We Found the Thief

28 apr 2021
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We Found the Thief
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  • I appreciate everyone's help With finding these guys!

    Westen ChamplinWesten Champlin15 dagar sedan
    • What is done in the dark comes to light & Westin Your Karma is working in your favor... Keep it going Love your Merch too very awesome!

      David AdamsonDavid Adamson7 dagar sedan
    • Do you actually like catch em catch em tho? Did they go to jail? Did you get your stuff back?

      Apex StudiosApex Studios7 dagar sedan
    • Way to go...Low life ungrateful human beings 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • They can catch a misfire in their head from the business owner cleaning his gun....... J. S.......

      Pro WashPro Wash8 dagar sedan
    • Deputy on the amount the stuff is worth or the person record hope he or she gets a lot

      George HuntGeorge Hunt9 dagar sedan
  • Let me set you up with some good security surveillance 😎

    Emmanuel RodriguezEmmanuel RodriguezTimme sedan
  • glad it wasn't a SEworld "fan"

    makoshark40makoshark40Timme sedan
  • Hey the difference between a crack head and a meth head is...crack heads steal your shit and sell it while meth heads steal your shit and fix it! $!$☆♧◇♤¤☆

    William AndrewsWilliam AndrewsTimme sedan
  • Why don't you wear your seatbelt?

    G SchmidtG Schmidt11 timmar sedan
  • Lmao coolest cops I've ever seen

    Stephen WestlakeStephen Westlake12 timmar sedan
  • The CSI moments were just too good. This is awesome man. Really happy you caught them and hope the cops help out.

    802 Garage802 Garage13 timmar sedan
  • We live in a fucked up world now days and it sucks. But definitely start investing in some great security system.

    978twostroke Garage978twostroke Garage13 timmar sedan
  • I could be wrong, but I believe if a pawnshop buys something. They have to keep it in the back for 30 days in case the items come up stolen. And I’m guessing that the pawnshops don’t want to lose any items ( even if they are stolen)

    MarkMark17 timmar sedan
  • $400 for $5000 worth of Welder and plasma dammit always miss the deals .....jk I've been broken into before it's an adrenaline rush going after your stuff ..I knocked down doors got everything back but a ps 2 ..

    Raymond JaramilloRaymond Jaramillo18 timmar sedan
  • Man meth heads are a whole different animal lol

    Mine631Mine63119 timmar sedan
  • Really really cool officer

    SkiTTleSkiTTle20 timmar sedan
  • Nice that you got some sort of closure on the theft.

    James AllenJames Allen23 timmar sedan
  • Thieves should have their hands chopped off. It should be legal to hunt and kill meth heads as well. Nothing but worthless human beings that are pointless to have around.

    Deni GongDeni GongDag sedan
  • You need a tv show on discovery

    McKenzie WoodruffMcKenzie WoodruffDag sedan
  • As much as I want my tools back that's what I want more than anything. And that is to Unclogged the shop sink.

    HelloMyFriendsHelloMyFriendsDag sedan
  • We need more officers like this !! Thieves are fucking shitbags 👊🏼 If you advertise it on SEworld they will come . I hope they get what they deserve!!!!!

    M WM WDag sedan
  • What do you think the mafia would do if you stole from the mafia take off the legs or you cut their hands off or better one yet is find the ant nest stripping down time down poor honey all over them and sugar that ants have them I don't stand for that s*** tweakers or anything you don't steal going to jail and Justice does not work you make the halftime suffer and pay for their crime to buy drugs it's ridiculous and I'm sorry to happen to you you know who they are do it catch him hog time make them pay

    David MerlinoDavid MerlinoDag sedan
  • Is that your only shirt you own of a gay mustang diesel power slow slow?

    Paul SwanPaul SwanDag sedan
  • You got it backwards. The saying is there is NO honor among thieves. Proverbs 21:10-11

    Gray LensmanGray LensmanDag sedan
  • I would just like to bring up how many pawn shops are in that area. I like it.

