Can a fan made of GRID FINS work? - Fan Showdown S2E11

25 apr 2021
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The Fan Showdown is a chance for all you out there to have a go at creating what you think the worlds best PC cooling fan looks like. Over the episodes we have had some real bangers and some real flops but no matter what its always a good time. You dont need any experience to give it a try, ill test anything. today we have some great fans, some are demonic, some are things you see every day and some are straight up rocket science. Have you ever looked at a SpaceX falcon 9 booster and wondered, would those grid fins cool a PC, well if so today we answer that question.
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  • A grid fin is meant to let air pass around it so that it has large airfoil surface, for large control surface area, while having a small footprint. It's not meant to move air.

    Jonathan JonesJonathan JonesDag sedan
  • 7:59 As a viewer of this series with little to no fan/aerodynamics knowledge, I was expecting that the tier list would show a stronger trend of high to low CFM as you go down in ranking.

    Christopher PanChristopher PanDag sedan
  • Test the Devil Fan with a room temp of 66.6

    Nicholas ShishkoffNicholas ShishkoffDag sedan
  • 6:00 huge vape cloud proud of you

    AdamAdamDag sedan
  • i really love the ceiling fan design lol

    Charley EdwardsCharley Edwards2 dagar sedan
  • Can you please post these files somewhere if the original owners allow them?

    StevenSteven2 dagar sedan
  • I like your personality dude lol ur kinda funny 🙃

    Kyle PetersKyle Peters3 dagar sedan
  • Those skillshare videos you're watching on video editing are really paying off! Looks beautiful!

    tommy guzmantommy guzman3 dagar sedan
  • I guess the slug moves so much air because it has a large surface area on the blades, meaning it can move a lot of air at once, plus the sheer volume of the fan makes it so that it has a larger area of capture than most other fans, so it isn't exactly the best fan, but it's pretty damn good for a non-flat fan.

    The MajorThe Major3 dagar sedan
  • here I am at 1 in the morning watching videos of fans, wow SEworld. good job

    PNW Patriot armsPNW Patriot arms3 dagar sedan
  • He made the fan to try and make hell freeze over more quickly.

    uNo UuNo U4 dagar sedan
  • did you run out of red for the demon fan?

    Mud PudMud Pud4 dagar sedan
  • The main issue I see with these more unusual designs is that some seem great at pulling in the air, but the releasing of it is so turbulent that I feel that it would make it work less efficiently than one that could release as well as it pulls it in...but I'm not an engineer and this is only an observation...

    BJCMXY's Music Lists & CommentaryBJCMXY's Music Lists & Commentary5 dagar sedan
  • I think it would of been funny to sample in the faint screams of tortured souls for the demon fan sound sample.

    ConteConte5 dagar sedan
  • If you put the fan in a Acrylplate for the vapor test you may get a way better sideview...

    Christian PönoppChristian Pönopp5 dagar sedan
  • 1:27 he tried to but failed?

    Simple_IDSimple_ID6 dagar sedan
  • If we provide assembly drawings, are multi part fans allowed? Assuming we can design them to not require any fasteners and not have too many parts of course.

    Max KMax K6 dagar sedan
  • Is it Noctua printed fan or of the shelf?

    Bože KozinaBože Kozina6 dagar sedan
  • I really appreciate you listing the episode where you test these fans...

    Sukacita YeremiaSukacita Yeremia6 dagar sedan
  • I want that demon fan. Though I would like it for a 200mm fan. For something else, not my PC. Hehehehe.

    Arturo CofresiArturo Cofresi6 dagar sedan
  • I wish the Demon was noise tuned to make a 66.6 dBa shriek.

    Case16710Case167107 dagar sedan
  • It’d be kinda cool to see how well the fans push (or pull) air through a radiator or heat sink fins with the smoke machine. This series is pretty awesome.

    MrVolksbeetleMrVolksbeetle7 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to go for a ride on that motor myself, but, uh .. I'm not a fan. #badumbum

    ICanDoThatToo2ICanDoThatToo27 dagar sedan
  • Wera tools!! My man knows his tool game!! Subbed just for your taste in tools

    Jesse ErvinJesse Ervin7 dagar sedan
    • wera please sponsor me!

      Major HardwareMajor Hardware7 dagar sedan
  • where can we get some of the files, if we want to put it in a pc build ??

    BesenfresserBesenfresser7 dagar sedan
  • Hmm, how much of that noise is due to vibrations on the table?

    LuftbubblanLuftbubblan7 dagar sedan
  • Grid fin but the grid lines are shaped aerodynamilcally to produce lift XD

    Thomas YoderThomas Yoder7 dagar sedan
  • Umm the picture you shown for “Soyuz” is Chinese Shenzhou spacecraft on a LongMarch rocket. Which technically not the same, but some technology were based on Soyuz. The grid fin is not used during normal operations, only used if need aborting as part of launch escape system.

