CallMeCarson VODS: Minecraft SMP Live (Part Forty Four)

29 maj 2019
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Streamed on 5/24/19
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  • 2:23:27 I completely lost it at Coopy Poopy🤣

    EightBallMikeEightBallMike4 månader sedan
  • 3:19:32 aged poorly considering arlus was on the server😐😐

    blake backesblake backes4 månader sedan
  • 2:08:30 poor Josh, man. he sounded so upset :(

    Amie StreeterAmie Streeter5 månader sedan
  • 7:16 schlatt walk

    GrenkifyGrenkify5 månader sedan
  • Bro Carson's uncle has a inventory

    Dannyboy 64Dannyboy 646 månader sedan
  • damn :/ he changed texture packs and he is talking to them he is failing apart somewhere over there. Its fine I get it

    George_George_6 månader sedan

    TGArcher 720TGArcher 7207 månader sedan
  • Ayyyy whassup Carson

    Ted ColesTed Coles7 månader sedan
  • every time he mentions fitz i cringe... seriously, if only they'd never became friends... poor Carson, bro...

    [ Redacted ][ Redacted ]8 månader sedan
  • First

    erin currieerin currie9 månader sedan
  • 59:52 - 1:00:12 That didn't age well for Pete

    McWinkleMcWinkle9 månader sedan
    • What happened?

      erin currieerin currie9 månader sedan
  • I realize that with the new nether update, they can make the house out of the blue wood that was added

    IsaksuksIsaksuks9 månader sedan
    • no man smp 2 never will come back

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista9 månader sedan
  • The ding dong ditch bit was only a little funny but I jus did it to my friends and it’s honestly so much better irl

    Jordan NguyenJordan Nguyen9 månader sedan
  • 4:17:00

    chumchumsimpchumchumsimp10 månader sedan
  • 3:33:00

    chumchumsimpchumchumsimp10 månader sedan
  • 2:52:16

    chumchumsimpchumchumsimp10 månader sedan
  • 1:23:30

    jordyn !jordyn !11 månader sedan
  • Im hot

    alex, o.oalex, o.o11 månader sedan
  • This vid is about a year old Jesus Christ time flies so fast Hold up this stream was today Omg

    BerlinBerlin11 månader sedan
  • 7:23 *when you see schlatt walkin'*

    ismaeelismaeel11 månader sedan
  • fitz..........

    cosmiccosmicÅr sedan
  • Travis said hi to the vod squad *i am cumming*

  • Noone: Cooper: a hA hA

    CentherionCentherionÅr sedan
  • When Carson almost threw the axe in the lava😳

    Jimmy BarrettJimmy BarrettÅr sedan
  • What did Traves say? OMG NEVER MIND

    avvngrzavvngrzÅr sedan
  • 35:53

    Dummy Brain GamingDummy Brain GamingÅr sedan
  • 58:57. this is. this is just. this is just very unsettling

    clover !!clover !!År sedan
  • i felt very happy when travis gave us a shoutout in the beginning

    clover !!clover !!År sedan
  • 3:32:51

    FaebFaebÅr sedan
  • Anyone remember extreme alpha Minecraft tho.. in browser and all you could do was walk around in 'creative' aka break blocks instantly and that was LITERALLY it

    LaddyLaddyÅr sedan
  • Lmao 4.21:51

    Amanda novakAmanda novakÅr sedan
  • 1:17:44

    Kirby's CauldronKirby's CauldronÅr sedan
  • 3:35:30 u know the drill.

  • I’m still confused as to why it was so funny that Travis misspelled chunky

    Rylee McDuffieRylee McDuffieÅr sedan
    • It wasn't. It was an offensive term, I believe. Ch**k (with in) is an offensive term for those of Asian descent.

      Thor HollingsworthThor Hollingsworth5 månader sedan
  • 2:26:00 this is for me so I can finish the vod later.