    Daniel ButcherDaniel ButcherDag sedan
  • I've been to a few of those pawn places in wichita.. some of them definitely have a sketchy vibe.

    1997 Heritage1997 HeritageDag sedan
  • Put their names out there. Natural selection bud!

    Nick ReitmaierNick ReitmaierDag sedan
  • All I can say is God was watch and He'll make it right, some people call it karma.

    daniel riordandaniel riordanDag sedan
  • “Just local crack heads” 😂😂

    Clay PerryClay PerryDag sedan
  • Wait you live in Winfield??? Only 2 hours from you if so here in coffeyville I knew you were in Kansas but I didn't think you were that close

    P.K. MotorsportsP.K. Motorsports2 dagar sedan
  • Can't prove it

    Barry ClarkBarry Clark2 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the 1400 hp cop car

    Hayden JacksonHayden Jackson2 dagar sedan
  • I like how he has such a positive attitude lol

    Jojo LamboJojo Lambo2 dagar sedan
  • This dude is pretty jolly, but damn does he seem cliche.

    Charlie SputnikCharlie Sputnik2 dagar sedan
  • just Local CRAAAckHeAAds lol

    J naro's blessingsJ naro's blessings2 dagar sedan
  • Sounds like a paintball gun might make even more fun!

    Stray CatStray Cat2 dagar sedan
  • how much for a smoke stang shirt 4xsize

    Michael BassMichael Bass2 dagar sedan
  • Eyyy is this kansas?

    Mason RollinsMason Rollins2 dagar sedan
  • Hey what's the name of pawn shop that had the van. I want the 70s dodge pickup

    chris rosechris rose2 dagar sedan
  • You guys are awesome! Please wear your seatbelts.

    Justin HensleyJustin Hensley2 dagar sedan
  • Well criminals are usually pretty stupid, if you're a career criminal, just quit now, you have nothing to begin with cause you're dumb and lazy

    vacated broomvacated broom2 dagar sedan
  • Faith in humanity still strong.. communities helping each other out is awesome

    Bob The BreakerBob The Breaker2 dagar sedan
  • get em

    Ogs RollinOgs Rollin2 dagar sedan
  • Only fools believe there is honor among the honorless

    Cmdr Obbert42Cmdr Obbert422 dagar sedan
  • Pawn shops are not much better than the thieves, they knew, your gear was stolen when they bought it !!!!!

    james muellerjames mueller2 dagar sedan
  • I love cops like him. I'm glad y'all found out who broke into your shop. Always good to see people get what they deserve.

    patrick vealpatrick veal2 dagar sedan
  • I got to say I find it very suspect when these kind of videos are made and no names are dropped,nothing showing police arresting the people involved,and not even a picture of the person/people that stole the stuff.But hey if it is real and not some youtube views/subs bs like most the others then I am glad you found them and I hope you got your stuff back.

    NosfeastNosfeast2 dagar sedan
  • Thats drugs my man, well I should say addictive drugs. I was strung out on heroin for years and would've definitely stolen from you without thinking twice. The thing is tho, I've had no opiates or alcohol in almost two years and would never even think about taking anything that's not mine. EVER. My point is, hard drugs i.e. meth, coke, heroin, pills change a person no matter who you were before.

    Kenny NelsonKenny Nelson2 dagar sedan
  • Visit the Kansas Victims Compensation Fund. And sue the dog schidt thief.

    Frootbatx101Frootbatx1012 dagar sedan
  • If they pawned it then it would be in the back room and most want Let you look back there. Also they lose any money paid out

    Robin SessomsRobin Sessoms2 dagar sedan
  • We want you to keep working on the Hell Cat!!

    Extreezy 69Extreezy 693 dagar sedan
  • You can %100 call the police to ID the suspicious party....it’s enough probable cause to stop and ID during a casual encounter.