    AaronShenghaoAaronShenghao7 dagar sedan
  • “Can grid fins make into a fan?” Me and BA in aerospace engineering: Nah, they make them to create drag. “Let’s make it into a fad!” Me: *surprised Pikachu face*

    AaronShenghaoAaronShenghao7 dagar sedan
  • ah yes, the black backlight

    ohoh7 dagar sedan
  • You've probably seen a hot ceiling if you've seen a house fire

    derMemoryderMemory7 dagar sedan
  • Wtf I thought the ceiling fan was made of 1960s boarding school as* paddles

    HiFuncAutismBoiHiFuncAutismBoi8 dagar sedan
  • I know my cpu fan(store bought) gets to about 75-80c while doing stress testing the cpu, how good is that for a non homemade one

    Devin SchlegelDevin Schlegel8 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see a static pressure test with a radiator or something 🤷‍♂️?

    Jim BobJim Bob8 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of my childhood love of paper airplane aerodynamics, adding ailerons, elevators, flaps, air breaks and fins that don't have names.

    MaxBrixMaxBrix8 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone tested the Draw on the motor? How much electricity is needed to draw that air? This would test the heat and strain on the motor.

    Jackson BrownJackson Brown8 dagar sedan
  • The grid fan looks like the grill on some urinals in Australia

    Nathan ChanNathan Chan8 dagar sedan
  • what is the music you used for the smoke test? i really like it so many good musics and no link in description (don't worry, its not just you)

    Jackfastcool WJackfastcool W8 dagar sedan
  • The denom sucks like hell

    Andreas BjörkmanAndreas Björkman8 dagar sedan
  • The slug is gonna win bro... 3D fans and turbines are way more efficient

    Tmanstomp100Tmanstomp1008 dagar sedan
  • "They all look the same... except for the one made of d*cks" killed me lol love your videos so much

    TheAlex LoneWolfTheAlex LoneWolf9 dagar sedan
  • I think a puma is going to end up in a meat grinder accident.

    Fred FlintstoneFred Flintstone9 dagar sedan
  • What about instead of changing the fins, you extend the casing?

    SirGoukiSirGouki9 dagar sedan
  • What if you made a pc fan with metal fins ?

    CheezyVRCheezyVR9 dagar sedan
  • Thoughts on adding a power draw sensor and calculating efficiency?

    Caleb VerbruggeCaleb Verbrugge9 dagar sedan
  • Can you pleased make a Video about 40x 20mm Fans. Who make the best? Noctua, Noiseblocker etc. Would bei super nice top see (and hear).

    Der TeufelsbratenDer Teufelsbraten9 dagar sedan
  • The blow pattern of the ceiling fan is super interesting! It looks like it's directing air towards the center, which tends to be a 'dead zone' for most fans! ...or maybe that's just how it looks since the blades are smaller...

    zer0nixzer0nix9 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see that demon fan on a red devil gpu.

    ZennaZenna9 dagar sedan
  • Whats the background music

    NoustajaNoustaja9 dagar sedan
  • Why? the devil is bad!

    Nate MaierNate Maier9 dagar sedan
  • seems like to aggressive a pitch?

    weatheranddarknessweatheranddarkness10 dagar sedan
  • TRIPLE.SPIRAL celtic design in a fan blade...try that one!

    Sewan & Sawen CreationsSewan & Sawen Creations10 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me, or are his jokes getting better and better each episode?

    ruben van de beltruben van de belt10 dagar sedan
  • That demon fan needs to be in my life.

    The Tranny ShopThe Tranny Shop10 dagar sedan
  • for some reason after watching these videos makes me want to start vaping again.

    LiquidAtomLiquidAtom10 dagar sedan
  • Not DOOM.....DIABLO!!! 1:15

    L TL T10 dagar sedan
  • "I don't think that I looked a slug and thought cooling fan..." Yeah, that made me giggle...

    powerofdreamxpowerofdreamx11 dagar sedan
  • I love your vids on all these fan designs, haven't contributed - but thought of something. Is it possible to add a Static-pressure test metric for all the fans you've tested? I wonder how it competes against other static pressure designs for fans used on radiators and similar.

    SeanSean11 dagar sedan
  • Major, I really think your demos with the fans would do better if there was some kind of separating wall between the front and the back of the fan. On some designs the pressures from the exhaust of the fan interfere with the intakes performance. Even a 1sqft sheet of acrylic would be a massive improvement. Please consider it!

    OtherDalfiteOtherDalfite11 dagar sedan
  • Does the decibel rating for the demon fan include the wails of the damned?

    BewilderedOwlBewilderedOwl11 dagar sedan
  • Do a special episode with like 20 fans 😄

    BlackHeartScytherBlackHeartScyther11 dagar sedan
  • What about a holy fan (fans with small holes in the blades) or a golfball fan (dimpled blades) or blades with small raised lines on it (more grip), thanks dude, awesome binge material.