    Michael Z.Michael Z.År sedan
  • 3:24:09 a redditor trying to be social but is met by awkward silence

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
  • I'm at 3:51:11 I'm gonna get executed via lethal injection but I'm gonna keep watching in hell

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • 3:39:57

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
  • 2:07:35

    Marta Ortiz JiménezMarta Ortiz JiménezÅr sedan
  • That fart legit sounded like an instrument horn of some sort

    C Dilly DogC Dilly DogÅr sedan
  • The mix between carson and travis is yourpalross.

    Major BuckyMajor BuckyÅr sedan
    • Also i think its weird that carson is only a couple of years older than me and hes my favorite youtuber

      Major BuckyMajor BuckyÅr sedan
  • 55:30 voiceoverpete stops time

    Bailey FisherBailey FisherÅr sedan
  • 26:45 It's like a 30 minute video Us: It's like a 4 hour video

    Harrison HarrisonHarrison HarrisonÅr sedan
  • I'm surprised that 1:19:47 didn't make it into his video

    Pedro SingerPedro SingerÅr sedan
  • 3:34:17

    Sandy RamirezSandy RamirezÅr sedan
  • what is it that travis said that was wrong?

    Ezra ToepferEzra ToepferÅr sedan
  • 5:45 that sounded like a croWD OF FUCKING SEAGULLS😂😂😂

    hannah nikkihannah nikkiÅr sedan
  • Oh *yeah* big boy.

    slabslabÅr sedan
  • The non male got owned

    Juss AceJuss AceÅr sedan
  • 9:44 weho

    FMZQ2FMZQ2År sedan
  • 1:31:16 jesus christ

    decaffeinated africandecaffeinated africanÅr sedan
    • 2:15:33 broke dance

      decaffeinated africandecaffeinated africanÅr sedan
  • 1:24:47

    Raid RopeRaid RopeÅr sedan
  • 4:20:49 altrive blows up

    Christopher McCrackenChristopher McCrackenÅr sedan
    • I needed this because the fart afterwards was hilarious to me

      C Dilly DogC Dilly DogÅr sedan
  • 2:09 poor Josh ):

    Taylormine !Taylormine !År sedan
  • pete just made this whole episode wild im in hysterics

    CassWhyCassWhyÅr sedan
  • When carson said sclimbus joint it sounded familiar and then i remember that a person donated money to do a made up word and sclimbus was made so I was like oh yeahh that joint

    D1amondD1amondÅr sedan
  • i am baby.... travis is baby.... baby connection...

    haruno shiobanaharuno shiobanaÅr sedan

    Spilled_Milk420Spilled_Milk420År sedan
  • we need rtgame in this server, that would be absolutely graceful

    catraxcxcatraxcxÅr sedan
    • And so it happened

      Demonic RhythmsDemonic RhythmsÅr sedan
  • i can’t get over the fact that Coopers fart sounded like “hi”

    Steamy SulixxSteamy SulixxÅr sedan
  • Can anyone tell me what time he hit that waoh

    Y you HateY you HateÅr sedan
  • 5:44 *laughing chaos*

    Steamy SulixxSteamy SulixxÅr sedan
  • i really wanna know what the title of the stream was now

    Steamy SulixxSteamy SulixxÅr sedan
  • What's the part where josh calls Carson and loses it(please comment the time)

    Q' WilsonQ' WilsonÅr sedan
  • 59:50

    Matthew SchrammMatthew SchrammÅr sedan
  • 59:00 best

    Smallworld HakerSmallworld HakerÅr sedan
  • 2:15:31 BRAKE DANCE

    Matthew SchrammMatthew SchrammÅr sedan
  • Why are you gay

    •nick ••nick •År sedan
  • 3:06:07 Bookmark

    Mouse The GreatMouse The GreatÅr sedan
  • 1:22:30 is my favorite part

    A JellyA JellyÅr sedan
  • 3:25:10 im a boomer i dont get the word

    LeycreeLeycreeÅr sedan
    • Cierra _Undead I didn’t know either. Thanks for the info

      C Dilly DogC Dilly DogÅr sedan
  • when is carson streaming guys when is carson streaming i want to know when is carson streaming

    MurderMurderÅr sedan
  • You beta male.

    ummummÅr sedan
  • This SMP Live thing eminates boomer energy

    Basically I'm Egg?!Basically I'm Egg?!År sedan
  • 58:40

    Nigh WalkerNigh WalkerÅr sedan
  • My nipple hurts...