    V-In The-DV-In The-D3 dagar sedan
  • Where in KS??? I’m here too

    Renner BordenRenner Borden3 dagar sedan
  • Horse barn broken into several times. Single woman, 30 minute response time for Sheriff Deputy, I had it. Place a metal grate on top of a stall rubber mat, connected to 220/volt outlet. Guess what happened two days later at 2 am after they kicked in the barn doors. I bought a 100 lbs of lime just in case but they survived. Now the criminal sounds like everyone at CNN, has a speech impairment

    Harley 2die4Harley 2die43 dagar sedan
  • There’s so many pawn shops because Wichita is a shit hole.

    planedrplanedr3 dagar sedan
  • Cameras?

    Mark RigsbyMark Rigsby3 dagar sedan
  • Bullshit! I'd put the name out. If you are gonna steal from honest people you can't be too upset when honest people know you are a thief. 🇺🇲

    Jon DoeJon Doe3 dagar sedan
  • Key word..tweakers...

    Kick That Mule LeeKick That Mule Lee3 dagar sedan
  • Where can we get the shirt

    Stracties -Stracties -3 dagar sedan
  • I hope your asking the owners of the pawn shop, because they dont put the stuff out right away.

    TjdTjd3 dagar sedan
  • I'd put them on blast so others will catch them.

    Rolando MotaRolando Mota3 dagar sedan
  • I feel your pain brother I got hit last year the sad thing is I keep everything nice and organized just made it that much easier for them to steel

    Andrew DenineAndrew Denine3 dagar sedan
  • who done it

    Liam ScullyLiam Scully3 dagar sedan
  • Say your first part of your video on Facebook and now i subscribe

    Oreo chefOreo chef3 dagar sedan
  • Weston, love the detective skills, I had a vehicle hit while parked, I found pieces of the car that hit me, ( tail light and a small corner of the car, I drove all over town looking and found the guy and made him go to insurance, it made my day!!! Lol

    Craig HanlonCraig Hanlon3 dagar sedan
  • Whoop their a&&'s before jail!!!

    Doc HollidayDoc Holliday3 dagar sedan
  • If they had stolen from me those scumbags would disappear from my life one dark night. From everyone's lives, actually. And the world would be a better place for it.

    Scott CarrScott Carr3 dagar sedan
  • When they did this to me, I got themeanest friend I have, and we searched for a couple weeks..When we found the kid we put him on the ground and took turns kicking him in his head! That was in Dodge City Ks, I had to move to the country to build a shop at my house, just to keep my stuff safe.Never got my winchtruck welder generator torchset air compressor or tools back, all the cops found on the thief was my fake rolex. they shouldnt have let him go while i knew his name,I know that much! Im sorry this happened to you man!

    Outcast ProjectsOutcast Projects3 dagar sedan
  • I've gone on escapades like this and the buzz is so big, that it out performs any drucking fug I've ever taken and that was long time ago. Catching them is like The Big Bang orgasm!!

    davidoffondavidoffon3 dagar sedan
  • Id have stayed the nite at my shop, for weeks. I set out some Shiny tweeker treasures, Rodent glue traps, a couple half sheets of punji OSB..... My best, pull your face off friend and a sweeper. Let them get in deep.....suprise! Then fun begins

    Rodney Brent GrayRodney Brent Gray3 dagar sedan
  • No camera's in your shop. Gr8t humor with the police. Good you have camera's now. Stay safe & take care of you all. Thanks for sharing eh :))

    Cypress BlueCypress Blue4 dagar sedan
  • Winfeild does not have that many pawn shops lol

    Jack EysterJack Eyster4 dagar sedan
  • Man- Take care of business with those kids... Hey man broken bones teach ya a lesson. Ya knw what I mean?

    Rehab EhabRehab Ehab4 dagar sedan
  • Fat

    Anicodeaufo 59Anicodeaufo 594 dagar sedan
  • Unload something nice when u think they are watching, then turn it into one of "The Saw" movies lol. Hit the lights and say "Would you like to play a game?"!!!!!!!!!!