    Ashley WrigglesworthAshley Wrigglesworth11 dagar sedan
  • What does he do with all these

    Magma FangMagma Fang11 dagar sedan
  • Please please please do a doom themed pc with those demon ones lit up red

    TechnicalZombieTechnicalZombie11 dagar sedan
  • i hope you post a thingiverse link or at least ask the fan creator to post it on thingiverse if they want so that we can also try it at home #sorry for my bad english

    M. Luthfi AlhadiM. Luthfi Alhadi11 dagar sedan
  • @3:15 Guess he's never seen a slug fart...

    IcarusTechIcarusTech11 dagar sedan
  • you should have printed the demon fan in red transparent plastic it would have been a lot cooler?

    CrimsonDawn45CrimsonDawn4512 dagar sedan
  • fan air good?

    CrimsonDawn45CrimsonDawn4512 dagar sedan
  • Have you thaught of adding a longer tube to the end of your fog machine to direct the smoke more? You could then add different Diameter ends for it for various cloud sizes. Just a thaught.

    Acid the jokerAcid the joker12 dagar sedan
  • you should turn that vase on the left into a fan

    ideaxgamingideaxgaming12 dagar sedan
  • I'm considering buying a 3d printer, what's your current recommendation for a first printer?

    HowlHowl12 dagar sedan
  • Germy? Uh

    BenBen12 dagar sedan
  • Grid fins are aerodynamic devices, they are literally only useful in the atmosphere and help control the booster until the rocket is lit... so definitely not rocket science.

    Jason PresslerJason Pressler12 dagar sedan
  • Liked the Lovecraftian eldritch horror fan.

    Edward GradyEdward Grady12 dagar sedan
  • make the grids slightly bent and watch the flow

    Ghadi ighnatiosGhadi ighnatios12 dagar sedan
  • Anyone knows the music?

    LUCY X CHANLUCY X CHAN12 dagar sedan
  • Impressive bong rips

    mab4110mab411012 dagar sedan
    • michael phelps 🫁

      Major HardwareMajor Hardware12 dagar sedan
  • What do you use to make that smoke

    AnubhavAnubhav12 dagar sedan
    • Halloween smoke machine

      Major HardwareMajor Hardware12 dagar sedan
  • Hindsight, I just realized the smoke test is always open w/ no radiator, but we're actually testing the ability of these fans ability to move through a radiator. Their pressure is more important than their general airflow.

    Corey HollandCorey Holland12 dagar sedan
  • Yo someone should make a thargoid inspired fan

    Jonathan GaugertJonathan Gaugert12 dagar sedan
  • I'm not even close to a computer designer or fan expert BUT, I have an idea. On the grid fan, what if you canted the grid the opposite direction of blades? It would seem to me that it would cause it to scoop up air like an icecream scoop. The grids may have to be made stronger and/or it would use more power, but unless someone knows a solid reason why it wouldn't be an improvement in someway, maybe it's worth testing.

    Recalcitrant FoolRecalcitrant Fool12 dagar sedan
  • did someone call me

    Scudmaster11Scudmaster1112 dagar sedan
  • 4:14 oh Yeah that's exactly what the Soyz looks like...

    ГущькаГущька12 dagar sedan
  • Hi sharks, I have one question for you. Have you ever seen a hot ceiling?

    YoungPutterYoungPutter12 dagar sedan
  • I wonder how different these would be via resin printers

    bryhaltermanbryhalterman12 dagar sedan
  • And the lame stock fan performed worse! 😂😂😂😂 this is a great business idea, partner or compete with them!

    BlairBlair12 dagar sedan
  • If you could program the led on the demon to strobe so you’d always see the pentagram in the correct orientation would be cool! Def my fave 😈

    BlairBlair12 dagar sedan
  • Slug seems to be a best spread airflow

    HÆX A.HÆX A.12 dagar sedan
  • hey man, some slugs are beautiful. check out sea slugs, they range from a rabbit mixed with a marshmallow to mardi gras costumes

    JellybeanJellybean12 dagar sedan
  • Was expecting the Demon fan to be loud at 66.6 Db.

    Aaron SlipperyAaron Slippery13 dagar sedan
  • I would have homespun as my front fan just for the chuckle it would give me every time.

    Stefano TorresStefano Torres13 dagar sedan
  • I see a London underground subway sign in the grid fin.

    101_skeleton101_skeleton13 dagar sedan
  • The gridfin is moving air towards the frame of the fan lol

    YadYad13 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go rockets!!!!!!

    Cleby HerrisCleby Herris13 dagar sedan
  • I think these projects really blow.

    John BondJohn Bond13 dagar sedan
    • @Major Hardware Fantastic!

      John BondJohn Bond12 dagar sedan
    • Anyone can't do 2 puns I'm gonna need a 3rd

      Major HardwareMajor Hardware13 dagar sedan
  • This guy sure is popular. Just look at all his fans!

    John BondJohn Bond13 dagar sedan
  • Can u please show it in f°

    Tyler WallaceTyler Wallace13 dagar sedan
  • For a moment I thought that blue vase is also a fan lol

    AngiusAngius13 dagar sedan
  • You really implement the things from the comments in your videos! Its kinda FANmade

    Linus SchatvetLinus Schatvet13 dagar sedan
  • now we need the 5 bladed ceiling fan with longer and possibly wider blades.

    That Guy BrodyThat Guy Brody13 dagar sedan