    TxBornTxBornÅr sedan
  • I've been watching this vod so long I forgot what it was like to not watch it

    BrambleBratBrambleBratÅr sedan
  • 2:37:03

    zlynnzlynnÅr sedan
  • 1:31:17 Carson’s soul almost left his body

    wasabiwasabiÅr sedan
    • oh my god he literally went Ö

      emily emilyemily emilyÅr sedan
  • The moment Carson started the story around 2:37:00 I fuckin knew it was the sclimbus joint and I'm scared that I remembered that

    Ra_03Ra_03År sedan

      RirekosuRirekosuÅr sedan
  • \ 4:07:00 hAHa funny prnak AAAAAAA?

    Lato RafaruLato RafaruÅr sedan
  • I'm not sure if I'm hopeful or fearing the future where Obama gets whitelisted

    Ra_03Ra_03År sedan
  • Can't wait for traves face reaveal and a surprisingly picture of Carson's face is in the camera and ends the video

    Isaiah __Isaiah __År sedan
  • So they got antvenom, Skydoesminecraft, captainsparklez, the voice actor for gumball, and voiceoverpete

    BigW33zyBigW33zyÅr sedan
  • 4:20:45

    Owen NagodeOwen NagodeÅr sedan
  • stal is good

    big peen eugenebig peen eugeneÅr sedan
  • Bey eu sou brasileiro

    Enzo SantanaEnzo SantanaÅr sedan
  • Half the comments on videos Travis is in is about how cute and wholesome he is and I couldn’t agree more

    HeavenHoshiiHeavenHoshiiÅr sedan
  • Man I hope to god that they don't bring on Notch. He's practically a Nazi and he's suuuuper homophobic and transphobic Hhhhhh I want them to keep it pure

    MaxskellingtonMaxskellingtonÅr sedan
    • @Jewish Priest bro this comment was literally almost a year ago, I mean my opinion still stands, but skjdak why post a reply now?

      MaxskellingtonMaxskellingtonÅr sedan
    • Ok boomer

      Somebody DiedSomebody DiedÅr sedan
  • When does spooklez join

    Dmitri KucherovDmitri KucherovÅr sedan
  • 3:40:20 sounded exactly like Mortal Kombat 2 with the leg sweep noise.

    Kia FrostyKia FrostyÅr sedan
  • Anyone know when Carson’s moving?

    CC-VidsCC-VidsÅr sedan
  • I’m too stupid to find out what the word travis(?) said by accident

    Dia HonkersDia HonkersÅr sedan
    • chinky A racist term, derived by the word "chink", to describe anyone of Eastern Asian descent (i.e. Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.). Not a "cool" term since it has been used against us in a negative fashion for centuries in the United States.

      Brandon Enrique Flores AguirreBrandon Enrique Flores AguirreÅr sedan

    The Name's ToriThe Name's ToriÅr sedan
  • 1:31:18

    arehnarehnÅr sedan
  • 2:31:35 A loyal member of the Imperium of Man, I see.

    HermannoHermannoÅr sedan
  • Sklimbus joint

    Keighly WKeighly WÅr sedan
  • Return of sclimbus

    ummummÅr sedan
  • I got abs like Fake Sparkles from laughing at the unrequited flirtation between VoiceOverPete and Jschlatt

    Conor BarryConor BarryÅr sedan
  • 3:06:00

    Bigger LionBigger LionÅr sedan
    • 3:30:35

      Bigger LionBigger LionÅr sedan