    U BetchaU Betcha4 dagar sedan
  • Cracheads R' US is a great discount store/corner/craigslist.

    joe gjoe g4 dagar sedan
  • I'm the dog, the big bad duuuuurrgggg

    King QuesKing Ques4 dagar sedan
  • So glad you figured it out dude but putting there names and identity everywhere is exactly what they deserve. Thieves have no place in this world whatsoever 💀. Just my 2 cents keep it up the great content 🤘🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

    DTWD 904DTWD 9044 dagar sedan
  • Do you sell merch. Can you send to England

    Steve MSteve M4 dagar sedan
  • This is why I hate it when they use Narcan, to rescue people from an overdose..... It just gives them another day of life to steal from honest, hardworking folks.

    Joe LJoe L4 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love the Kansas small-town crackheads

    Gage HuntGage Hunt4 dagar sedan
  • Good for you.

    charles tackettcharles tackett4 dagar sedan
  • Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

    ツツツツ4 dagar sedan
  • and where to put it 😂

    Youtube CensoringYoutube Censoring4 dagar sedan
  • You know the Thirteenth Amendment still permits slavery as punishment for crimes. Just sayin'

    Jeff BeckerJeff Becker4 dagar sedan
  • Bro hope you get the pos's fuck ah goddamn theif ah bunch jumped me and stole my car and all my shit thankfully I got it all back

    Chris TunnellChris Tunnell4 dagar sedan
  • “Local crackheads you know how it is” 😂😂

    yoyo4 dagar sedan
  • I think it was a good point what you were trying to do but in all actuality you accomplished nothing including wasting 9 minutes of watching this video for me sorry thumbs down

    Tony LTony L4 dagar sedan
  • You should throw the name and face like they did back in the day ,our generation did and we had less crime then,of course we beet them so bad they never came back i dont believe in hall passes, get my drift

    Randy CamplinRandy Camplin4 dagar sedan
  • 788 people are crack heads

    Mars BarsMars Bars5 dagar sedan
  • I would wait for them inside the shop. Then...... no more thieves

    clandestine2178clandestine21785 dagar sedan
  • “Put a notification on my phone and every time a leaf blows buy”😂😂

    b pb p5 dagar sedan
  • Those god damn crack heads are all the same in all areas:( not good

    Favian ReyesFavian Reyes5 dagar sedan
  • where the hell is your seatbelt boy and that cop did not give you a ticket

  • Someone needs to be sponsored by simply safe

    poop101205poop1012055 dagar sedan
  • Glad you got your stuff back man! Keep on doing what you're doing!

    mustang9000 xDmustang9000 xD5 dagar sedan
  • The saying is “there is no honor amongst thieves.”

    Buckeye_76Buckeye_765 dagar sedan
  • Love the cop.

    CrismodinCrismodin5 dagar sedan
  • Like Wichita Kansas, I live around there and my friends dad just got 5000 dollars worth of Milwaukee tools stolen

    Bridledseal4221Bridledseal42215 dagar sedan
  • “Just Local crack heads, you know how it is” lmfao i know what you mean that shits crazy what them mfs will do for a fix, some of them mfs would kill their own blood then realizing what they did once they’re “normal” (high/not withdrawing)

    Jacob DavisJacob Davis5 dagar sedan
  • Great cop 😂😂

    Paul KilburnPaul Kilburn6 dagar sedan
  • Westin, you need to take life less serious....

    Tom hartmanTom hartman6 dagar sedan
  • I hate thieves. I left my garage door unlocked overnight last summer and someone stole a couple tool boxes and a nail gun. I've got really shitty neighbors.

    BoomerisadogBoomerisadog6 dagar sedan
  • I figured it would of been those crackhead flanagans

    Recrat DemopublicanRecrat Demopublican6 dagar sedan