakeOps565 timmar sedan
  • I've owned and worked with a lot of epoxy and it typically takes several more years without heavy sunlight exposure to get that yellow which is weird. I don't think you used a very good one for the previous applications. However you are right and all of them do turn yellow. For me the best aesthetic applications of resin (epoxy or polyurethane) are solid colored because only the outer sides will discolor and can eventually be repainted, bleached, or sanded off.

    Brave FehnBrave Fehn5 timmar sedan
  • I did not see that before

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  • Alas Atones Lolingin Lets Lite In #1 NR !

    DrAnonymuzDrAnonymuz5 timmar sedan
  • Last time I didn't use balsa wood and it was pretty breakable ... I thought balsa wood broke like a KitKat, what sort of logic does life present us?

    RipTideRipTide5 timmar sedan
  • **slaps wood onto the table**

    Brutus B. MartinsBrutus B. Martins5 timmar sedan
  • I'm going to take out the natural yellow-ness in wood by putting it in yellow water. ... Am I the only one that's confused about how god made logic work?

    RipTideRipTide5 timmar sedan
  • An interesting experiment but the scripting is awful and the video is far too long.

    Robert CarnochanRobert Carnochan5 timmar sedan
  • Sodium Cloridax !

    DrAnonymuzDrAnonymuz5 timmar sedan
  • Hey NileRed, I think your videos must be on Netflix

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  • Why would you need a 40 pound tungsten cube?

    9CWAI9CWAI5 timmar sedan
  • can u get a splinter from this transparent wood??

    NoisntrealofficialNoisntrealofficial5 timmar sedan
  • This is an interesting trick but I can do the same with my money, which is paper that comes from trees. Over time, my money slowly vanishes away and I don't need to do anything. Some might call it magic, I call it inflation.

    Canadian BitcoinersCanadian Bitcoiners5 timmar sedan
  • “Carefully smashed it to pieces” is my favorite sentence now

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  • Have you seen breaking bad, also do you know how to make meth

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  • I didn't click on this for a week because I thought it was the old video lol

    Screaming into the voidScreaming into the void5 timmar sedan
  • Lignin balls!

    Dane IngemansenDane Ingemansen5 timmar sedan
  • You are one persistent fellow! Looks great!

    Stephany GatesStephany Gates6 timmar sedan
  • i wish when u do stuff like that u say if it could be made naturally (in nature) or not

    sleepy yunsleepy yun6 timmar sedan
  • In the end its a piece of plastic with wood fibers in it.

    KenPaisleyKenPaisley6 timmar sedan
  • It's difficult to enjoy this because of the V/o. You muted your breaths, but didn't cut them out, so it just sounds like you make weird pauses

    JobenblueJobenblue6 timmar sedan
  • I think that you should try to use a pressure pot to force the resin inside of the wood fibers . Alot of people who work with epoxy resin do the same process when working with porous materials. Would be interesting to see what kind of difference it would make to the transparency of the wood.

    Taran OdonnellTaran Odonnell6 timmar sedan
  • I don't know much about all this so don't take this in a bad way. But like if you're using plastic and all, then what's the point of the wood? I get that you want to make transparent wood and that's super cool, yet you mentioned researchers are trying to use this as a potential replacement for glass. Why do you need wood for that? Why not just plastic?

    A E S T H E T I C SA E S T H E T I C S6 timmar sedan
  • So I'm guessing that a double pane transparent wood window would be quite expensive?

    Eric CEric C6 timmar sedan
  • this dude still talking

    Jason LunaJason Luna6 timmar sedan
  • be a good bathroom window

    CrowderCrowder6 timmar sedan
  • sorry nile but i didnt watch the video

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  • Who is this guy?

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  • At 18:30 when he said" and i carefully smashed it with a hammer" why was i pleasantly surprised he actually did in fact smashed it carefully!?

    SavvyX BananaSavvyX Banana6 timmar sedan
  • *lignin NUTS* nah doesn't have the same ring to it

  • You might have discovered something without knowing it yet lol.

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  • Glad to see you again bro! Love this channel so much, watching this makes me wish I'm as smart as you, so I can do the same at home haha. One love bro, never stop doing this! ❤️

    MM6 timmar sedan
  • sooo transparent wood is basically plastic filled wood. But how is this still wood? :D It's more plastic than wood at this point no? :D

    Stijn VthStijn Vth6 timmar sedan
  • L I Q U I D W O O D

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  • Transparent wood:I'm 99% wood Mr.Beast: Pathetic

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  • Is anyone going to talk about the breaking sound at 29:59?

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  • Wth? I remember watching this a few months ago is this a reupload?

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  • Side-note: Anything that claims to cure autism is lying to you. Autism is a neurotype; not a disease. It isn't something that can be cured in the first place, even hypothetically. Which isn't to mention the ableism and eugenics behind cure rhetoric.

    Tristan FrodeliusTristan Frodelius7 timmar sedan
  • Welcome to my pad. All transparent wood windows!

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  • Try making Spider-Man’s web fluid lol

    Kyle BramschreiberKyle Bramschreiber7 timmar sedan
  • I took out the cube, and I was almost immediately disappointed.

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  • F in the chat for wood prices going up

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  • Woo... invisible splinters...

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  • Lol it’s not lignin it’s ligma promise me

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  • chemicals yea. destroy the earth it's so cool yea

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    • Dude it’s not gonna effect the earth as much it’s way less than driving around for a few hours

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  • make something explosive

    ɴᴜᴛᴇʟʟᴀ ᴡᴏʟfiiɴᴜᴛᴇʟʟᴀ ᴡᴏʟfii8 timmar sedan
  • I hope you left a 1star review of the Sodium Chlorite and the company selling it.

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  • I thought this wood be clickbait, but clearly it wasn't.

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    • Lol

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  • It’s almost like paper is made of wood

    Volt VultureVolt Vulture8 timmar sedan
  • 38:17 - don't know how... but I sensed that smell...

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  • 5:38 *hey, the water is doing that thing everyone tried doing to their drinks as children.*

    Laylaybug1Laylaybug18 timmar sedan
  • Not understanding a thing you mentioned, i just spend 45 min of hoping to get a nice trasnparent wood and kept getting immediately disappointed until i didn't towards the last few minutes when u dropped it on that text, literally felt like there was no wood, just transparent paper

    TaimTaim8 timmar sedan
  • Just discovered your channel and I'm hooked!

    Omar KhanOmar Khan8 timmar sedan
  • in a paraller universe, where we try to make transparent wood into normal wood.

    11sjv • 5 years ago11sjv • 5 years ago8 timmar sedan
  • Bro this is worth my 40 mins, (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

    Aurell OyellAurell Oyell8 timmar sedan
  • Boomers: Its not transparent, its TRANSLUCENT

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  • science people are so cool

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  • Holly molly 4m views.Why change the location again. You have change it some months ago.

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  • I really like the sound when you close the oven hahaha, thank you for this wonderful content!

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  • Can you make a vaping liquid?

    Daniel TambunanDaniel Tambunan8 timmar sedan
  • Could you make transparent coloured panes? That would be cool

    Tin TownTin Town8 timmar sedan

    Donald ArcherDonald Archer8 timmar sedan
  • So, this supposedly is an alternative for glass? Why not just use plastic as an alternative to glass or stick to glass.

    John Luka KarbonyJohn Luka Karbony8 timmar sedan
  • 39:45 was VERY SATISFYING.

    K MurdochK Murdoch8 timmar sedan
  • I mean.. they're kinda right tho... you can't have cancer or autism if you're dead

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  • Make food from something poisonous

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  • Future window replacer? Yet we still use glass in the process. Nice

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